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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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Battles » Naruto Uzumaki Vs Negi Springfield

Negi beat Jack Rakan....and that would be my whole case.

Well not exactly, No matter how good your senses are if you cant react to said input then you only know that somebody is hitting you but you can do squat. Negi still has an abusive speed margin over Naruto. Strength wise (Physical Might) maybe Naruto could have an edge, but he wont hit Negi, and Negi will spam magic in larger scale than Naruto can spam bijuudamas (I dont see the country level attacks, mountain at best) Not to mention that Negi has a very important edge when it comes to smarts.

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RPG » Identity Theft: RP

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile:

Falken eye never missed a thing. The Mercenary was originally an orphan that got drafted into a shady underground organization called Trinity Gate, there they enhanced his body with advanced bio-mechanical implants. One of those implants was his eye, which allowed ignoring pesky things like illusions. His mainframe, connected to satellites brought the information he needed to him and he calmly walked over the fire. –Miss Sorcerie, I think there is a misunderstanding here, I’m not here for Tesla’s bounty I’m here on a….”scientific” expedition, as somebody hired me to obtain a sample of tissue or blood from the so called “Lighting King”- Falken returned his gun back to the Hyperspace Arsenal, but he kept the wrist mounted shield.

-I don’t intend to get in the way of a fellow bounty hunter, even somebody as myself can understand the concept of professional courtesy, especially for the sake of a lady.- Falken didn’t wanted to spend bullets or time on her, for two reasons. First he could lose Tesla and he would have to withstand more time with dumb and dumber, second his mainframe informed him of Toni’s contacts and he knew Crow’s reputation. Falken is many things, but mostly he is pragmatic. Even if he wanted to test his skills against one of the fabled Gunslingers, doing it for free was against his principles, he wasn’t that interested in getting into an honorable duel. So he wouldn’t hurt Toni.

-I think I didn’t introduce myself, here is my card. - Falken flicked a business card through the air with pinpoint accuracy at Toni’s cleavage.




As Falken smiled cunningly, the Western Dogs kept killing shooting at anything that shot back at them. Their combo of close and long range teamwork was quite effective.

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Battles » Naruto Uzumaki Vs Negi Springfield

Negi still rapes Naruto, not even magical alien ninja powers can save him (What makes me think, was the Sage of Six Paths from Aquitar?)

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Battles » Getter Emperor vs Tengen Toppa Gurren Laggan

Theorically is a neverending battle, both sides can continually overclock their size and power without any kind of limit.

But I think I'm going to give a slight edge to the the Getter Team....Ryoma crushes Dinosaurs heads with his bare hands, the Getter requieres the pilot to be a badass just to pilot it, not just have willpower, but being a 100% Badass to pilot it without any strain. Ryoma was a pinnacle of human willpower, agressivity and badassitude before even getting into the machine, the Getter Emperor is more than 10 years in the future, meaning that the Getter Team has an advantage when it comes to experience.

To sum up why Getter wins:

  • More Experience
  • More Ruthlessness
  • More Sheer Concentrated Baddassitude and Manliness.
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Battles » Wolfwood (Trigun) vs Gunslinger team

Wolfwood would go through them like butter, except for Roberta, Roberta would give him some fight, but not even the Maidinator can hold a candle to the massacre machine Wolfwood is when he gets going.

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare: @SamJaz:

K-4 moved out of the way with his insane speed. But let’s analyze his movements again, this time slower, shall we? As the wooden sword moved towards the Lighting Bio-Weapon, a field of static was disrupted by the introduction of a foreign object, just like popping a bubble. This field serves as an alarm system for K-4, who moved automatically to a side, with the least amount of movement necessary to avoid the incoming attack. The clone looked at Naoto with his vacant eyes and spoke with a monotone, almost robotic voice that was accompanied by a faint buzzing. –Enhanced Human, Rank 2, Mystical Properties….Threat level low-medium, engage basic countermeasure...- A sudden blast of lighting surged from his hand homing towards Naoto like a snake of electricity. As he did he looked at Elise. –Designated Specimen WM-1, remain in the vicinity or violent action will be used against you.-


The troopers sent by Aoki Minato, Osaka’s God of Gambling drove swiftly through the streets, getting nearer by the second as the “Gen Rescue Team” was talking. They were 30 men strong all armed with the most advanced body armor in the planet and a varied arsenal, automatic shotguns, advanced rifles and grenade launchers. Most of them were part of a somewhat legal Mercenary group called the “Iron Eagle Brigade” The same men that captured the weakened Gen before. –Get your asses ready men! Tonight we face several high risk targets, we need to keep a closed line of fire to keep them on their toes, and then we can throw some fireworks and see the result from outside. - The emphasis he put on the word “fireworks” was accompanied by him lifting a rocket launcher.

As their black reinforced vans roared down the streets the FMY 7 and 8 were already standing over a building, overseeing the restaurant. As their enhancements were purely mechanical, based on the designs of the nefarious organization Trinity Gate, creators of an infamous Mercenary based on Germany, the FMY couldn’t be detected through Ki or Magical detection. –Washi, I think we should attack now and destroy them all ourselves, why do we, superhuman demigods need the help of pitiful mercenaries with laughable weapons.- His voice reflected the same as his posture and eyes, arrogance and overconfidence. –Taka-kun, we talked about this, having this powers doesn’t give us the right to brag about them, neither underestimate our prey. Personally I would like to fly over the sky all the time, with you alongside me.- Washi looked at him with adoration.


Rin stood up, helped by Yuriko, with tear in her eyes. –Thank you all, I could never manage to save Gen alone, thank you for helping me to save him….- Toramaru, not exactly good at reading the situation asked cheerfully. –Then when do we go to beat some skulls, my brothers surely would want me to punch people in their absence. Or do we eat first? - He lifted a cup of soup from the table only to be shattered by a bullet. –Or we don’t! EVERYBODY DOWN!- Yuriko roared the order as Rin, Toramaru, Raisa and herself crouched behind any cover they could find as a storm of steel tipped lead rained upon the restaurant. They didn’t notice that the patrons were all gone as well as the owners. –We need to do something! - Rin shouted through the sound of the bullets. –Any bright ideas? - Asked Yuriko to everybody in the room.

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RPG » Picture the Character Above you as a Pokemon

I would ask for Gen, but that's an obvious one....

What about Kuro-san?

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryōshi Akatsuki

@LHWKnight: The problem isnt just battling each other but battling in a team.

Let's say we have a team composed by Kenichi Shirahama, Kenshin Himura, Akane Tendo and Goku pre SS1 while fighting with Frieza

If we put an enemy in the level of Goku the other 3 are dead, if we put an enemy with a power average to the team Goku slaughters him.

If you have a character considerably stronger than any other when you enter a thread you will end up breaking the story as your character is powerful enough to defeat all enemies with minimum effort.

In your case it isnt as pronunciated as my example. Let's call it the Dragonball Principle, after a while whoever wasnt blonde sucked in any fight, we try to avoid that in the forum. (with average success) To avoid having character who just by entering a thread force the thread writer to either alter the whole thing to accomodate a powerful character or impose unfair restrictions to said character, because nobody likes being powerblocked.

Most of the RP's currently in motion are for character in Street Level, if think there are a minimum ammount of active characters that can destroy a whole city block in a single attack and if there are some that can are either the minory or get extremely tired after that single attack.

If you enter with a very powerful character from the start it could be difficult to enter threads and even worse you could enter and not enjoy it fully. For example using the Dark Fire Manipulation could potentially break a whole Dungeon/Laberinth based thread if you burn through the walls. Or you could one shot many characters by pulling a Kazuma Yagami on everyone with Dark Wind Manipulation and killing them from oxygen depravation. Or the energy control, that also pretty damn powerful, many characters or villains (Either PC or NPC) wouldnt be able to use their skills against your character because he could no sell them absorbing said energy.

If I were you I would start with a weaker character and worry more about his Role, rather than his Powers. As this is a Role Playing Game, first and foremost we should worry about the role of our character rather than the powers. The powers maybe a part of said role, but at first you should define his personality, demeanor and modus operandi through threads without giving him a powerset so wide and varied he seemingly lacks a weakspot.

Another issue I noticed, after reading your bio throughly is that the personality seems a bit chaotic, I understand the inception of said personality, but at least according to my experience playing with bipolar characters can be difficult, I would recommend trying a simpler or more straightforward personality that can lapse into the other instead of saying that he can be either in a blink of an eye. His power hungry tendencies are also a bit contradictory, as he saids he wants to get powerful as fast as he can but then says he wont rush it if he can, not to mention that Power Hungry usually refers to people obssesed with the pursuit of power, that wouldnt wait for it if a fast way was offered.

The bio was a good start, it only needs some refining and grounding.

At least this is from my point of view, you're free to ignore it. Sorry for the long post.

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@Vapovile: Still this wont start until A Night at The Castle Ends.

PS: Is your turn in Osaka

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryōshi Akatsuki

@LHWKnight: Before you edited the bio you had a skill that destroyed those of evil heart instantly, that was what I was refering too

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@SamJaz: Hitomi or Hal could get invited as guests

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RPG » Mephiles, The Shinoda Hunter [Character Bio]


Nice look.

I think Mach 10 speed and Skyscrapper Level of destruction are a bit over the top to start with. But is your call.

When I think of a hunter I think more stealth and more calculated moves, having a character with such base states wouldnt allow a large ammount of possible encounters in which he needs to struggle to win instead this character seems designed to be always the apex predator of his prey, that would get boring soon, at least for me.

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryōshi Akatsuki

@LHWKnight: I share Samjaz's opinion, this character just has too many different things, having such wide array of powers including powers that can destroy evil in an instant are a bit OP

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Callis will be involved.

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

Hidden in a village forgotten after the Earthquake, the Myth Soldiers, genetic experiments mixing human with Hidden World creatures DNA prosper and flourish as an independent state from Japan, but all of its members have Japanese nationality. Recently elections have been celebrated in Japan and as one of many appointments the Prime Minister will be introduced to the Hidden World. Roshi Yasumori, the venerable leader of the JHWAB decided that the best place to make the traditional reunion between the leaders of both worlds would be Shinwa-Mura, the home of the Myth Soldiers, considering their nature.

Now this important reunion will join in a single place the Leader of the JHWAB, the new Prime Minister of Japan, the leader of the Yokai, Senpuu’oh the Dai Tengu and the current Leader of the Myth Soldiers, Houzi Nagare. But this situation had two complications; first the military branch of the JHWAB is handling a resurgence of the Kaze ni Nare movement that was stopped in Shinjuku the last year by particulars and a mysterious threat upon the Dai Tengu, that only increased the tension in a very unstable situation.

As they are lacking manpower for the task, the JHWAB wants to hire bodyguards up to the task, informing the branches of the BHA as they are also knowledgeable of the Hidden World.


Street Level only (Still this won’t include much fighting, more investigating)

If you didn’t post after 4 days and you didn’t contacted me to explain why the next poster will take your turn.


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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Vapovile:

Even as skilled as they were neither Naoto nor Arsenal managed to get the attention of the Armored Vampire, who took their attacks as if he didn’t even notice them. Armura was standing firmly in the ground as their swords clashed against his armor. The Vampiric Behemoth seemed unfazed by the attack from behind. His eyes followed Luna’s movement and when he saw she directed her attack towards the castle the Bloodsucking Knight laughed loudly. –BWHAHAHAHA! Your attack won’t have any effect demon! Our castles defenses are stronger even than mine!!- As he roared this insult the Crimson Bullet impacted against a force field that surrounded the castle, surging from the walls and creating a perfect bubble of a red-tinted glass-like substance.

Callis saw a chance and took advantage of it. –Mes Hastewell! Let’s charge! - With that order both feral warriors charged towards Armura, who seemed to be distracted insulting Luna’s attack. The Beast Knight unsheathed both swords and aimed towards the small junction of the armor with a double stab, trying to at least incapacitate one of Armura’s arms, George mauled at him on the other side. They thought their attacks would work, but the Vampiric Behemoth was surprisingly fast. Without moving an inch from his place he twisted his body and caught Callis from the face thanks to his arm being longer than the Beast Knight range. George managed to claw the side of the armor, but before he could move away as Callis said, Hit and Run, he got smashed away.

Armura used Callis as a flail and both Werewolf and Knight got tangled up as the force threw them towards the edge of the courtyard, they bounced a couple of times in the ground and then slid through the tiled floor only to stop meters before the cliff, a 40 mts fall, not lethal for them, but pretty painful. –Now for the others pests! - The Vampiric Knight did a very strange movement, with the momentum of swinging Callis around he turned a whole 180 to face Arsenal and Naoto, but he did it while keeping his heels deep in the ground, making the movement seem like a dance move as he spun in his own axis. With that sudden movement and the momentum he had from before he launched his gigantic blade like a flyswatter to throw both Arsenal and Naoto far away, if the attack connected of course. –GET LOST YOU INSECTS! I CANT BE KNOCKED DOWN BY MONGRELS LIKE YOU!!!- He roared as he did the strange twirl.

Gen was running up the stairs, ready to attack whatever he saw first, hoping that Arsenal didn’t have all the fight for himself. –I swear if that fuckin’ blond shit took all the fun I’m goin’ to kick him where the fuckin’ sun doesn’t shine…- The Spirit Boxer heard Crow’s insults but he didn’t care about him, he was too excited by the prospect of a proper fight.


-Fair enough esteemed adversary, but a fair warning I issue to you, the power of your Lord won’t help you like before facing against me, my powers don’t come from the blood I consumed, but from the everlasting void, the balance gives me power.- Vrajitor moved further away from the wall, floating in the air with his cloak waving against the starry sky. The Vampire Warlock looked to his side and saw Crow Cementerio. –Mr. Cementerio, a pleasure to make your acquaintance, I’m Vrajitor, Alchemist and Warlock of King Aurleu’s court, I must say stories fell short about your power, most of what I heard focus on your magnificent marksmanship, but seemingly not many people appreciate elemental powers as they usually did. - Vrajitor was surrounded by a strange black glow, as if he was sucking the light around him and leaving spots of pure darkness.

–I can’t say I appreciate your marksmanship, as guns are boorish weapons that lack the refinement magic or a good old fashioned sword have, yet your elemental powers are interesting.- The Warlock launched the spheres of darkness. This attack would eat up anything it touched as the powerful Warlock had control over Gravity and could compress space, creating miniature black holes around him and allowing the feat of floating he was performing at the moment. –Is a shame you must perish today, both of you, I dislike needless violence, but your interference is going to alter the conditions of the change I set in motion today, or at least I helped to set in motion under orders of my mistress, I study the phenomenon’s of the world and for that to happen I require change, so new ones can surge and I can study them. –

Seemingly the Warlock liked to speak, maybe that would be his undoing, but as three spheres of nothingness charged towards each of the warriors their future seemed grim. –Even if I am intrigued by your insult Mr. Cementerio, you will have to perish.-


The huff and puffs of the panting minister could be heard as he finished the difficult climb towards the top of the tower. Even with Vampiric powers Stricat wasn’t a man of action and exercise like this was the reason he choose a job where he shouldn’t do that. The Minister served Aurleu since the Vampire King was born and worked in this castle since that time, once a loyal subject now…..a regicide. –YES! I HAVE MADE IT! I KILLED THE TYRANT! NOW IT’S TIME TO KILL HIS WHORE! – The Minister saw Aurleu’s body frozen in bed with a horrible grin on his face. The wheezing Vampire looked around with murderous eyes, but he couldn’t see Sakka. Yet he heard her voice. –I never liked you; you were my least favorite character…..- An awkward silence followed that sentence as Stricat was frozen on his place. –What did you say?- The fear on his voice could be palpable.

-Well, I think no writer can manage to do something without making one shitty character, you just were unlucky, a fat unfit vampire with dreams of greatness and cowardly actions? Different than most, but ultimately horrible. - Stricat started to sweat profusely as he looked around. –WHAT ARE YOU SPEAKING ABOUT? - Horrified he started to tear the room apart looking for her hiding spot. –You are a sad joke, a character trying to find the narrator? You lack the intelligence to know the rules, as those are eternal and immutable…Unless I rewrite them. - The Vampiric Minister started walking backwards as he room got darker and small letters of light floated around. –WHERE ARE YOU WHORE!?- Sakka laughed sinisterly. –HEHEHE… I’m everywhere and nowhere you failure, here I am a god yet you are nothing but a puppet dangling from a lonely string, a coward….who wanted to be king.- Stricat fell flat on his ass his back against the corner as he tried to claw the walls to escape.

The shining letters swirled around towards a single point and a door of white light appeared and Sakka emerged from it with deranged eyes. –You are not part of this story anymore failure “YOU ARE ERASED”- Stricat shrieked in pain and terror but the sound faded away as he did, vanishing gradually into thin air. Sakka sat down on the desk and opened her book. With a pen in her hand she started scribbling with inhuman speed. –We are about to reach the climax of this tale and I want to make it one everybody will remember… One with a good morale, right boss?- A figure hidden in the shadows played with a black coin as she talked, his figure hidden in the darkness, only his vacant eyes, devoid of emotion shined reflecting the weak flames of the candles in Sakka’s desk, black eyes, deep like a mountain spring and sorrowful as an old cemetery. –Yes Jakuuma-san, do a great finale for our guest. - His voice lacked any tone, emotion or inflection and that was more sinister than a clearly evil man, a man without any morals or any kind of feeling.

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RPG » A Night at the Castle (OOC)

@Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile:

Added Sakka's Look

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RPG » Theme Song Game


Let's use the original shall we

I had the good luck of seeing this movie in a cinema, even if I not entirely like DBZ, the movie kicks ass

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RPG » Theme Song Game


I fucking love this song (to the point I even sang it in Karaoke once)

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RPG » Running The Asylum-Rp

@Justalittlegirl: @SekiryuuteiDxD: @Vapovile:

Gen put a knee on the ground panting heavily. Even after recharging using the Sorrowful Demon as fuel for his Fighting Spirit, doing two Lion Roar Cannons so close to each other had a toll on his body. –Ha…ha….ha…. Fuck this….I can’t give the fuck up….ha…ha….I just can’t…I can’t feel my legs…- The Spirit Boxer tried to stand up. –Maybe if I put some fuckin’ weight on them….- He fell with both knees. –No…that ain’t fuckin’ working…- Gen forced himself up again, staggering but managing to do it. The Hot-Blooded boxer looked up and his survival instinct kicked in, whatever was that monster doing it would kill them all.

Before he could even react The Huntsman shed his human visage to reveal his true nature and charger upwards, trying to stop the incoming drop. Even as powerful as The Huntsman was, he seemed only able to slow down the incoming doom, rather than stopping it all together. The Spirit Boxer knew that he wouldn’t be able to punch that out, but he could help the Huntsman. Mustering all his Fighting Spirit he roared. –HERE YA GO FUCKIN’ WIZARD! USE IT WELL!!!!- And with that shout he projected his Fighting Spirit as a stream of blue flames.

Gen threw his all and the medal on his lapel woke up thanks to that. The azure flames turned bright orange, shining in the dark the power of the Concept of Battle flooded the air surrounding The Huntsman, empowering him. The Spirit Boxer fell on his back, depleted of strength. –KICK HIS ASS FUCKIN’ WIZARD!!!!-

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