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RPG » Vyc Terrarum (Bio)

@Vember: You should explain the Interdimensional stuff a bit more, not to mention most of the threads (if not all) Happen in a single universe, so the power is pretty much useless if he needs to stay in one Dimension

Unless he can pop into another dimension, get the power and comeback keeping said power.

His backstory is a bit flimsy as well, he goes to another world and becomes a street rat? And then he jumps to another world and a ship? Is a tad confusing. You should flesh it out for a bit.

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RPG » Noobie Help???

@Vember: Feel free to ask any doubts you may have to me through a PM or ask Vapovile, the Moderator.

Apart from the character Creation blog, you will find these threads useful to understand the forum

Character Index: A Comprehensive list of every active character and which is the player that controls them

World of the Vice: A guide of locations, organizations and concepts

Viceverse Canon: An In-Universe chronological list of events

RPG Blogs: Blogs that contain more info about the forum and the players who are active (There are multiple links on the bottom)

I hope you have a lot of fun here!

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RPG » The Big Hunt (OOC)

The Chinese Government is distraught, as deep inside an enigmatic mountain rage in the southwest, the Piaomiao Zhao Mountains, something really bad is happening. From immemorial times these region has been a land barred from civilization, mostly thanks to superstition, as every village near the outer rim of the mountain range have many myths about monsters and fabled creatures inside of it.

These fears and worries worked perfectly to avoid the meeting of Hidden and Mundane denizens, but during the last years the situation started to change. Something worked as a catalyst to invigorate and multiply the population of creatures and monsters, turning the area, which was regarded as an unofficial Hidden World reserve, into a dangerous liability.

If this happened in the 19th Century the Chinese wouldn’t have any problem with dealing with it by themselves. But after the Communist Party coup d’etat, the Hidden World Departments and Ministries took several blows as many members were chased away from the country, scattered around the world under different charges and suspicions, like owning western books.

Now several different groups inside the government have hired hunters and giving them free range to enter the mountain and kill as many dangerous creatures as they can to protect the province of Sichuan, were the mountain range is. But unknown to them and the hunters there is a very dangerous creature inside, who is the one pushing his brethren to expand their territory.

Monsters and creatures like Yerens, Bixies, Qirins and many more roam this treacherous land, with high peaks, dense fog and thick forests. Will the Hunters succeed? Will they compete or will they work alone?

Yet the most important question is… Will they be the hunters… or the prey?


This is a “semi-closed” thread for JLG, Waybig and I. You can enter, but if you have a character that has a proper justification.

· Street Level characters

· Hunting Specialists

Let’s have fun


  • Garo Takayama
  • Alexander Stevenson
  • Falken Degiraz
  • Eve
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RPG » Theme Song Game


Hey now why were we born?
Hey look why did we meet?
I don't get it and I'm scared so I want you
To firmly return my grip on your hand
Trying to escape from a wounded reality
I placed all my hopes on something illusory
While embracing these pressing emotions and distracting troubles
I want to keep going on and on
On a hill rife with fissures, under the rusted sky,
We, the living, are much like blue flowers
Huddled together we dream our ephemeral dreams
Yet even so we still don't want to wilt
Hey now why were we born?
Hey look why did we meet?
I don't get it and I'm scared so I want you
To firmly return my grip on your hand
Whenever your hair rustled it gave off a gentle aroma
How I loved the warmth of your shoulder as it touched me
Your carefree smile, too, and your palm on mine
Forever, forever, I want to protect you forever
The future limited, and the world flickering away
We, the living, are much like blue flowers
And if you are crying, then let me use these petals
To take in your tears
Hey now why were we born?
Hey look why did we meet?
I don't get it and I'm scared so I want you
To firmly return my grip on your hand
Hey now why were we born?
Hey look why did we meet?
I don't get it and I'm scared so I want you
To firmly return my grip on your hand
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RPG » The Vice Before Christmas - RP


-I will keep working for the BHA while I search for a way to return to my homeland. - Callis spoke with melancholy clearly noticeable on his voice. The Beast Knight could feel a piercing pain on his chest every time he talked about Centris.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:

-Boya, give me a status report of the situation. - A deep voice came from the shadows of the alleyway. Andy turned to face the origin pointing both guns at it, cold sweat sliding down the side of his face.

-Who is it!? Aoki didn’t have anybody else around! - The Youngest Bonham had a clear knowledge of the God of Gambling’s forces in Osaka, and he knew that whoever was calling him out wasn’t on that category.

–You might have been working for Aoki, but we both know who really your boss is…- He stepped out of the shadows as he talked. A cold breeze came along with him, the kind of wind that chills the bones and freezes blood.

Andy took a step back as the sharply dressed middle aged man walked towards him, he was unarmed, but the Young Bonham felt uneasy as if he was the one without weapons. –Identify yourself! - Andy spoke with a wavering voice while readjusting his aim.

-Tsk, you’re really a gutsy Boya, pointing those toys at me…- The man smirked wolfishly as he popped his neck to the side. –I’ll humor you, as I don’t hate men that stand for themselves.-

The air around the stranger suddenly changed, charged with some sort of flaming aura of a dark red hue. Andy could feel goose bumps as the hairs on his arms started to stand up, as if static electricity filled the area.

-But let me give you a piece of advice… I hate snotty westerners who think that can point a gun at me without losing the hand they are holding it with. - Flames of undiluted fury radiated from his eyes; if Andy wasn’t as trained as he was he would have collapsed out of the pressure.

The Young Bonham Mercenary lowered his weapons and holstered them. The pressure emanating from the man stopped as suddenly as it started, even his expression changed from that otherworldly hatred to a much more relaxed smirk.

-That’s better Boya, you need to learn your limitations and you need to learn respect. - The man crossed his arms, the fabric of his tuxedo giving out an almost imperceptible whisper. –My name is Ikari Fukushi, I’m a…tsk… collaborator of your employer.-

-He already told me your story and mission, so you can skip that and speak about the current situation; I saw part of it from inside the complex, but I would like to know what I’ll be killing tonight.- He made a pause and an awkward silence ensued.

-What’re you waiting for Bonham-boya? An invitation? - Ikari’s angry question pulled Andy back to reality. The Young Mercenary never experienced the fear he just felt, maybe his aloof and cool exterior showed some cracks after being forced to fight somebody he called a friend.

-Eh sorry… There is a group of high difficulty targets, some higher than others, Cementerio, Himmerskalte and Miyata seem to be the ones more capable, but the others are also powerful on their own. Some Inazuma students are involved as well, I’m sure the boss doesn’t want anything happening to them. Their weakest link must be that Shishioh broad. - Andy finished talking, a bit more relaxed than before.

He didn’t expect the reaction he got from the briefing. Fukushi crossed his backhand two fast for Andy to notice it, he only realized he was hit when his ass was on the ground and his cheek was burning with pain. His anger overcame his fear and lashed out. –What the bloody hell you cunt!? What was that for!?-

-Respect Bonham-boya, respect, you never underestimate an enemy or insult him… We who bathe our hands in their blood need to understand something. - His tone turned ominous. –Maybe one day somebody will get us… and that day you will plea whatever God you for a quick death… respect gets you that… Never forget it.-

Andy stood up rubbing his cheek, his mind starting to fill up with the desire to kill the man in front of him. But that feeling was replaced by surprise as soon as he heard Ikari’s next words.

-I can feel your hatred Boya… Let it grow inside you and if you think you’re ready come at me… I’ll be waiting. - He spoke without any hubris or ego, almost as if he wanted to be killed. He continued. –Your mission right now is to find a human sized crystal on the riverside and release the being inside of it.-

-Being inside a crystal!? What the bloody hell is that about!?- Andy expressed his doubts about the assignment.

-Stop asking idle questions and get moving, after that you will be allowed to that pitiful excuse of school you assist.- Andy started moving and Ikari added. –Just a word of advice, I would liberate the being from afar… I’m sure he is hungry.-

With that last bit said Ikari vanished into the shadows once again.


-I’m guessing you’re Minato-dono underling, I’m Oboide, butler and aide of the Shishioh family.- The neatly dressed butler extended his hand to the young and innocent looking FMY, who accepted the gesture.

-Yes, I work for Minato-dono, my name is Ei, I hope I can be of service for the Shishioh family. - He spoke with inhuman serenity, with a hint of melancholy, like a spark of light behind his blue eyes.

-Thank you very much for your collaboration, Shishioh-dono and his wife are taking a private exit, we will rendezvous there and you’ll protect the convoy as we move towards Dr. Kago’s facility.- Oboide’s manners were incredibly polished as he completely ignored the clearly inhuman mannerism of Ei.

Both men left the terminal towards the private hangar of the Shishioh Family, in less than 5 minutes they would arrive at Kago’s lab and the real fun would start.


-I’ll take you there, I’ll do whatever you ask me too, I’ll even go to the BHA, but don’t kill me…- Aoki was on his knees, whispering to the group, fear palpable on his voice.

-But we gotta walk, Kago’s Lab and its surroundings are shielded against those kinds of intrusions, the same goes for my complex down there… I bought the technology from the old crazy scientist…- Aoki spitted on the ground. –I fucking hate ‘porters.-

The God of Gambling struggled to stand up; even after the healing technique Alvin used his body still felt a bit numb. –Follow me, I’ll take you there, is near the University… I have the codes to enter the security door nearest to this location.-

Aoki already was past worrying, which was the good point on dealing with goodie two shoes, as they always offered him a way out. He will take this exit and move to another country, start over… he didn’t fear for the rough first years after all he was one lucky bastard…


As this happened Raisa was getting healed by Alvin, the Russian Prodigy stood up and looked around. The fight was won, but her presence was almost inconsequent. Maybe she was talented, but she wasn’t experienced enough for a mission of this magnitude and not even her conviction on the cause of repaying Gen was enough to pull her through.

-I’ll search for my colleague of the school, Toramaru and return to Inazuma. I’ll only drag you down. - She whispered to Alvin as he picked her sword to the ground. –Please say goodbye for me to the others, I’m not good when it comes to saying goodbye.-

And with that she walked towards their first battlefield, to see if Toramaru was okay.


-We’re here…- K-4 stopped in front of a statue, which was placed in the University Campus entrance, the place was totally deserted. –I…I….I n-need to t-to-touch this. - The Clone pressed a button in the statue and a hidden passage was revealed as the large stone base slid to the side.

-Kago-ojiisan’s lab is down there…. I’m not feeling very well… I think I need my sparkling medicine…- K-4 didn’t look so good, not even a small hint of the luminescence he used to have was present at the time and his skin was getting awfully pale.

The Clone took a step forward and collapsed at the first step of the stairs down. Whatever that medicine was he seemingly needed it a lot.


New cracks opened in the crystal left by Elise…

From inside a primal grunt started echoing in the shining faces of the crystal prison….

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RPG » =[ SamJaz Shinoda ]=

@EvilMegaCookie: Yes I always had that same feeling about the name... it seemed familiar

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RPG » Garo Takayama, the Seasoned Archer (BIO)

@SamJaz: Watched it before

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RPG » Ji'tal - The Eldar'aan [Character Bio]

@LordNox: Justalittlegirl, against common sense by reading the nickname.... is a guy

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@waybig1010101: I'm a methodic kind of guy when it comes to this stuff, I have a doc with basic outlines of the threads that follow the same storyline

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@waybig1010101: I'll do it, but as after I finish Osaka or Cave

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RPG » Maya Verity [Character Biography]

@EvilMegaCookie: Kita hasnt been part of a canon thread since the beginning of last year.

I don't see any problem with you playing

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RPG » Maya Verity [Character Biography]

@EvilMegaCookie: Sonata isnt really playing that much, I don't see the problem with your character being here

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RPG » Maya Verity [Character Biography]

@EvilMegaCookie: And it's not being used at all

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RPG » Garo Takayama, the Seasoned Archer (BIO)

@waybig1010101: They could fit.

I recomend you read the Inazuma thread to get up to date with the info and that you make small bios for the intro of Inazuma (Try to emulate the style)

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RPG » Garo Takayama, the Seasoned Archer (BIO)

@waybig1010101: The school in in-game chronology is still on it's second day. And there are two spots open, one in the Class M and the other in Class L.

How powerful are your characters? As Inazuma is a school for students, not for fully powered characters

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RPG » Garo Takayama, the Seasoned Archer (BIO)

@waybig1010101: from 12-20 years old

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RPG » Garo Takayama, the Seasoned Archer (BIO)

@waybig1010101: He is going to join the Wild Hunt.

He is also a teacher in Inazuma Gakuen, and a former JHWAB Agent. Let's say he will serve as a mixture between old soldier and exposition machine XD

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RPG » Garo Takayama, the Seasoned Archer (BIO)

Garo Takayama

Age: 54

Height: 1.70 mts

Weight: 55 kgs

Alignment: Neutral

Occupation: Mercenary, Hunter, Inazuma Gakuen Class L Head Teacher, Master of the Ten no Ya style of archery.

Theme Song


Garo Takayama was born in Sapporo the 4 of May of the year 1961, son to Ryuga Takayama and Hinata Kamiya. His father was the inheritor of his maternal grandfather archery style, the Ten no Ya Ryu. From his youngest years his parent drilled the theory and practice of archery into the young Garo as it was the objective of Ryuga to turn his son into the best archer.

The strict upbringing was good, but sometimes excessive. Most of the times his father demands were too much for him; the young Garo vanished into the north of the island and lived from the land, coming back with a new scar each time. His father ignored these escapes as he started to notice that each time Garo withstood more and more, as if the wilderness strengthen the young boy.

Garo reached his teenage years and his father was sure he couldn’t teach anything else to his son. He contacted a friend in the mainland and asked him to get Garo a ticket. The young Archer spent 5 years abroad, living from the land and moving through the world like a hitchhiker. He found other places and other archers, learning from them and including their techniques to his own arsenal.

He returned when he was 20 years old and as it was custom of the school he challenged his father to a duel to inherit the secrets of the style. They meet on the sacred training grounds of the dojo and prepared for a duel. That lasted less than 5 seconds… Garo’s father used the Ougi of the school… 12 arrows pierced the young archer’s body and he fell unconscious.

Yet he had managed to shoot and scratch his father face, earning him the right to learn the secret technique of the style. The Junishin no Ya (Twelve Godly Arrows) After a whole year of practice the son surpassed the father and Garo inherited the title of Ten no Bo (Heavenly Bow) as the new master of the school.

His tenure as master didn’t start easily. As he was just setting the dojo up, while his parents went on a long and overdue holiday, inhabitants of the town he lived in asked him to check the forests as there was some kind of animal attacking people and the police didn’t seem to care. Garo, taught by his parent that the duty of a martial artist is to help and protect while keeping and improving their strength, agreed to check it out.

He tracked the beast for weeks, following a trail of destruction and carnage too big to be from any mundane animal, but Garo never met the Hidden World, thus he thought he was fighting a large bear.

He killed the being but was mortally wounded in the process. Garo embraced his death but thankfully he was saved by members of the JHWAB that arrived late to the site. Impressed with his performance they offered him a job in the Sapporo Office, near his house.

Thrilled for a new challenge the then young archer took the job and for the next 20 years he served through all Japan, picking up tricks on the way to the top of the Military Branch. Well not exactly the top, but the highest field position as he had never seen himself as a desk drone.

When they finally got tired of his negative the JHWAB gave Garo an Ultimatum. Go up or go out. He choose the second option and ended up training students in Inazuma Gakuen, but soon enough that got boring and decided to also moonlight in the weekends as a mercenary and hunter for hire.

He is currently estranged from his wife, a member of the Cultural Branch of the JHWAB and his son, the next in line for the title of Master in the Ten no Ya Ryu. Garo resides in the Inazuma Gakuen, but has a handful of safe houses around Japan.


Garo is stern and strict, his work in the field turned him into a very serious and focused individual, but he can inject some humor in the situation with some dry with. He has the utmost respect for anybody older or wiser than him.

He tends to keep a professional distance from co-workers and even friends. He dislikes noisy and arrogant people. His Ki reflects his personality, while most Archer-Type of Ki users prefer to shape it like wind, Garo’s aura tends to be hard and sharp, dense as steel and deadly as a sword.

He likes Japanese foods and sweets and enjoys listening to Enka music. Apart from hunting and bow making his hobbies include collecting biology books (Mudane or Hidden) and making tops, something he learnt when his son was a child.



Garo is an adept Ki-user, capable of using this inner energy to enhance his strength, speed, senses or create a layer of protection over his body. As mentioned earlier his Ki has certain “metallic” aspects, making him especially adept in enhancing his attacks and his defense.

His top stats are singular, meaning he can only reach that level in a single physical attribute at once. He tends to favor speed and durability while defending. During offense he focuses on strength and his senses.

Physical Attributes (Base/Balanced/Peak)

· Str: Peak Human/2 tons/5 tons

· Spd: Peak Human/ X3 Human/ Mach 1

· Dur: Peak Human/ Steel / Titanium

· Sen: X2 Human/ X3 Human/ X10 Human

In Balanced Output he can use 2 Ki Enhancements; in Peak Output he can use 1 Peak and 1 Balanced.

Omnyo Magic

During his time in the JHWAB Garo picked some rudiments of Omnyo Magic, he isn’t able to use it for direct offensive matters, but he learned a couple of utilitarian type of spells and charms he tends to use to improve his performance. He can use one at a time on each target and up to three charms at the same time.

· Tetsu: With this charm he can increase the durability and density of an object, he usually uses it on his arrows to reinforce them so they can pierce armor more effectively, yet he won’t object to using it on his fist to clock an opponent.

· Chinmoku: This charm nullifies sound, allowing Garo to sneak and stalk targets without worrying for the sound he can generate. He also uses them in arrows to make them silent.

· Kazemichi: A short duration spell that increases movement speed, not good for combat as it bends the trajectory of the arrows, but perfect for quick travelling, as it allows automatic evasion of obstacles through the most aerodynamic route.

· Kamigami: Small paper effigies that scout for Garo, allowing him to track his prey or provide Intel. They take the shape of Hawks and each charm can summon up to 10 nearly undetectable summoned creatures.


Ten no Ya Ryu (Heavenly Arrow Style)

The Ten no Ya Ryu focuses on fast and accurate shots while moving. It’s a style created to hunt, with mobility and accuracy being the most important aspects. The style contains multiple basic techniques, footwork for moving archery, basic trick shots and multi-shots any adept should know.

But the most important techniques, the Oshie (Teachings) are the ones most important. There are 5 main Teachings and a Secret Technique (Ougi)

1. Kami Hohaba (Divine Stride): The highest level of the footwork. Acrobatic movement and proper spatial perception are the main features of this technique. Using this footwork a Master of the Style can shot in basically any position or angle without losing base accuracy.

2. Shuryo-Shin no Me (Eyes of the Hunting God): Secret training helps the practitioners of the style improve their eyesight and the quality of information they acquire from a target. This, being the highest level of technique allows the user to pinpoint weaknesses or structural weak points in objects or individuals

3. Kami no Shomei (Divine Lighting): The one who shoots first is the one who wins, that tends to be the rule on ranged combat. The Ten no Ya Masters of the past found this precept to be partially incorrect when they discovered this teaching to counter fire-arms. What’s important isn’t shooting first, but hitting first. With this technique the practitioner can improve the arrow speed to the point it beats a bullet.

4. Kamigami no Ame (Divine Rain): Multiple shoots fired at the same time tend to be a known trick for archers. The Ten no Ya users take this a step further with lightning-fast consecutive multiple shots. Garo tends to use this technique as last resort, combining it with his Omnyo Charm to great effect.

5. Aragami no Yari (Battle God’s Spear): A single arrow launched with the most powerful possible with pinpoint accuracy can do wonders. When a Ten no Ya Master does it, it can accomplish Miracles. A slow and methodical shot with a spin added to the arrow to triplicate its piercing power. It’s the longest range shot of a Ten no Ya Master able to fly for more than a km without losing speed or direction.

6. OUGI – Junishin no Ya: (Twelve Godly Arrows): The final technique of the style, using the 5 previous teachings in tandem, the user of this Ougi shots 12 simultaneous arrows with curved trajectory, pinpoint accuracy, blinding speed, armor piercing power that attack every vital point in the body. This attack is a sure kill if 50% of the arrows reach the target.

Hand to Hand Combat

Garo has trained for years to compliment his ranged specialty with some good old martial arts. He holds belts in Aikido, Judo and Karate, mostly focused on defensive maneuvers. He also is able to fight with combat knives and with his bow.


Possibly one of the best 10 trackers in the World, Garo is capable of finding trails and clues of almost any Hidden World creature and for any mundane animal. He can follow their tracks through any weather and is a world class survivalist.

Bow Making and Arrow Making

Garo knows every technique in the art of bow crafting and the creation of arrows, still he prefers simple weapons instead of extravagant arrows. He respects traditions.


Ryuyoko (Dragon Wing)

Garo’s weapon of choice is a mixture between composite longbow with modern elements and kyudo sensibilities. It can withstand attacks from swords or even getting run over by a truck. It’s made with the best materials available and it’s perfectly balanced.


Garo carries titanium tipped arrows with enchantments. He also tends to equip his quiver with Cold Iron, Silver and Holy water soaked projectiles to deal with particular threats. The only two weird arrows he carries are a tracing arrow, that leaks paint and a GPS arrow, that implants a endodermic chip on the target to track him.

Mandatory Network

Submissions can take several hours to be approved.

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