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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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Battles » Temari Sakura & Rukia vs Starfire & Orihime

Animated Starfire isnt as fast as Rukia using flash steps, she isnt strong, isnt as durable as her comic version, Sakura punches can at least stun Star, Temair can blow her ass away as she flies and Rukioa can freeze her ass....
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Just Manga » If you can ask Akira Toriyama one question, what would u ask?

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Just Anime » Anime you couldn't keep watching/walked away from

I stopped watching Bleach..... 
(I still read the manga, but only to know how the hell it ends, and I'm close to leaving the Manga too) 
(I've never been able of watching after the frist episode or reading the second chapter, I just dont like it)
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Off-Topic » Alucard vs Chuck Norris

Alucard is a licenced vampiric ass-kicker, can raise the dead and split people in half  with little effort, Chuck Norris is an actor with a Meme that states wrong and uber-ridiculuos facts about him..... 
Alucard wins.... Flawless Victory....
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RPG » The Company: Let's Save(?) the World! - OOC

Posted Batsu's part, tomorrow Aestus part
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RPG » The Company: Let's Save(?) the World! - RP

Batsu's Tale

Chapter 1: The wind blows once again

After leaving for months as Shiro, Batsu discovered that his alternate personality got more firends in some weeks that him in his whole life, maybe it could be a problem of his behaviour, was he too focused in his honour and not in gathering friends and allies? Shiro got himself in a organization, Ryuugin's idea surely, called Teku, but as Batsu recovered his mind after the sacrifice of the young dragon, he quitte Teku, he felt that even if he searched for the same end, he didnt liked the way they were taking things. After roaming for some time, and helping another group of heroes in defeating and evil wizard, he found about an organization called simply The Company, thus he started a journey to join them. 
He managed to be recruited, as it seems somebody of the inside knew about his defeat against Newdeath, and maybe even more. The primary objective of the Company was to heal the world, after the disaster caused by the Gekido Sunrise, that Batsu felt somehow his fault, at least partially since he wasnt even capable to scratch Newdeath, so he found the objective of this group as a way to make ammends for his past mistakes. And thus after giving his only earthly material object, his home, donated as a Training facility for the Company. Batsu decided to use his abilities to ehlp people and not only fight, thus he moved towards the farming areas of Australia, and a near Eolic energy plant, to test his newfound Fuushinkui. 
With almost no effort, Batsu reactivated the eolic plants, by creating a loop of wind, until real wind reached the zone, he found that using his newfound ability was almost natural, as Shiro instinctively used it, and that knowledge was passed down to Batsu, it was a shame that he didnt had the powers of Ryuugin, since the Dragon sacrificed himself to save his mind, he will be eternally indebted with him. After securing the Wind loop, to last at least for a week, Batsu went to help the farmer, and using his amazing strenght and some improvisation he started grinding the ground of the farmlands, in amtter of ours he had covered at least 40 square km, and as a shocked farmer brought him some ale he decided to rest his head. 

Aestus's Tale (Links with Maximus's Post)

Chapter 1: The Hunt

Ten weeks after his exile Aestus was travelling throught a country named Germany, after some minor adventures and battles he got a clue about the whereabouts of one of the Sponisio Ex Custodis hosts, he was surprised to discover than the one he was following was a Magus. He got clues out of a distant city, the first port he got after leaving his homeland, a place were an evil Magus called Obscuris, was the ruling tyrant. One of the heroes that beated him, shouted his name and the name of his homeland all over the place, so it wouldnt be difficult to find this man called Maximus. Travelling throught the wasted border Aestus reached the country named Poland, the magical energy he was tracking was getting more dense and concentrated, indicating that Maximus, one of the most famous exiled of the last 50 years, a innate genius in the Academy, a high-class nobleman. The hunt was on, and Aestus wouldnt fail in this asignment, and nobody would stop him, or block his path.
The Young Knight kept pressing on, only stopping to eat or sleep, and once as he defended a ruined village from the attack of a group of slavers, it seems that he was exiled in the least favorable moment, the world was in ruins, destroyed by a event called the Sunrise, only said in terrifed whispers by the people he meet on the road. Some kind of organization attempted to conquer the world, or destroy it, and in the process of stopping them, the world was wrecked. Even now the population didnt exactyl knew who winnned, the villains or the heroes? Aestus didnt cared about that for the moment, he didnt even really cared a lot for the people, he was sent to fullfill a mission, even after being exiled like he was, and his sense of duty was bigger than his compassion to the pains of this people, but after travelling for weeks throught this wastelands he grew acustomed to see the despair in the people eyes. 
He finally grew near to Maximus, and after 5 long days of travel he reached a zone that was overcrowded with magical energy, and a city burning not far from there. Aestus pressed on, and even summoned his flame wings, and as he crossed throught the burning location, he gathered the fire of the near buildings to nehnace his magical reserves, if the rumours were true, Maximus haves almost three times the magic of a normal Magus, so the Phoenix Knight would need as much energy as he could, since the rumours also said that the Exiled Magus had a explosive temper. Finally after some minutes of search he found his target, and landing in a burning building just besides Maximus he spoke. Maximus Van Halum, Exiled Magus from Aldebaran! By the powers granted to me by the Council of the Five Mages and the Pugnus Congregatio of the Ensis Order, I, Aestus Aquilus, Phoenix Knight of the Ensis Order and Aurus Pugnus, hereby arrest you in order to prove your status as a Sponsio Ex Custodis herald!
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Battles » whats the strongest anime starship?

The Bebop wins only by rule of cool...XD 
I think there was a battleship in Kurogane no Linebarrels that kicked ass...
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RPG » Voice actors?

@battleheiz:  I made a similar thread some weeks ago
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General Discussion » what are some of the strongest anime swordsmen?

Dracule Mihawk and Red-Haired Shanks from One Piece 
Gatsu and Griffith from Berserk 
Mifune from Soul Eater 
The Seven Samurai from Samurai 7 
Killer Bee from Naruto 
Shusui Hayakasa from Busou Renkin 
Miyamoto Mushashi (from the Manga Vagabond) 
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RPG » Bizarre Adventure RPG OOC



Background Info

 Individuals all over the world are accidentaly, or maybe not, in the wrong place at the wrong time, and in the small city of Boulogne Sur Mer, Argentina, things are about to get ugly, since one of the underlings of the deceased Dio Brando is hiding in the town, and by orders of somebody he is experimenting with the Stand Arrow, and creating lots of Stands, nobody knows exactly why is he doing this, but in the current chaotic situation, were bizarre crimes and situations are all over the place, nobody got the time to care about it.  
The man behind all of this is only known as Fierro, and with some of the new Stand user he created is starting to get real influences over this town, and some rumours tell that he is looking for something hidden here. And even if there is somebody that worries for that, there are more urgent dangers, like the Serial killer that is attacking the population, or the gang that is mugging everybody, but nobody can remember their faces, what are you going to do in this Bizarre Adventure?

Character Bio Template



Alignment: Good/Neutral/Evil----Lawful/Neutral/Chaotic 
Short Bio:


Combat: (Any kind of combat prowess, or even Hamon or another strange technique of fighting)
Utility: (Any non-combat skill, such as cooking, dancing or some kind of degree in any career) 
Note: You can start the RP having a stand from before (that means you got it either from the Stand Arrow or you inherited the power) or you can gain your stand in RP, either way you can create one in your character Bio)


Stand Name:   
Form: (Humanoid/Animal/Object)
Characteristics (ranked from S to F)
  • Power (Ranks the power that the Stand haves, lifting weight and punching power are determined by this)
  • Speed (The speed of the stand reflexes and movements)
  • Range (How far can a stand move away from it's user, the further it goes the weaker it is) (Ranked in distance)
  • Staying (How much time cna be the Stand Active, and how much punishment it can take before vanishing)
  • Precision (How precise can the stand be in fine motion skills, it also ranks it's senses)
  • Development (Ranks the possibility of upgrading the stand into a more powerful form.)

Stand Power:

 (The personal power of any stand, each of them have a different power that can be almost anything, try not to create overpowered stands, since it isnt interesting, if you want to play a villain you could have an out of the average stand just PM me) 

Useful Information

List of Stands (As examples) 
Ripple/Hamon (Fighting Skill)
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RPG » Tempered Blade - Aestus VS Kyo[OOC]

@DemonEyesKyo:  no problem 
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RPG » Tempered Blade - Aestus VS Kyo[RP]

Aestus mind was filled with thoughts of murder and mindless slaughter. Charging while burning the oxygen on the air, creating a even bigger flame behind him, with his blank eyes filled with rage. This was starting to show, slowly turning his bright golden-reddish flames into dark orange ones, as if the fire itself showed the poluted state of the Enraged Knight magical essence. Kyo's reflexes were flawless and in a swift movement, used the air pressure of his own slash, after cutting in half the searing arrows casted by Aestus, to turn around and face the lunging Magus. Aestus wild tackle crashed against the wall created by Kyo's Demon Aura, that the Red-eyed Swordsman used to shield himself. As their auras started to crashed, Kyo used a technique "Mumyo Jinpu Ryu Ougi - Byakko!" and summoned a gigantic tiger, made of wind, and in a swift movement the legendary beast of the Autumn paws grabbed Aestus as Kyo redirected the spearhead of Aestus Lancea Tempestus, and fastly after being succesful he took advantage of Byakko grapple and striked Aestus in the chest. The crazed Magus instinctively acted to counter this attack, and released a powerful burst of Flames around him, using the Woind Tiger as fuel to light his fire, creating a massive explosion that engulfed both of them. The power of it was amazing, but the battle-crazed knight energy was starting to run low, as the smoke cleared he was panting on the ground.
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Battles » Storm versus Gaara

Gaara could manage to pull it off, his defense is one of the best in Naruto, he can surely resist some attacks and gain the upper hand with his ninjutsu skills (he can surely use a bunshin at least)
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RPG » The Vice Awards( Official)

@Sonata:  I'm bumping becouse I'm a fan of rankings, I can be reading top 10 in cracked.com for hours, I have an almost compulsive need to read rankings, even if I'm not part of them.... 
And I'm bumping the monthly thread, not the annual thread....
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RPG » Animevice V.S. Manga

Aestus haves a decent chance of winning 
Your Character VS Kazuo Kiriyama (Manga Version)
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Battles » Mayuri Kurotsuchi vs Orochimaru

Captain Batman wins....
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