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Why am I posting this? No idea, attention? Probably. Any who, for anyone willing to read, let me tell you where I stand with Naruto and why.

Naruto, it's probably the most popular anime today in America. Both those that are *Into* anime and kids that see it as a another show on Cartoon Network with an understanding that it's not your every day cartoon full of talking animals and severe anatomical deformities, Naruto is the most  watched anime in today's day and age (mind you, in America).

As a show, I think it accomplishes what it sets out to. Be a fun, mindless, time waster. A couple catchy characters, a couple cool battles, it's an easy way to kill a half hour every week. I personally don't watch the show (though I've watched about... 60 episodes) but I do read the manga in American Jump and collect the volumes. To me, the manga is the same form of mindless entertainment, but much better quality. Though, still. I would not call Naruto unique, nor outstanding.

Is this show's popularity deserved? In my opinion, not to the extent that it is. Naruto is extremely marketable, which makes it really easy for kids to get into. It's somewhat visually exciting, but the animation is QUALITY, and by that I mean crap. It has a somewhat interesting story, with the occasional good arc, but most of the plot twists are uninteresting, out of nowhere, and predictable. The only interesting character, with any sort of real depth, is Naruto himself. Unfortunately, he's annoying as hell.It's those points that makes this show quite lackluster.  It's a show that should be popular to a degree, but many people hold it in a much higher regard than should be. Finding depth that isn't there, or failing to realize the plot is made up as it's gone along. It lacks the intricacies that other shows of it's type (One Piece, or even Bleach for that matter) have. It's just not brilliant, really.

Sure, maybe I'm  biased. Maybe I've turned into some sort of elitist. I try not to think I am. My range of shows is quite varied, and I gave Naruto a very good chance. I can understand why some are into it, and it's cool, but I just don't think it's *amazing*. It's certainly not the worst show in the world, but it's not really *good* either.

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