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Battles » Shadowchaos Gundam Tournament: Kuma vs Sekiryuutei

@SekiryuuteiDxD: Ok, I could keep refuting you and you would still keep trying to say that Setsuna Saves and everybody else takes full damage, but I won't do it because even I can see a lost cause when I see one.

Let's the voters decide

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Battles » Shadowchaos Gundam Tournament: Kuma vs Sekiryuutei

@SekiryuuteiDxD: One individual, not a group

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Battles » Who can kill Koro-sensei?

Before I even wrote this the 7th Doctor already put a plan in motion to kill Koro-sensei

He might take half of Earth while doing it but I bet he can kill him

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RPG » Who Would Win? - RPG Edition

@LordNox: Gen says 1 fuck per phrase more or less XD

I think Crow can win this fight, his powers emcompasses more than just shooting ligthing and he would be able to track Alex movements. The closed stadium works for Crow's advantage.

Dan vs Sid in a cooking contest

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Battles » Shadowchaos Gundam Tournament: Kuma vs Sekiryuutei

@SekiryuuteiDxD: After lengthy exposure (more than a single exposure) to GN particles... And emotional bonds with the character or a fractured Psyche

It doesn't suddenly make other pilots stop fighting or forget they past grudges. I will say it again IT IS NOT A MAGICAL THERAPY WAVE

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz:

K-4 guided them through a narrow stairway that went down the building; into the large and complex underground complex were Dr. Kago’s lab was located. His hair was completely brown, and his eyes were still blue, but lacked the luminescence they once had. –It’s not far ahead, follow me.-

He was trying to act tough but it was quite visible that he wasn’t feeling well. He stumbled for a second and leaned on Elise, but quickly regained his composure and kept walking. –Sorry nee-san I tripped.-

The Infamous Dr. Kago knew they were coming, he was frankly surprised to see them alive and in one piece. He thought K-1 would have already defeated them, maybe he overestimated the potential of his first creation in the K line. He had improved a lot since the F line, the one the FMY were integral part off.

When he saw them around, guided by K-4 he already had sent his robotic assistants to clean what was left of Joshu. The wicked scientist would try to do his best to appear not only normal, but also good natured and hopefully both Naoto and Elise would fall for his trap, as he spiked the tea they planned to serve them with a powerful anesthetic.

As he checked some of the stasis pods to program them so he could place both of them after they fell asleep, he heard them entering the main lab. Kago hurried to them and with the best of his skills he faked a grandpa voice, rather than his gravely whispers.

-Karasu my boy! What’s happened to you!? Who are these people? - Kago faked a limp, to add more to his “character” and leaned on one of the tables.

-Kago ojii-san I’m not feeling good… I need my sparkling medicine.- K-4 said this before falling on the ground, shivering and pouring sweat.

-Whoever you two are, please help my dear son, I need you to carry him… please follow me.- Kago paced with his imaginary limp towards one of the secondary labs, were he kept K-4 related equipment and supplies. Unknown to him or anybody inside the complex a small figment of metal had pierced through the ceiling and seemingly observed the situation.


-Okay, okay, I’m moving no need to…WOAH! - Aoki started talking after Haruko launched the knife, but he stopped mid-sentence as Dan lifted him up off the ground. Aoki was afraid, at least afraid enough to be honest for a change.

-There are no more traps ahead… I kinda thought that the FMY would kill you all and save the trouble. It seems I was wrong…- Aoki looked around for a second and finally added. –We need to go North, towards the Osaka Technical Institute, Kago has his lab under it. - The God of Gambling tried to look, spitting on the ground, but seemed quite hilarious considering how Dan was manhandling him.

-I’m okay with you people killing the old fart, I spent a fortune on the 8 FMY I bought from…- Aoki stopped talking as if he noticed that he spoke too much and quickly changed the topic. –The University is only ten blocks north from here, if I were you I would hurry, the boxing brat will be cut open soon enough, Kago was only waiting for the guests of honor.-

-Guests of honor?- Rin asked with a sudden burst of anger reflected on her face. For a moment she seemed to be about of cut down Aoki as she knew what he was going to say, but Yuriko placed her hand over Rin’s to stop her.

The youngest Shishioh released the hilt of her weapon and deeply exhaled. –Who’re the guests of honor?- She asked, knowing the answer already.

-Who else than your parents Shishioh brat!- Aoki rudely replied, forgetting for a second his precarious position. Rin once again was about to attack him but this time around Yuriko was the one who attacked, backhanding the cheek. –Who the fuck are ya callin’ brat fuckface!- She angrily shouted with her Kansai accent clearly noticeable, making her seem like a distaff counterpart of Gen.

Rin grabbed Yuriko’s arm to stop her and looked at the rest of the group. –We better get moving… I think we might find a bit more of resistance in the way, but we will topple it down.- She placed her extended hand inviting the others to join. Yuriko placed hers over Rin’s and added, while the others that would do it, placed their hands. –As we are doin’ this for Rin’s brother we should say it as he would.- She deeply inhaled before shouting.

-We will deck those fuckers!-

Not very far from their position a minuscule metallic wire was coming out the ground, too small to be detected, also lacking any recognizable energy to be tracked. It was as if the small wire was looking at them.


From atop a building Andy Bonham was humming Stairway to Heaven as he aimed his Sniper Rifle, more befitting to call it an Assault Cannon or Anti-Tank Weapon. He got it from the Experimental Weapons Club in Inazuma, an afterschool gathering of all the students with weaponsmith skills. They were the ones Falken hired to create his new arsenal.

-The things I do for money… But now that I think of it I never shot a crystal to free a bloody monster, so at least I get some novelty apart from the money .- After that moment of realization he shot the rifle. The gunshot echoing in the nearby bullets as the mach speed projectile arrived at its intended destination in the blink of an eye.

For a second Andy thought he was successful, but when the smoke cleared he could still see, thanks to his prodigious eyes, that the Crystal was still standing. Not only that, but something was sprouting out of it. He used the scope again and he fell flat on his ass, letting the weapon land on the rooftop, too shocked after seeing what he saw.

Whatever was inside the crystal had popped a clawed metallic appendage from inside and grabbed the bullet before it impacted? Andy decided that staying was a bad tactical choice and started to leave, not noticing the small metallic wire that pierced through the rooftop minutes ago watching him.


The Shishioh family rode their private limo towards Kago’s lab. They would be using the client’s entrance, dissimulated in an abandoned underground parking lot. Kyotei was driving and Ei was sitting beside him. Following them using the rooftops was Ei’s robotic dog.

The Shishioh couple was checking on their business ventures as they travelled, none of them talked, almost as if a small spark of compassion remained in them, knowing that if they talked they might have doubts and break their resolve.

Even if they hated Gen and how much he embarrassed them, something small sliver of paternal instinct was inside them, and they were too consumed by greed to allow it to flourish. Their silent travel continued, now much closer than before to their destination.


Ikari was standing over one of the University buildings… this was the last line of defense his employer planned and if everything went as planned he wouldn’t be alone in this battlefield. As he waited for the Gen Rescue Team he played with his medal flinging it upwards and catching it mid-air.

Each time he did that his face contracted into a grin of hatred. Almost as if he was loading the magazine of a weapon.

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Battles » Shadowchaos Gundam Tournament: Kuma vs Sekiryuutei

@SekiryuuteiDxD: I said it once and I'll say it again Quantum Dialogue is not a magical therapy wave, so the only thing solid with it's inclusion is telepathy. The main failings of your team are still there.

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Battles » Shadowchaos Gundam Tournament: Kuma vs Sekiryuutei


Counter to Last Words on Kuma's strategic weaknesses(Won't go over 1 bullet point)

· That's why my tactic is the best, as my army rotates allowing them to take a breather. Even if they keep launching more waves my strategy is made to get even better the more my troops kill them (Is in the tactics)

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Battles » Shadowchaos Gundam Tournament: Kuma vs Sekiryuutei


Counter to your counter

· Setsuna… Charismatic? Did you watch the same Gundam 00 the rest of the known

universe did or Sunrise made a version for yourself?

· I really think you can't understand the difference of a team and an army. Is not that difficult to understand the difference of magnitude and scope. Team tactics are different than army tactics.

· “Do you Gundam, bro?” Is not a mistake in wording, is a mistake in grammar, but is not even that as I’m making a reference to a common phrase… Who is nitpicking? Wording is important as you can misunderstand the whole meaning of a phrase, a grammar mistake only affects a single word (unless it changes the meaning of the word)

· Thinking that you refuted something doesn’t mean you actually refuted it.

· Setsuna might pick the communication, but not every other pilot in your army can do it.

· The Anti Beam would affect Deathscythe, Beam Scythe? Not anymore. Athrun also uses Beam Weaponry, so are his Zaku Warriors affected by it.

· Duo attacking alone, even with cover fire is suicidal. Nitpick? Is common sense, something you seem to be lacking.

· Minovsky Particles affect MS, you trying to deny it is absurd. Not to mention that almost in any combat the ships release the Minovsky effect as the starting point of the attack.

· I don’t think you know what Nitpick means. Considering that Minovsky based and GN based weaponry is different is common sense, because they are both different things. Is not so difficult. Minovsky is from UC and GN is from Anno Domini, being to different technologies, from two different UNIVERSES might have something to do with my thoughts about them.

· Losing a war and breaking emotionally isn’t the same thing. But as you clearly know nothing about morale and its effect on an army is to expect that you don’t understand the difference.

Counter to my "strategic weaknesses"

· The offense won’t stay fighting full time, if you read my strategy section you will notice their modus operandi would be in constant movement, in the vein of Frederick of Prussia. The offensive forces open a hole in the defenses of the front of the enemy forces, the Stealth Squad attacks the flank and the Artillery force destroys the remainder. Infinite troops don’t mean they are in every cm2 of space.

· The Flint don’t need to destroy the battleships, they only need to use their amazing speed and maneuverability to avoid them and allow the other squads to do their job, but if you insist they have more than enough capabilities to take down ships with the Zanbuster with their improved accuracy module can do it. If a Zaku Custom can destroy battleships in one or two well placed shots the Flints can do it as well. Not to mention they all carry the Anti-Beam Cloaks to deflect at least 5 shots of beam weapons to increase their effectively against the ship beams.

· I built my strategy in relation to the Zeon Strategies, as they lacked a lot of understanding of the 3d environment they were fighting and most of the battles in early UC look more like multi-level naval combats. There will never be a moment when you fight infinite number of enemies. The will take offensives and the strategy was thought to deal with them like that.

· I never said they split in teams of 20, I said that more or less 20 well placed hits in vital areas can take down a Musai Class Ship. They hit and vanish using Invisible Umbrella, and they attack after the front of the force was either staggered by Artillery Fire or a swift charge of the Squad 1.

· Once again you I noticed you didn’t understand my tactical viewpoint. Depending on which Squad attacks first the wave of Zeon forces will be reduced to either a majority of ships (If Squad 1 attacks first) or a majority of suits (if Squad 3 attacks first). Not to mention these are only minor tactical options that are only circumstantial to the events in the battle. I defeated myself with my own words? I just planned ahead to cover tactical eventualities.

· If we were fighting against the infinite number all at the same time no team would survive more than a minute. I took this as if they come in waves as is the most logical thing to do in a survival scenario.

Seki I know you won’t ever admit defeat, but I recommend you do it, your team was badly built from the get go. You didn’t take in account the rules of “In Character” or “Teamwork”.

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Battles » Shadowchaos Gundam Tournament: Kuma vs Sekiryuutei


· Once again being able to work in a team isn’t the same as working with an army.

· You keep going on and on about Quantum Dialogue, it’s not a magical therapy wave. Once again trying to hax your way to Victory. Shadowchaos already refuted it in the PM so stop trying to cram it in

· If you’re using ELS Setsuna we don’t know if it’s in character for him to fight, considering the ending of the series.

· The way it’s worded it seems like you refer to the enemy rather than your own army, as you said is an advantage for leading the whole army rather than his own squad.

· Being a coordinator may give you a tactical mind but it doesn’t make you charismatic or inspiring to become a proper leader.

· Quantum Dialogue won’t work, talking to a whole hive mind it might be easier than talking to a multitude of individual entities.

· Being incapable of changing strategies mid battle can be lethal. And the communications of the MS are affected by Minovsky Particles. It screws with any type of communication or sensors. That’s why Newtypes are so broken in UC as their psychic abilities can overcome the handicaps of the Minovsky particles. Do you even Gundam, bro?

· The Stealth System of the Deathscythe allows the MS to take one or two targets at best. Flying solo and popping up in the middle of a Zeon fleet… alone… is the way to get him killed quite fast. You overestimate him as a pilot. It needs to get really close as he lacks proper ranged attacks, making him open to retaliation when he attacks and without a squad to back him up he is a sitting duck…. In space.

· His whole anti-beam coating is ridiculous when he fights with Zaku that lack any BEAM WEAPONERY

· Jamming sensors when the Minovsky particles are already on? Not really a plan, as the sensors are already down, both the ships and the MS (IN BOTH SIDES)

· GN Particles Hax? Again? Shadowchaos already refuted that in the PM, as the Graham Aker situation was a very peculiar one, not to mention he was already under heavy particle himself. Can you stop trying to add things that are already refuted?

· Once again do you even Gundam, bro? Every custom Zaku II carries solid ammunition and Heat Hawks…. You really didn’t know that? Even Char’s custom.

· Do they affect every ship… out of an infinite number of ships? Not to mention I can’t find a single mention of the fields affecting a large fleet, only MS and that would only affect your MS rather than the enemies. And the Anti Beam Barrier is an optional equipment of the GN…. And I’m guessing it’s made to stop beams from the Anno Domini, with technology based in GN particles rather than Minovsky Physics.

· Even if you keep insisting I don’t see how your troops could cause carnage of Zaku as now that I think of it ELS Setsuna may be a pacifist. And once again you showcase your lack of knowledge of UC. The Zeon troops were highly motivated, high morale soldiers, they fight for an ideal and that’s the hardest type of soldier to break.

I repeat my previous assessment. Poor leadership, faulty tactics and utter lack of collaboration will make Seki’s army crumble and leave the main pilots fighting alone. If I were the Zeon troops I would attack the three overwhelmed MS rather than an effective defensive position with tactical advantage. Trying to use untested powers will be the doom of the army.

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RPG » The Tokyo Interview (OOC)

@EvilMegaCookie: It's to avoid saying Maya all the time, nobody said it in game.

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RPG » The Tokyo Interview (RP)

@Justalittlegirl: @EvilMegaCookie: @ChronoWolf: @LordNox: @waybig1010101: @Vember:

-We’re in the JHWAB Kanto HQ Kiddo.- She started talking without looking at Shin, but when she turned around she instantly noticed his contained nervousness. Her whole family was really good at noticing the state of mind of whoever they talked to, useful skill for a whole range of Merchants as ancestors.

-Calm down Shiro-chan, don’t get scared for this quiet underground and heavily fortified Headquarter of a shadowy government organization.- She started talking with a conciliatory voice, almost maternal, but slowly she got more sinister, jokingly, with a big smile on her face. –I don’t know what you’re hiding, but you don’t have to worry, we won’t interrogate you.-

-If you don’t want to tell us we won’t pry, the people is allowed to get privacy, who do you think we are, the Americans?- She joked heartily trying to calm down the young Mizukara but as she was to resume talking the sound of metal clashing against metal made her turn around and exclaim. –A fight already? Damnit! I lost a bet to Hyoron… that Afro bastard will be happy.-


As the events unfolded, Norio, a bit ticked by the sudden fighting, sighed. He was planning to leave the other agents deal with it… but he remembered who he had down here. Yuki would surely cause collateral damage, after her lover’s death Eiko wasn’t in a very sound mental state; in fact he had his doubts allowing her back to active duty.

Hayate didn’t have the firepower to stop them and finally Dansei would probably take them out and the HQ after he transformed. The Old Investigator sighed and moved to action as Shi No Kaze materialized into the plane. Norio threw a paper charm, almost like a throwing knife, to the floor between the Alien Warrior and the Former Yakuza.

-KATSU! KOGANE SHOHEKI!!! (Release! Golden Wall)-

An undulating barrier of golden energy surged from the charm forming a wall between Ji’tal and Katsuo. The defensive measure carried a Spiritual Charge that surely would force a spectral creature like Shi No Kaze back to the object in which it resided. –You two! Break it off!-

As Norio ordered them to split up the other JHWAB quickly took positions. Dansei placed his hand over Ji’tal’s shoulder trying to calm him down and Hayate was already behind Katsuo with a Kunai on his nape. Norio walked towards them and looking at the Alien Warrior he exclaimed.

-Why did you attacked Verity-Dono?- He looked at him strictly and added. –Consider that your reply will be the defining point between considering you a guest or a hostile.- As Norio spoke Dansei, who was behind Ji’tal, released a fraction of the power inside him. The Midori Sei energy made his eyes, for the first time not showcasing laziness, shine with a green light.

Eiko placed herself between Maya and the others and while keeping her guard up, without looking at the Avatar of Nothingness, she asked. –Are you alright? Did he hurt you?- She sounded distressed as if something more than just her duty was making her protect Maya.

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Battles » Shadowchaos Gundam Tournament: Kuma vs Sekiryuutei


Weaknesses in Sekiryuutei Strategy

· Setsuna and Duo aren’t Team Players, in fact they are the furthest thing from being team players, they are loners that depend more on their personal skill than a team effort.

· Athrun has a bad name as a traitor, he filp-flopped from side to side more times than a pancake. Putting him as the leader of an army is not a good idea.

· Athrun never led large forces of troops before. And multiple times he has shown that doubts can severely hinder his abilities as a pilot and as a human being (That being common sense) Put him to lead a large number of pilots and is the recipe for a nervous breakdown.

· Athrun is familiar with the Zaku Warrior from the Cosmic Age not with the Zeon Zaku. Like for example different ammunition, different stats. In fact Athrun using his knowledge of Zaku Warriors when fighting Zeon Zaku is harmful for his army. As Beam and Heat weapon have different properties not to mention the difference between solid ammunition and beam.

· The Serpent MS are a heavy mech that wouldn’t be able to follow the Deathscythe in any maneuvers. The Deathscythe would either have to lower its output or attack on his own, making him quite an easy target to pick and the Wing Gundam MS aren’t known for their resilience.

· Considering the enemies are infinite Setsuna’s Quantum Dialogue couldn’t affect them all or even affect many of them. Considering the enemy pilots are from Zeon I’m guessing they aren’t the sensitive type. Not to mention that ELS Setsuna is featless, so we don’t know what he could do apart from not aging and doing anything he did before.

· “though Zeon may be experienced in dealing with Minovsky Particles they've never dealt with GN particles” Though Setsuna may be experienced in dealing with GN particles he never dealt with Minovsky Particles before. It goes both ways, the same goes for the GN pilots.

· What are Gorilla tactics? Do you mean Guerrilla? If that’s so what is the Deathscythe tactical advantage? It’s a pretty flashy suit and he would be charging alone against ships quite dangerous.

· Being able to talk through Quantum Waves doesn’t solve underlying psychological problems. Duo and Setsuna a pretty messed up and Athrun does need therapy. The three pilots are ticking bombs.

· Really, resorting to Hax like Setsuna leaving with his tail between his legs (ABSOLUTELY NOT IN CHARACTER) Or The Quantum Wave?

· All the pilots lack proper leadership skills to lead the troops they have, this means low morale and low efficiency. In the end they would be fighting on their own.

· The strategy presented her puts the three squads in constant peril, making them more prone to getting tired and losing focus.

· There are no feats that would confirm that Coordinators can feel the effects of the GN Particles, same goes for Duo. Stop trying to hax your way to victory, is not cool.

· The Beam nullification wouldn’t affect Zeon Zaku’s as their weapons are a Heat Axe and a Solid Ammunition Machinegun. Try again with another Hax. In fact the Beam Nullification will affect more Seki’s troops than the enemy.

· The Average Zeon trooper is more akin to a WWII German, they are quite ready for battle and know how to endure a bit of carnage, not to mention most of the time they double their efforts to get revenge. Trying to demoralized them through extravagant kills will only rile them up. Not to mention they have Newtypes, so Zeon Troops might even the score against just 500 coordinators

The best thing Seki troops will accomplish will be serving as flashy decoys to divide the Zeon troops and allow my team troops to survive longer.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Marika's Dolls

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Battles » CAV Battle # 3 : Kamen Rider ZX VS Agent Venom

@SMXLR8: Somebody really hates Agent Venom.

ZX was built to fight against the first 9 Kamen Riders, meaning he can go toe to toe with the monster that is Kamen Rider Super-1.....

Good God Venom is screwed

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RPG » Who Would Win? - RPG Edition

I might be partial on this one but Gen in a Boxing Match has the advantage. I give it to Gen.

Naoto Kensei vs Haruko Miyata

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RPG » The Big Hunt (RP)

@waybig1010101: @Justalittlegirl:

Falken stood up from the pile of wreckage left by his body. Parts of his face and chest were missing, revealing his cybernetic parts out in the open, giving him a distinctive Terminator-esque vibe. The Infamous Mercenary right eye shone with a sinister crimson gleam as, with a metallic sound, he popped his neck with evident frustration and started walking towards the Bixie.

His shotgun was still functional and as he walked towards the main conference room of the Modular HQ he reloaded it and just as he entered he cocked it. –Missed me you bloody beast?- Falken lacked any of his usual smugness or cockiness, he was clearly pissed and thirsty for some blood. Luckily Eve and Alexander’s combo were giving him an opening.

Their combined efforts managed to knock the creature off balance and forced it to stop rampaging. That lost killer instinct also meant that the sudden apparition of a Vermillion Cloak of energy was over, making the Bixie a bit more vulnerable than before. The Infamous Mercenary, pragmatic as he was, wouldn’t lose such chance so he attacked. –Let’s have some fun Chinese bastard-

Falken shot the side of the creature with the Kazuraba Triumphant shotgun, spewing incandescent fragments into the Bixie. Still, even without the Vermillion Cloak, the pellets only managed to draw blood, only superficial wounds. The Dual Wielding Angel of Death got closer; jumping over a slow claw the Bixie threw his way and shot again. –Having fun yet you fucker?-

As he dished the pain, quite evident as the creature cried out with each shot, Falken regained some of his swagger and arrogance, alongside parts of his skin, recreated by his nanites (though the inner damage would take longer. –When I hit you, you say Grrrk- Falken used the unloaded weapon as a club hitting the fresh wounds making the creature grunt in pain. –Good boy.-

While Falken attacked one side, Garo used the time granted by Eve and Alexander to prepare an attack. The Veteran Archer knew that without more time to prepare the shot he wouldn’t pierce the tough hide of the creature, not to mention if it got its act together and summoned the Vermillion Cloak he wouldn’t be able to knick it.

Years of experience taught him something, when in doubt aim for the eyes, and so he did exactly that. –Help is on the way Harper-san.- He shouted as warning before unleashing his power shot.

>-- Ten no Ya Ryu: Aragami no Yari (Battle God Spear) -->

The arrow cruised swiftly from the room Garo moved the Minister to and flew right into one of the Bixie eyes. The blood splatter would surely reach Eve. Hopefully the wounded beast would be easy enough prey for the Leader of the Wild Hunt and the Grotesque Hunter.

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Battles » Shadowchaos Gundam Tournament:Shadowchaos vs EG_Sage

@Shadowchaos: He has the same problem as I had. Crossbone Maoh is from Build and the series lacks mook level suits

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RPG » The Tokyo Interview (OOC)

@EvilMegaCookie: @LordNox: @Justalittlegirl: @waybig1010101:

As I didnt get a reply from Vember I'll post here tomorrow. Vyc Terrarum will go into auto mode espectating the events and following the group.

PS: Waybig I'm posting in Big Hunt tonight

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