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RPG » Theme Song Game

The X-mas Party

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RPG » The Vice Before Christmas - RP

@Justalittlegirl: @ChronoWolf:

-Not a date, if that’s what ya’re fuckin’ askin’- Gen looked around scanning the room for the others that came with him. –My younger sister is talkin’ to Cromwell, her friend and one of my Inazuma Gakuen buddies, the one with the bitchin’ flamin’ hair, are the ones attackin’ the food… the girl that was besides me until just now is another student of Inazuma that came out of the insistence of my sister and her friend.-

-So do ya have any news apart from changin’ the ol’ plug for a slot? - Gen lack of finesse was on a weight class of its own.


Rin’s face displayed a sad smile. –Sometimes both of us ask that exact thing being true for both…- She tried to change the topic to something sunnier. –I’ve got a question… My brother never told me how the…Hellscraper, was it? Situation ended… I’ve never been able to make him talk about it, can you shed some light on the matter?-

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RPG » The Vice Before Christmas - RP

@Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile:

-Why change who I fuckin’ am? I don’t think that’s goin’ to happen any fuckin’ time soon Wizard dud…lad…- Gen almost said dude again, he changed halfway to lady, but that wasn’t right either so he finished with. -…thing- The Spirit Boxer wasn’t one for diplomacy yet he instantly regreted saying thing.

Truth to be told Gen was kinda scared of Huntsman after the events in Alcatraz; he understands strength in very simple terms, who can punch harder. In the face of a rampaging God as the one they faced he discovered punching isn’t always enough… it was a somewhat humbling experience…


Callis kept looking for Haruko to greet her. Whoever the woman that tried to talk him was, she was currently engaged in conversation with the foul mouthed Boxer he met before in Romania. The Beast Knight took a glass of water from the table and went towards Haruko who was talking to Cosmina.

He was too polite to interrupt but he moved near enough to signal he wanted to talk to the Seamstress.

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RPG » The Cave (RP)

@waybig1010101: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @Justalittlegirl:

Goemon suddenly stopped the boat as he shouted -REIJI FUKUMA!!!!!???- His face showed so much surprise and shock his eyes seemed to be about to pop out his face.

The Karate Bounty Hunter started shivering with barely contained emotion. He grabbed Jose by the shoulders and started shaking him as he shouted –THE MASTER OF FISTS! THE LEGENDARY MARTIAL ARTIST!! THE CREATOR OF MY MASTER’S STYLE!!! THE YAMAGOROSHI KEN!!!! HE LIVES IN THIS ISLAND!!!!!? I WAS BLOCKING THE PATH OF PEOPLE HE REQUESTED COMING!????-

Goemon stopped his rant and started breathing quite fast, too filled with emotions to talk, at long last he could meet Reiji Fukuma and maybe he could complete the training Ichigan Nagare left for him. –We are going full throttle boya!-

If last time seemed fast then this time surely broke the sound barrier or something. The sudden and powerful acceleration inclined the boat 45 degrees backwards… Goemon was too excited to care about physics at this point.


-Yes, you can leave Cheng Xu, my clan will remember your victory and when the time is right some might try to avenge my defeat at your hands. It’s a matter of honorable competition, so I beg of you not to ignore their challenge. - He spoke with a much more formal tone than before as he bowed as left with his boat, leaving Dan in the middle of the ocean.


-The problem that your business is illegal Mes, and it’s my duty to stop those who try to break the law. - Callis disliked the sensation of hitting Sid, in fact he disliked any kind of attack connecting to the enemy, his enhanced senses weren’t limited to smell and hearing, but everyone. He could feel the ripples of force through the enemy body thanks to it, it almost made him sick.

Sid wasn’t going to stop even after losing a shoulder, Callis knew the kind of fighter he was facing, his instinct as a warrior was developed enough to allow him reach that conclusion. Sid launched a barrel towards him and the Beast Knight did something he disliked doing. With a quick swipe of his arm he used his claws to slice the barrel, yet that was only a decoy.

The Kick master jumped behind Callis and unleashed a swift attack aimed to Callis head. The Beast Knight tried to do the same thing as before, use the railing to jump outside the boat and return, but this time around he lost precious time slicing the barrel and was caught mid movement. Instead of getting the boot to his head it landed with a crunching sound on his side.

2 ribs cracked or worse was the result of Sid flawless maneuver. Callis, that landed heavily on the deck after the attack rolled away and quickly reincorporated into a fighting stance. Sid was one of the most skilled individuals he had to fight since he arrived to this world, yet it was not only skill but conviction, why was he fighting so hard?

-What is in that island? What is so important you would fight the authorities?- The Lost Knight asked as he shuffled to the center of boat, keeping his guard up and his eyes locked on Sid. He tried not to show his pain, trying to breathe deeply to focus and block out the jolts coming from his side.


Jin felt the effects of the hallucinogenic dust. Even with his inhuman heritage boosting his resistance it was too much, whoever made it was pretty good at his job. The Half-Tengu tried to talk but his muscles started to feel numb. The paralysis was taking over his body, slowly losing the ability to control his extremities.


The JHWAB agent fell to the murky waters of the ocean with a loud splash, slowly sinking as his tensed up muscles and soaked wings pushed him down. If somebody didn’t save him he would die in a watery grave.


-Everything is in place. - Reiji whispered to himself as he finished installing a small shrine mounted on a post. If somebody could track his movements across the island and locate the shrines he installed from above they could notice a perfect Pentagon with the Volcano on its center.

“I can sense people coming… fighting… nearby but I can’t help them now, I need to do the finishing touches” He thought as he focused his mind on the task at hand. A pair of Kanji started shining on his right shoulder (衝撃) and orange energy like flame slowly moved from that location towards the shrine.

Slowly these flames were absorbed by the medal inside the shrine. The kanji on it ( 熱) started glowing with a red light and emitted heat. “Perfect, now all 5 are active, I must move Gen into the Mountain. There is no turning back now…” He looked at the volcano as he wandered if he was doing the right thing… but that doubt was erased by his guilt.

His failure when being deceived months ago was the reason Gen was dying. This couldn’t fail…he couldn’t fail again… Not again…


Back in Tokyo Yami Kizuato stormed into HQ with such frenetic expression nobody even tried to ask him what happened. Even more reasons to stay away was that he was clearly angry about something as around him stuff was being sliced in half without him needing to think or focus his powers… better said he was so pissed he didn’t control them anymore.

The Slashing Demon kicked the door off a room labeled “Invasion Detection Room” and entered like a human hurricane. The only one inside was an old man… a really old man. Long white beard, balding head, but he kept a spark of youth on his eyes. He seemed to be drinking a bottle of green tea while typing on an old computer. Both his hands had strange contraptions, seemingly helping him type.

-What brings a high-and-mighty Military Agent to my humble abode Kizuato-kun? - He didn’t seem perturbed by Yami’s current demeanor. –Cut the crap Keisanki! – The old man looked at Yami again, this time with a strict glare. The Slashing Demon almost took a step backwards from the amazing pressure the old man suddenly exuded.

-Keisanki-dono…sorry… But I don’t have much time! Where are the “Forgotten Devices” I need to check something. - The old man, Shinpi Keisanki, looked at Yami in silence, thinking about the Half-Gainen Request. The silence was unbearable, Yami tried to speak, but Keisanki gestured him to shout up.

-The machines you are looking for are behind the wooden door to my right. - Yami bowed and went towards it but he stopped when Keisanki added. – Next time I catch you screaming like that I’m going to flood the Mahokeiro with a package of your “finest” moments caught in video… like the incident with the bathrooms 5 years ago. Nobody knows who did it…. Nobody but me.-

A shiver ran through Yami’s spine. Nobody messed with Shinpi Keisanki, he was the resident technology wiz…quite literal. He was one of the minds involved in the creation of the Mahoreiko and he didn’t make empty threats.

The Half-Gainen quickly removed his worries about Shinpi’s warning as he searched for an old piece of equipment. Yet the search was made simpler as something started to Bip.


Yami found the device “Gainen Space Particles Detection Device”. Whatever the reason was…Reiji Fukuma just opened a door to the Gainen Space. Nothing good could come out of that.


Why can’t you accept the generosity I offer?

Because I don’t trust fuckin’ generosity… There is always a catch.

Well, you might be right, but I promise that it won’t make your condition worse.

Can it fucker… I already got somebody promisin’ me a return to full health, I don’t need another…

He will fail… and you will die… take my offer and survive…that’s what is important…

If you said this to me a year ago I would have accepted. But survivin’ is worthless without livin’

Suit yourself, my offer is still open, but it has an expiration date… Talk to you soon…

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@othus12: Is her casual bullet timer status nerfed? If not I should be able to use Vino from Baccano!

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Battles » Street tournament block A speedforcespider vs Kuma_from_argentina

@SonNeko: Now that I think about it, that's clearly a Superhuman feat. And the rules said No Superhuman feats allowed.

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Battles » Street tournament block A speedforcespider vs Kuma_from_argentina

@SonNeko: My two characters can knock out people, they are nowhere near to punching a hole through a person. My original picks only had one who could and the other who couldnt.... and I didnt get them.

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Battles » Street tournament block A speedforcespider vs Kuma_from_argentina

@SpeedForceSpider: You could use links instead of images...

@othus12: I dont see much of a point to keep fighting when there are monsters like Liu Kang that can punch holes through people.... I dont know why I couldnt use my original picks if everybody was going to play with clearly superhuman individuals.... You should give more thought next time to it.

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RPG » The Vice Before Christmas - RP


-Meh, not fuckin’ much…- Gen shrugged his shoulders as Raisa left to search for a drink. –Fought a rampagin’ god, was kidnapped, almost died in Romania fightin’ against vampires…ya know the fuckin’ usual…- The Boxer wasn’t being sarcastic, he had accepted the weird life he was given…

He made a gesture inviting Rin to come near him. –This is my sister Rin, Rin this is Arthur Cromwell, I told you about him and the others in that weird underground clusterfuck- Rin Shishioh bowed gracefully, adding to the elegance of her formal kimono.

-A pleasure to meet you Cromwell-dono. I hope my brother hasn’t brought you problems. - For a moment Gen seemed to prepare a snarky remark about that but at the last moment he stopped. His sister noticed that and a hint of worry appeared on her face.

While Rin kept talking to Arthur, Gen turned to face the newcomer. He looked at her for a second and then sniffed the air. It took a second for the Spirit Boxer to recognize her and when he did he slightly opened his eyes with a hint of shock. –Ya are the fuckin’ Wizard dude! What the hell happened to ya?-

He might get accustomed to the weirdness on his life, but things like these kept surprising him

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Just Manga » The manga endorsement thread .


In a world where people started developing quirks (superpowers) there is a surge of superheroes and villains. In Japan there is the Yuuei High School were the people with quirks go to train to transform into professional heroes. Our protagonist is Izuku Midoriya, a young teen that never developed a quirk but he still wants to become a Hero. Will he ever be able to become one?

Good art, likeable characters and a lot of love for the Superhero genre make this a good series to read.

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RPG » The Vice Before Christmas - RP

Callis’ blushing face went from bright pink to furious red as Huntsman flirted with him. The Beast Knight took some steps back, extremely flustered by the situation. –E…e…e….s-so-sorry… I t-t-think y-y-y-you g-got the-the w-w-wro-wrong---- man… - Callis tried to gesture but he was too shocked to speak, why were the people in this world so forward in these matters, he wasn’t accustomed to it.


Gen leaned against the wall besides Raisa. –I apologize for my sister and her friend draggin’ yourself here… I know ya must be pissed but bear with it…- The Boxer understood Raisa’s feelings… something really weird must had happened to him this year to be so empathic…

Near them Yuriko had joined Toramaru in the chips table while Rin looked for any known faces to talk for a bit and catch up

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RPG » The Bane [Character Profile]

@Fehafare: Perfect look+concept combo! Fucking great

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Battles » The Anti-Spiral vs The Doctor

@akronawol17: They may remember what they did, but they wont do it. Having the memory of something and being able to do something new is different. And as I said, there are Doctors that have skills that other doctors dont have, like for example READING AND TALKING A FUCKING LANGUAGE

Do I need to repeat myself? 7th caused a GENOCIDE, willingly and with gusto, he even talked a Dalek into committing suicide.

10th or 11th would never do that unless it was their last choice. Is not just a matter of intelligence, is a matter of how one applies it.

7th is a ruthless and cunning master strategist, to the point that almost every other incarnation hates him for being so ruthless. He is the kind of guy you put to fight and impossible battle because he won a month ago and the enemy just realizes it the moment he encounters him. 7th would go to extremes the other Doctors would doubt in and fail, especially against the Han-Rasen where you cant doubt.

I'm not saying each incarnation is a different character, but they are different, way more different than simply aging.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Raisa was resting against a wall, her breathing barely audible. Before Haruko helped her she had already lost quite some blood, thus she couldn’t move properly. She tried to stand supporting her weight on her sword, but it was useless, her legs felt like pudding. The Russian Prodigy had learnt a valuable lesson tonight, no matter her innate talent; the most important thing in this world was experience, something she was sorely lacking.

She originally took the request of helping Shishioh not because he was a comrade in the class, neither that she felt she owed Gen for beating the crap out of his low-life uncle. Yet her true purpose was to test herself, unluckily she discovered that her disability, as much as she tried to hide it, was getting in the way of her career. She should take some steps in orders to fix that issue. Hopefully the others would be able to rescue Shishioh, she only wanted to sleep.

So, she fell into a deep slumber.


-Get off me you idiot! Do you know who you’re sitting on? - Aoki shouted at Alvin and struggled in vain. Even against somebody as Lazy as the Shinodaborn Portal Master, the unfit God of Gambling couldn’t do anything.

-I know who you are…- Aoki suddenly stopped shouting when he heard that voice.

A well placed kick and a subsequent *CRACK* indicated that Aoki’s teeth were the white things scattered around the floor. Yuriko Kazegawa was a master of any technique related to her hands; she reserved kicking for when she was truly pissed.

-You are a fuckin’ coward! That’s who you are! - She kicked him on the side, this time taking a couple of ribs. –You tortured us! You fucking psycho! - Yuriko was about to kick again when Rin, who took a bit more to arrive stopped her.

-Calm down Yuriko-san, we still need him to point the location of the lab, I have a general idea, but he could now where to find it.- Rin Shishioh grabbed her friend from behind, forcing Yuriko away from the battered God of Gambling, who was drooling blood.

-Fwusck offsh yoush wfshoresh… (Fuck off you whores)- Aoki struggled in vain talking through his shattered jaw.

-Himmelskarte-san, can you make him talk? - Rin asked with a sinister tone, while Yuriko waved at the rest of the team, already calming down after her outburst.


Andy vanished into the shadows, his whole body hurting, as this kind of fight always made him pull a muscle or something. He knew he wouldn’t stand a chance against all of them, blaming mostly the FMY poor performance. Now it would be awkward to go to school with Sid, but truthfully the one with the problem here wasn’t him… Sid needs to learn the true nature of this world and shed the naiveté…. If he didn’t Andy would teach him that.

Still, inside he felt like a traitor, even if he was raised since the cradle to be a mercenary, shooting a friend wasn’t something training prepares you for. Maybe that’s why his first sniper shot didn’t hit the mark he wanted to…


K-4 grabbed the hands of both Elise and Naoto placing himself in the middle, guiding them towards the lab. –We will be there in no time! Dr. Kago will be so happy!- And he kept moving forward with a really enthusiastic childish stride.


The Shishioh family progenitors were boarding their private jet. Oboide, the Butler was already in the site, with a whole crew of cleaners who had finished scrubbing every inch of the plane. Both owners were extremely concerned about germs and bacteria, since their older son always had such a weak constitution and low defenses.

Oboide returned to the service area once the Shishioh couple was set on their place. The Butler closed the door.

-How can you be so stupid fat cart of lard! - Mrs. Shishioh stood up and slapped her husband. –Now Rin is involved in this situation! I have plan for her! I didn’t waste a lot of good years of my youth raising her to be a lady and then lose it on a stupid fight for a piece of garbage!-

-But darling…- Mr. Shishioh tried to calm his wife but she slapped him again. –You may be the face of the company idiot, but I’m the brains here, don’t you ever forget. - She started pacing nervously through the room.

– All of this work for that piece of garbage we tried to educate… I knew it from the moment I the doctor told me I needed a Caesarean to get him out that he wouldn’t even amount to anything, even needing help to be born. - She picked a glass and threw it across the room.

-When we get there you will have that two-bit con artist soldier right in the airport, he will kill whoever is helping Rin and get her back to us, so I can re-educate her into the lady she should be- Mrs. Shishioh glared at her husband who was shivering in fear on his chair.

-Yes dear…-

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Battles » The Anti-Spiral vs The Doctor

@akronawol17: There are different individuals that share certain points in common, but they have different skillsets, personality, morality and even knowledge, stuff one Doctor knows isnt always what the others now.

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Battles » The Anti-Spiral vs The Doctor

@akronawol17: Not exactly. In the 5 Doctors one of them could read a language the others couldn't. Many Doctors are adept fighters while others couldnt throw a punch even if their life depended on it. The 3rd has shot enough people to make everytime 10th or 11th say "I never would or will shoot anybody" make the whole fandom cringe.

Each incarnation of the Doctor has it's owns perks and feats, as their morality is also different. 7th orchestrated a genocide without flinching, 10th would cry sob and shout for Rose and save everything from sheer luck and plot convinience.

7th is by far one of the smartest, more cunning and ruthless incarnations of the Doctor, if somebody has a chance then it's him. 8th has a chance because he is extremely smart and has experienced a lot of enemies on a similar level than the Han-rasen.

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Battles » The Anti-Spiral vs The Doctor

If this was the Han-Rasen vs the 7th or 8th Doctor, I would say the Doctor.

10th is overrated and wasnt as smart as previous incarnations....

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Battles » Street tournament block A speedforcespider vs Kuma_from_argentina

@othus12: Cool, thanks, I wasnt sure if I did it right or wrong XD

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