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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile:

K-4 tried to follow Naoto’s instructions, but even as he tried to keep calm new arcs of lighting surged from him homing to anything metallic on sight. The bluish flashes and the constant buzzing were more than enough to keep him in panic. But when all seemed lost, the Clone heard Elise voice and he felt calm invading his body, as if something in her tone or worried inflexion managed to soothe his troubled mind. As her question echoed in his mind he made an effort to breathe deep as Naoto instructed and the arcs stopped surging. K-4 started panting as he leaned over his knees. The confusion he felt moments ago clearing up. –I’m okay….I’m okay…- He looked around as he stood straight and scratched the back of his head confused. –Where am I? Why I’m not at the lab? - He spoke with inquiring tone as his big blue eyes sparkled while scanning the area around him.


The debris blast from Alvin found itself blocked by Taka’s power. The Magnetic field around the FMY forced any metallic piece of debris to be pushed backwards, pushing the rest of the stuff and dispersing and even if something managed to avoid it a shotgun blast to the face wouldn’t damage Taka’s under skin armored plates. –Cowards, mongrels and whores incapable of understanding my ascension to Godhood. - He spitted those words to them as if he was spitting them in the face. He ascended over the building as the metallic girders started spinning around him, almost in a perfect orbit. One of his hands aimed at them when a powerful magnetic wave was sent forward, launching the girders and many more metallic objects nearby in a Gate of Babylon-ish fashion towards them. The magnetic field around the objects could make them difficult to teleport. –You deserve death for trying to blemish a God of Steel like myself… I’m BISHAMON INCARNATED!!!!-


Washi saw Crow’s trick. –Neat moves cowboy, but metal isn’t going to work here.- She threw one of her weapons and the bullets weirdly went towards it on a curve, sticking to the rifle as if was magnetized. The Female FMY noticed Sid who moved towards Raisa, or at least to her hearing range for a whisper. Washi was surprised she didn’t notice that the Russian Prodigy was hiding there so she swiftly took action to solve the issue. –No hiding when we are playing girl.- She waved her free hand and a couple of cars on the street moved towards her at great speed, surely flattening Raisa and Sid against the wall under her elevated position. The Swordswoman from Inazuma looked at Sid and the cars and snapped at him. –Yes my idea is that you don’t give out my location to the enemy!!-

She used Sid shoulder as a stepping stone and jumped over the incoming cars. Mid-air she spun and launched a slash 5 mts away from Washi. –Smerch- That whisper indicated the name of the Cutting Wind technique in her arsenal. The FMY blocked the Wind Pressure blade with her free hand, losing her artificial skin and revealing the metallic armor under it. –You’ll need more than that to get through my…What the hell? - As she boasted about her invulnerability Dan crashed besides her, destroying the corner of the building she was clinging to making a pile of rubble crash down from the top floors all the way down the lower floors, like an avalanche of rock that drowned Washi under its pewter embrace.


The detonations ended and the smoke cleared up. Rin and Yuriko were on the floor knocked out by the repeated shockwaves. The whole alleyway was completely destroyed, bricks all over the place and burn marks as well. FMY 6, Baku was standing in the same spot where he was before with his suit so clean it didn’t seemed to be nearby an explosion. He whistled with admiration. –Well done boya, you managed to protect the ladies, very gentlemanly of you.- He was of course referring to Toramaru, who was standing in-between Baku and the girls. The destruction of the alley was diminished or even nullified behind him a cone of safety formed by his body placed in front of Rin and Yuriko.

The young Half Oni coughed, he didn’t seem to be okay, even if he was immune to fire the shockwave and the fragmentation managed to hurt him a lot. The whole front of his body was covered in wounds. –I can take another of this blasts old man, I couldn’t face my brothers or Houzi-san if I cou….THUD. – He fell on the ground mid-sentence and Baku avoided him to get to the girls, who he promptly lifted over his small shoulders and left. –I think the boss would like to get some leverage if things go south. - He whispered to himself as he left the scene.

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Battles » Hiko Sijuro VS Hanma Yujiro

Wasnt Hamma the guy that stopped an Earthquake with a punch?

As much as I like Hiko he is completly outclassed against a guy that made a Skyscrapper tremble by flexing his muscles or moved at bullet times speeds at age 16 or can tank missiles.


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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Vapovile:

-Thanks red head, that fuckin’ thin’ stung like shit…- Gen thanked Naoto; even as rude as he was he wouldn’t be ungrateful, mostly because Reiji would kick his ass if he ever found out. The Old Master was trying to beat some manners into the Spirit Boxer thick skull. Gen decided to follow up Arsenal. –You people stay put, I’m goin’ to follow Blondie here so we can scout what the fuck is ahead. - A blatant lie, as the Former Delinquent finally found a chance of fighting against somebody really powerful in this shitty town. Forgotten was his mission to rescue the girl, as after seeing the swirling vortex of darkness and feeling its power on his own flesh he knew that whoever was inside the castle was a Heavy Weight and he wanted to fight a Heavy Weight. The first room of the castle, after crossing the inner courtyard was faintly lit by Gen’s blue flames and Arsenal’s Fiery Great sword.

Several dozen columns, in both sides kept the ceiling in place. At the end of the room a massive doorway led to the main room, while the doors to the sides led to smaller rooms, Vraijtor’s library to the right (Where Haruko and the others entered) and an arsenal to the left, not that Arsenal or Gen could know about it, with all the weapons and relics the “Kingdom” had stored there, in that place there also was a spiral staircase towards the lower levels of the castle. The Spirit Boxer acute sense of smell and hearing caught the faint traces of activity to the right. –Hey Blondie, we have company on the fuckin’ right, maybe we could take them by surprise and fuck them up if we prepared a fuckin’ ambush on the pillars.- With that said he moved towards one of the columns and placed himself against it, trying to lower his Fighting Spirit to remain hidden, like Reiji taught him.

As this happened inside George was trembling in fear on the ground and Callis went towards him with a worried expression. –Are you alright Mes Hastewell?- The Beast Knight tried to pat the terrified Werewolf shoulder but George rejected Callis hand and dragged himself on the ground until he hit a wall. –I don’t want to go back…. Not into the darkness again…. NOT AGAIN!!!- George pierced his claws against the wall, drawing indentations on the rock as he nervously scratched. Clearly he was terrified by the situation and slowly his eyes started to turn more desperate. –Does anybody know him? Can any of you help him? - Callis asked to whoever stood outside after Gen so rudely asked them. If George didn’t get help his feral side may take over, or maybe something else, either way assistance was needed to snap the young Werewolf back to reality and out from his horrible past.


Cavaler wasn’t one to wait his enemy, the deaths of his comrades was too horrible of a sin to let it slip if they could find a way to escape his barrier. The logical step here was to go to them and so he did. Perfect darkness around him, a sea of pitch black silence only disrupted by his armored boots touching the stone ground with each almost ethereal steps, as he could easily see through the veil of shadows as perfect as anybody could see in broad daylight. –I can already taste their blood, my blade, Aducător de Umbre, gifted to me by my King is thirsty as well. - He whispered softly as he walked the long path towards the Column Room. –I swear it on my title as the Leader of the Scarlet Knights and with my code of honor. - As he got near the doorway his steps had lost all their sound as he stepped on the darkness itself. He gave a small prayer before entering the room to meet the fools who would die.

Grăsime șansă cioară,

Crezi că mi-ar păstra lucruri revelatoare,

Că știi metoda mea

Eu voi amesteca lucrurile

De acum înainte

Te-am prins


While the fight seemed to be about to begin downstairs Sakka kept working. The darkness couldn’t affect her, as her fervor for writing went beyond regular reasons and senses, she didn’t just write, if she only did that she wouldn’t be able to do what she does. If asked Sakka would said her own soul went to those pages. Her mad scribbling in the room was accompanied by her even crazier rant. –Yes…yes…. They will die like rats… I don’t care what the old guy told me….nobody breaks my toys but me….nobody does….I’m the Master of Stories, the Queen of Narrative…..I can’t be beaten by a bunch of uncoordinated yokels…my creations are art…..they are more powerful…..so much power…..those bastards shouldn’t be able to beat Cavaler…he is the best…..YES!....the Best!!!!-

She smashed her hand on the desk and continued talking. -I should have written a love story between me and him…. YES!!! Next time I will, I will reform everything….. a forbidden love story…. A Knight and the wife of his King……Very Arthuric of me…..HEHEIHIEHIEHAHIEHIAHIEEIHAII- With this demented chuckle she kept writing with her hands turned into blurs of motion, invisible in the dark room, only the sparks of her pen against the wood desk metallic reinforcements brought some light to the room. She was near the climax of this story. “The Death of King Aurleu”, that was the title she worked on but maybe “The Fall of the Scarlet Knights” would be more fitting.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

@Justalittlegirl: Ok, then I put another


What dose it mean to be a man?

It means not wavering

Ignite the engine in your heart

I'm right here, just a stop ahead

Dashing at the speed of light towards tomorrow

What is, What is youth?

It's not looking back

What is love?

It's not hesitating


Farewell, tears!


Wellcome, courage

Space Sheriff Gavan!

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Battles » Kenshiro vs Current Toriko

The Shin Hokuto Ova is after the End of the manga series.

Wouldnt Kenshiro use The Perfected Musou Tensei and Win? He is intangible to Toriko's attacks and no matter how durable he can be from the outside Kenshiro could use no-contact Pressure Point attacks to destroy Toriko from inside.

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RPG » Conrad Kessler [Character Bio]

@Fehafare: The posse of this look makes me remember this opening

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@Vapovile: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @SamJaz:


Roshi listened to everybody. Carefully and with evident interest as several different points of views, he was siding with a moderate position, the Embassy should leave, but those who developed ties with humankind would receive permission to stay, while others wanted them to stay, maybe without understanding the gravity of the situation. And it was Jardsam, the JHWAB only knew him from shared reports of intelligence and thanked God he never had the displeasure of cleaning after one his messes in Japan, at least that he knew off. For a moment he started thinking about his work back in Japan, even if most of the day by day stuff was handled by his children and grandchildren he was still a pillar of his community, but lately that was taking its toll.

-I personally wish for a peaceful solution that doesn’t involves leaving them to a lunat….- Roshi stopped talking as something clicked on his head

Why it was taking its toll? He was alone; he never had an assistant since the Death of his wife. And then it hit Roshi. He never had an assistant on his life; in fact he had never seen Oboide in his whole life. Upon that sudden realization more things started to unlock on his head. A shadowy figure that intercepted him before reaching the airplane in Japan, knowledge about certain events he wanted to consult with his comrades in other countries. In fact most of his behavior, a bit brash, in this meeting was as well affected by this influence. Without any doubt he decided to interrupt the negotiations with the news. This would make him look weak, but he knew that pride wasn’t something he could afford to have, not after having the blood of his own family on his hands, even if most of them were criminals.

-WE HAVE AN INTRUDER! I’ve never had an Assistant in my whole life except my late wife! - Roshi shouted with resounding voice that echoed in the meeting hall as he violently tapped his cane on the ground. He turned around as he got a charm from the inside of his pocket and pointed it towards his “Assistant” Kyotei Oboide. Blue sparks surrounded the paper charm he aimed at the intruder. Kyotei dropped his notepad and removed his glasses. Whatever hint of cordiality or warmness vanished from the eyes of this man, whose glare could freeze fire. He took a bow. – You were able to see through my ruse sooner than I thought Yasumori-dono. I commend you for that.- He then turned to the other diplomats. –Greetings Hidden World Representatives, I hope you liked my point of view expressed by the lips of Yasumori-dono, but considering the currents events I think I should go straight to the point and tell you my reasons to come to this meeting… Anybody is interested?-

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Off-Topic » Pet peeves?

  • Bureaucracy
  • Gardening
  • Uninspired Narrative
  • My country's president and her pack of drooling idiots
  • My country's media that makes Fox News look objetive.
  • People that blow small irrelevant things out of proportion
  • Get things repeated to me after I say that I listened
  • Having to repeat myself
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Off-Topic » Literature Club

I deeply recomend the Belgariad books by David Eddings. They are from the 80's the dreaded time when all fantasy writers wanted to be the new Tolkien. Eddings didnt want to.

The books are fun, with really engaging characters and easy to read. And to anime fans they could have certain tropes in common like:

  • Hero with Giant Sword that projects energy (Blue energy)
  • Milf Wizard
  • Pervert old Wizard
  • Red-headed, pint sized, flat chested Tsundere Princess (I'm not joking, she is in the book)
  • And many more

Two series of 5 books each. Relatively short books but enjoyable as fuck (I hope they make a movie out of them)

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RPG » Conrad Kessler [Character Bio]

@Fehafare: Yay more villains!

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @SamJaz:

-I’m not meaning to allow the whole Embassy in Japan, but several members of the Embassy, a small group, has created bridges with this world. My offering comes for those particular cases and as I said I do not care for their knowledge or technology.- Roshi took a sip of water and cleared his throat. –If any of us wanted them for that purpose sooner or later that nation will become a ticking time bomb. - The Leader of the JHWAB stood up and strongly finished his reply. – I do not need a glorified gun for hire to accuse of such crimes; at least the branch of your organization in Japan knows when to speak and when to be silent. If you won’t listen to what I say as I clearly stated we can’t support a large number and we don’t want them interacting with normal humans freely then I think you need a hearing aid.-

For a moment Roshi seemed angry, almost about to jump over the meeting table and clobber Isaac with his cane but he grabbed his temple, almost as if he was in pain and then he went calm and sat down again. This time sipping from the bottle he was given by Clair. Behind him, Oboide eyes were made of ice, his stern look around the table scanned the guests searching for the weakest link…

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RPG » The New Viceverse Canon

@Justalittlegirl: I found time and willpower.

Image Added

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RPG » The New Viceverse Canon

@Justalittlegirl: I'll do it when I edit the tables in.... once I gather the willpower and time to do so

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Taylor being really creepy

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Arthur Crownwell for purely ironic reasons.

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Off-Topic » Which anime/manga character can out smart Batman?

Joseph...MOTHERFUCKING.... Joestar.

"Your next phrase will be "I'm the Goddamn Batman"

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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Velvela let her gun fall of her hand and lifted both arms, signaling her defeat. Seeing tears on Archer’s face was killing her. The Super Soldier Student quickly tried to calm the Young Teen. –I didn’t hurt him, I just sedated him, look at the side of his neck, and he has darts with red feathers. - Toramaru, still twitching in the ground clearly had those anesthetic darts on his neck. Velvela was clearly distraught by the situation. -I surren- but as she was declaring her defeat Reave’s attacks reached her, first a hail of bullets on her back and afterwards a kick on the back that sent her over Archer landing heavily on her back and rolling through the grassy campus, knocked out.

As these events happened Kojiro was helped up by Tetsu, who, even after receiving a crash course, didn’t feel comfortable with shooting a weapon, something that happened a lot to Martial Artists in the school. Wallaby was just getting up after being riddled with rubber bullets by Velvela, he was very silent as he stretched his limbs. Afar from them Hebi crawled through the ground towards the nurse office, swearing revenge on this group. He wouldn’t be able to graduate, but from now on, all of them would be stuck in the same hell he was.

Gen and Xi’ai took Reiko and Raisa to the nurse office and kept talking. Weird at it was Xi’ai didn’t dislike the Boxer blunt and brutal honesty, while Gen was making an effort to make friends in the school as his master instructed. Raisa and Reiko would be admitted and according to the Nurse they would be in top shape for tomorrow. As they were returning every student in the M Class received the same message through their communicator. –The Class has ended, see you tomorrow.-


-I think is better to end the class here. - Kenmei commented upon seeing the developments on the screen. He pressed a button that would let the students class was over. –Mr Degiraz, could you retrieve Velvela? - The Mercenary heard Fukitsuna-sensei but took a second to react, he was looking the monitors with interest. –What? Eh, yes, I will.-

He moved towards the door but before leaving he added. – I think I’ll keep an eye on those Imperial Scouts in your class; they seem interesting raw materials to train. You can’t train people to be that ruthless without breaking them. They could be interesting in the future after you had your way with them. - With that said Falken left to pick Velvela up.

Kenmei looked at Alexis. –Miss Romanov, considering we finished the first day of the job, will you allow me to fulfill one of traditions of the school and buy you a drink? I think Kotetsu will meet us in the pub. We can review today’s lesson and plan tomorrow activities. - The Metal armed teacher invited her with a gesture to follow him. Still this was just an invitation, not an order.


-Well then Miss Jaeger, follow us.- Garo and Kurosawa led the way towards the nearby town. It was a 10 min walk from the School gates to the outskirts of the Kyoshi Village. The small town originally was a holiday spot for wealthy families, just by the coast of the beautiful Kyoshi Lake. Upon the creation of the school the government seized the terrain to create lodgings for the students and staff. Upon the privatization of the school the town remained under the government rule, and after months of meetings Roshi Yasumori convinced them to turn the peaceful mountain town into an experiment of coexistence between the Normal and Hidden Worlds. Considering that most of the students belonged to the second it wasn’t an issue for them. With that solved the town bloomed with the apparitions of different peaceful Hidden World Denizens to start business and learn how to co-exist with humans.

Most of the businesses are run by Hidden World Denizens or people who know about it. Of course, all this exposition was given by Kurosawa-sensei to Artemis as they travelled towards the town. The streets were clean and tidy and filled with students from every year ding their own things. Garo was silent all the way, chewing tobacco and looking around. Even after quitting his former job he was still alert in all situations “You never know when an Oni could attack you.” He would say to explain his constant wariness of his surroundings. The two veteran teachers reached the door of the Gallagher pub, run by Anna Gallagher an Irish Merrow (A siren) who moved to Japan when her family arranged a marriage with a Kappa Clan. Her husband died in very mysterious circumstances and she decided to stay in Japan free of her family rule.

The building and its insides were completely modeled in the style of an Irish pub. –Well then Miss Jaeger, do you want to order?-


Andy smiled –Sure thing…Keiji was it? I’m paying, the only good thing of coming here is that I have a credit card from my folks and I can use it without limit.- The young heir to the Sniping family smile was contagious. –Ready for the best French Fries in the world?- With that said he moved towards the town.


Izumi also invited Batilda, Jean and Ayla, the first one accepted eagerly. The French teen wasn’t too convinced but Izumi politeness won her over. Ayla accepted swiftly and dryly, almost as she did it against her will. Truthfully she didn’t want to make connections with anybody, but she knew that having allies or at least seeming to have them could be useful. Izumi wanted to invite Yun Bai, but she had already left following Huang Mao from the shadows.

While the group of girls left a very unorthodox group composed by D-boy, Gino and Katsuo also left on their own, towards the town. Katsuo proclaiming something in the lines of –Proper men get to know each other in a bath-house… - What nobody heard was –And surely we can spy on some of the girls…- A whisper replied with vehement nodding from The Music Warrior and the Italian Blue Eyed Teen.

As they went towards the town, Batilda talked with Izumi about traditional Japanese sweets. Ayla walked in silence and Jean decided to talk to Alicia. –So what brings you to the school? I had some issues with the lab back home so I kinda had to come here.- The Savate practitioner hoped that revealing a bit of information could spark a conversation as she didn’t want to speak to Ayla, who scared her. And she didn’t have any interest on sweet things.

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Off-Topic » Video Game Club

2014 Q4

Apart from the mobile version there will be a Steam version with more features.

Thank you very much.

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