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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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RPG » The Cave OOC

@Justalittlegirl: Dan's okay

@waybig1010101: You should introduce Jose in another thread, something more centric to himself. And Leora wouldnt be able to heal Gen

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RPG » The Cave OOC


After the events in Orasul Sange, Gen ended up in a deep Coma, cursed by Cavaler’s blade. The young Boxer is slowly dying; anybody else under the same curse would have died a while ago, but Gen’s stubbornness helped him to stay alive. Yet, time is running out and Reiji Fukuma, his Martial Arts instructor will use the last resort he has. Using a ritual he will summon something or somebody that will heal Gen.

The problem is that he can’t do it alone, and after posting an internet ad looking for help through his contacts in the BHAJ and Inazuma he is waiting for the people that will help him to save his student. Yet this might not be the only problem they will face as the Ritual can bring more than what they need and it can get extremely dangerous.

To add more trouble the JHWAB don’t want people getting to Sakurajima and they will get in the way of the ritual if the can, especially if they realize

Who will reply to the ad? Who will hear the call to save Gen?


· Street Level

· Training/Story Thread

· Have a good Hook to enter.

· Posting order is classic. It can change depending on the branches of the story.

Players & Characters

Kuma/ Gen, ? and ?

Lobos/ Crow

JLG/ Dan

Waybig/ Jose

Vapovile / Sid

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz: @Vapovile:

Sakurajima Island, Japan.

-Damn it! How the heck somebody fooled me? - Reiji stomped the ground making the whole island shake.

The massive Martial Arts Master moved to his home and started checking the papers around the rough desk he fashioned from wood he chopped with his hands. Finally he found the map he showed Gen to guide him towards Orasul Sange.

-Here it is, I never visited this damn place, but why I can remember it? We never went there with the team back in the good old days, there wasn’t anything near to a Bat Gainen. - He slammed his rugged fist against the desk, cracking it with frustration.

-I must have leaded him to a trap, but who set it and why? - He started pacing on the room as he pondered what to do.

He wouldn’t be able to move fast enough with regular means to reach Romania in a short time, especially with the JHWAB dogs barking around him. A more extreme measure must be taken if he wanted to help his pupil as he had a bad feeling about the situation.


Kyoto, Japan

A door of light materialized in a Japanese style temple courtyard. From it, stepping softly over the fallen petals of a cherry tree came out Sakka looking around with interest, her eyes finally focusing on the two figures sitting inside the main shrine.

-Nice place for a meeting, do you want me to give my briefing o’ Daimyo of mine? - She talked jokingly as she realized the location she was brought thanks to her <Hook Door>

One of the two figures stood up and moved out of the shadows. Kuro-san, the Forgotten Emperor, walked out of the shrine. His elegant shoes rudely tapping against the soft wood floors, clearly a show of his utter lack of respect for the holiness of the temple, yet not a chosen action but a simple general apathy about things like this.

-I don’t need you to, I already know. - His reply was dry and short. The other silhouette inside the temple grinned in the shadows.

At first Sakka thought the other individual was the “Herald” that his current employer insisted to call Netsu-kun, but he seemed different, bigger frame, short spiky hair and even under the shadows she could notice the “Herald” thanks to the faint luminescence he created. This man was the opposite the light around him was sucked into a void. Even somebody as unbalanced as her noticed that the man inside wasn’t one to be messed with. So she kept messing with Kuro-san trying to dry man to show any kind of emotion.

-So Kuro-chan, do I get that shiny medal of yours know? You promised me. I even got the cursed sword on one of them, that’s extra points isn’t it? - Sakka tried a different approach, making a cute face at the silent Kuro-san.

-You know the deal Jakuuma-san, you will do this two more times and then you will get the Gainen Medal in my possession. That’s it. - He quickly replied cutting her attempt.

Sakka was working in exchange of getting Kuro-san’s Medal of Memory, as with that she could give her creations a real past, altering them into the memories of others. With the Medal, she could be God.

-Awh….Well then, I must leave to prepare for the next time Kuro-chan…Se you around.- Once again she opened a <Hook Door> That would take her to the next location to prepare against whoever Kuro-san sent towards her.

Once she left Kuro-san turned around and faced the man inside the temple. –Sorry for the interruption, are you ready to go Fukushu Ikari-san?-

The man inside the temple stood up, he was marginally shorter than Kuro-san but his frame was bit bigger. He stepped out to the light, dressed in a stylish black suit with the bowtie undone and the upper buttons of the shirt opened. He seemed to be about to enter middle age, but seemed to be in good shape.

-I’m ready, I never voted the bastard so I don’t have any issues with doing it. - He walked past by Kuro-san while tapping the Crimelord on the shoulder. –You are going to start a war aren’t you? Not even in the old days you were so… daring- He asked with a sinister smile.

-I’m not starting a war, I’m preventing one, with time you will see it. - He turned around facing the smile of Fukushi with his emotionless face. – After the deed is done bring me the head and go to the south, your next assignment is there.-

Fukushi started walking away while waving his hand goodbye. Between his fingers a Medal just like the one Kuro-san carried. But the Kanji in this one was (憎む) –I’ve got it Ts-

Before he could finish that sentence Kuro-san cleared his throat interrupting him. Fukushi rolled his eyes. –Yes, sorry, I don’t do nicknames, so I’m not calling you Kuro-san, but if you insist I’ll make the exception.-

And with that he left the Temple of Honno-ji in Kyoto, leaving Kuro-san alone in the place where Oda Nobunaga was defeated.


Orasul Sange

The Castle melting away wasn’t the only thing slowly losing cohesion. With the <Writer> gone the <Setting> started to fail as well, turning the floor in the same viscous substance, which could easily suck anybody who had too much weight.

Most of the Heroes managed to leave but Callis, tired from the fights and carrying Gen, who surprisingly weighted much more than the others lagged behind, his legs getting swamped into the quicksand-like substance and pulling him downwards alongside Gen.

Meanwhile outside the melting castle, George was finally getting out of a fighting mood and back to his regular self. When Luna asked "So, be honest. How was it?" The Young Werewolf started explaining with expansive details his feelings about this forced field trip.

-Are you insane?- He shouted at her while waving his arms. –This was dangerous, stupid and reckless, I have responsibilities Luna, I work as a liason between my friends back in Shinwa-mura and the people in London!- He seemed quite angry and continued his rant

-Do you ever think before jumping? You drugged and dragged me here! I had to fight for my life, I never wanted to fight for my life, but back when I was in Ryugu-jo I had no choice!- Now he wasn’t just simply pissed as his fur started to rise, his eyes to widen and his claws started growing a bit.

George seemed to be about of jumping at Luna’s neck to bite it open, but he suddenly stopped and said. –Wait, where are the Knight guy and the Loudmouthed guy? Didn’t they leave with us?- He sniffed the air and screamed in alarm. –They are still insid-

But he was cutted by a calm voice saying. –No, they aren’t.- Reiji Fukuma was standing near them, a 7 feet tall man with white hair and beard and impressive physique. Callis, covered up to the waist with the horrible substance of the Melting Castle was shocked, while Gen looked ten times worse, his whole body was midnight black and had too many wounds to count.

But even weirder was that besides them a strange “thing” was floating 1 feet from the ground. It seemed as if thin air was glass and a massive punch shattered it, revealing a swirling vortex of color, like a portal.

-Anybody needs a ride back to Japan? I can take you there, I need to take my disciple back to full health and I don’t have much time.- He smiled at them. –Anybody in?-

This will continue in….”The Cave”


Gen, critically wounded after the events in Orasul Sange is still in critical condition after a couple of months. Reiji, with his options running out, decides to use a mystical cave on his island with the hopes of helping his student recuperation. But he will need help to prepare the rituals and he will need a hand, yet he will pay in training…. Stay Tuned for The Cave…..

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Off-Topic » The Doctor Who Club

The 11th Doctor will need a lot of water after this burn

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RPG » Johnathan Chandler- The Heartthrob Hunter

@Justalittlegirl: Seems like a fun character, I want to see what interaction he can bring to the table

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Sorry to say it again....Taylor....so much Taylor...

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RPG » Animevice RPG Character Index

@takashichea: Eun started a fight with one my characters but she or he suddenly left without explanation

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RPG » Animevice RPG Character Index

@waybig1010101: Thanks

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RPG » Theme Song Game

I can see Taylor using this as some sort of sadistic tropical torture

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@Fehafare: @HE_IS: @Vapovile:

Roshi inhaled deeply, calming himself.

-I must leave to deal with this. - He looked at the head of the Prime Minister with a sorrowful look.

-If this comes to voting I say the Empire overstayed their welcome in this planet and must be kicked out. - The old man stood up, his hand griping so tightly his wooden cane it was starting to crack

Roshi usually was a calm and composed individual, but being use as a puppet to bring a messenger wasn’t something he could look over, especially after the culprit also made his whole organization look bad and killed the prime Minister.

Waving a paper charm a couple of small Shikigami hawks lifted the head and flew besides him. Another charm was placed on the head of the Prime Minister and flash froze it.

-Goodbye, but to clarify, I still remain on allowing small groups of Imperials under watch, as surely their whole nation didn’t prepared this plot.- And with that said a golden glow surrounded the Leader of the JHWAB and he teleported back to a Summoning Circle prepared for emergencies.

He had the binding circle tattooed to his ankle and he could use it a couple of times a year if he needed to return for emergencies. This was the second time he used it in the last 10 years and the previous one was for the mundane chore of getting a cake fast for his great daughter birthday

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RPG » Theme Song Game

This could be a cool instrumental ending for the Vice as a whole, with every chracter chilling while the cam pans over them.

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Battles » Yoshina Ageha VS Monkey D luffy

Ageha uses his Nova Melchsee and rapes Luffy

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RPG » Animevice RPG Character Index

A short guide to all the active characters in the forum, please PM to add new ones


Aleister Crown (Fehafare)

Alpha, The Grindstone (Fehafare)

Altair and the Elevens The Disenchanted Despoiler (Samjaz)

Arthur Cromwell The Frost Mage (ChronoWolf)

Assault Kalishnakov & Vinto A gun and his Amnesiac. (Samjaz)


BHA Bounty Hunter Association (Lobos_Del_Rayo)


Callis Nomene, The Beast Knight (Kuma_From_Argentina)

Charlotte (Fehafare)

Chase, The Drunk Misanthrope(Waybig1010101)

Ciel Rhea (Fehafare)

Conrad Kessler (Fehafare)

Contractor, The First Contractor(Waybig1010101)

Crow Cementerio The Last Gunslinger (Lobos_Del_Rayo)


Dr. Malefico Von Ironside Ironhearted Shinoda Hunter (Samjaz)


Elise Orion (Fehafare)

Emily Goodwin (Fehafare)

Empire Exalted Peace Through Superior Firepower (Samjaz)


Falken Degiraz, The Ruthless Mercenary (Kuma_From_Argentina)


Gen Shishioh, The Hot-Blooded Boxer (Kuma_From_Argentina)


Hal Hastewell The Obese Speedster (Samjaz)

Haruko Miyata, Friendly Neighborhood Magical Seamstress (Vapovile)

HE IS Ginger ex-general (Samjaz)

Hitomi Nakamura The Fairy Seamstress. (Samjaz)

Huntsman, The God Slayer (Justalittlegirl)Vapovile)

HWIC, Hidden World Intelligence and Containment (Vapovile)


Inazuma Gakuen, The Warfare School (Kuma_From_Argentina)


Jardsam Shinoda The Universe's Accountant. (Samjaz)

JHWAB, The Japanese Hidden World Affairs Bureau (Kuma_From_Argentina)

Jose (Waybig1010101)


Kelly Malkin Spurned Witch (Samjaz)

Kings Grammar A School For Rich Kids And Wizards (Samjaz)

Kuro-san, The Enigmatic Mastermind (Kuma_From_Argentina)

Kusuri Inoue Ruby Heart (Lobos_Del_Rayo)


Leora, The Vessel of Compassion(Waybig1010101)

Luna Neroline (Fehafare)


Marika Arachne The Spider Seamstress (Justalittlegirl)

Marvel Smith, The Magic Crafter (Waybig1010101)

Masako Hihashi, The Demented Predator (Kuma_From_Argentina)

Matthew "Matt" Anderson The Digital Shapeshifter (ChronoWolf)

Mephiles The Shinoda Hunter. (ChronoWolf)

Mi13 Her Majesties Hidden World Service (Samjaz)

Moore Cowbell The Gaming Archer. (Samjaz)


Naoto Kensei Samurai Healer. (Samjaz)


Ross Archer (Fehafare)


SamJaz Shinoda The Emperor Who Quit (Samjaz)

Shepherd and Ariana, Guardian and God (Justalittlegirl)

Shinji Kirigiri (Fehafare)

Shinwa-Mura, The Village of the Myth Soldiers (Kuma_From_Argentina)

Sid Renen, The Apathetic Bum (Vapovile)

Sketchinoda The Teleporting Teen, The Angry Wife, The Legendary Hero Of Legend (Samjaz)

Slayer Son of Ogres (Samjaz)

Smackdown The Pink Comet (Justalittlegirl)

Snake Eyes Black Ops in a Box (Justalittlegirl)


The Gentlemen (Fehafare)

The Master of Games The Maker of Rules (Justalittlegirl)

The Numbers, The Elite Hitmen (Kuma_From_Argentina)

The Queen of Hearts Enchantress of Emotion (Justalittlegirl)

The Seamstress Guild Making You Look Good (Samjaz)

The Wild Hunt Hunters for Hire (Justalittlegirl)


Vega Wilde King of Pleasure (Lobos_Del_Rayo)


Wendigo Wilson The Storm Soul (Justalittlegirl)

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RPG » New Vice Awards

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Nice job, I'm dissapointed at not getting many awards, but I can try better for the next time

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Dan, it sounds like music for a Martial Arts Battle, so Dan it is...

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Arthur Crownwell

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

@Justalittlegirl:@Fehafare: @waybig1010101: @ChronoWolf: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Shin was completely immersed in the thrill of battle to notice Eve’s clever move, so instead of backing away, like any sane individual in the world, he pushed forward. How he did it was a matter of a better explanation.

-You don’t bite another man’s sword, that’s not cool! This is a relic, have some…- The Crimson Samurai shouted angrily at the Spear Wielder as he prepared his movement.

Shin placed his left arm crossed over the blunt side of the blade, while his right hand kept the blade tightly grabbed from the hilt. With a roaring display of force he shifted his balance, like a martial artist would do, from feet to his arm, adding the rotation of his whole body to the movement. He increased the pressure of the blade and spun in with his right hand as he pushed forward, shifting from his previous slash into a full on stab trying to pierce through the opponent head.

-GODDAMN RESPECT!!!!- He finished shouting as he executed his technique, his blade red hot and emanating sinister fumes.

From the doorway, Norio, who finally managed to puke everything inside him, so he couldn’t puke anymore, noticed the events with his keen strategic eye and tried to warn his son to no avail. –Shin! Don’t do it!!- He would need help if they got out of the situation, maybe ask for some back-up from the JHWAB or something like that

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@SamJaz: @Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:


As Mu’s punch moved towards the portal created by Alvin, it suddenly made a strange noise and without any notice it split in several segments, as if it was composed by dozens of tubes. The strange noise was fluids moving through the metallic tubes that made an abrupt turn avoiding the Portal and moved towards Alvin’s face once again.

At the same time, Dan was avoiding the kick by the skin of his teeth as he launched a sweeper down the only support Mu had, the leg touching the ground, but just like his arm, the leg broke through the skin revealing intricate flexible tubing, that not only cushioned the impact of the kick, but also started entangling it.

-COUNTER MEASURE ACTIVE; MARTIAL PROGRAM ENGAGE; STEEL SNAKE TECH ART.- The FMY voice sounded robotic in nature as he showcased his main feature, Technological Augmented Martial Arts, or Tech Arts for short

The arm directed at Alvin didn’t strike the Portal Master, it missed for a meter while doing wild zigzagging as its true intent was to hit him from behind. While the leg was still on its place and the high kick he launched with the other turned into a stomp aimed at Dan’s exposed knee, in danger if he didn’t removed it from the constriction before it was too late.


-Flowers in Washi’s resting place?- She said that as Crow’s bullets fell on the floor and the Ala trick was diffused half a meter before touching her body. Both attacks caused a gong-like sound when impacting the invisible barrier around Uta, almost as if the sound itself had guarded her.

-How sweet, I will be sure of returning the favor. - Her shoulders turned around, so did her stomach, breaking the fine suit she was wearing. Her forearms and calves also revealed silos, but instead of missiles like Baku she showed musical Amps and with a foreboding buzzing she released her attack

-BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM- A blast of pure sound, so dense that it could be seen vibrating the space around her. Affecting a dome 3 mts around her the ground shattered and whoever was caught in it would surely suffer serious damage and feel a bit stunned. –I want to hear the song of your suffering Revolver-san-


Baku smiled as Haruko tried to taunt him, he always considered himself as a gentleman and he wouldn’t get pissed for something as childish as that. That condescending attitude extended to her attacks, as she threw two knifes at him. Baku’s defense was ranked third in the group, so it was his destructive power, speed and other features. He was a man of averages, but he was proud of it, yet he never counted with explosive knives.

-YOU BITCH!-The sudden detonations, not making much damage on itself, manage to break his balance, as he needed to be still to release his attacks properly. One of his legs got off the ground and he started spraying death all over the place, missiles shooting at the buildings, chain guns showering the floor with sparks on each massive bullet impact, a truly crazed mayhem as his volleys weren’t fully controllable, to ease the mainframe he had to preset the timer and this time he was caught in the middle of one.

The next volley of knifes were intercepted by Baku’s chaotic barrage, and Raisa was taking cover behind an already destroyed car, completely clueless about what do, is not like somebody told her a plan, and she never faced an enemy with such firepower before, it was over the level of Velvela.


Yuriko and Rin kept advancing, beating the shit of anybody Aoki sent on their way. The Criminal Overlord of Osaka was getting a bit nervous and that feeling just got even larger upon discovering that DGT, the hacker had vanished…


Naoto’s blade managed to parry the lance thrust of Masako, but when he slashed the chest of the Psycho Predator he was received with the sound of sparks, the clash of metal against metal.

–DON’T SCRATCH THE PAINT, RED!- Masako shouted at him with bloodshot eyes and demented smile as the side of the lance the Swordsman parried turned into smaller lances, this time more like spiked tendrils rushing towards Naoto.

-yOu dOn’T sEeM tO hAvE aNy mOnEy, sO I gUeSs i’M uSiNg yOuR bLoOd iNsTeAd!!!!!- Now in the heat of battle whatever leftover of Joshu’s personality got drowned by the urge to kill and dominate the enemy, that small bit of psyche left of Kago’s old assistant was swallowed by the blistering fire of evolution ever burning inside Masako

K-4 clutched Elise dress with his small and trembling hands as he hid he face on her side. He was really scared, everything Joshu and the Doctor spoke of K-1 wasn’t only true…it felt short of the real thing, and his “cousin” was frankly horrifying. Maybe the young boy was scared not of him, but of becoming like him. –I’m scared…- He said to the young witch with a wavering whisper.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

@SamJaz: That isnt music Sam, that's noise...torturing unforgiving noise

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RPG » A work in Progress BIO

There is no concept stealing, so dont worry.

I will read it more when I have a bit more of time.

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