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RPG » Theme Song Game

Dreaming Kombat

Let's keep the Flow going....(LOL)

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RPG » The Tokyo Interview (OOC)

@Justalittlegirl: The Sword and the Swordsman combo? Yeah

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RPG » The Tokyo Interview (OOC)

@TheAnarchyKing: Cool if you have any doubts, dont doubt (lol) to ask me or Vapovile, the Moderator.

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RPG » The Tokyo Interview (OOC)

@TheAnarchyKing: Shadowchaos is right, you need a bio to play.

If you feel interested in playing please read this and this, is a good place to get info on how we play in the forum and how to make a character

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RPG » The Tokyo Interview (OOC)

@EvilMegaCookie: @LordNox: @Vember: I'm currently working on the intro thread. When posted read it from top to bottom, dont rush to post, the thread isnt going anywhere

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RPG » The Big Hunt (RP)

@waybig1010101: @Justalittlegirl:

Falken Degiraz and Garo Takayama couldn’t stand each other. Their personalities, their styles, their modus operandi and their weapons of choice made them clash every single time they talked or even met. The Dual Wielding Angel of Death and the Legendary Japanese Hunter hated each other with burning intensity.

Falken was an amoral mercenary with high tech so intrinsically part of his modus operandi that even his body was more machine than man. He liked high caliber weapons and assassinations jobs on humans, he liked to fight on urban environments and his arsenal depended on a satellite connection that lately was flimsy to say the least.

Garo was an old school Archer and Hunter, master of a single style instead of proficient in many. He liked silence and stealth, preferred natural hunting grounds over cities. Garo was a hunter of beasts, not of men. He could craft a bow and arrows from anything he could find and with more proficiency than any master bow-maker.

Having them share a plane was not only a bad idea… it was a potential aerial disaster the like the world has never seen before. The pair left Inazuma on a private jet belonging to said institution, truthfully they school didn’t knew about Garo taking the job, as the Archer told them he was taking on his students, Barnaby Talons on an out of school excursion.

Unluckily he had Falken as a tag-along, since the Mercenary’s inhuman hearing, all thanks to his bionic enhancements, overheard the conversation Garo was having with the Chinese Official that contacted him. Thus the Veteran Archer didn’t have any other option that accepting Falken’s request of tagging along under the battle-cry of “I want to cap some motherfuckers”.

Barnaby Talons was the best way to move undetected, the young student was a prodigy when it came to piloting any kind of aerial craft and with the “excursion” Garo could cover up his involvement on this mission, something he was doing to pay up an old debt he had with the leader of this initiative, Minister Hou.

-Are we there yet fucking old man? - Falken said on a childish voice, trying to piss off Garo, even resorting to kicking the back of the Archer seat.

-For the love of the Gods Falken, shut the hell up or I’ll throw you out the cargo door. - Garo turned around looking at the Mercenary with ill-intent clearly reflected on his eyes.

-Okay old timer, don’t get your arrows ruffled. - Falken reclined on the seat as Barnaby informed them about their current status.

-We are about to reach our destination, could you please go to the cargo bay? - The Aerial Ace asked them politely and Garo stood up, making a gesture for Falken to follow him.

-C’mon Mr. Mercenary, we are about to arrive. - Garo picked his gear from one of the empty chairs and started equipping as Falken lazily stood up and stretched.

-Inazuma should really get a bit more of money on their equipment, this seats are killing my back.- Falken moved to the Cargo Bay followed by Garo. –So, when are we landing? - He asked, curious about which airport they would use.

The Old Archer didn’t reply to Falken, instead he checked some screens and finally talked after a while, without even looking at the Mercenary. –Could you fetch one of the scanning tools in the back Degiraz? I need to check this panel.-

-Tsk, anything else Master? - Falken mockingly imitated a butler as he walked to the back of the plane, right besides the cargo door. He couldn’t find anything so he turned to face Garo and discovered that the Archer wasn’t there. –Old timer? Where the fuck are you hiding?

Even with bionic enhancements to his senses Falken couldn’t detect Garo, if the Veteran Archer didn’t want to be found. A bit frustrated the Mercenary shouted. –Whatever you’re planning it won’t work Fossil Master!-

-I told you to shut your mouth boy…- The cargo bay door opened and Falken, out of instinct, looked behind, that was a huge mistake. Garo used one of the security ropes in the ceiling to swin down and kick the mercenary out of the plane.

The Old Archer looked at the Mercenary as he fell towards the ground–And I told you I would kick you out… I’m a man of my word. - Garo pressed his commlink and talked to Barnaby. –Mr. Talons, remember the plan, you must go to the coordinates I gave you until I request for your help, that being a quick extraction using the cable or landing nearby the rendezvous point.-

-Got it sir, have a good hunt.- After hearing that the Archer jumped behind Falken, with a parachute already strapped on his back. A newer, less bulky model some of the Equipment and Gear Club in Inazuma designed. He might not like technological advancements, but even Garo would admit the reusable parachute was an amazing feat of inventive minds.


300 mts below Garo and counting…

-Well played old man! Damnit! - Falken insulted and praised Garo as the wind roared on his ears. He aligned himself on a more aerodynamic position and his nanites reacted to the situation doing some minor adjustments, like reinforcing his inner ear and creating goggles over his eyes.

If he was still using his old arsenal his only choice to avoid turning into street pizza would be a high caliber weapon that created some sort of controlled stream so he could shoot it downwards and slow his descent enough to survive the fall.

Thankfully his new set of tools and weapons was a bit more versatile, even if he sacrificed firepower to achieve that. The only problem was that he had a daily limit on his Hyper-Space Arsenal access, as his original one was destroyed months ago and now he was renting one to a crazy Techno-Wizard.

It worked fine during the first three months, but seemingly that was a free trial and now the damn thing had a limited amount of downloads each day, pretty shady business practices. So he only could pull out 5 items a day and re-upload the same amount. He had to pay an exorbitant amount of many to use a premium version of it and truthfully Falken had such opinion of himself that he didn’t even think of paying.

-Damn that old man to hell, I’ll have to use one charge. - He muttered to himself as his implants accessed the inventory of the Arsenal and summoned the Tsukuba Flight Harness. A green light surrounded him, small green cubes like a swarm covered his body and when they stopped shining the Mercenary was equipped with a highly advanced, and experimental, multidirectional jetpack.

With surprising ease the Mercenary managed to descend to the ground as every jet was controlled by the powerful mainframe attached to his brain. He saw Garo landing a way later and walked towards him with a smug smile. –You’re a good old timer, you’re a shifty old bastard.-

Falken’s expression changed. –But do that again and I’ll show you pain you cannot imagine.- Garo maintained the glare with equal intensity and replied. –Boy, you haven’t seen pain and horror as I saw back in the day… you would soil your bionic pants.- The Mercenary and the Archer kept glaring until they broke the tension with a sinister dual fit of laughter.

The laughs stopped as suddenly as they started when both tried to jump the other with a combat knife, only to be interrupted by a Chinese Officer, Officer Ma that we already met before, with shivering voice.

-E….eh… Sorry are you Mr. Takayama? - Garo and Falken stopped their attack and turned around. The Archer replied. –Yes, yes I am.-

-Minister Hou is awaiting you in the HQ, could you and your…friend?… Follow me?- Garo rudely snort. –Not my friend, just an annoying pest.- Falken tried to retort but Garo shut him up –A pest I’m sure will be professional and don’t cause troubles.- The Mercenary nodded begrudgingly and followed the Officer Ma alongside Garo.


Minister Hou looked at Alexander with caution, he heard pretty sinister things happened to the prey this strange man hunted and even a man of his political power understood that there are individuals who are too dangerous to enrage. Trying to muster his diplomatic bones he extended his hand and stretched Alexander’s

-Welcome to Sichuan Mr. Stevenson, I’m glad you considered our offer and took this job, the situation is dire.- Hou added without rushing, delivering the lines with great poise. –We will wait for the other three to arrive and I’ll…- The Politician looked at Eve as she arrived.

-Oh, we already have one here, Ms. Eve I presume, care to join us here? - Hou seemed like a nice affable kind of guy. And as he invited her to join Garo and Falken arrived on the HQ.

Hou swiftly changed his tune and added talking to the 4 hunters. –Please introduce yourselves and share a bit about your expertise, you might end up working together and I think a small bit of networking could be useful.-

With that invitation Hou expected them to talk about their strengths and weaknesses, so they could start thinking how to group up during the hunt, if they planned to do it like that.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

I'm being partial here, but I think this fits Kuro-san

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RPG » The Cave (RP)

@Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @waybig1010101:

-Yes young man I’m Reiji Fukuma, welcome to Sakurajima. - The Massive man walked towards Dan with a serene expression on his usually fierce face. Weirdly, surely a result of his years of training, he didn’t even move the sand as his stout frame stepped on it, almost as if he was weightless.

He extended his hand, Reiji didn’t like reverences and he preferred a firm handshake over a sniveling bow, to him nobody is greater than other. –I’m still waiting for the rest of the people who signed up, you may follow me or you could follow the path behind my back and dry up, there are some towels.-

Reiji didn’t even ask Dan’s name. Maybe he considered names to be secondary to a person physique, as it told much more to the Old Master than a name ever could. Or maybe this time around he knew that this time around not knowing the names of the people he might put in danger was for the best.



Goemon Williams felt the chilly morning wind enter his lungs, air so sharp and cold that he felt as if he was born again. His majestic hair was messed up by the impact, completely covered in sand, almost as a breaded steak.

-OH NO! OH MY GOD!- The Karateka BH had almost a sixth sense when it came to his hair and he felt the mess it became. He started muttering insults as he gesticulated but soon he remembered he wasn’t alone and inhaled deeply tried to calm himself.

-Sigh…my hair. - Goemon whispered sorrowfully and stood up. He bowed to Jose. –Thank you Boya, you got me out of a tight spot. We should better look for Re….

The Martial Bounty Hunter froze half sentence as he felt the incoming Ki. –C-c-cant you feel it boya? Fukuma-dono is nearby- Jose would surely feel it as Reiji’s Ki transferred to the ground with each step he took, almost as if the sand itself was drenched in power.


Instinctively Callis reflexes and battle tactics were even greater than when he thought about it as he was always riddled with doubts and morality choices. The Beast Knight unleashed was a foe to dangerous to take lightly and any common fighter would make a mistake sooner or later, leaving an opening big enough for Callis to barge through.

Thankfully, Side wasn’t a common fighter. His stabbing motion was swift and seamless, one fluid motion aimed to the Beast Knight leg. Under normal circumstances the disarmed Callis would try to get out of the way, or even worse freeze on his place after seeing that his previous evasion barely worked.

The unleashed Beast decided to take the attack head on charging its hands with the meager reserves of Mana Callis had inside of him. A faint bluish aura surrounded the Beast’s hands as he tried to execute a blade catch. But sometimes pure instinct isn’t the best way to handle these kinds of situations.

Even with the thin layer of Mana as a shield the electricity coursed swiftly through Callis’s body, stunning the Beast and returning him to reality, there was just one problem (apart from the scorch marks on his hands) The electricity paralyzed and he fell backwards, right in the control console of the small ship the JHWAB gave him.

His back pulled the lever making the boat accelerate towards the island at blinding speed. Callis was barely able to stay inside it.


Jin was knocked out cold, floating over the spiked ocean in a makeshift cocoon of charms. The Half-Tengu agent would be unconscious for quite some time after the peril he encountered. Hopefully Shinji and Crow would move him to a safer location soon.

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RPG » The Tokyo Interview (OOC)

@Shadowchaos: I meant this for the new players, stay calm and finish your bio, there will be plenty of other threads to play in

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Off-Topic » Guess the avatar above you

Same as before

@EVA_01: You know your stuff

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RPG » The Tokyo Interview (OOC)

Each day new denizens of the Hidden World pop up on this planet of ours. To always be ahead of the curve the Organizations always need to have their databases up to date and for that purpose the JHWAB created a network of scanners, hybrids of technology and magic to detect people with energies or biological alterations beyond humanity.

Many new players entered the ever expanding court of the Hidden World and coincidentally all some of them happen to reach Japan at roughly the same date. The JHWAB will invite them to assist to an interview, one to test their morals, powers and personality to have a profile prepared if future more aggressive encounters ever happened.

Directing the interview will be the leader of the Intelligence Branch of the JHWAB, Subaru Yukishiro and assisting him the son and father combo of Shin and Norio Bushitora, one from the Military and the other from the Intelligence Branch. This should be a routine procedure, but things tend to go bad when you less expect them.


· New Characters only for the interviewed.

· Older Characters can join if they are part of any Organization.

· Fixed Posting Order (Can change depending how it develops)

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RPG » The Big Hunt (OOC)

@waybig1010101: No order, you go first, or JLG. I'll post with Falken and Garo in the same post

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RPG » The Big Hunt (OOC)

@Justalittlegirl: @waybig1010101: Posted the Intro

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RPG » The Big Hunt (RP)

-This is a matter of the utmost urgency! - A middle aged man smashed his fist against the large conference table, putting emphasis on his words. He was dressed in a bureaucratic-looking suit with an awful tie, his face was average and his graying hair combed over his ever receding hairline. He was talking to a group of equally dressed gentlemen on a conference room.

Behind him a map showed one of the western-most provinces of the People’s Republic of China. –We need to take decisive action, if not we might experience a dangerous invasion from inside our own country. - The man clicked on a remote control and new images replaced the ones in the screen. This time around monsters and creatures appeared, some blurry and some well defined.

This sudden change manage to get a couple of gasps in fear and awe, more likely a way to know who either didn’t read the information package before the meeting or maybe even who believed it and who didn’t. –This is the army that might destroy us if we don’t take care. We lack the resources to fight against them.-

From the middle of the table one of the youngest men in the conference room sneered rudely. –You think we will believe this idiocy, Minister Hou? - The impudent young official smirked as he continued talking. -I have assisted to the better colleges and I have never heard something about “mythical creatures”-

He looked around trying to gather the support of the others. –This is just like my father says a ploy of the western powers to distract us… smoke and mirrors.- The young official finished his speech looking at Minister Hou with an arrogant smile plastered on his face. –You must be getting old Minister; maybe you should step down and leave your position to newer and fresher talent.-

A chorus of laughter erupted in the room, only the older officials remained silent, while most of the young ones chuckles echoed in the wooden walls. The Minister Hou remained impassible, unaffected by the mockery. Finally when everyone stopped the aging politician looked at the room with barely contained anger and pressed a buzzer on the table.

The doors opened and a couple of workers brought in a stretcher carrying something covered with a blanket. They exchanged a couple of words with the Minister and moved with some effort through the room until they placed the stretcher over the table, just in front of the young officer that just talked. With that done they left after bowing to the Minister.

-Officer Ma, could you please remove the cloth? - The young officer was momentarily unnerved specially after seeing the strict face of the Minister, yet he shrugged his fears away. He uncovered the stretcher while staring at the minister and making another depreciative comment. –So, you bothered to get us a meal, it seems you can still be useful after all.-

Officer Ma expect to hear another chorus of laughter, thanks to his father influence he could share, or better put, leech his respect and authority, everybody loving him and his “witty” remarks. But instead of mocking laughs he only heard frightened whispers. He turned to face the table and instantly fell on his ass, crawling in reverse until he hit the wall. He was speechless.

-Smoke and mirrors you say…- Minister Hou was already standing next to the terrified young officer. The old politician grabbed Officer Ma from the jacket and pulled him up. With his other hand he clutched the back of his head and made him look at the table. –Do you see it Officer Ma? Where are the smoke and mirrors?-

Officer Ma tried to back out but the Minister slammed the side of his head against the table. –Can you smell the smoke? Do you see your reflection? Impudent brat, your kind will drag us down in the future, so stop talking and listen. - He released him and looked around with deadly seriousness. –Everybody in this room listen, this is what we will do!-

-We are laughably unequipped and outmanned to deal with this situation; we might lose the whole province and even get fines and economical restrictions if the situation goes out of hand. – He pressed the remote and showcased profiles of multiple individuals. –First of all we will have to keep a tight lease on the media; we cannot let this get out.-

All the media officers nodded and Hou continued. –I already got the authorization to hire private contractors to deal with the situation, your jobs will be to assist them and provide them with any information or resources related to the task of elimination. I will personally hold the briefing session on location when they arrive in a week.-

-Decisive and definitive action is what we will do to solve this crisis, but not only that, we will learn from the ones who come and we will replicate their methods to avoid needing their help again. For that purpose officers will be assigned to serve as guides and assistants for them. Once I brief them I’ll present the wages they will receive and express our rules about dealing with the issue.-

-We will overcome this obstacle, all for the success and fortune of our country.- The officers that not so long ago laughed at him were now cheering at the Minister as he left the room, planning to reach the meeting point and prepare everything for the Hunters he hired.


1 week later, Sichuan Province, 20 miles away of the Piao Miao Zhao Mountains

The Minister Hou, leader of the meager Anti-Hidden World Ministry (Fan Yin Shi Sheng) of the People’s Republic of China, waited for the Mercenaries he hired on a building that was quickly erected for this meeting using modular pieces. It was an easily transportable command center somebody developed to lead initiatives against natural disasters and was fully equipped.

The aging Politician only could hope that the Hunters were as good as he was told, he also hoped they could cooperate as their work might be a bit too much for only one of them. He checked the instruments he acquired through a private enterprise that worked mostly with the Hidden World, Garyuu Overseas Trading. At least 300 hundreds of blips, representing creatures, were on the screen.

Soon they would arrive, he hoped it wasn't too late…

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Off-Topic » The Coolest Users On AnimeVice

EVA_01 seems pretty cool

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Off-Topic » Guess the avatar above you

I'm guessing that is from a Japanese Game...

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RPG » Eric Graves, the ginger genious BIO

@Chef_Banchou: But he stills has

"-Eric studies many forms of magic."

Something you should be more specific about

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RPG » Eric Graves, the ginger genious BIO

@Chef_Banchou: But then the only weakness he seems having is sucking at videogames. He is super smart, knows magic and has 50+ Martial Arts under his belt. He seems a bit Mary Sue-ish

I played pen and paper RPG for 8 years before ever playing in a forum and I never started making proper characters after a good while. No matter what experience you have you should always aspire to have more. Not to mention that the guides also contain basic things we handle in the forum that might be different from other forums.

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RPG » Eric Graves, the ginger genious BIO

@Chef_Banchou: I still have issues with him having 500 of IQ and being a multiple martial arts, if he wont use them in combat why dont you leave him as a Gadgeeter genius?

The personality is also a bit cloudy, he is mellow, but relentless... that sounds weird, almost as if you were overcomplicating him. It doesnt resonate with his boy genius concept.



Check these threads for more info about character creation

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