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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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RPG » Theme Song Game

@Justalittlegirl: New video

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Hellscraper Boss Battles

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Vapovile:

-Darkness cannot be controlled, as it doesn’t really exist. - Those were Cavaler words as he materialized, really just moving extremely fast, next to the running Arsenal, floating besides him moving at the same speed as the Boisterous Swordsman. The Vampire Knight raised his arm with the intent to swing his blade towards Arsenal. As he snapped down with a perfectly executed slash the wave of invisible energy around his blade expanded forward eating the light emitted by the Blond Blade-master’s Flaming Sword. –Darkness is just the absence of light, a light I once wielded as a Paladin of the Holy Church, and yet, even as I fell from grace I can still wield, just like Lucifer who still holds his title even after falling to the depths of hell. With the End of Light I smite you intruder! - He proclaimed in a loud voice that echoed in the room as his attack was on its way to hit Arsenal.

George entered the darkened room struggling to manage each step. He tried to use his nose, but the strange caustic nature of these unnatural shadows screwed with his sense of smell, allowing him a very small range. His hearing was mostly unaffected yet the echoes in the room stopped him from pinpointing Cavaler’s position, yet it was good enough to listen another man sniffing the air nearby and his subsequent call. –Mes Hastewell, I require your assistance, or better said somebody here needs ours.- The young Werewolf moved towards the whisper finding Callis Nomene trying to get the charred body of Gen out of the dent he caused on the stone wall. Gen’s body seemed to be completely burnt, yet he was cool at touch, almost as if he was exposed to such heat his whole skin turned into ashes instants after receiving it. Whatever hit it had enough solar radiation to give a trillion albinos skin cancer. –Assist me to take him out, but be careful his body may be brittle after such attack, I have seen something like this but in a much lesser scale.-

The Lost Knight and the Half Werewolf gently pulled the Spirit Boxer out of the wall, depositing him slowly on the ground. Gen was in a really bad shape, but his reckless action surely saved half of the team from whatever hit him. Callis tried to help Gen’s wounds, but the Boxer shrugged him off and tried to stand up to no avail. –Mes….Warrior…You shouldn’t stand, you can’t move until your wounds heal. I’ll tend to that purpose- The only healthy eye on Gen’s face locked on Callis and using surprising speed and strength he grabbed the Knight’s cloak and lowered to his face. The Spirit Boxer whispered something through his cracked lips so faintly that George couldn’t even listen to it. Thanks to the darkness the Werewolf didn’t see the horrified face of Callis going blank as a paper. Gen let go of Callis allowing the Knight to stand up. George mimicked the Lost Knight and asked curios about the exchange. –What did he say?-

-I can’t say it on his terms, as those words aren’t correct to say, even in a quote, so I will paraphrase his words. “Stop worrying about small and detestable things only important to women of loose disposition, don’t speak nor cry to me like a female canine and go defeat the villain at hand by impalement with his own damned limbs”- Now was George turn to pale upon imagining those words coming from Gen. –Oh….Thanks for paraphrasing, shall we go fight?- Callis gave a last fleeting look at Gen, feeling a mix of pity, disgust and admiration for the rough Boxer and nodded to the young Werewolf. –Yes, let’s do it.- Both warriors charged into the darkness hoping that their instincts would guide and help them, or at least warn them of incoming danger.

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Off-Topic » Who's Powers Would You want?

Saga all the way

The Saint of Killers or Diavolo from Jojo

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@Fehafare: @Vapovile: @HE_IS: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

During all this meeting Kuro-san used the device on his hand to project holographic-like images, yet it wasn’t a piece of technology meant for that. On his hand the red glow of a Gainen Medal could be seen as everybody in the room looked at it waiting for the last piece of information, but they will receive something else instead. As he talked long and far with the Herald he called Netsu, he was allowed to peek into other worlds allowing him to even see worlds with events parallel yet different to his. In one world the Gunslingers never died under such tragic circumstances and lead the BHA into a place of glory as Global Peace Keepers instead of well meaning hunting dogs, in other universe Jardsam was an elderly man that travelled with Samjaz’s Daughter across time and space, in another dimension The Miyata family was corrupted upon finding an ancient artifact and weaved a web of deceit over the world, controlling the other Hidden World Organizations to play with the people fears about the unknown.

Many worlds, if not almost all ended in tragedy and most of them had the Empire to blame for that untimely death. Sometimes humanity lashed out in fear and the Empire eradicated them from the face of the Earth, other times the Empire was corrupted or punished the whole world for sins of individual people. I one occasion Crow Cementerio killed Elias after a skirmish between the BHA and the Empire took Toni’s life, sparking a war that brought devastation to this planet. In other Worlds the Imperial Scouts in Inazuma were sleeper agents trained by Jardsam to cause chaos and their actions forced the JHWAB to ask for other organizations help to fight the Alien Civilization. In 99 different worlds the Empire involvement with Earth eliminated it before the Asura King even arrived. In just 1 scenario Humans and Imperials managed to coexist, but hope wasn’t something quantifiable, so the cold logic of Kuro-san didn’t even considered as a possible outcome, even if there was a slim chance of it being real.

All around the council the world faded into featureless white, as if they were floating in a void of pure polished ivory. –Welcome, this is my “Omoide no Heya” (思い出の部屋/Room of Memories), here I can show the memories of those who have touched the object I hold in my hand.- He showed to them the small medal-like object with intricate designs around this kanji 過去. –As I said before the Herald has travelled dimensions by a very strange and dangerous manner, but that didn’t came without perks, as his transfer wasn’t guided through a rift he could catch a glimpse of the Worlds surrounding our own, thus he carries knowledge of alternative timelines and dimensions. - Rectangular windows that showcased different Worlds memories started to appear, flooding the room, surrounding them with images of despair, loss and sorrow like no other. –These are the Worlds parallel to ours, Dimensions in which small changes altered in multiple ways our collective history, creating most of the time catastrophically ends for civilization. - He made an image of a barren wasteland appear on his hand, the wind swirling over the surface of this dead steppe. The image panned around this grim depiction of the future until he passed over a banner of the Empire trampled down in the ground.

-There is no winning scenario for this World if the Empire stays, no matter what people does sooner or later something will spark a war between Imperials and Humans taking the Earth apart and turning it asunder. - Kuro-san withheld information about the single sliver of hope he was able to see; as well he didn’t put it on the display around the Council. –If the Empire stays here you don’t need to worry about the Asura King as nobody will survive to face him upon his arrival and if somebody does there will be nothing worth protecting. - Kuro-san sat on a chair that appeared from nowhere. –I know you will try to think a way to stop this horrible outcome, that’s your way, trying to find the most suitable way to please everybody, but if there is no Earth I won’t have the reward promised to me, so I found a way to help you in this “difficult” decision. - The Herald looked at Kuro-san with a worried look. –Are you sure? - He asked. –You will be hunted down from this day on. - Kuro-san looked at him with his cold eyes completely devoid of worries or fear. –I’m always haunted. Give me the bag. - Netsu took a bag from inside his shirt. When he opened it, something glimmered on his chest, with a silver glow. He handed it to The Former Emperor.

Kuro-san opened the bag and grabbed something inside; he threw it towards the council landing in the table that reappeared the moment it landed on it. The head of the Japanese Prime Minister rolled gorily over the table leaving a trail of blood. Kuro-san threw the bag to the say and vanished into white. –I killed him before coming here, one of my men in fact, a necessary sacrifice for a greater good. - Kuro-san stood up and walked towards the table. –I didn’t bring you here just for this, I allowed you inside my Room of Memories because here is where I can use the powers of this device to their top performance.- He placed the Gainen Medal over his hand palm. In quick succession the images he showed before getting them into here passed once again in a much slower rate. Frames in between the images showed images of events that didn’t happened, discussion between Imperials and Hidden World Representatives, rumors, informants and many more, all building up tension between both factions.

-I can’t allow you to leave on good terms, which could permit you coming back to help in the future and once again cause one of the dreadful futures I showed- He stopped the images and resumed talking. –Through my presentation I planted enough subliminal alterations into your memories to enforce a sense of distrust between the factions. Evidence that never happened will exist. When these meetings end I assure you the Empire will leave, because the biggest piece of evidence will be the one you all will think I brought. - He pointed at the head. –You will remember that I said moments ago that I killed him on behalf of the Imperials who hired me, as they are the advanced force of the Asura King. You will hate me as a traitor to the planet and humanity. You will hunt me and I’ll escape, while the offended Empire will abandon Earth when you all finally vote for it.-

Kuro-san walked away, stopping besides the Herald. –You have the script already, so I’ll have to play my part. - The White Void around them vanished, in matter of seconds the rewriting of memories will start. Roshi would attack Kuro-san with a talisman, the Herald would use his wings to block the attack but the wall behind them would explode and summoning the spectral visage of a scarlet dragon the Herald would carry Kuro-san away…

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Off-Topic » Who's Powers Would You want?

Antimonitor, but only the Crisis one not the shitty Siniestro Corps one.

Killua from HunterxHunter or Captain Bravo from Busou Renkin

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RPG » Identity Theft: RP


-They explode! Now my life has a new meaning.- Falken saw the incoming detonations and rolled out of the way towards cover, knowing that such explosion, even if it didn’t reach him could throw debris on his way. The Infamous Mercenary heard Toni’s plea for help and smiled at her naiveté, how the hell did she caught the bounties? With nice words and hugs? Maybe some flowers? Well there was no point wondering that right now, at least not for Falken. The Falcon Eyed Angel of Death looked through his cover with his bionic eye, his sensors also allowed him to listen the faraway conversation between Beatrice and Toni. –Mmh, I think I will pop her skull out. - Falken whispered to himself as he placed his body in a more comfortable shooting position with his Neate Divider Rifle aimed at Beatrice head. He did promise to help Toni to get to Tesla. –Bang- The Mercenary whispered as he shot his rifle aiming to snipe Beatrice head through a wall.


-Fraggin’ boring, this Westworld rejects just shut off- Jack raised his hat as he looked around stepping over the bullet ridden body of a robot, breaking it with his tough boots. Tobias slid down a hill and arrived next to him. –Yes, but at least that movie was fucking good. – Goldhound looked at his comrade with a hint of disbelief. –That movie was awful, I prefer Cowboy Vs Aliens if you want Sci-fi in a Western I prefer that.- Tobias snorted. –Your movie choices are as weak as your gun bro’.- There they remained discussing movies as they walked into town.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

@Justalittlegirl: The song is from the franchise of Makai Kishi Garo, is a Toku show (Live action in the vein of the Super Sentai and Kamen Rider) but if those were a Shonen then Garo is a Seinen, meaning much more money, more violence and tits all around. Until now thay have 4 Seasons, a Mini series, a couple of movies and half a dozen TV specials. The Singer is Hironobu Kageyama of DBZ fame (Chala-Head-Chala and We Gotta Power) Member of the Jam Project group, one of my favorite bands of all time, they do all the openings for Garo and a shitload more of anime songs. The Garo series is pretty damn badass with coreographed fights that make Hollywood Blockbusters look bad. The only problem it has is that the CGI of the earlier seasons is a bit dated, but still pretty good, from Season 3 onwards they get a lot better with it

The Song you put is for Jardsam's Time Travelling Office during a trip.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Sideshow Bob.....ehem.....I mean Arsenal.... really I just can think of Arsenal.

The sky burns, illuminating the darkness

What is his eye, piercing the shadows, seeking?

He laughs, cleaving even fate

Walking the solitary path, as himself

Ah, is this the beginning, or is it the day of judgment?

Wavering, on the edge of this world

Destruction, ambition, evil; ah, more

Get up, lonesome warrior

The fang of ice that howls in darkness!

Strike through the blade of rage

Get up, lonesome warrior

In the unyielding battles

Until the day you break the curse you received

Run with destiny, Kiba!

Wind breathes, time stops

The woven shadows, silently, soon becomes darkness

He yells, cleaving anything and everything

Walking the solitary path, for existence’s sake

Ah, within the massive barbed trap

The scenery that a pained heart seeks

Future? Hope? Consolation? Ah, but…

Get up, lonesome warrior

The fang of fire hidden in your heart!

Hold on to the last ray of hope

Get up, lonesome warrior

Wishing for a little warmth someday

Beyond the unending war

So run with the darkness, Kiba!

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Battles » Nightmare (Soul Calibur) vs Guts

I put my money on Guts any day of the week

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Vapovile:

-Sorry, but that won’t cut it either- Kuro-san rudely interrupted the BHA President speech. –We can’t allow you to exactly know and prepare for these events as if you knew they were about to happen, or you would possibly turn into something as bad as the <C World>, not to mention I need to show you something else, please look at the display again.- He lifted the display, a round metal object, and faced towards them, waiting for them to look at it.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz:

Alvin’s strategy surely was aiming to drown the arrogant FMY Taka, but considering his cybernetic enhancements that wasn’t possible. Yet the Portal Master tactic had a surprising and useful secondary effect. Taka’s magnetic powers came from the activation of his Electromagnets, mounted on his arms. On his regular form he had those enhancements inactive, but upon activating them he shifted into the Electromagnetic Mode, exposing them. The water interacting with the tesla coils wasn’t exactly a good combination and the Cybernetic Yakuza received a very important shock as his systems short-circuited. –YOU IGNORANT PEA BZZZZZZTTTTT- He tried to insult Alvin but he received a brutal shock that turned his body limp, floating in the middle of the watery prison the Shinodaborn constructed.


-Uh thanks… I think home is that way. - K-4 pointed towards the direction he came from, directly aiming, albeit some buildings in the way, towards the Lab General direction. –It’s a really big building, but we live realllly deep down underground.- He cutely gesticulated as he explained, trying to be as serious as he could while doing, but failing miserably. –Grandpa Kago told me I should listen to the voice in my head and do what he says, but I don’t listen to it anymore. - A very simple way to explain the programming imposed over him by Dr. Kago’s brilliant biological programming inventions. The Old Scientist field of expertise is mixing organic with inorganic matter, but he also excels in Genetics and Surgery. –Well what are we waiting for Onee-chan and Ojiisan, I think I can lead the way… Maybe Kago-jiisan will be glad to have visitors apart from that horrible Joshu. - With that said he started skipping towards the direction he pointed, laughing heartily.


Crow’s attack was very effective. Not even the reinforced titanium armor plates Washi carried under her skin managed to stop the rubble from crushing her. Dan’s first attack had already defeated her, but the Gunslinger turned it to overkill by crushing the already half-destroyed Cyborg into a past of enhancements and artificial skin. Her hand squeezed out from the rubble rolling down the debris pile until it landed under Crow’s feet. And if that wasn’t enough Dan and Sid launched the pile towards Taka, surely exploding upon contact with the short-circuited android, counting that Alvin released the barriers in time. As both FMY 7 and 8 meet their demise, somebody crawled towards them out of the alley. Toramaru the half Oni was utterly defeated, barely able to move and even with regeneration like his the amount of wounds was almost overwhelming for him.

-Ughk…*cough*….*cough*…they took Rin and Yuriko…..*cough*….- The Oni tried to stand up leaning against the wall but his knees buckled making him fall with his back leaning against the fall, slowly slipping down. Raisa moved towards him and tried to put some pressure on his wounds with cold professionalism, but the Oni stopped her. –Don’t worry, I can…*COUGH*….heal, you need to follow them, just track my Ki, …*COUGH*…. I left a faerie fire with them, is like a small shikigami…*COUGH*…. A familiar….…*COUGH*….follow him and you’ll find Rin and …*COUGH*…. Yuriko…- With that the young Oni fainted. Surely while they tracked the Faerie Fire the heroes could catch up and compare notes.


I’m hungry

Really hungry….

I could eat a whole school….

And taste the scream of the children….

Redheads taste like bacon….

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Vapovile: @King_of_Pleasure:

Kuro-san first decided to reply Aria’s question. –Worlds have different values or better said polarities, world with positive values like <B World> can send people to other Worlds naturally. Neutral Worlds like our own can drag people in on send them to other Dimensions while Negative Worlds, like <C World> tend to drag people.- The Forgotten Criminal Lord started with that small bit to further explain the events. – When you die your soul loses its dimensional synchronicity with the world you leave in and you tend to be dragged towards a Negative World akin to your Psychic imprint. Certain people can ignore that if their imprint is too rooted on this world and they turn in what you know as ghosts or other similar spectral beings. - He opened the display again showing <C World>

-This World summons the souls of the ones whose Psychic Imprint is dyed with anger, hatred, resentment and war-like nature. The Asura King Troops are composed by those of that nature that died here or in any other dimension nearby to <C World>- Kuro-san closed the display and put it back to his jacket pocket. –Basically his army could potentially infinite, composed by warriors of multiples ages and styles, maybe even larger than Planet Earth current population.- The Former Emperor of the Japanese Criminal Underworld turned to Maxwell. –Is your choice to believe me or not, but if you insist…*Click-Click*- Kuro-san snapped his fingers twice in a row

A red glow filled the room, with small bits of blue and green mixed in. A fiery sphere appeared over them crackling with intensity. The sphere slowly diffused and a winged human descended to land besides Kuro-san, he had Red, Green and Blue wings, golden combed hair and a very particular gauntlet on his hand. –He is the Herald I mentioned, if you posses technology that can read energy signatures you will surely get a Dimensional trace out of him, proving, at least, that he is not from around here. If you want you can ask something to him, you can refer to him as Netsu-san, I do that- The newcomer looked at Kuro-san with evident weariness. –For the last time, don’t call me that, I don’t like it. - He turned to them. –What he just told you is essentially true I hope you can understand the gravity of the situation.-

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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @SamJaz:

-How charming- Kurosawa sensei smiled in response to Alexis joke. Garo and Kenmei still looked at each other with hatred. The Old Lance User turned to Artemis and asked. –Can I ask your permission to inform them of your exploits during today or do you want to have the honor of sharing with our colleagues your skillful treatment of a troubling youngster. - Of course Kurosawa was referring to the incident with Gerwulf, something he considered a good display of discipline to ensure the students would focus on enhancing their skills rather than their own issues and stupid objectives. In the end the objective of the school was to turn the raw materials of the students into perfectly balanced weapons of high grade craftsmanship. Weapons don’t have ego.


-Non c'è modo! You can’t order just like that! Permettetemi…I mean, allow me! My establishment works like that and by my word, the oath of Massimilano Couca! You’ll get exactly the food you need. - The chef shouted, in a non threatening way, at Keiji for having the gull to order. Andy Bonham looked at them and explained. –Don’t worry, Massimilano will pick something for us, he isn’t just a great chef, he is a great judge of character and even if he doesn’t seem was formerly a very specialized mercenary, he will get the best food for each of us.- The Youngest Member of the Bonham family then replied to Keiji’s inquiry. –I’m here because is nicer in the school that being at home and getting all the hard work just because I’m the youngest…..that’s such a drag.- Andy stretched his arms lazily. –I mean they aren’t expecting that I’ll graduate, they just want to try and see if I get a bit more serious with our family business.-


-Ooooh what’s this? - Jean picked up the magazine, Izumi and Batilda moving closer. –Maybe it’s private, return it to her.- The Aikido practitioner said that concerned. While Batilda made the only question she wanted to do. –It is food? - Once again Izumi and Jean looked at her in disbelief. The Former French Bouncer then asked. –Are you into Bounty Hunters Alicia? I know there are some real hunks there, like Gaston Rousseau. Mmh- Batilda opened her eyes widely, surely recognizing the name. –You know Gaston? He is my idol, his food is the best, I could eat a thousand of his dumplings with a side dish of him of course….- Both started turning the pages giggling like…well like schoolgirls, while Izumi tried to stop them. –Girls, is Weston-san’s magazine, give it back…-


Gen and Xi’ai took both injured classmates to the nursery, that after the first day was filled beyond capacity, some injuries were quite gruesome. The Battle String user came out quite disturbed from the room, while Gen had a grin from ear to ear. –I came to the right fuckin’ place, this is the kind of training that is good.- The Chinese Seamstress looked at him with evident horror, what the hell happened to Gen before coming here that the chance of getting halfway dismembered by a halberd seemed good? –Are you sure you want this? According to some older students the injuries and deaths have been climbing up during the last year after the re-organization.-

Gen looked at her for a second until he snorted and started laughing. - So they got even rougher years ago, fuck! This is even better! I’m so fuckin’ fired up for this shit! - The Chinese Seamstress sighed in disbelief of Gen’s attitude and left towards the town. The Spirit Boxer stretched his arms and followed her. Behind them Huang Mao from Class L was following them from moving from cover to cover while over a higher position Yun Bao followed his fellow Class L student. Both of them had looks of almost childish love in their faces.


-Thanks for the help, I fell much better.- She looked around the area and her eyes crossed with Falken’s, that was waiting outside the Classroom. Velvela bowed –Sorry for the trouble I caused to you and your class, I deeply regret my actions, but I don’t have any other choice…. Sorry. - She left while The Infamous Mercenary looked right at Archer. For some strange reason he didn’t quite understand he felt as if he had already met the young boy with mysterious powers somewhere else. But that was just a fleeting sensation that quickly passed as his mind started to focus in some really horrible personality altering torture he could use to turn the gentle Velvela, who was that effective against the class because she was using non-lethal weapons, into a ruthless warrior.

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RPG » A Place to Call Home (RP)


Callis bowed elegantly to Ame –Messa Ame, thanks for trying to help me avoid unnecessary conflict.- and then he bowed more martially to the Blaze of Mount Fuji.- Mes Kobayashi, thanks to you as well, since your fortunate apparition has further helped my desire to avoid combat with a potential comrade, if, of course, you allow me to join your organization, as Mes Rousseau invited me to.- The Beast Knight flowery rhetoric and diplomatic skills were forged during his time as a Knight in Via, as most of the time he served as bodyguards in Royal Court and Council meetings, thus he could hear and learn from every nobleman and thanks to his enhanced senses his skills went beyond the superficial understanding and into the realm of knowledge, since he could also adapt his line of thought in base of his interlocutor vital signs.

-Of course I don’t mean to impose my desire to join such esteemed organization, I understand, and honorably accept, that I can be rejected and my invitation, a helping hand that I received from Mes Rousseau, could be dismissed.- Callis decided to finish his speech with a high note. –Yet if that could be the case I beg you to reconsider, I may not be the best in any specific field, but I’m inclined to say this sole thing about myself, I desire to work hard, prosper and help people and to a man with a limited skill set like myself, that only saw war and struggle, this job is a perfect fit for my objectives.- Callis bowed once again. –So please, I ask for a chance to prove my worth and to join your ranks, so I can protect the innocent and help those in need as my Knightly duties and oaths require of me and I so dutifully accept and enforce in my life.-

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@Jardsam: @King_of_Pleasure: @Fehafare: @Vapovile: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

-Hawkins-dono, my motives are secondary to the dangers ahead, but if you insist to rudely pry on my affairs I have nothing to hide as my goal was to bring back something of utmost importance to me, almost as if half of my body was lost and I was searching for it.- Kuro-san took a second to breath, for a moment, a split second perhaps, he showed a miniscule hint of emotion, too fast to be noticed, even by trained observers, a deep sorrow that vanished as fast as it appeared. –With that issue out of the way I’ll finish to explain the issue at hand.- He said that while reactivating his holographic projection.- The doorway I created to attract <A World> allowed the foreigner from <C World> into our World. He presented himself as the Herald and told me about his World.-

Kuro-san changed back to the zoom of our World and the <B World>. -Seemingly, information about our World was inside <B World> stored after their past encounter with this Dimension and during their convergence with the Herald’s World, they learnt about us and this Dimension.- He stopped the projections by snapping his fingers and resumed the explanation. –The Herald informed me that the leader of his World a being he refers as the Asura King, seemed to be interested in our Dimension as seemingly he was a Dimensional Traveler before assuming the seat of power in <C World> and our world was quite similar to his original land. Thus he decided to conquer it. - He turned to Isaac Hawkins with a faint sarcastic smile.

-So you see Hawkins-dono, my involvement in the issue didn’t create the issue itself, but allowed me to find out about impending danger and thus allows me to tell you, yet I seem to recall you lead an organization based in getting personal profit from your actions, so you will excuse me if I consider your previous remark about my affairs hypocritical coming from your mouth. - After exposing his opinions about the BHA leader trying to find out about his activities Kuro-san continued talking. –The Herald took a chance coming here, as he himself was also a Dimensional Traveler that wasn’t native to the <C World> and didn’t wanted to see another world fall under the Asura King-

The Forgotten Emperor of the Japanese Underworld leaned against the wall. –Soon the Asura King armies will arrive here, maybe in a year or maybe after decades, I just came here to issue this warning to allow your organizations to plan and prepare, as I don’t have any stakes in this world, but you do.- He started playing with a strange coin over his knuckles nonchalantly. –I considered that warn you was at least a display of good manners I could do, at least as a human being living in this World. - Even if he said that he didn’t seemed to put weight behind those words, almost as if he was leaving in a world of his own, populated by the ghostly images of a brighter past.

–Any questions before I leave? I’m a very busy man and I don’t want to be late to my next appointment, as I do enjoy social gatherings like the one I’m planning to attend.-

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RPG » Theme Song Game

@Justalittlegirl: I cant stop this feeling...deep inside of me.... (Now this song got back into my brain and wont leave XD)

This song could be a funny way to describe poor George's situation in Castle, but I'm going with Crow Cementerio, as his cowboy elements make me remember Guardians....

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RPG » Cast the Character Above you

I think Lee Pace could fit, he can play the lovable bumbling wizard guy or the eldritch powerhouse.

Who has enough true grit to play Crow Cementerio?

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

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-I do care, in fact his… “SWORD HAND” allowed me to find you faster, so I thank you. - A sinister voice came from up ahead, Cavaler had listened Arsenal’s ranting and Crow’s snapping at him to locate them. Gen looked at them and said. –Well fuckin’ done people, we got the fuckin’ stealth award of the fuckin’ year here!- But his tone changed as he perceived something coming, a tingle over his skin a sudden instinct, that was enough to tell him something bad was coming. Suddenly that feeling turned reality when the sound of collapsing pillars started coming near them from up ahead. –EVERYBODY GET THE FUCK DOWN!!!!- Gen shouted as he tried to see the attack.

Moments before Cavaler swung his sword from the end of the room and a pulse, similar to the ones before came from it. This time around it was concentrated into a wave that covered half the room width (exactly the half where our heroes are) and was about 2 mts high. The problem is that nobody could perceive said attack that flied with wings of darkness, even the lights they carried would extinguish moments before the attack reached, in fact any light that was in the way of this dreadful wave would vanish before the cutting wind hit them. The Spirit Boxer didn’t know that, neither he knew its incredible might, so he tried to help the others by facing it head on.

Gen rushed forward until he was in-between the incoming wave and the others and tried to punch it, or at least where he perceived the attack coming from. Unluckily this blast consumed the Fighting Spirit he summoned and hit him. The good part was the attack dispersed upon hitting Gen; the bad part was that the Boxer took the full brunt force of the assault. –AAAARHG!!!!- Once again he got burned like before but this time around the attack also contained force enough to launch him backwards over the others. In the midst of Darkness the only thing they could hear was Gen’s body breaking through stone pillars until he crashed against the wall at the start of the room, almost crashing through it.

From the opposite end of the room, at least that seemed to be the case, the sinister voice of Cavaler invited them to attack. –Come to me, killers of my comrades and I’ll determine your fate, as I control life and death in this Kingdom, I’m my lord Aurleu’s executioner and judge. – The room rumbled alongside Cavaler trembling with anger. –Come and face me in this darkness to which there is no equal except the darkness in your wretched hearts, blackened by the sin of killing my fellow Knights.- His voice had a hint of sadness, but it was overshadowed by the enormous anger he was showcasing with his implacable tone.


Back outside Callis moved into the castle and George hugged Luna, who was still shivering in fear. He didn’t realize how much he loathed, and surely his fellows also did the underwater complex where they used to be confined. The Werewolf tightly grabbed to the Succubus, as she was a reminder he was outside Ryugu-jo, thus he focused solely on her and slowly got calmer and calmer. He broke the hug and thanked her. –Thanks Luna, sorry for all of this, I just couldn’t bear the idea of being trapped again. I want to take you for all you have done for me and I want to say that….ehm –

He sighed trying to gather courage and was about to keep talking, when behind him a loud noise got his attention. He turned around alarmed to see that in the wall facing their location, the inner courtyard, three large stones were pushed outwards, the place where Gen landed after receiving Cavaler full blast. -I think they need our help inside….- The Young Werewolf rushed inside trying to hide his “blushed” face as he almost told Luna he loved her, luckily, or unluckily for him Gen interrupted his train of thought.

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-Is quite simple, once I pursued some… experimental alternatives of medicine, this pursuit guided me to open a gate to other dimensions.- Kuro-san explained this as if it was the most common thing in the world, as if he was describing his everyday routine. –Unluckily my associates aim wasn’t precise enough and instead of opening the doorway to the Dimension I wished to find, they clumsily bounced between two different dimensions, ripping a hole in one and connecting the other to our world. - He took something from his jacket pocket and activated what seemed to be a very simple holographic display. –From what I gather from a more complex explanation I was given was that the signal we sent searching for the World I’ll start calling <A World> never hit its mark because of immeasurable alterations in our calculations upon launching the signal.-

-This signal hit <B World> that being much smaller than ours started drifting towards our Dimension and attached to it.- He kept explaining this without showing emotion, his neutral voice and dead eyes simply added a layer of dread to the already dire situation he was explaining. –Seemingly in one point of our Dimension’s history <B World> had been connected to our world, so it was able to interface without causing any dimensional disruption, thus not even advanced technology in the Embassy nor in Jardsam’s hands could notice it.- He changed the image of the display focusing on B World and their current World.

– This connection is one sided, allowing denizens of <B World> into our World one or two at the time, but not allowing us to travel their way, yet this problem is only tangential to the main issue.- He went back to the previous image, showing the three worlds. –Here is where this one.- Pointing the larger one. –Comes to play, as the source of our coming predicaments is without a doubt <C World>- He pointed at the broken segment of the circle representing this new world. –When the accident of my pursuit happened, <B World> was currently attached to <C World>, according to my scientists, they were experimenting a “Dimensional Polarity Synchronization”, in layman terms, both Worlds had the perfect balance of energy to connect with each other.-

Kuro-san traced his finger over the golden line coming out <C World>. –When <B World> was forcibly pulled away from the Dimensional Synchronization, it unraveled the dimensional membrane of <C World> creating a Dimensional Rift. - He showed the fragments separated a floating in the Void. – The energy trace of <B World> was so strong it left a trail of Dimensional Pull that snatched objects and individuals from <C World>, most of them perished when they enter in contact with the Void, the darkness between Worlds, only one managed to survive and used our current state of Forced Convergence with <B World> as a gateway in our dimension.-

Kuro-san stopped explaining and asked. –I’m about to reach to the core of the issue, but I don’t want to be misunderstood, so anybody has any questions about what I just explained? Ask now, because I won’t stop afterwards until I finish explaining.-

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