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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @ownagepants:

-Is quite simple Miss Romanoff.- Kenmei talked with the same wise air he used to explain techniques to students. –Ms. Gedide isn’t nearly as skillful as our students when it comes to close combat.- Falken sighed while looking at the screens. –Tsk, is a shame she doesn’t want to learn. - He looked at Alexis expecting for a reaction and continued. – I wanted to train her, but she insists only on range weapons, as if she disliked fighting hand to hand… Maybe she is still too soft. I should make her kill some cattle first, maybe she will get over that soft spot of her.- Falken kept looking at the screens while Kenmei turned to Alexis. – Don’t worry, it wasn’t as noticeable as Falken thinks it is, so we won’t take any points from your examination. - He cleared his throat. – Now then, who do you think will have the “killing” blow in this conflict, it seems to be escalating.-


Velvela instincts and sharp senses allowed her to notice the incoming Imperial Scouts and decided that the only course of action was to do a quick exit towards the weaker link of this attack. That being Toramaru, who she analyzed to be a more brutish fighter, easier to evade, and Archer, who seemed the weakest of the bunch. As much as it pained her she would need to shoot them, she had a reputation to withhold, not out of an ego, but out of need, Velvela’s fearsome reputation allowed her to get jobs and those jobs pay for the help she was sending back to her hometown to help her friends. –Goodbye Gentlemen.- With that said she jumped through the window leaving two flash bangs inside the room, with her back towards the exterior. As she fell she shot Athena and Slim as they climbed.

Velvela had timed the grenades and those exploded as she landed on her back, with her eyes closed, and executed a perfect role to minimize any damage she could have received. Without looking back she ran towards Toramaru and Archer, changing her rubber bullets for tranquilizer darts. –I’m sorry for this. - She lifted both guns aiming at Archer and Toramaru. The Half Oni placed himself in between his newfound friend and the Teenage Super Soldier using the Riot Shield as defense with one hand while he launched a ball of fire towards her. Velvela evaded it easily and jumped over Toramaru, using the upper tip of the shield as a step. –Archer-kun be careful!!!!- The Myth Soldier shouted as he received a couple of darts in the neck Velvela tried to land close to Archer and aim right on his head…

But she couldn’t press the trigger….


Gen and Xi’ai met up in- route towards the infirmary. The Spirit Boxer was carrying Raisa over his shoulder while the Chinese Seamstress did the same with Reiko. –What happened to her?- Asked Xi’ai with preoccupation clear on her tone. Gen replied nonchalantly –Friendly fuckin’ fire… That fuckin’ Senpai of ours used her as shield against that fuckin’ Tai-chi fuck attack….That fucker didn’t even tried to fuckin’ help….- The Spirit Boxer spitted rudely on the ground, showing his disgust at Sarutobi. He then looked at Reiko and asked Xi’ai. –What happened to the batshit insane fuckin’ ninja girl here? – Xi’ai looked at Gen for a moment, a bit amazed about the sheer amount of insults he managed to inject to a simple conversation. –Eh, she got defeated and then started reacting very weird, like if she didn’t like the sunlight or something. I used my needles to sedate her.- Gen seemed pretty interested about the concept. –Needles? That seems fuckin’ awesome, like one of those fuckin’ Hong Kong movies….Fuckin’ neat.- Xi’ai smiled a bit, she didn’t tend to get praise and even if it came from such foul mouthed guy she liked it. Still she was worried. –I hope that crazy Gedide don’t kill them all, I think I like this group more than the last.-


Meanwhile in the L Classroom, Kurosawa Sensei explained some basics to the class, after everybody settled down from the incident with Gerwulf. –Well then, everybody knows the basic of the school already, I presume. But for those a bit slow here is the short version.- He lowered a chalkboard. – This school aims to teach its students three great branches of knowledge. Unarmed Combat, Armed Combat and Strategy.- Kurosawa looked at the class as he spoke. Katsuo Sakurai ogled Alicia with lovesick eyes. –Each of these branches will guide you towards the 6 Year, where you can compete for the prestigious titles of Pinnacle. – The Elderly Spear Master kept talking as Ayla looked nervously around her, since her instincts were flaring up for some reason.

-During your time in the school you may fight your fellow students under supervision of a Teacher or a Mentor.- Kurosawa kept explaining while Garo looked out the window and growled. Already two of Fukitsuna were injured; The Veteran Archer disliked the Metallic Armed teacher of Class M. Huang Mao was also looking through the window, but instead of wrath his eyes, that until now only reflected apathy, showed sudden interest upon seeing Xi’ai….Life is made of Dissapointments…. –You can join up with your fellow students in small squads that can participate in tournaments and war games, this groups are called Sento no Han.- While the explanation continued without seeming to stop D-boy was still dancing on his seat, while Andrew looked at him with a mix of confusion and enjoyment.

Izumi was sitting and listenting every single word, the same could be said of Gino and Jean, while Yun looked at Huang, Barnaby had his eyes fixated on the clear sky and kept sighing. Gerwulf was still a bit shaken after the treatment received and was in silence, looking directly at Artemis…maybe plotting his revenge. –Well then, I think those are most of the details. We can stop right here and allow you to return to the town. But before you go.- Andy, Katsuo and Barnaby groaned as one. Kurosawa looked at them with a bit of anger and continued. –Before you go you will be given your Student ID.- He lowered a new Chalkboard

· L1 Yun Bai

· L2 Batilda Berg

· L3 Jean Chateu-rite

· L4 Izumi Hayashi

· L5 Ayla Tilki

· L6 Alicia Weston

· L7 Andrew Bonham

· L8 Gerwulf Brantheim III

· L10 Gino de Rege

· L11 Huang Mao

· L12 D-Boy Mcfro

· L13 Keiji Nakahara

· L14 Sid Rener

· L15 Katsuo Sakurai

· L16 Barnaby Talons

-Remember this number as many teachers will use it to refer to you and it will be the ID for exam results and announcements. And with that you’re free to go.- Kurosawa moved towards Artemis while most of the students started rising up. Andy went towards Sid. –Wanna go to the Pub in the town? We can’t get booze but they have French Fries that could make a British man sign ”La Marseillaise” as if he meant it.- Huang Mao left in a hurry, Yun Bai following him from an almost stalkerish distance. –Here, you can have this you need to get some meat in your bones.- Batilda threw a bag of chips to Keiji as she left. The Stout Teen sympathized with Keiji’s plight as she was bullied before.

As some left, Like Barnaby, distracted, or Gerwulf, trying to look cool after getting poisoned. Somebody entered the room. He was dressed all in a black suit and only wore a colorful mask. Without exchanging a word with anybody he grabbed Alto Cross from the face and dragged him out. Izumi turned to Alicia. –I think we started with the wrong foot, could be start over, I know an excellent café with the best Parfait around here.-

The Admissions Office is a bit over dramatic when they don’t get pay, nothing to worry about.-Kurosawa jokingly commented to Artemis as he got near her. – We should celebrate the first day going out for a drink… I’m buying.- Garo growled. –Don’t be like that Takayama, is a custom here.- He turned back to Artemis. –What do you say Miss? I bet you’re a drinker.-

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: This will start once Castle ends (if my calculations are correct Castle will last 2-4 more posting cycles)

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Callis will be there.

@waybig1010101: Is not a question of intelligence, but of skills, like Eidetic Memory. As the GM I would have to give you an unholy ammount of clues just from that and from his others skills as well.

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@waybig1010101: His skill set would broke the narrative, so I would prefer Chase. If you still want to use Smith I would have to retool a lot of stuff

@Vapovile: The JHWAB policy on foreign Hidden World Defense Organization is Isolation. Not out of spite or fear, but as the JHWAB main objective is trying to prepare the human populace to a future Co-existance with the Hidden World they dont like variables like the HWIC getting involved in their stuff. Yet they are courteous enough to invite dignataries of foreign Organizations to showcase their skill.

That reminds me, if you want to have a MI13 envoy you are free to do so.

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@waybig1010101: The only limitations for RP's are that they dont happen in the same time period (this would happen at the end of July in the Viceverse)

If I had to choose I would say Chase, as Smith is too damn well equiped for a mystery solving thread. And Chase has some useful skills.

@Vapovile: They could attend as guest/observers. Maybe is the JHWAB way of telling them GTFO Japan we can handle this without your help.

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RPG » Japanese Hidden World Affairs Bureau

Added the Cultural Officer that will be involved in A Day to Remember

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@waybig1010101: Which of your characters is more fitting to be a bodyguard for an important Offical act in Japan.

You will be hired by this organization if you desire to enter as a bodyguard. You could enter as a guest, but you would need a more expansive explanation about why your character was invited.

Or your character could be there for his own devices, pretty dangeroues considering the events taking place, but possible nonetheless

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Off-Topic » The Football Club

@nishi99: Did you see him the rest of the game? He was walking as the Germans ran besides him, he was like if he was walking on a park, is not that he didnt get passes or had to many people marking him, he wasnt in the fucking field.

And the face he had when he received the Golden Ball wasnt pain for not winning the cup, he should feel embarassment for getting the award thanks to Adidas rather than his performance in the cup. As an Argentinian I think the Germans who were nominated deserved it more, but they wouldnt sell as many t-shirts as Messi, so he got the award. Fifa is a street hooker and Blatter its Pimp.

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Off-Topic » The Football Club

@nishi99: He barely played, even the matches he did score..... He lacks balls, no ammount of talent in the world is useful if you dont have balls of adamantium, like Mascherano or Lavezzi. Or the Costa Rica team as a whole, or Colombia.

I consider that Passion > Talent

And Passion+Talent is the best

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Off-Topic » The Football Club

@nishi99: He will still suck if he is playing for Argentina.... Each World Cup he played he sucked balls.

I even bet against him in the 2010 World Cup, I bet that he wouldnt make a single goal and I got my money doubled

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Battles » Boros & One punch man vs Jin Mo Ri & First Crown Prince

@shinjihirako123: That's why I am saying that we need to WAIT AND READ as we cant know how strong could Saitama end up being.

I never said anything of current Saitama winning, I just expressed that considering how each feat of Saitama is getting more ridiculous than the last one sooner or later... maybe... Saitama will be stronger.

I repeat I'm not talking of Current Saitama

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Battles » Boros & One punch man vs Jin Mo Ri & First Crown Prince

I have the feeling that sooner or later Saitama will win this fight. If he dissipated a Planet Busting attack (If Boros was telling the truth) with a punch while holding back. We will only need to wait and read the manga.

And I think Boros attack was aimed at the Core, Frieza Style, but Saitama forced it to change direction upon punching it

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Off-Topic » Best Anime Nickname

Makunouchi "Fuujin" Ippo

Sendo "Naniwa Tiger" Takeshi

Ichiro "Raijin" Miyata

Itagaki "Chronos" Manabu

Aoki "The Frog Man" Masaru

Takamura "The Japanese Hawk" Mamoru

Mashiba "Shinigami" Ryo

Sawamura "Owari Dragon" Ryuuhei

Yep... Hajime no Ippo has some of the most awesome Nicknames in anime.

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RPG » A Night at the Castle (OOC)

Updated the map and added The Herald's look.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Crow and Toni working for the BHA

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Thanks to Luna’s intervention neither Arsenal nor Callis fell off the courtyard, yet Armura was still standing barely wounded after all their efforts. For a moment the Beast Knight blushed as Luna was nearby him and his enhanced senses could pick up even more of her natural scent and musk after she did some intense activity like fighting. Still he tried not to lose focus, at that could prove to be lethal in the heat of the fight. With the eyes of a veteran of hundreds of battles Callis scanned the battlefield and analyzed their efforts so far, he was about to give a verdict when Luna and Karen both reached and acted on it first. The Beast Knight faintly smiled as he discovered his comrades were so reliable (even if both women clouded his judgment)

As the wave of Honey moved forward, engulfing Armura’s feet, Luna asked Arsenal to repeat his water magic-like attack. Callis decided to further prepare their counter attack and, very rarely of him, snapped some orders at George and the newcomer Gen. –Mes Hastewell, please support the Red-Haired swordsman on his intent.- The young Werewolf nodded and climbed up to the side of the wall, clawing his way to a high position in the other side of Armura’s back, symmetrically placed with Naoto. The Beast Knight then turned to Gen who was shaking his arms around after taking a heavy blow from the Vampire Behemoth they were facing. –Mes Warrior, you must...- But he was rudely interrupted by the Spirit Boxer. –Don’t ya dare givin’ me orders fuckin’ blondy, Imma gonna deck him in the schnozz.-

Armura, started to rise up from the ground, slowly being lifted by Karen’s honey avalanche. –What is this sorcery? How can this be?- The Vampiric Knight surely was ignorant to several physical principles that were in action at the moment and tried, in vain to push downwards, but the viscous consistency of the honey stopped him from being able to use his weight correctly. As his feet separated from the ground his armor started to open up, but not just a faint crack like before, b ut fully opened, revealing the Vampire inside. Armura was as tall as his armor but less sturdy that one could think off, in fact he was too thin. The armor plates were connected to his body through goey red strings, surely made from blood. His powers were rooted on the ground, as the Vampires of Legend the Earth of his homeland granted him powers, in this case allowing him to reinforce his already powerful armor and turning its defense from good to almost invincible.

-No! NO!!! DAMN YOU ALL MORTAL MONGRELS!!!!- His voice was less grave yet more crazed as he tried to push down, only to be stopped by the Honey Flow. The powerful Vampire was exposed at last and many took advantage of it. –Eat knuckles ya bloodsuckin’ fuck..- Gen charged forward with his signature footwork, punching the Vampire in the jaw, making him spit blood and fangs. George jumped from his high position and slashed Armura on his back. Callis joined the fray with a combo of three slashes and a kick to the stomach with blinding speed. Even after all that violence Armura was just hurt, but not defeated, resting on Naoto, Arsenal, Karen and Luna’s shoulders the task of fully defeating him. While this battle happened a red ray of light, almost too faint to be noticed coursed way over them, aimed at the Castle Tower window.


Vrajitor eyes showed a hint of terror as he heard Crow. His apathy was replaced by anxiety as he heard the Gunslinger voice. The Logic Vampiric Alchemist wasn’t there anymore, well he was in body, but his mind rushed over in astral form, investigating all the places where the heroes waged battle against his comrades and defeated them. –I…- He started talking, but stopped right away, his old eyes opening wide as his brain started to fit pieces of a puzzle he shouldn’t be allowed to watch in the first place. The sudden realization of a hidden truth (also known as epiphany) hit Vrajitor harder than any Knife, Bullet or Divine light ever could. –But I…eh..- The usually eloquent Alchemist was reduced to a stuttering mess, it was almost painful to watch as his wrinkled face started to shift and contort in horror.

Of all the Vampire Knight Vrajitor was the smartest, that talent was his undoing, as he was the only one wise enough to realize the cruel joke of their existence. Orasul Sange, King Aurleu (who he helped to assassinate earlier tonight), Minister Stricat and every Vampire Knight were just a puppet, a joke. Vrajitor’s undoing was being able to see the strings of the demented puppet master who created them. The Vampire Alchemist looked at them. –I… Understand… I get it Cementerio… I finally get it. - The Ancient Vampire, or better said <Character> , started crying the same inky stuff his comrades were made off. Slowly his skin started to turn into a paper like material, drying up and cracking. As started to split in pieces, dripping black goey ink he started talking

–I can see it, I can see the strings and my puppet master Cementerio…..Ms. Miyata…..Father Strife….. I see my creator, but my eyes now see further away, I can see over her and see her strings, she is a puppet…- His right arm fell off as he raised both to the sky. –Is beautiful and terrifying at the same time my enemies… the world around us is guided by invisible hands… cant you listen? Tic…Tic….Tic….. Like a chaotic clock that sooner or later will bring doom to us.- The lower half of his body fell down, turning into shredded paper. – Destiny controls our movements, laws we cannot fathom guide our wills, everything part of some strange and bizarre cosmic game, from the highest thing in creation to the lowliest of creatures….We are intrinsically connected in a net of strings nobody can see, feel or even understand.- His mouth was the only thing still floating as the rest of him fell apart and caught in greenish fire.

-We are alone and together, we are stupid and wise, weak and strong… all at once or never at all. Possibility is our sole god and advisor, I reached to ultimate knowledge, just to know for a faint moment that everything is possible and impossible, I’m alive and dead, crazy and sane….we are all my enemies…..my comrades……my friends…….. We are just drops of rain in the most majestic storm…- His voice slowly faded away as his mouth finished from vanishing. As he disappeared from the world, the magic surrounding the castle walls also did, allowing entrance to anybody bold enough.


Sakka fist collided against the desk as one of her two notebooks burst into green flames. The other notebook pretty damaged as well and she threw it against the wall as he started a tantrum hitting the desk with both hands. –NO NONONONO!!!!! GODDAMN IT!!! NO!!! F$%&$% $%$&$%&$% $%$%& $%$&$% &$&$$ $% $&%$&$% $%$445& &%654.- As she kept insulting and hitting random stuff across the room, the figure in shadows remained silent, looking at the window with apathy. A faint ray of red light, but blue and green highlights reached the room and slowly started turning into the silhouette of a man. He was tall and blond, his hair combed in a very peculiar way. He was wearing simple clothing, except for a very colorful armored gauntlet on his right hand. The Man in the Shadows looked at him from top to bottom and said. – You changed your aspect again? This time you could be a host. - If that was a joke no inflexion or hint of humor was given by the Man in the Shadows

The Man with the Armored Gauntlet scanned the room and asked. –That’s the asset you found for the mission I gave you? I’m not impressed, the people of my old world would eat her alive. - The Man in the Shadows sighed. – We are not in your World, Herald, and this young lady is perfect for the mission… you said you knew me and my worth, trust in that knowledge instead of complaining.- The Herald stopped talking and thought about that. – You are right…. So what’s her trouble? - The Man in the Shadows replied. –Her toys broke, and she needs to stop several “Heroes” just with her remaining toy…A Knight- The Herald eyes showed a mix of nostalgia and sadness upon hearing that word.

–A Knight you say? Well then, I think I won’t complain anymore, truthfully I’m surprised at these world Defenders; I stood watching several of them, in that Underwater Fortress, in “London”, In Egypt and in Japan, I can’t say I’m impressed, I don’t know if they are ready for what is coming.- The Herald spoke, while Sakka finished swearing and picked her new notebook that said Cavaler on the cover. As she started scribbling she started speaking. - Don’t talk about me as if I’m not here. My <Narrative> is perfect; my <Characters> are flawless. You hired me to challenge these weirdoes to see how strong they are, so just shut the hell up and allow me to do my work and develop my <Story> in peace.- Her sudden snap was quite surprising for both men, but only the Herald showed his surprise. –I like the fire inside you; you have will and passion… At least you have that going for you.-

The Herald turned to the Man in the Shadows. –I’m satisfied with this, I will leave, and there are other places I must visit and more preparations to do. Until the next time…Kuro-san. - He walked towards the window. –Until the next time, I assure you it will be more interesting…Netsu-san.- The Herald smiled with sadness – I don’t like that name, I burned my past away long time ago and far away…. Now I’m just a Herald of what’s to come. - With that said a pair of red, green and blue wings sprouted behind him and he launched towards the Night Sky, moving away from the castle and the village. He was thinking about his next destination and if he made a good choice by relaying on that enigmatic man plans to fulfill his mission.

-Jakuuma-san, I’ll leave you to it, I must retire.- He started walking towards the exit. – You know, things to do, people to corrupt, the usual. Are you sure you want to be alone?- Sakka didn’t even turn around and rudely dismissed him. – I need to be alone to work in a masterful ending, not before I cause them some pain, I don’t like losing one of my <Characters> like Vrajitor was lost.- The Former Emperor of the Japanese Underworld opened the door and left after a warning. – Remember, you don’t get to kill them, I still need most of them….- With that said he left, leaving the Demented Writer to her own devices as she prepared the last Vampire Knight, the strongest of them all.

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Off-Topic » The Football Club

@taichokage: I like the team as well, I only hate Messi and Fucking Aguero, those two bastards walked the whole game and did squat shit... Mascherano is the true hero and the one that should be Captain instead of Messi

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Off-Topic » Anime Spelling Game

Yakitate!! Japan

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

@Dream: Is the character Joseph Joestar from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Part 2: Battle Tendecies?

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