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Off-Topic » The Student of Vice

@othus12: @EVA_01: My younger brother is studying that as well XD

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Battles » Anime Transmorphers VS The X- Women

For the record Ultimate Universe Kitty Pryde can also increase her density to make herself invulnerable and make her punches heavier. But not even that saves it from being bad writing.

About the battle, there are two many variables. It's full powered Devilman who could rival Satan or base Devilman? The Soultaker powers arent really quantified on the series and the mindscrew the series is known for makes it even harder (Still the opening alone could melt the face of a full roster of X-men or women

And truth to be told I know little about the others except for Vincent Law....

But I would be inclined for the X Team having Rachel, Psylocke and Rogue

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Battles » Clubber Lang vs Takeshi Sendo

@othus12: You're right, Takamura would beat the snot out of Lang... I pity Lang...XD

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RPG » Ikari Fukushi (Character Bio)

@waybig1010101: Thanks, Jose may meet him soon

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RPG » [Re-done] Atlas McKinney - The Electric Devil

@Anzobuse: Nice, my only concern is that he seems a bit too perfect. He is a parkour master and with a IQ so high its not measurable. You could use some weaknesses, like being weak to water considering his electric mastery. Something too balance a character without openings.

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Battles » Clubber Lang vs Takeshi Sendo

Sendo is literally out of his weight class... I pity the fool....lol Sendo on similar weight than Clubber could go to Sendo, but there are a lot of variables to consider if we change Sendo's weight.

Takamura vs Clubber Lang, that would be a proper fight... and I think Takamura would win if he plays it smart.

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RPG » New Vice Awards

@waybig1010101: Thanks

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RPG » The Vice Before Christmas - OOC

Add Gen, Callis, Rin, Yuriko, Toramaru and Raisa. Those are the characters of my own that know Haruko (I may be missing one)

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RPG » New Vice Awards


In the middle of a luxurious theatre stage a set of heavy red curtains open and the spotlights aim at an empty spot. Somewhere in the unlit portions of the stage somebody whistles and in a rush the spotlights move towards the sound. Kuma from Argentina, a 23 years old young man from Argentina (duh!) is standing on the stage dressed with a formal pair of pants, shirt and suit vest. He sports a short dark blond hair and a neatly trimmed beard. He starts talking with heavily accented English…

-Welcome ladies, gents and those of unspecified gender, welcome to the Animevice RPG Monthly Awards! NOVEMBER EDITION!!! Why did I shout November? I don’t freaking know!!!-

-I’m your host this month Kuma and I bring my full roster of characters here- He looks around trying to find the character, but it’s useless…

-Where the hell are those guys? –Whispering, he turns to the side and shouts at the backstage. – HAHA! Very funny fuckers! Get your sorry asses to stage right now…don’t make me go get you!-

-No chance fatso you’re there on your own. - A voice replies to his threats from the side. – And don’t try anything funny, I have you on the sights of my sniper so start the damn awards before I shoot you.- This was more than enough evidence, added to the snark filled tone, that the one doing the threats now was Falken Degiraz, Mercenary Extraordinaire…

-Okay, okay, I’ll do it on my own, but you aren’t getting new weapons any time soon after this…- He replied shouting and then added in a whisper. –You half assed dog of fortune. - Falken, thanks to his enhanced senses noticed that and shot a warning shot under Kuma’s feet, who jumped to the side in panic and quickly recovered his composure.

-Damnit… Well I think I’ll have to start on my own, my characters had unionized after seeing how Gen is constantly damaged or captured and they want me to sign a contract to stop that from happening to them… Long story short they are rioting. - He looked at the floor for a moment with immense sorrow but he quickly recuperated from that sudden down on his mood.

-Well we won’t let that sour the mood, wont we? We have a very special night, as it’s the last award ceremony before the YEARLY VICEVERSE AWARDS! We had a full year of uninterrupted activity so this will be even better! - With this he regained the same enthusiasm level he had when he started the ceremony.

-But before starting, let’s us thank our Sponsors, Jardsam Moving Company, getting an Empire out one at the time, Kuro-san Therapy, forget about your ex-girlfriend…your name…your family and etc.- He looked at his suit. –And also I want to thank the Seamstress Guild for providing every piece of clothing I’m wearing!-

A massive screen switches on behind him, the characters of the Viceverse flashing around as orchestral music sounds. –Let’s start this bitch up! - A booming voice starts presenting the Awards (<BOOMING VOICE>)

<Best Hero, I need a hero!>

<The Nominees are :>

Callis / Haruko / Crow / Dan / Jose / Leora / Hitomi/ Chase

-We have quite the turn up for this award this month! Many do-gooders kicking ass for Justice, but only one will take the gold this time around. - Kuma looked to the side of the stage. –And now, to deliver the award we have…- He looks at the prompt screen with surprise and sighs, mumbling something akin to “damnit couldn’t we get any better” –Izumi Hayashi, from Inazuma Class L.-

-Thanks for having me. - With gentle grace she bowed at the audience while she carried a golden envelope. –Whoever wins this category has proven time and time again their good heart and their commitment to justice. Is an honor to deliver such esteemed price to whoever deserves it.-

-Thank you Izumi-Chan, let’s see the screen to get the winners.- Kuma spoke as he pointed at the screen while the booming voice started again and a drum roll followed him

<The Winner is: >

DUAL WINNERS: Crow Cementerio and Haruko Miyata.

K:-The Gunslinger and the Combat Seamstress take the gold in November! They beat Knights, Martial Artists, other Seamstress and Healers, Congratulations…-

I:-So that’s Crow Cementerio? I think I understand Alicia… is it me or is getting hotter?-

K:-Calm down your horses and go backstage we need to keep delivering the prices-

<Best Neutral, Should I stay or should I go!>

<The Nominees are :>

Haruko / Huntsman / Eve / Dan / Sid / Marceline / Warden / Shin

-Well, let’s see who deserves the Switzerland award, for the guys who think about themselves the most, or at least have a pendulum instead of a compass when it comes to morality - Kuma looks at the screen as the names flash around, as if they were part of casino roulette each time with the booming voice shouting their names.

<The Winner is: >


-The Seamstress takes another alignment award, and Huntsman shares the podium leaving the others biting their dust.- Kuma shouts excitedly as the new award prompt appears and from the side enters Ikari Fukushi, new addition to his roster.

<Best Villain, Bad to the bone >

<The Nominees are :>

The Seasonal Sisters / Taylor / Kuro-san / Masako/ Miles / Jardsam/ Pumpkin Lord

-Ikari! Nice having you here, even before your official debut after getting a bio, how’re you tonight?- Kuma, relieved of having somebody to help talks to the imposing and scare inducing assassin as if he was talking to an old friend

-Sorry, no time for small talk, I’ve come to inform you that we are taking over for a while, as we just realized we are many more than you and you can’t stop us.- Ikari places his hand over Kuma’s shoulder, who is too shocked to speak.

Finally he utters –Wait, wha- before being interrupted by a grappling hook catching him from the back and pulling him to the backstage. –fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff- He tried to insult but he was unceremoniously silenced after a loud *KNOCK* noise, surely a garrote.

-Well then, who of these pansies got the villain of the month award? When I get here I’ll show them what real hatred is, but for the time being, let’s see who won…

<The Winner is: >


-Pffft, pitiful, what is this villain kindergarten? - With that said the Assassin left the stage as another man, this time with a metallic arm replaced him.

<Best Fight, Fight ‘til you drop, never stop, can’t give up>

<The Nominees are :>

Gen Rescue Squad vs. Baku, Mu, Uta and Andy / Everybody vs Fruit Lords / Vs Demon Goddess in Another Roll of the Dice

-Good evening everyone I’m Kensei Fukitsuna, an instructor of Inazuma Gakuen. First of all I want to thank you all for allowing me this chance, as surely you know I’m the best at judging combat techniques.- Fukitsuna entered with a smug smile as from the opposite side Kotetsu Kurogane, the Gun Shinobi also moved into the stage.

-Yes we are here to represent Class M in Inazuma and prove that the best combats are the ones that show the progress of our trade rather than dusty traditions held by a fossilized arche*SWISH*- Kurogane tried to speak ill of Garo, who from the audience shot an arrow that destroyed the ear mounted microphone the Shinobi was carrying.

Fukitsuna started speaking again as soon as Kotetsu left the stage shivering. –Well let’s see who exemplified combat this month.-

<The Winner is: >


-The battle against the Fruit Lords takes the gold, beating Demon Goddesses and Full Metal Yakuzas… I’ll leave you with the next host, enjoy the show. - And with that Fukitsuna left as a imposing figure in a white karate Gi entered the stage

<Best Bromance, Bromantic ageru yo>

<The Nominees are :>

Haruko and Dan / Leora and Harvester of Autumn / John and Haruko / Ciel and Elliot

-Yo fools! Goemon Williams here, Karate Master and BHA Agent, ready to present this award, about the importance of a bromance. - Goemon picked the microphone. –I’ll sing about it! -


-Sorry Goemon, but we don’t have time for this; carry one without the musical number. – A voice from backstage stopped him

-Aw man! I wanted to turn my pipes on… damn…well here are the winners.- Without any enthusiasm the massive Karate Master pointed at the screen as he left the stage with a depressed walk towards the side.

<The Winners are: >


<Best Rivalry, RIVAL HEROES!>

<The Nominees are :>

Huntsman Vs Sam / Traditionalist vs Modernist in Inazuma / Anna vs Elyssa

-Hello people! What’s up in the house? - Yuriko Kazegawa, master of any techniques involving her fists (In Martial Arts you perverts) entered the stage with a radiant smile. –Rivals help us discover our maximum potential and give us something to achieve. That’s why we honor them with this award.-

<The Winner is: >


-I hope these two don’t learn how to be proper rivals; more power isn’t exactly what they need. - Yuriko smile awkwardly as she left the stage, letting the next host, or in this case pair of hosts.

<Crowning Moment of Awesome, Everything is Awesome! >

<The Nominees are :>

Hitomi one shooting berserker Samjaz / Red Lighting in Osaka / Pink Comet in Cave / Spear User getting blown up in L7 /Villain appearance in Moonlit Revival

-FUCK YEAH BOY! We are hosting an award ceremony- Jack shouted as he high fived Tobia.

-YEAH MOTHERFUCKERS! WESTERN DOGS ARE IN THA HOUSE!!!- Tobia replied to his friend as both also high fived the guns attached to their arms.

-You both suck and you should be ashamed of yourselves. - Falken shouted from the backstage and Jack Goldhound quickly replied. –Fuck you Falken, we were called to do this award because we are awesome and I don’t see you up here hosting- Tobia added with equal enthusiasm. –Yeah dog! We rule.-

-Then why aren’t you in the nominees, you pair of professional idiots!- The Mercenary shouted at them once again to which Tobia replied. –I take offense to that! We are very proud to do our job, we like it so much we would do it for free. - A generalized laughter filled the room as Jack facepalmed himself.

-Well that solves that mystery, get on with the damn awards, I have people to kill…I mean places to go!- With that said the screen started spinning a gallery of awesome moments nominated.

<The Winner is: >


As Tobia finally understood his error he started leaving as Jack closed the category. –Well then, I’ll leave you with the next host.-

<Crowning Moment of Funny, Happypeople is in tha house, TAFuna egao de >

<The Nominees are :>

Chase and bucket of Glue / Toni vs Crow Mess / Dan in the aftermath of the fight against the FMY

-Good evening my fellow characters and my fellow writers, as I, the great Katsuo Sakurai, am an artist just like you. - The Poet Swordsman from Inazuma Class L talked with poise and calm, until he received a swift kick in the shin by other host Lei Sheng Conroy, the kick master from Class M.

-Shut your trap idiot, we got this bloody category because everybody laughs at us. All those bloody wank stains! I want to kick them all- The Wallaby didn’t seem to be enjoying this as much as Katsuo did.

-Calm down oh colleague of mine, making people laugh is a noble cause and skill- But as Katsuo spoke, Lei Sheng already was leaving. –FUCK YOU CUNTS, I’m going home!-

-Well, let’s see who won this…-

<The Winner is: >


-Nothing beats humor about genitalia, it’s so classy. - Katsuo, speaking honestly, leaves allowing the next host to enter…

<Best Tearjerker Moment, So I cry, I pray and I beg >

<The Nominees are :>

Reliving Katie's parents' death in Into the Looking Glass / Leora Dying / Alicia Weston Backstory

-Hello my puppets. - Sakka Jakuuma entered the stage with a confident stride and a notepad under her arm. –As the best writer in this world I know how to do Drama, so I was chosen to host this award…It’s a shame they didn’t call me to judge it.-

-Nonetheless, here is the winner for this category. - *SCREEN SPINNING*

<The Winner is: >


-All so equally tragic, I think I need a tissue…- Sakka left as abruptly as she entered, making space for the next host.

<Best Line, Hail to the King baby!>

<The Nominees are :>

"Why yes Crow, I have found my balls. Here, take a look." Dan in Osaka II

-Fancy a grenade mate? - Andy the Sniper

“Oh, fancy meeting you here mate, I didn’t notice you were here…bah, I didn’t care.” Andy, Osaka.


"WHAT...THE...FUCK?! So you're the prick who shot at me?! You're an Inazuma dude! That's it; I'm kicking your ass right now just to show you show much you FUCKED UP!" Sid to Andy in Osaka Ablaze

Fireworks explode in the rim of the stage, raising a shower of red sparks and smoke. Amid the mayhem a figure in black zip lines to the spotlight, Falken Degiraz has arrived.

-Hello good people in the theatre! I’m here to give the award to Best Line. - The fireworks slowly vanish from the air as Falken grabs the microphone. –Giving a cool line is mostly about set up and opportunity; one needs to know when to speak and when to stay in silence.-

-Naturally cool guys, like me, know exactly the right time to give a badass one-liner and so can you if you buy my new “1001 One Liners with Falken” Blu-ray.- He takes a Blu-ray from his coat. –With this baby you will learn the theory of One-Liners so you can apply them to your everyday life, just 49.99 $, buy it now or screw yourself.- Falken presses his ear, as if he was listening through a device and nods.

-Well, they told me I’m getting sued for that commercial outburst, but it was worth it. Now, here is your winner.-

<The Winner is: >

"Why yes Crow, I have found my balls. Here, take a look." Dan in Osaka II

-Baddasitude comes in many forms, sometimes, even double entendre. - Falken leaves, and a new pair enters.

<Best Couple, X and Y sitting under a tree>

<The Nominees are :>

Huntsman and Eve / Mr. and Mrs. Shishioh / Crow and Toni /Sam and Luna /Crown and Hag

*BIP* -We are sorry to inform there aren’t any strong couples in Kuma’s roster, thus we can’t have anybody hosting how it should be, so please enjoy this video of a kitty playing the piano- *BIP*

<The Winner is: >


<Best Ship, You're here, there's nothing I fear. >

<The Nominees are :>

Haruko and Dan / Leora X Harvester of Autumn / Alicia and Conrad / Arthur and Lincent / Archer and Toramaru

Entering this time to the stage is Toramaru, who looks at the screen with evident discomfort. –Why did I have to do this one, cant I exchange it with anybody else?-

-Maybe with Archer, you already exchange sooooo much with him.-

-Oh shut up Falken!-

-Make me!-

<The Winner is: >


-Sigh…I’m going to be in my room...- Toramaru leaves depressed (at this point is it a pattern?) and a new host gets into the stage

<Best Story thread, Never Ending Story LALALA LALALA LALALA >

<The Nominees are :>

Osaka Ablaze / Another Roll of the Dice / Lucky 7 / Lemon Lord / The Cave / Crossing Paths

-I’m going to make this quick people.- Reiji Fukuma impressive frame thunders into stage. –I’m not too available, just coming here will get those government Dogs of the JHWAB behind him like a pack of rabid idiots. - Reiji looks at the screen. –Heh, at least I got one…right, quick! The winner is….get a drumroll here people!-

<The Winner is: >


<Best Location, New York, New York, New Yoooooork>

<The Nominees are :>

Sakurajima Island /Jujce / Lava Chamber in Into the Looking Glass / Osaka /Happy Hour – Bill’s Blues

-Hello everybody, my name is Yami Kizuato, agent of the JHWAB and I’m hosting the best Location award. - He looks at the audience with a smile. –You may ask why I’m doing this, what’s my point in this so thematically driven awards ceremony… truth to be told I don’t fucking know, but instead of explaining I’ll cut right into it…- His smile gets a bit childish. –Get it? I’ll cut right into it…Get it?-

<The Winner is: >


<Best NPC, I’m the great pretender >

<The Nominees are :>

Jin the Half Tengu in Cave / Harold / Reiji Fukuma / The Inazuma Class L Girls / Owen / Old Boat Captain in Cave / Shin

-I used to be an NPC, but now I’m getting a bio, so to say goodbye to any chances of winning this category I was placed to host this one. - Rin Shishioh, dressed in a gorgeous formal dress speaks to the audience with conviction. –Every NPC in the theatre, you can still get this promotion, I may do it first, but every single of you may get one bio someday… You only need to believe….-

-Even me? - Mamoru Iyana stood up, his disgusting face filled with hope.

-No, you suck Iyana, now shut up and go back to the dark corner you came from while the award is given to…-

<The Winner is: >


<Best NPC Villain, Be prepared… >

<The Nominees are :>

Mamoru Iyana / Pumpkin Lord / Mr. and Mrs. Shishioh / Koibito Kishi from Flowers of the Gem girls / Pumpkin Lord(s henchmen) from Lemon Lord / The Demon goddesses in Another Roll / Fruit Lords

-As a former NPC Villain I know how hard this position can be, you never get the respect you deserve.- Speaking with a perfectly calm tone, Cavaler, the Head of the Crimson Knights from Orasul Sange is hosting this award.

-But you can shine, even if you only last a single thread. The candles that burn the fastest are also the brightest.- After his dramatic bow the screen behind started showing all the candidates

<The Winner are: >



<The Nominees are :>

Justalittlegirl /Lobos / Vapovile / Kuma

Callis Nomene enters the stage in his full Knight outfit. –Greetings Mes and Messa, I’m here to present the award for the best writer of the month, easily one of the most prestigious awards this ceremony gives. Still what’s important to know is that everybody is the best writer, this award is just a matter of who was on a roll this month. Everybody is an important part of this world and should be proud of it. - The Knight eyes got shiny and watery as he spoke from his heart, but from the backstage a lot of voices started in choir…




-Sigh, nobody has any tact or manners… Here are the winners.-

<The Winner is: >



<The Nominees are :>

Vapoile / Waybig / Kuma / Sam / JLG

-Hello boys and girls, you seem awfully dElIcIoUs tonight! - Masako Hihashi, the Mad Predator entered the stage with the opposite attitude to Callis knightly walk. Rude, dirty and covered in coats of dry blood the Crazy K-1 stomped the wooden stage like a rhino.

-I was placed here because that Shishioh fucker is too big of a pussy to get here by himself… he surely just got sand on his vaginaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. - A trap door opened and Masako fell down making a splash 40 seconds after starting to fall.

From the side Kuma reappeared. His elegant suit in tatters, many wounds over him and what seemed to be a piece of afro stuck through his hand. –Nobody, not even my own characters can talk shit about Gen… I’m the only who does that.-

-I took care of some “guards” and now I’m here to finish this! - As he gestured with his hands he noticed the afro and quickly removed before resuming his speech. –The Best Player is he who helps others and shows sportsmanship and camaraderie.-

He looks at the screen. –Everybody up here deserves it and also everybody who isn’t up here, as we all work for the forum. Now without further delay -*Drumroll*

<The Winner is: >


-Congratulations Waybig! We hope you keep doing good work in the forum and enjoying yourself. - He turns to face Camera 2. –Now, before the Grand Finale, here are some personal awards.-


Callis’ Favorite Attack of Month: As Mes Shishioh is indisposed I will take his place this month, thus my pick for the best attack in the month surely goes to whoever used their skills strategically and in an astute manner. So the award goes for Mes Renen, after his splendid two phase attack with the rocks as a cover and the subsequent kick to the neck. Truthfully breath-taking strategy

Best Art Contest Host: Kuma

Best Non-RP thread of the month - The RPG Art Contest

Most minions award: Lemon Lord

Superb Henchmen Hiring Award: Lords of Lemon Lord


<The Nominees are :>

Vapovile /Justalittlegirl / Kuma /Waybig

-The big one is here and I don’t have any jokes or comments, I’ll just let this play out as it is.-

<The Winner is: >


The stage fills up with the full roster of Kuma’s characters and NPCs, yet neither Kuro-san or Gen Shishioh are around. –Thank you very much for joining us tonight, I hope you enjoyed the awards and get prepared for the next month with the Annual Awards and a special surprise that will be announced then. Once again thanks and have a great day!-

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Off-Topic » Movies & TV Club

@Acura_Max: I would have gone with a Crosshilt Saber, similar but with small beams in 45 degrees instead of 90 or a Light Whip...a Light Whip would have been awesome

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Off-Topic » Movies & TV Club

Did anybody see the Star Wars Trailer?

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RPG » Theme Song Game

I can see Arthur jamming with this... But it could work for many characters

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RPG » Theme Song Game

I can se Taylor singing this in the creepiest voice imaginable....like fucking sinister XD

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz:

Seemingly the combined strikes of Naoto, K-4 and Elise managed to stop Masako on his tracks, capturing him inside a crystal spike. Seen from outside he seemed like a bug caught in amber, a blurry statue seen through azure glass, yet his eyes, still encased in the organic metal maintained their sinister crimson glow. The young Clone was a bit relieved by the situation, looking at K-1 was like seeing his reflection in a dark mirror and that scared him.

-That was amazing Neesan! - K-4 gesticulated with child-like joy. –You threw those lights that when “SWIIIISH”… and Ojiisan here with his sword was so cool with the “SWHIIINGG! - He was completely ecstatic after the fight, seeing his current companions in action, but on the other hand he could feel that the fight wasn’t over and as he wanted to protect them he decided to keep that information.

He grabbed their hands with a very serious, for his boyish looks, expression. –Come on! We should be going to Kago-jiisan laboratory; I don’t want to be close to this man. - He gave Masako a terrified look. - He scares me a lot…- Inside the Crystal prison small cracks, almost imperceptible started to appear as the metallic cuirass around Masako started to shift and move trying to find structural weak points on the prison.


Raisa nodded in gratitude at Haruko as she leaned on her side against a wall while sitting on the floor. She looked around seeing that most of the battles had ended at ground level, but in any moments a new one could start, between comrades. That could prove to be a problem.


Shooting at the incoming debris would be the logical thing to do in the occasion, but Andy had a different plan. He rolled backwards, letting the chunks of concrete fly over him, not even scrapping his heavily armored body, but this movement ended up creating the blind spot through which Sid advanced. As the Heir to the Bonham’s finished the roll and stood up the kick was already in motion, ready to cleave his head off.

-You green-bottomed cunt! - He cursed as he placed both SMG on the trajectory to his neck. Sid’s kick was powerful to break both weapons and more. The force behind the attack managed to reach the Kevlar collar of his armor and launched Andy into the air. The armored collar stopped the kick from breaking his neck, but it would leave a nasty bruise.

The Sniper did a small acrobatic recovery in the air, using one hand to grab an iron girder of the water tank and broke the impulse of the attack. From his elevated position he taunted Sid. –That was just a fluke yellow monkey, so don’t get cocky with your fancy kung fu tricks…- The Sniper took a grenade from the belt crossing his chest. –Fancy a grenade mate?-

And with that as the only warning Andy threw the explosive at Sid while he jumped away from it, leaving behind a smoke grenade as well to cover his escape. The fight would end in a tie, but only if it ended now, because Andy as any Sniper with some self respect had an eye on the rest of the battle and noticed he wouldn’t last long against the combined forces down there.

It was a more logical strategy to retreat and take on Sid in another occasion.


Aoki crawled out of the entrance, just as Dan and Crow were about to start fighting. With terror on his eyes he glanced at the destroyed FMY. He wanted to scream in frustration, as those Cyborgs were the most expensive things he bought on his life and surely would have tripled the investment with time, but now he was broken thanks to this group of freaks… He needed to escape, if he could retreat he could reform his empire, he did it once and he would do it again.

With that in mind he started crawling away from the group, hoping they were too distracted to notice him fleeing. –I will have my revenge, this freaks will now my name and fear me-


-Rin-chan, are you okay? - Yuriko asked as she helped Rin walk. Both of them were quite banged up after fighting half of Aoki’s minions. Not even two Hidden Worlders could handle so many people while being so injured.

-Yes Kaz…Yuriko-san, I’m perfectly fine…- She said that, but the youngest Shishioh was quite damaged, or at least she was as damaged as her friend, but Yuriko was tougher than Rin. As she spoke blood slid down her temple and started dripping over her shirt.

-Don’t you think this is kind of stupid? - The Fist Heiress spoke with a thoughtful voice, as if she was talking to herself more than to her friend.

-What? This fight ? Gen’s abduction? Aoki’s immense underground complex? - Rin wasn’t in the mood for philosophical debates, but she really needed to do something to stay awake, as the blood loss and accumulated damage was about to knock her out cold.

-Everything, it’s an odd feeling like I was being watched. Or maybe the blood loss is speaking…- She replied with a strange tone, as if she was trying to hint something, but Rin was too tired to get that.

-You’re really weird Yuriko-san…Thanks for helping me out. - Rin spoke from the heart, something she never had done before, always trapped inside the image her parents wanted her to project, never showing how she was. Maybe that’s why she respected Yuriko and Gen, they weren’t afraid of shattering what others wanted to think about them, Rin could even consider being jealous of the freedom they had.

Yuriko sobbed in silence after hearing Rin, while both already at the edge of their strength noticed the exit and walked towards it. But as they did a chill coursed through their spines, as if somebody was watching them… For a moment they wanted to turn around but the strange feeling vanished and the couple of warriors restarted their pitiful advance, now in high alert.


-My most esteemed wife, are you ready to depart? We must arrive to Osaka before the breaking dawn if we desire to see our son operation. - A short and stout man talked in perfect English. He was dressed in an elegant suit and from the looks of the jewelry on his fingers and elegant watch he was pretty rich. He had graying hair combed backwards and a very elegant beard. His eyes were hidden behind red tinted glass with golden frames.

-My honorable husband, I’m ready to leave, please ask the pilot to start the jet so we can depart as soon as we arrive to our airfield. - A woman on her late forties appeared atop the stairs. Her black hair was neatly tied on a knot that gave her the appearance of a very strict teacher. She was wearing an elegant evening dress and carried even more jewelry than her husband. She had matching glasses, red tinted glass with golden frames. Over her dress she used a fur coat.

-Then let’s go my dear wife, we must see to our only and most precious heir security, welfare and health, he must recover soon, so he can take the enterprise and elevate it to new heights.- The couple walked towards the exit as rows of servants bowed to them and two more opened the door for them.

As they walked down the stairs of their lavish manor near Kyoto a man moved towards the couple. He was around 50 years old, had black hair combed backwards and tied on a short ponytail. He used transparent glasses with a delicate silver frame. He was using a full suit with English cut, from his posture and attitude it was more than obvious he was the Butler.

–Mr. Shishioh, the plane is ready and the crew in Osaka is also prepared for your arrival. I’ll travel in the service area of the plane and keep contact with the “specialist” in Osaka to gather information of the situation. - He walked away for a moment but turned around as if he remembered something.

-We also found your daughter, seemingly she entered Osaka before the JHWAB realized their blockade around the city, and seemingly she was alongside Yuriko Kazegawa, of the Kazegawa family. They travelled to Osaka from Sakurajima, the same Island your son was - But the butler was interrupted mid sentence by Mrs. Shishioh.

-We only have one son! And he never went to that island, always remember that Mr. Oboide, or you will end up like your predecessor Mr. Takamaru. - She screamed with fury, her veins popping out, extremely noticeable considering how well her skin was for her age. It was a terrible contrast.

-My deepest apologies Madam, it won’t happen again, just a fleeting slip of the tongue. - After that brief apology he returned to his briefing. –We received a request to airlift one of Minato-dono associates to help him control the situation, as your orders were to do everything in our hand to facilitate Minato’s work I already green lit the transport.-

-Did our men see his “associate”? - asked Mr. Shishioh with curiosity.

-Yes, it was quiet young man, very well dressed. But he wasn’t strange, his pet was. They told me he was travelling alongside a “robotic” dog. - The Butler, Kyotei Oboide, replied without even changing the servile tone of his voice.

-How charming, I may buy one of those, it would help me on my hunting expeditions.- Mr. Shishioh smiled. –That would be all for now Mr. Oboide, thank you for your services, I may ask for you during the flight to get the update you mentioned.-

-Your wish is my command Mr. Shishioh. - The Butler bowed and left to sit on one of the bodyguards cars while the Shishioh’s took the limousine

The Shishioh Family would be reunited for first time in 4 years, all of them in the same city at the same time.

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Off-Topic » What is your religion?

I believe there is a higher force than us (it would explain a lot) but I dont connect it with any traditional dogma

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RPG » The Cave (RP)

@Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @waybig1010101: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Dan desperate tackle was fruitful, in more ways that he could think. The Kappa wasn’t expecting this sudden charge and was unprepared to meet the blazing pink comet head on. The impact between his thick skin and Dan’s Ki sounded like a powerful gong, and even if he had some sort of mystical aura around him, thanks to his proximity to water, this extra defense was brutally shattered.

Dan’s courage was underestimated by the Kappa as he expected the Martial Artist to cower in fear; instead he was knocked off his feet with a loud popping sound as the suction cups in the soles of his feet lost their grip on the deck. –Ugh!- The Kappa grunted as he was pushed over board headfirst. The pillar of water returned to the sea, but he was more than capable to avoid falling himself into the water.

He latched onto the railing of the boat with the suction cups on his palms and jumped over it landing on the wooden deck, he slipped to the side of Dan, surely allowing the Martial Artist to fall into the water, the perfect place for him to attack.

-It’s the end of the line, youngling, you won’t get another chance like…like…huff…huff…huff…- after panting for a moment the Kappa collapsed on the deck, twitching in the floor and breathing heavily, as if he was in pain.


-Of course my man! - Goemon Williams stern look swiftly changed by a smile as soon as he saw the license Jose carried. –Hop on my beautiful Arashi 3000 and I’ll take you there! Screw the JHWAB, Bounty Hunters must stick together when the push comes to shove! - Goemon extended his hand at Jose as he asked.

–So why do you need to the island, the sniveling bureaucrat in charge didn’t told me or the other BHA member a lot about our mission, he only said we were here to stop anybody from getting to the island…who or what in the world is here, in the middle of nowhere? - He spoke with honesty; he didn’t know at all why they were guarding Sakurajima.


-Is not the place of Knight to question the orders he receives. - Callis spoke with unwavering conviction, not naïve belief, as somebody who has chosen his own path. In a sudden explosion of movement Callis used the railing to run past Sid placing himself in-between the Master Kicker and Sakurajima with inhuman agility and flexibility.

-And most assuredly the place of a Knight isn’t where he can be fooled or tricked by words.- This time around he was in a full fighting stance, ready to fight at seconds notice. –I ask you once more Mes Renen, turn back or I’ll be forced to wage battle against you, something I do not desire but I’ll do wholeheartedly if needed, such is the path of a Knight-

This time around the Beast Knight didn’t seem to be open to negotiation anymore. His keen senses helped him notice how Sid’s body was readying to spring into action and he reacted accordingly.


Jin was shocked to see his Kaze no Reiya (風の霊矢/Wind’s Spirit Arrow) was matched by Crow’s hastily launched “Flecha”. The sudden explosion of lighting and wind served as a smokescreen for the Last Gunslinger to move into a more suited position to shoot him, yet the winds where Jin’s friends and they whispered to him. The Half Tengu did an evasive maneuver, moving away from Crow’s bullets.

-I’m sorry for causing you distress Cementerio-dono, but I cannot allow you passage through these waters.- His evasive twirl turned into a full loop as he lunged forward with his staff to receive Quicksilver clashing both weapons. His staff may not be as durable as Crow’s but its magical nature and the coating of NE allowed it to impact against the Legendary Gun without ill-effects.

-And for more obvious reasons. - He gave a small glance to his wings. –You won’t triumph through the skies. - He pressured down Crow, keeping his staff in a deadlock against Quicksilver and pushed downwards with his mighty wings. Once again he chanted and a swirling vortex of wing surged from his wings, trying to ram Crow vertically into the boat, surely ending the Gunslinger and the transport.

-Ryusei-fu Rei (流星風霊/Wind’s Spirit Meteor) - He proclaimed the technique name, still not noticing the Old Captain change in demeanor.


I can only feel pain… nothing but pain….

I could help… only if you want me to…

You could, but what would it cost me?

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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @SamJaz:

People in the bar looked at Eaglestrider as he almost shouted his rant. Some teachers in the modernist faction cheered after they finished talking, while an equal amount of traditionalist looked at the massive Imperial with mixed feelings, those being hatred and rage mostly. Garo and Kurosawa also were displaced the former a bit more than the later, their expression soured a bit more when Artemis exposed her point of view, but they didn’t say a thing.

On the other hand Fukitsuna and Kurogane were grinning like fools, enjoying the little victory they got against their colleagues of class L. –Well it seems we have majority old man, you should go and play with your stick and string while you can, as you may be needing a new job in a couple of years.- Kurogane rudely teased Garo, who for first time didn’t reply as he pondered in thought about the words of the Gun Ninja.

Kurosawa-sensei, sensing the pressure in the air decided that it was for the best to leave. –I think is time for us to return Garo, we need to prepare for tomorrow’s class- Garo nodded with a grunt and stood up. Yet Kurogane didn’t want to let up. –Yes, you better leave to prepare, your students will need it if two fossils are giving classes, at least Miss Jaeger here… - The Ninja looked at her and smiled under his mask. –Has some sense to understand how the real world works.-

Kurosawa sighed as he knew no matter what he did Garo wouldn’t let this slide. The Veteran Archer turned around with an icy glare. He walked towards Kurogane and without crossing a single word he lifted him from the neck with a single hand and slammed him against a wooden pillar. The whole pub went silent as the Archer eyes were locked on Kurogane, who suddenly had lost all of his cockiness.

-Let me tell you something boy… I’ve killed Yokai before you knew how to shit by yourself and I you may call me old for that, but god knows I could kill you whenever I want to.- His tone of voice was a clear indicator that he wasn’t joking. –The only reason you aren’t doing an impression of a porcupine right now is that the school rules forbid me to.- Garo grabbed an arrow from his quiver and suddenly aimed at Kurogane’s face

The Ninja closed his eyes and heard the arrow pierce the pillar, right beside his ear. – I would have let this slide if you insulted only me, but Kurosawa-sensei is off limit you half-boiled piece of shit, understood?- Kurogane nodded slowly, clearly terrified on Garo. The Veteran Archer let loosened his grip and walked away looking at Kurogane’s partner as he talked. –Get your students ready for tomorrow we are having some sparring matches Fukitsuna.-

The Teacher with the Metallic arm smiled. –Considered it done Garo-san.-

Kurosawa turned to Artemis. –Sorry you had to see that in the first day, tensions tend to build up in these situations… No matter how well trained you’re being around so many fighters tend to keep people like Garo, who really on instinct is usually on edge. You surely understand that feeling considering your main occupation. Feel free to stay here we will reserve the venue for the sparring.-

-Eaglestrider-dono, Romanoff-dono, it was a pleasure to meet you. - Garo almost growled the lines while Kurosawa said them politely. With that said the Archer and the Lancer left the pub while Kurogane was dazzled in the floor scared shitless.


Ayla didn’t release her hold over Toramaru, with her kneed over the young Oni throat, her foot blocking on arm and her other knee pinning down the other arm. She heard Archer’s please with and stared at him with cold eyes for a moment, as her knife was pressed against the young Myth Soldier neck, about to draw blood.

-Tsk.- Ayla stood up releasing Toramaru while keeping eye contact with Archer, just out of pure instinct keeping her guard up.

The girl left without crossing any words with them, a bit unnerving, but as soon as she was at a good enough distance Toramaru started standing up, cleaning the dust out of his clothes. He turned to Archer with a big and dumb smile

-That went well…I was totally worth it...- He spoke more as if he was trying to convince himself than Archer. –At least I got a longer look of her panties when she pinned me down HAHAHA- His laugh was as loud as it was honest. The Half Oni patted Archer’s back. –Thanks for the save Archer-san, I could’ve get out on my own, but I was enjoying the view…either way you are brave, that girl was quite scary and you stood for me.-

Toramaru extended his hand –You’re really a stand up guy Archer-san, I’m glad I found somebody so reliable to be my friend in this school, I was pretty worried about it.- He spoke with honesty and openness. He really considered Ross to be his friend and his extended hand wasn’t just a display of comradeship, but for him it was a contract, he would help Archer on anything he needed.


Andy stopped right in front of a structure built into the side of the mountains that circled the town. It was a traditional Japanese building and the sign over the entrance clearly stated that was a thermal spring.

-Behold, the most Japanese thing I can think off and wanted to do, a traditional bathhouse! Nothing illegal Keiji, just warm water and maybe some voyeuristically escapades. - Andy said this without an indoor voice, gathering at least a couple of awkward glances from the people walking around them.

-We should get in before the place gets crowded with old guys; they told me they get quite drunk. - With that said the youngest heir to the Bonham Family led the way into the bathhouse, a sturdy building with a great lobby that opened to two changing rooms, each leading to the separated springs, one for men and other for women.


The three girls reacted in different ways to Alicia’s story. Izumi gently smiled, feeling some empathy for her, understanding now more about her personality. Jean tried to stay cool and not show her emotions, yet it was very noticeable she was trying hard not to cry. Batilda…well she started sobbing and threw herself to hug Alicia (quite strongly). –Bwaaah….you poor thing- and started patting the head of the young Heiress. As this unfolded Nusumi was waiting for an opening, completely focused on them, so much that he didn’t notice somebody was tailing him.

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RPG » Japanese Hidden World Affairs Bureau

New update with info on the inner workings of the JHWAB as well the profile for Iyana.

I'll add Jin and the Kappa tomorrow

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RPG » Ikari Fukushi (Character Bio)

@waybig1010101: Wait until you see his look

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