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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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RPG » [Reboot Profile] Keith MacKenzie - The Azure Warlock

@willyvereb: I personally dont like that.

Stuff like that ends up guiding us to Arms Races....

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RPG » [Reboot Profile] Keith MacKenzie - The Azure Warlock

@willyvereb: Could you expand on the abilities, its a bit vague what he can and cant do

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RPG » Grim Pirate Mordred & The Painted Badger - BIO

@SamJaz: Gokaiger? Nice look pick.

Do you plan to use his human look?

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RPG » The Cave (RP)

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @waybig1010101: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:



In Sakurajima, as he placed wooden posts in strategic locations for the ritual, Reiji was starting to get worried as nobody seemed to arrive. The Old Master hoped somebody would show up, as if nobody did he would have to resort to his Plan B, something even more dangerous than his original idea.

Yet he didn’t have any more time to waste and with a heavy heart he picked up a satellite phone on his house and dialed a number.

–Yami, I need your help, come to Sakurajima right now.- His tone didn’t allow any negatives to be issued in response to his request.

-Yes uncle, I’ll be there as soon as I can.- Yami Kizuato, the Half Gainen swiftly replied, a bit shocked at Reiji’s tone, something really important was about to happen, surely something risky

The Old Master looked at the sky, a silent prayer trying to ponder if he was doing the right thing, should he put the world at stake to help somebody wounded by his own failures? Did he have the right to do it?


The Kappa saw the attack incoming and tried to react, his hands moved, but not to protect himself from the blow but in a weird motion as if he was tugging an invisible rope. This strange movement lifted a tendril of water that turned into a shield like shape over the side of his head, blocking part of the blow momentum. Yet he didn’t account for the intensity of a well trained Ki, as Dan’s was.

Even slowed down the punch was pretty strong, managing to push him back, leaving a trail of scratches over the ship’s deck. His head was ringing but seemingly his opponent hadn’t used his whole strength. A bad idea from Dan’s part, at least from the Kappa’s point of view, since the Martial Artist just attacked a government official.

-Pulling your punches youngling? Is a shame I won’t, not after this….- The Kappa laughed with a inhuman chuckle as he did another strange motion.

One of his webbed palms facing the sky and his other fist punching it, at first this didn’t seem to have any effect but Dan would notice that the first rays of the sun, reaching the boa would be blocked by a 5 mts tall water replica of the Kappa’s fist and unluckily the Pink Gi Warrior was the target.


Callis picked the flier, thankfully his translation spell was improved by BHA magic practitioners and now he was able to read any language, as the arcane incantation casted upon him made everything look like his own language.

-Reiji Fukuma? - He kept reading a bit more and found the next surprising element. –Gen Shishioh? - He looked at Sid with a softer expression. –I know these names, but I wasn’t aware they resided inside this island.-

Callis relaxed his body, diffusing the pressure he was generating. –I was hired to stop people from getting to this island, but I didn’t know that the residents were such esteemed men. Even if Mes Shishioh seems somewhat rude he was once a comrade in arms during a nightmarish battle with undead creatures months ago, he saved a lot of us by taking the full force of an attack.-

The Beast Knight stroked his chin trying to remember the details. –When the mission was finished Mes Fukuma brought us back to Tokyo and then left back to his home with Mes Shishioh, who seemed to be in need of medical attention. I tried to find out their location to thank them, but I haven’t been able to find it out.-

Callis bowed. –Thanks Mes Renen, now I can properly thank them, yet, even as I thank you for providing this information I’m afraid I cannot let you through, as I was ordered by the person in charge of this perimeter to stop whoever tries to pass, even if now pains me considering that Mes Fukuma, requested your presence on his residence.-

The Beast Knight took once again a more combat oriented stance, ready to fight if that was the case, yet hoping it wasn’t. –So Mes Renen, I request once again for you to vacate this perimeter and abandon your current activities or I will be forced to fight against you and I would really prefer solving this through peaceful means.-

Callis resolve to fight was clear on his face, as his compassion and desires to avoid said battle. The Spirit of a Knight burned brightly from within his blue eyes.


-Fool! You think I, the great GOEMON WILLIAMS, isn’t a member of the BHA?- The giant man searched inside his Gi and pulled his BHA License, identifying him as a Bronze Star Hunter in the Yatagarasu Branch. He put one foot over the edge of his heavily decorated boat and roared at Jose.

-Show me your identification boy, or I’ll sink your boat with you on it!-


Jin face showed a small hint of discomfort as the captain called him a demon, as if that struck a sensitive nerve on the Half Tengu. His sad smile reflected that feeling, yet he swiftly recovered his composure returning to his placid and serene neutral mask.

-I think you’re wrong, you’re on Japanese soil, thus is our jurisdiction, I may not be one to dabble in politics as well, but I’m sure the BHA cannot interfere in governmental issues, especially when they are related to JHWAB high profile stake outs.- Jin kept talking with the same calm tone, completely recuperated from the moment of discomfort.

-Not to mention this operation has support from the Yatagarasu branch, as we required manpower to fill out some spots in the security details, as an important event is about to happen and we are spread a bit too thin. - The Half-Tengu lifted off the boat as he finished talking, his wings allowing him to maintain the altitude 3 mts above the boat.

-But that shouldn’t of importance to you, the same as your license isn’t of any importance to me, my orders were very clear, sink any vessel going towards Sakurajima, yet I tried to solve this without bloodshed, unluckily Cementerio-san, you didn’t want it that way.- Jin raised his staff over his head and started chanting






As he did wind started to pick up around him, forming a sphere of raging elemental energy…Natural energy. The ocean around the boat started spiking as the powerful winds rocked the boat. Around Jin spheres of wind started to spin and after two rotations were launched swiftly towards Crow and as they moved they turned into spears of Wind.

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Off-Topic » What Are You Watching/Playing?

I'm watching Kamen Rider Shin: Prologue, the most violent incarnation in the franchise...

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Off-Topic » Real Life Pic.

Kuma-mania! I did a workshop about videogame scriptwriting in Meet The Game, a indie game convention in Argentina
Kuma-mania! I did a workshop about videogame scriptwriting in Meet The Game, a indie game convention in Argentina
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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

@Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @ChronoWolf: @waybig1010101: @SamJaz:@Justalittlegirl:

-Is a good thing to meet fellow warriors, I’m usually trapped inside a crowded office, getting out and having new experiences is what life is for. - Shin didn’t even care about the weirdness of the ones who helped him.

He turned around to face his father, who was walking towards them with wobbly steps, trying to stand on any guts. –Isn’t it right, old fart?-

But Norio didn’t reply he was pointing at the man in the doorway with a shocked expression as he walked back until meeting a pillar. The veteran JHWAB inspector couldn’t understand why his son wasn’t more concerned about the two blood-soaked shape shifting abominations or why the newcomer seemed so nonchalant about a room splattered in guts. –Crazy, they are all crazy. - He thought

Shin looked at the man in the doorway curiously, trying to figure out something about him, yet he couldn’t tell, as if he lacked description and depth, thus he couldn’t make a proper opinion since there wasn’t much to go on about. Not even his instinct reacted, the only thing he could now, was that whoever or whatever it was he had seen carnage of this scale before, as his reaction wasn’t fear or shock.

Thanks to some good judgment the Modern Samurai decided not to talk as he didn’t knew if the newcomer was an opponent or an ally. Once again, nothing was specific enough about him to make a proper judgment or even a supposition

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Off-Topic » real life peak human leveller?

@7574: Ekichi Onizuka or Mamoru Takamura

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Off-Topic » Guess The Person Age Above You

@ShadowKnight508: Nope


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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

@EVA_01: It had a soft reboot

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

@EVA_01: A Super Robot is pilotable by definition. Volfogg is a Mecha, but it aint a Super Robot. I know the difference between the two genres, I saw all bloody Gundam and most of of the classical Super Robots. The Super Robots that arent piloted are controlled from the outside, like Tetsujin 28.

Then 50ft Tall and Pilotable is the definition of Super Robot, roughly. Add ludicrous unrealistic power and you have it

And the answer is still no, it's not a Super Robot. As 99% of the Super Robots ain't characters but objects

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

@EVA_01: As in 50 mts tall and piloted? No

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

@EVA_01: No

@takashichea: 2 Legs, 2 arms and 1 head? Yes

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

@takashichea: Yes

@EVA_01: No

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Off-Topic » Imagine if your favorite video game became an anime.......


VI has no main antagonist? Who told you that? VI has the best villain ever!

I dislike X and VIII mostly because of their main characters.... The Emo Mute in VIII and Meg Ryan in X

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style


Never said it was a she. And it isnt human

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Fehafare:

Masako, even in his madness, knew pain, as it was a basic instinct and his current condition was all about it. Knowing what that something can cause pain, thus avoiding it, is something any animal knows how to do. Humans are the only animals that can block that nagging voice telling them to run away and they stand and take more punishment, maybe because of their morals or values, for a greater cause or ideal. Maybe that’s why Naoto stood valiantly against Masako, or why Elise even scared as he was also did.

Masako, had separated himself from the shackles of humanity, yet his link to the primal nature was stronger than the rest of humanity. The desire to flee after receiving Elise’s attack was almost overpowering. Fear, or at least self-preservation, flooded the Crazy Predator’s head as if a dam had broken. But soon enough that fear for the unknown power behind the Witch’s light turned into anger, which burned inside him once again starting a bonfire of hatred. But those emotions faded away and got replaced by other thing…


His heart-beat was deafening, his pupils dilated, his eyes bloodshot and his breath turned into a heavy pant. Lines under his skin started to appear, as if his nerves and blood vessels tried to pop out through his metallic skin. As Naoto instructed the others, Masako’s metallic bits slowly expanded almost like a liquid covering his head and his body. His legs got stronger and more adapted to trampling. His skin became bladed, and his head was covered by a bladed helmet. He seemed ready to ram them to a pulp.

-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH!!!!!!- The transfigured predator roared with primal rage as he charged towards them. K-4, who listened Naoto’s request, armed himself with courage and launched an attack from the right, using his incredible speed to position right besides the rampaging Masako and unleashed a flurry of rapid punches, that may not carry a lot of strength, but they did carry power… of the electric variety. Small cracks appeared in the armor Masako formed, but he didn’t stop his rush.

Elise’s Aurora Light had more luck as the twin beams managed to stop the Mad Predator charge, thanks to whatever mysterious factor affected him in the first place, long enough for the last beam to hit him. Crystals started trying to breach through his skin, without much success, but he was immobilized, trapped in a Crystal Cage… The question worth asking here was…How long the cage will hold?


Dan sudden flurry of attacks was mostly ineffective on a physical level, but it served a purpose. Mu didn’t seem to be able to react to the sudden influx of information. The Pink Gi Fighter transformation, Alvin’s new weapon and the sudden shower of punches served in combination to slow down Mu’s Reaction.

The Martial Artist FMY was the least human of his comrades, as most of his body, and almost all of his brain was replaced with cybernetics he depended much more on the mainframe included inside of him with the enhancements than his own brain. That’s how he was so blindingly fast to react, yet it also had a weakness.

Mu’s mainframe wasn’t able to cope with all the sensorial input and his body lagged, allowing Alvin to reach the tubes entangling Dan with his Chain Saw, cutting them in half.


He shouted with a horrible mechanical voice as he started convulsing and his eyes turned completely blue. Blue liquid starting pumping out his slashed leg as slowly parts of his body started deflating falling apart as the strange fluid formed a puddle under him. His inexpressive face didn’t show his pain, but the faint glow on his eyes slowly vanishing indicated his doom after getting sliced.



The three knives loudly pierced Baku’s robotic innards and subsequently exploded. The power of said detonation moved through the inner systems of the FMY of Firepower, destroying him with brutal efficiency, as the shockwave activated the miniaturized ammunition inside him enhancing the explosion even more. As his body started to fall apart he laughed and looked at Haruko.

-This is how a man dies you little whore with knives! - He shouted as he rushed forward, trying to get near enough Haruko to damage her with the explosion.

Surprisingly his hull, extremely reinforced, was keeping the explosion inside of him, bending outwards, yet he didn’t fall. He kept moving forward, dangerously close to the seamstress, completely lost on his desire to take her with him. All could have been lost, if not for Raisa’s quick thinking.

The Russian Prodigy charged towards Baku and pierced her blade into his skull. With a surprising amount of physical strength she lifted him as she swung her sword. She was back to back with Baku as this happened and suffered some injuries after some of the FMY hull got launched towards her like shrapnel

-You’re going to hell abomination, nobody hurts my comrades of arms- She faintly whispered, maybe referring to them all or to Toramaru, her classmate.

Baku was launched into a building in which he exploded, leveling the abandoned storage structure over him. Raisa fell on a knee, her back bleeding profusely.


Andy shrugged his shoulders at Sid’s anger and smirked as the Martial Artist launched his attack. The kick easily disarmed him, but the Heir of the Bonham clan had already considered that and didn’t even bother to fight for it, he already had his hands on a pair of SMG’s on his sides.

He rolled backwards as his sniper rifle crashed into the pavement many meter below and stood up with a nimble tumble, aiming both weapons at Sid. His face kept a sardonic smile, but his eyes were dead.

-Oh, fancy meeting you here mate, I didn’t notice you where here…bah, I didn’t care…- He took a couple of steps backwards with the same smirk plastered on his face, mocking Sid’s vehement anger.

-Yeah, I’m your classmate, so what is your problem you yellow cunt? - He sighed as he kept his guns locked on Sid. –We are trained to be the best soldiers and mercenaries, I told you arse I was from a family of dogs of fortune, weren’t you bloody listening?-

That smile, he kept it, locked on its place, a mockery of happiness and trust, the same could be said of the pressure he was projecting at Sid, don’t showing any soft spots on his aim, not even a faint wavering of the wrist.

- Being pissed at me makes a blatant point, you are a daft newbie. - His smile was getting more irritating by the second. –In this line of work there are no bloody friends, unless you count Lead…you can always count Lead…in fact, why don’t you do it, as I fill your arse with it….- With that said he started shooting his weapons as he ran towards the center of the rooftop, trying to get some distance from Sid.


-What the f?- Uta’s sing-song tone wasn’t there anymore. As any mercenary she knew about the Gunslingers, but she never met them. From what her boss gathered in Intel they were like an Order of Knights with guns instead of armor and weapons, so she never expected to meet one of them so brutal

Her sound waves collided against the red lighting. Unlike before, when she faced the azure current of electricity, easily diffused by the vibration generated by her powers, this time around she wasn’t able to deflect it so leisurely.

-No…No… - She pressed forward trying to gain some terrain, but steadily Crow’s raging Lighting was pushing her back, cracking the pavement with her feet as the pressure built up. She wasn’t accustomed to this, since she was converted Uta never had been hurt, in the FMY her defense was almost the highest.

But this wasn’t the worst; she could feel Crow’s new song, a summoning call for death. The bloodlust of the gunslinger was overwhelming and when he pulled a second gun she didn’t even have enough time to react. “Punta” Destroyed her, punching a hole through her chest and launching her head into the entrance of the underground passage, leaving her lifeless husk falling on the ground with empty eyes. Yet her head muttered something as it fell.

-What… a b-beautiful song… La Balada… de la… Muerte-


-Hah…..hah…..ha….ha….a…a- Aoki Minato, Osaka’s God of Gambling, panted heavily as he ran away from his control center. In almost 4 years this was the first time he was running, as that was the last time he had to control anything in the field. He was extremely out of shape, he kept his mind in perfect balance, but his body wasn’t.

He never had to run, because he never had the need to, everything was given to him by assistants and the dirty work done by mercenaries, he only sat, enjoyed and made big decisions. To think that taking decisions so coldly was the cause of his current predicament wasn’t something he was thinking about.

He was scared for the first time in years, incapable of thinking in nothing except his own safety. Yuriko and Rin were behind him and they defeated everything he threw at them, only two FMY were free, but neither was in the city at the moment. He needed to escape, he would get to the other FMY that surely killed those pests and use them to escape.

As his thoughts were solely focused in escaping he didn’t notice something in his path and tripped.

-What the fuck was th…- He stopped talking as he noticed what made him trip… It was the head of Uta

His scream of terror echoed in the hallways as he crawled against a wall, shivering in fear.

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

@takashichea: No

Negima is freaking awesome (Manga, the animes (yes plural) keep the comedy as central elements (except for the OVAS)

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Off-Topic » Imagine if your favorite video game became an anime.......

@takashichea: I hated FF VIII, X and XIII

XII and VII are regular. XII is too generic, VII has good and bad characters, yet I liked the overall aesthetic

VI and IX are fucking awesome

Most of the other classics are good

and my favorite is FF Tactics for PS1

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