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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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RPG » Jose Hernandez Bio

@waybig1010101: You arent getting my point. You arent getting it at all. But considering that Lobos also tried to explain it to you and seemingly you didnt understand it it shouldnt be a surprise.

I wont waste more time with this discussion.

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RPG » Jose Hernandez Bio

@waybig1010101: I think you should rename the knocking bit....seems a bit of a knock-off XD.

Even if you dont use his mentor in threads I think that Regenerating from a Single Cell seems a bit overpowered in this world. He can lift 1 Quadrillion Tons? No NPC is able to do that, in fact the mentor guy could be stronger than all the other characters combined. His sole existance alters the balance of the world, if somebody as powerful as him existed all the Hidden World Organization would either want to hire him or capture him to contain him. He can lift the moon with one hand. That is how broken he is

To give you an example, Gen's Master, Reiji Fukuma, is a 100 Ton at most and he is kept under strict vigilance of the JHWAB at all times. Your character mentor is in base form two times stronger. All the powers he has lack a spine, something to keep them together and explain it, as the Single Cell Regen seems out of place in a Martial Artist.

About the young character, he seems like a pile of skills that you stiched together. He has Knocking from Toriko, Earth Bending from Avatar and he has a Metagene (From DC Comics) Is like you pieced a lot of concepts together in a rush.

Remember what we talked about character creation, they need to have a guideline, your character is all over the place, is he a martial artist? a Mutant? A Gourmet Hunter?

Once again using Gen as a example. All his powers are tied to the Fighting Spirit Concept. Even if it isnt the most original thing in the world it serves as the concrete to attach the "narrative bricks" Your character is a pile of bricks without concrete.

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RPG » Masako Hihashi, the Alpha Predator

Masako from original verse was a psycho with the power to enhance his body functions, like creating electricity attacks from his nerve impulses, breath attacks, regeneration, strength and speed. The catch was that he had to break his body to remake it even stronger. My favorite moment of him was when I made him strangle another player using his own intestines.

Masako II was neutral and based on Jotaro Kujo from Jojo.

Masako III was a psycho Esper that could megaman'd the powers out of others

Masako IV (Shingetsu) is the same Masako as the one in this bio, only that with a restraining suit that forced him to serve Kuro-san. Previously he could gain powers and skills by consuming the flesh of others, but he could only acess to powers genetically linked to the character. So if he took a bite of Gen he wouldnt develop Fighting Spirit.

After a thread called Amaterasu's treasure he was covered in a Living Metal and now he is like he is

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RPG » Masako Hihashi, the Alpha Predator

@Justalittlegirl: He had three different bios before, this is just the latest in a string of sociopaths XD

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RPG » Wendigo Wilson- The Storm Soul

@Justalittlegirl: Nice character... I really like the look XD

Love the freeze breath power

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Fehafare: @Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz:

Uta and Baku perceived the group arrival before they even were in visual range. Andy, from above also noticed with his scope. If Mu noticed he didn’t show signs of it. Uta was the first of them to speak. –Oh, nice tone of voice, I can hear your conviction and your heart…not to mention the gallop of your blood in your veins…The crackle of your nerves…such beautiful sound.- She quickly looked to the other two. –This one is mine, get it? –

Baku chuckled. –Okay, okay, but don’t go asking for help afterwards…and truly I prefer shooting women down.- The old looking FMY took some steps forward and bowed as he removed his hat with an elegant gesture. He was looking at Haruko and Raisa through the opaque lenses mounted on the external plates of his armor.

-Ladies, it would be my honor if you allowed me this dance.- He finished his courtly gesture by putting his hat back on its place and suddenly opening his whole body, revealing missile silos, machineguns and more aimed at them. –I warn you that I like dancing with a bit of enthusiasm. - With that said he shot a full volley of bullets, missiles and more homed at Haruko and Raisa.

Uta turned to Mu. –Mu, be a pal and keep those two guys busy. - She lazily pointed at Alvin, Sid and Dan. The Tall FMY turned his head with a robotic gesture, confused he asked. –Which two? There are three targets…- Uta groaned. –Urk, then pick two and leave the last one to the support.- Mu nodded. –Okay- and charged forward. His body making robotic sounds as he did. He launched a frankly flawless Taekwondo kick aimed at Alvin’s head, while at the same time; he attacked Dan with an equally perfect Northern Shaolin Jab.

Uta waited for Crow. –C’mon Cowboy, don’t leave me hanging, I want to hear the song of your suffering. - She gestured the Lighting Cowboy asking him to come for her clearly a Taunt. As she did, Andy aimed his Sniper from his hiding spot. He wasn’t dumb and noticed that the only one left to get attacked was Sid. He sighed and whispered. –Well then, killing off a classmate is a good way to finish the evening. - And prepared to shot at Sid the moment he moved.


Masako turned back into human form, only modification was that his legs seemed spiraled, like springs. He fell from the night sky landing in front of Naoto, Elise and K-4. The Young Clone immediately ran behind Elise, in a very child-like manner. As the dust cloud cleared up the soon to be Alpha Predator smiled as he licked his lips with his longue sharp tongue. –Hello boys and girls…the menu for today has you in the buffet and I already have my everything you can eat voucher…I THINK WE SHOULD SKIP THE FIRST DISH!!!!- He charged forward without doubts or sanity, directly towards Naoto as his arm turned into a Lance-like weapon. He didn’t had any skill behind the attack, just pure undiluted strength and savagery, enough to pierce a truck clean through.

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Vapovile: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Fehafare: @SamJaz:

Cavaler couldn’t believe it, he was being defeated by this pitiful group of intruders, he was about to die on the hands of those who killed his comrades and he couldn’t do nothing to avenge him. Scarlet tears coursed his pale cheeks as his right arm blew away slashed by Arsenal’s masterful attack. He saw his arm flying away with a mist of black ink instead of blood, yet he didn’t manage to react to it as Crow’s fist connected with his jaw, the sudden influx of energy frying his body from the inside. Still he smiled as his body decomposed.

Arsenal may have escaped to the worse part of his attack, but Gen, who took the full force of it, had a fate worse than death ahead of him. The sinister smile and equally dreadful light on his eyes were the last things to vanish as he evaporated. Curiously his sword remained there; seemingly it was real and less horrifying than before as the blade lost the dark shadows that surrounded it, revealing Silver, Gold and Rubies hidden behind the darkness that previously entangled it. With his death, the dark vortex around the castle and the mist it generated faded away.

Callis sighed with relief. –At last, I hope this was the last battle, as much as I despise the undead vermin, I prefer not to fight if possible.- He didn’t talk to anybody in particular, in fact he didn’t even want to say that out loud. A bit embarrassed after hearing the echo of his own voice, he lowered his head and moved towards the throne room, as his nose picked the scent of Sakka, better said the scent of an unknown person. George looked around searching for Luna. -Luna! Are you alright? - He shouted, with his voice echoing in the Pillars Room.


In the Royal Chambers Sakka was panting with both arms hanging down as she leaned back in the chair. –How dare they? I’m the only one allowed to kill characters…Still, some of them are interesting, in fact good for inspiration…mmmh… - She stopped talking to herself and stretched her arms, her muscles were a bit stiff after all the writing, maybe she could summon some kind of slave to give her a massage later. If anybody reached the room they would find her waiting sitting on a chair. The corpse of Aurleu in the bed and Sakka in a chair.

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

@Justalittlegirl: @Fehafare:

Shin smiled finally noticing the other people in the bank, seemingly on his side, or at least against the Spear User. As Eve took the weapon and locked it, the young Samurai Descendant decided to be pragmatic about it, as the opponent was mid-air and it was notable that his savior didn’t seemed to feel pain. –Thank you very much!- He said as he used Eve’s shoulder as a step to jump over the Spear User aiming a downward slash directly aimed to the head as he shouted. –MEN!!!- The kendo battle cry indicating a hit to the head. As he did his father was waking up from fainting, his face pale as a sheet of paper with some shivering on the limbs. He barely managed to stand and watched the whole bizarre scene around him, puking his breakfast out.

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Off-Topic » Ask a question, Get a Stupid Answer

Neither I like Dogtea

¿Who do you like the most Snow from FF XIII or Snow the Canadian Rapper?

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Off-Topic » Ask a question, Get a Stupid Answer

Because of Jean...he is so badass....

¿Why is Zoro always getting lost?

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Off-Topic » Animevice RPG News Blog by Kuma 12/9/14

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: I'll add them next time

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Off-Topic » Animevice RPG News Blog by Kuma 12/9/14

@Lobos_Del_Rayo: Thanks, next time I'll link your author notes

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Off-Topic » Favorite Food Thread

If it haves fish or seafood me like....

Beef Stew. Rissoto. Roasted Beef. Sweet Potatoes. Lamb. Homemade Hamburger. Provolone Pizza with extra cheese

This is my own homemade chicken Rissoto

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Battles » Team Sinestro VS Team Broly.

Anti-monitor sneezes and all die

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Off-Topic » Who's Powers Would You want?

Ushiromiya sounds more intersting than Superwhine Prime.

Kamen Rider Kuuga or Kamen Rider Kabuto?

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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@SamJaz: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

The young Oni lead the way towards the town, as the scenery changed from the campus to a quiet mountain road with forest to both sides of the road. From time to time they arrived nearby a cliff, which allowed them to look down into a valley, part of the School Advanced Grounds, where students from 4 year onwards tended to train and perfect their techniques as well incorporating new elements of the Inazuma Style of Warfare. Toramaru looked at it from above and his enhanced eyesight allowed him to distinguish some minor details, as people were scattered with their mentors all over the immense forest, which had a building in the middle, akin to a Buddhist temple. –Do you think we will ever get to that level? Do we have what they are looking for?- He thought out loud as he walked, a bit more serious than usual, and seemingly not caring if Ross replied or not. As they kept walking the wind picked up a bit, a gust filled with leaves blew over the quiet road.


-Yes, as Jaeger-san said, please sit Eaglestrider-dono. - Kurosawa quickly stood up and bowed back to the newcomer. –Garo-san, could you please ask a waitress to come here- The Veteran Archer nodded and called one with a gesture. As that happened Kenmei, the Head Teacher for Class M talked to the Legendary Imperial.-Eaglestrider-dono, I’m a Kenmei Fukitsuna, head teacher of the Class M, in which your charges are currently part off. My colleagues, Miss Romanoff and Mr. Kotetsu are the assistant teachers. I’m honored to receive your visit, what could we do for you, do you have any question about your charges performance in today’s exercise? - Kenmei tone of voice was polite, charming and wise, the perfect combination for a teacher.


As Andy chew down the fried carrots as he heard Keiji story with interest, the young Japanese teen had some sort of hidden power, no doubt about it, unless the Inzauma recruiter saved him and decided to experiment on putting a normal and regular guy in the school to see how much could he survive with breaking, either way it seemed pretty interesting and worth watching for. Keiji finished talking, Andy also shared his opinion. –Yes Sid, start spilling the beans, what’s your story? - As he asked the cook was cleaning everything in the kitchen while faintly humming.


-Thank you! - Batilda grabbed Alicia’s hands with evident appreciation. As Alicia had a crush with Crow, maybe the young wrestler had a similar one with Gaston. –No problem Weston-san, we need to watch each other backs, considering there are more males than females in our class.- Izumi gentle smile only reinforced her image as the standard for Japanese beauty. Jean talked after her. –Well we can see the town from here, should we rise up the pace, or we could end up without a table in the bakery.- With that said she started walking a bit faster, so did Batilda and Izumi.


The very strange group of Class L, composed by Gino, D-boy and Katsuo crossed paths with two girls in the shopping district. They seemed to be students, considering their impressive physique and martial air. Katsuo, being himself, decided to invite both of them for a drink, trying to summon all the suaveness from inside his soul….his burning soul. He made a gesture for the other two to wait in place. Gino leaned against a wall and checked his Smartphone, while D-boy was banging his head listening to some tunes. Katsuo moved towards both girls, Athena and Selena, members of the Imperial Scout Squad training in Class M.

–Hello ladies, I hope I’m not interrupting this most special day…no I’m not, because is special because of my presence. - He made a dramatic pause. –My name is Katsuo Sakurai and I want to invite both of you to have a drink with me and my fellow classmates. – Katsuo pointed at Gino and D-boy and finished his intro by kneeling on one knee and with a simple trick of prestidigitation made a couple of roses appear on his hand. –Would you like to have the honor of accompanying me to a pub? - He didn’t notice that he also pulled his own underwear alongside the roses with the trick and on his hands his loincloth was hanging alongside the flowers…


While all these events unfolded, a mysterious shadow roamed the roofs of the small town. Nusumi Himitsu, World Class Pervert and president of the Inazuma Newspaper was searching for new victim…ehem…models… for his pictures. Putting his immense skill on stealth to work, being almost invisible even to trained eyes. With his trusty camera hanging on his neck and four reserve cameras hiding on him he scanned the streets with his keen eyes hoping that his Voyeur Ninja instincts helped him to find a girl in a compromising situation. If not he would have to improvise a bit or raid the thermal baths as usual, yet he liked the challenge of predicting the perfect moment to swoop in and take a photo.

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Battles » Dio vs Hisoka

Part 1 Dio may have problems against Hisoka, but thanks to sheer versatiity of powers and endurance could win

Part 3 Dio rapes

Part 7 Dio is Raped

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Off-Topic » Official Asian movies thread

Versus, with KENJI MATSUDA (He is not even the protagonist, but KENJI MATSUDA deserves the main billing, he gets the movie going)

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Off-Topic » Animevice RPG News Blog by Kuma 12/9/14

Welcome everybody to new Animevice RPG News Blog, I haven’t done this in a while because of work and real life, but now that I have a bit of time I’ll try to go back to the weekly format if I can. A lot has happened since the last time we meet here so I’ll try to make a short summary of the RPG world current events.

You can also check more stuff about the forum on New Viceverse Canon (Index of all the stories) and World of the Vice (A quick look to the world of the RPG forum and the organizations inside it)

As always, before we start, I remind you all that you can ask any questions in the Q/A thread or you can send me a PM. Anybody can play, fanfic writers can, anime fans can, people that originally had 0 writing experience can. Look at me, I’m not even doing it in my native language and I can kick a moderate amount of ass.


Current Threads

The Exalt Empire Embassy (Created by user Samjaz) is being forced to vacate the Earth as their advanced technology and superior warriors make the International Hidden World Council (A joint organization created by several private or governmental groups that keep the supernatural threats and beings secret from the general public) The latent danger they represent has been noticed by the IHWC and in a secret meeting in the Embassy, located in what once was Kansas City, they are discussing the terms of their leave from Earth, with some interesting developments happening in the event. Check it out in So Long and Thanks for all the Steak

After events in Greece were a heterogeneous group of heroes fought an invasion of Living Melons, they are currently in Turkey facing another fruit related incident, as all the water in a quiet village has turned into Lemonade. Read more about this bizarre crisis in When Life Gives You Lemon Lords. Their escapades against the Melons happened in Rise of the Melon Lord. First Grade Fruity Mayhem

In Osaka, Gen Shishioh, a rough brawler that got many enemies and friends in the Hidden World*, is being held prisoner after events happening in the thread Oh Son Where Art Thou. If he is not rescued son, by a group of friends and rivals he will be killed by a demented Scientist. Haruko Miyata, Crow Cementerio and other heroes are in the case, fighting against deadly FMY Cyborgs, criminals serving their boss who owns the Osaka’s Criminal Underworld and was hired by the Scientist. Check more about it in Osaka Ablaze

During a Flower Festival in Japan an Evil Crystal Queen from another world sends two of her underlings, the Konran Kishi (Chaos Knights) to disturb the peace and cause turmoil in our world. Is in the hands of Kusuri Inoue and a team of other Magical Girls powered by the Mahoseki (Magic Gems) will fight to stop them. See their adventures in Flowers for the Gem Girls.

After the Time Travelling Madman Jardsam left Warden and Ariana in Nassau in Day Seized, the enigmatic Master of Games makes him return with a group of heroes to retrieve the time stranded pair, so all of them can join forces and fight against the Demon Gods, siblings of the Master of Games. Still the story takes a very complex turn when something is unveiled to the group. Read more about it on Another Roll of the Dice.

That’s all for today, I know it isn’t much, but is a good chunk of information resumed so anybody can read it and I call it a win.

This is Kuma signing off! Next time we will have more detailed spotlight and we will start a new round of interviews, starting with the new players that joined our group in the last months.


Previous Blogs

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)


I can be in up to 5 RP handled by other people

While I can handle up to 3 (Being the GM of said threads, managing the NPC's and etc)

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