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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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Battles » Dio vs Hisoka

Part 1 Dio may have problems against Hisoka, but thanks to sheer versatiity of powers and endurance could win

Part 3 Dio rapes

Part 7 Dio is Raped

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Off-Topic » Official Asian movies thread

Versus, with KENJI MATSUDA (He is not even the protagonist, but KENJI MATSUDA deserves the main billing, he gets the movie going)

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Off-Topic » Animevice RPG News Blog by Kuma 12/9/14

Welcome everybody to new Animevice RPG News Blog, I haven’t done this in a while because of work and real life, but now that I have a bit of time I’ll try to go back to the weekly format if I can. A lot has happened since the last time we meet here so I’ll try to make a short summary of the RPG world current events.

You can also check more stuff about the forum on New Viceverse Canon (Index of all the stories) and World of the Vice (A quick look to the world of the RPG forum and the organizations inside it)

As always, before we start, I remind you all that you can ask any questions in the Q/A thread or you can send me a PM. Anybody can play, fanfic writers can, anime fans can, people that originally had 0 writing experience can. Look at me, I’m not even doing it in my native language and I can kick a moderate amount of ass.


Current Threads

The Exalt Empire Embassy (Created by user Samjaz) is being forced to vacate the Earth as their advanced technology and superior warriors make the International Hidden World Council (A joint organization created by several private or governmental groups that keep the supernatural threats and beings secret from the general public) The latent danger they represent has been noticed by the IHWC and in a secret meeting in the Embassy, located in what once was Kansas City, they are discussing the terms of their leave from Earth, with some interesting developments happening in the event. Check it out in So Long and Thanks for all the Steak

After events in Greece were a heterogeneous group of heroes fought an invasion of Living Melons, they are currently in Turkey facing another fruit related incident, as all the water in a quiet village has turned into Lemonade. Read more about this bizarre crisis in When Life Gives You Lemon Lords. Their escapades against the Melons happened in Rise of the Melon Lord. First Grade Fruity Mayhem

In Osaka, Gen Shishioh, a rough brawler that got many enemies and friends in the Hidden World*, is being held prisoner after events happening in the thread Oh Son Where Art Thou. If he is not rescued son, by a group of friends and rivals he will be killed by a demented Scientist. Haruko Miyata, Crow Cementerio and other heroes are in the case, fighting against deadly FMY Cyborgs, criminals serving their boss who owns the Osaka’s Criminal Underworld and was hired by the Scientist. Check more about it in Osaka Ablaze

During a Flower Festival in Japan an Evil Crystal Queen from another world sends two of her underlings, the Konran Kishi (Chaos Knights) to disturb the peace and cause turmoil in our world. Is in the hands of Kusuri Inoue and a team of other Magical Girls powered by the Mahoseki (Magic Gems) will fight to stop them. See their adventures in Flowers for the Gem Girls.

After the Time Travelling Madman Jardsam left Warden and Ariana in Nassau in Day Seized, the enigmatic Master of Games makes him return with a group of heroes to retrieve the time stranded pair, so all of them can join forces and fight against the Demon Gods, siblings of the Master of Games. Still the story takes a very complex turn when something is unveiled to the group. Read more about it on Another Roll of the Dice.

That’s all for today, I know it isn’t much, but is a good chunk of information resumed so anybody can read it and I call it a win.

This is Kuma signing off! Next time we will have more detailed spotlight and we will start a new round of interviews, starting with the new players that joined our group in the last months.


Previous Blogs

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22/02/2014: Intro to the Viceverse

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)


I can be in up to 5 RP handled by other people

While I can handle up to 3 (Being the GM of said threads, managing the NPC's and etc)

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RPG » A Day to Remember (OOC)

@waybig1010101: This will start when Castle ends, I cant handle having more than 3 open threads at the time.




Castle is about to end, they are finishing the last boss and then they will confront the puppet master

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RPG » Theme Song Game

I dont know I can picture Jardsam singing this will playing the piano, acoustic style...

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@SamJaz: @Vapovile: @Fehafare:

As they flew away the scarlet scales of the dragon summoned by the Herald started cracking, after receiving attacks from the council members. Underneath the crimson a silver gleam started to show, the Herald himself changed as well, he was a tall and thin man, with his hands and parts of his face turned into silver scales. He carried armored gloves and wind spun around him. He made a contrast to the black clothed Kuro-san as his clothing was mostly silver and white, so was his hair and he had blue eyes. –So how’re you feeling? - He asked to Kuro-san that was barely managing to stay standing. The Herald waved his hand in front of the Former Emperor of the Underworld, yet he had no response.

Kuro-san fell on his back over the undulating body of the silver dragon they were riding, completely exhausted. –This is bad, I cannot let you die now, and you still need to help me fulfill my mission. - The now Silver Herald laid his hands over the dying Kuro-san and released argent brilliance over him. The light slowly healed the Emotionless man, pushing him out of the path towards the next life. –You cannot die Kuro-san, I won’t allow it until you help me complete my assignment in this world, and you need to prepare it for the Asura King arrival.- He looked at the horizon. –You are the one most fitting to do it, as the steps I must take guide me into the darkness and who is a better guide than a man who has lived inside it as much as you?-

With that said he focused on travelling towards their hiding spot. Kuro-san would be out of combat for weeks, even months after the strain he suffered for this, yet the Herald could easily shape shift into him to fool his comrades into hearing his orders. No delay could be allowed, or it could prove to be a disaster for his plans.

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Aleister Crown, not for the similarities with his look buy because of the lyrics

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RPG » Author Notes: A New Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

@Justalittlegirl: That's why I said Shopping mall at the end

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RPG » Author Notes: A New Jewel's Sake Bar and Grill

@waybig1010101: Maybe it could be an island on International waters, kinda like a massive Hidden World Black Market

Like a Hidden World Shopping Mall

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz: @Vapovile:

If Haruko kept her route she would find herself in the throne room. A bare hall with only two stone thrones ones besides the other. The room’s roof was extremely high and at the top a hole that lead to the Royal Bedroom. Here the darkness was less dense, more like a really foggy day rather than the pure darkness of the Pillars Room. If the Seamstress wanted to climb she would need to latch on the walls or improvise some grappling hook like device. From over the Royal Room the faint sound of laughter, managing to pierce the less dense darkness, could be heard as well the slashing sound of a sharp plume over paper, the mad scribbling of Sakka echoing its way down. This combination of sounds managed to make this place, less dark, more eerie and creepy, as those distorted fits of laughter and whispers of ink and paper were frankly disturbing.

Up there something else was happening, still hidden by the darkness. Sakka’s body was covered in a strange miasma like energy, like black fumes coming out of her skin, enveloping her in a coat of shinning darkness, with light dots akin to stars, almost as if the cosmos itself had weaved a cloak around her as she continued with her narrative fervor. –More…More…MORE…MORE…- Her subdued whispers turned into mad screams as she continued completely covered by darkness. Her hands were even faster than before writing two different notebooks at speeds impossible for human or superhuman beings. Sakka was on a writer’s high, and as more letters and sentences were created by her the longer the aura of strange energy that covered her.

The only thing reacting to it was downstairs and nobody was watching it. Gen’s Medal shined brightly in resonance to Sakka’s energy.


Meanwhile, down in the Pillar’s room the battle raged on. Arsenal lying on the floor waiting for the best moment to attack, Gen at the back still heavily injured. The others already in route to attack Cavaler, as the Vampire Knight just denounced his location thanks to Crow’s lucky shot. Their opponent looked around surprised as the darkness he created started to get slowly lighter, looking for the source he started hearing Jericho’s Chant and the divine power he started to pour on the room with it. –Fools, you will never burn me with holy light, I was already burned before, now Light is my servant! - He boasted as he walked towards Crow’s and Jericho’s location, prepared to destroy them.

But as he did two different attacks arrived at his location, first was Karen’s honey that suddenly arrived like a viscous wave tying him to the ground, entangling him and covering him with the sweet scent that anybody could use to locate him. Luna’s Crimson Bullet arrived next, yet the same thing happened as before with Arsenal’s sword, the blast lost its light, yet this time around it didn’t lost all of it and Cavaler had to block it. If he wasn’t locked to the spot by the honey the attack would have pushed him backwards, yet in his current position he could only wrestle with it as it pushed his blade towards his chest.

–IDIOTS! THIS ISNT ENOUGH TO BEAT ME!- He roared giving out his position to the incoming Callis who jumped with both blades unsheathed ready to do an aerial cartwheel with both blades extended –Be vanquished False Knight-. Cavaler pressed on his undead vigor to push the Crimson Bullet towards the Beast Knight, launching him towards the roof, to the point a small crater was formed and a dust cloud covered the beast Knight. –I’m the best of Knights beast, die like the rest! - Yet his boast lost some of its strength as he detected the incoming bullet. This time around coated in diving might and much more accurate than before the Silver Railgun was perfectly aimed at his head.

Cavaler reacted with utmost speed and used the side of his blade to block. Just as before the light was absorbed, yet the bullet stayed there spinning over the blade, etching its way towards the Vampiric Knight head. –You cowards….I’ll kill all of you!- The Darkness around him grew thicker as the bullet rotation slowed down, yet he noticed something. Callis didn’t fell down from the roof. By instinct he looked up as he met the eyes of the Beast Knight that was pushed upwards resisting the Crimson Bullet Ricochet with both blades, almost to the point of shattering. –You’re a false Knight, not understanding our role in this world, I hope you reflect about it in the next world.- Callis strained his arms and bounced back the Crimson Bulllet aimed at Crow’s bullet

CRIMSON SILVER RAILGUN! Ft. Callis Nomene!!!!!!!

The combination of holy energy from Jericho, Electricity from Crow, Demonic Energy from Luna’s, alongside Karen’s trap and Callis conviction was explosive. The delicate balance of Divine and Hellish power held by Crow’s Electricity as a buffer was broken on an instant, Cavaler in the wrong end of said explosive combination. The Light Bringer, his sword flew off his hands piercing a Pillar, leaving the Vampire unarmed and immobilized by Karen’s Honey. As the Darkness faded away everyone was ready to fight as the range of Jericho’s Light would expand even faster. The Beast Knight, knowing it was now or never shouted. –It is time Comrades! Let’s strike the fiend down while he can’t move everybody Attack!!!!-

George and Callis once again themed up with claws and kicks, as the Beast Knight blades were shattered upon bouncing the Crimson Bullet back. Callis launched a spinning flying kick that broke Cavaler flimsy guard allowing George to draw harmful lines on the Vampire chest with his claws. Not deep wounds, but pretty harmful and distracting, perfect for the others to finish the job combining their efforts.

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Battles » Lolita Alan Moore vs Stan Lee Desu

Moore can summon Cthulhu, Stan dies.

Or uses the Toaster Tactic

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz:

K-4 looked at the lights and clapped with childish enthusiasm. –Yay! I love these lights…- He looked around him as the lights extended and decided to imitate her. Opening his palm sparkles of pure lighting started going up into the air and danced alongside Elise’s lights. –Nee-san, nee-san! Look I can do pretty lights as well. HAHAHAHHAAHAHA…- He filled the air with childish glee and lighting sparks, all of them harmless except for a simple tickling when touching the skin. Unknown to them enjoying the Osaka night, something very dangerous was moving towards them.


-Well Doc, I’m leaving… don’t stay up too late…- Masako grinned with a weird tone of voice. He walked towards the exit and then started running. Once he left Dr. Kago’s field of view he rushed the stairs jumping from wall to wall clawing his way up like a beast. His body shape was altered a bit to allow such feat. As the Living Metal Benkeinium was lacing his whole body he could manipulate it to drastically alter his anatomy to suit his needs, allowing him to adapt to different situations with ease. Yet he was just able to do some functional alterations to his bones, like in this particular case a curved spine, longer arms and legs, fangs and claws. He even grew a metallic tail, and much more, as the Benkeinium extended over him covering his body in plates of armor.

Gone where his old powers that allowed him to emulate the powers genetically linked to others creatures by consuming their flesh. Those powers burned alongside whatever remained of his original psyche while he was covered in Living Metal. Now Masako became something else, adaptable to any environment or task, a true predator over men. No pride or ego to speak off, those things washed away by the alien mineral that bonded with him. This former ESP user had passed that pitifully step in human evolution and leapt over it into the path to become something this Earth hasn’t really seen for ages, something that was shattered by technology and men. Masato’s goal was to become the Apex Predator of this planet.

As he finally climbed up the underground levels he went out in the open latched to the side of the building with metal claws. He sniffed the air of the night for the first time since last year, back in the mission to get the Amaterasu, but who sent him there, he couldn’t remember, maybe it was because his brain was still scrambled from waking up. –Never mind that, I smell red-headed people nearby…- He whispered to himself and licked his lips as his body returned to a more humanoid shape. –I want a taste…I WANT IT- he whispered with intensity as his body morphed again. His legs changing shapes into more insect-like ones and under his arms stretching from his wrist to his waist a metallic membrane opened up, allowing him to glide.

With a powerful jump he was sent towards the night skies and on a breeze he glided like a gigantic bat towards Elise, Naoto and K-4, completely fixated on consuming them.


Yuriko and Rin barely managed to move, dragging themselves through the corridors of the underground complex which held Aoki Minato’s HQ. Yuriko was pretty beat, yet she was the one doing most of the combat against the incoming threats, a testament of her resilience and willpower. Rin served as defense and support, now able to at least deflect gunshots using he blade Gen’s trained gave to her. –Yuriko, are you sure you know where are we going? I think we are going in circles…- Rin helped her friend to walk as both leaned on the walls. –S-Shut up, I know this halls, we are getting close to the changing rooms, just trust me on this one.- Rin sighed, hoping that the others were being more successful, at least she knew they would get Gen first as time was of the essence.


If the Rescue Crew moved without stop they would soon arrive to one of the many entry points hidden in Osaka directly linked to the Underground Fighting Arena. As this was the most logical place of entry for the squad based on their current direction they would arrive to an open space in the middle of a city block, a place you could only get through a labyrinth of alley-ways, false turns and hidden pathways. In said open space three figures were waiting for them. The short and old looking Baku, the one who captured Rin and Yuriko while critically wounding Toramaru, a tall man with short bluish hair and white suit and finally a woman with an elegant blazer-skirt combo and purple hair.

Baku took of his hat, revealing even more metallic plates as he removed some dust from it. –You too youngsters should stay inside, I think I can handle them on my own. - He tried to sound wise and courtly. The purple haired woman faintly laughed with an almost melodic tone yet weirdly technological, almost like an auto tune. –HaHaHa, how educated of you Baku-dono, but I beg to differ from your experiment point of view, the intruders already took down Taka and Washi. Don’t you agree Mu? - She finished talking and looked at the tall man with bluish hair. –Mmh. - He just grunted in response, almost as if he wasn’t able to talk at all. –Do you see, he is giving me the reason, not to mention we even got one of the snipers to back us out Baku-dono, a young man, yet he promises.-

Andy Bonham looked from above. He was waiting with his trusty L115A3 AWM sniper rifle besides him. He also carried a MP5 SMG, two desert eagles and a couple of combat knives. –That Uta-san broad is crazy, if these three bastards are like the other two this place will be a warzone… Why the fuck did I accept to be their backup?- He sighed, bored. -What a drag…-

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RPG » New Vice Awards


As I am a MR2 I already knew

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RPG » New Vice Awards

@takashichea: Thanks for the help

Nice avatar by the way

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RPG » New Vice Awards

@Vapovile: Great ceremony, a really great job

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

@Justalittlegirl:@Fehafare: @waybig1010101: @ChronoWolf: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Norio and Shin Bushitora arrived to the scene. The first one, lagging behind, panting and puffing air, as he was accustomed to a desk job, leaned against a wall trying to regain his breath while he massaged his back, he didn’t noticed the slaughter around them. His son, Shin, did notice, standing in the doorway of the bank, with the light from outside drawing his silhouette in shadows. He sniffed the air, noticing the blood in the room and his eyes and smile widen in anticipation. –Yes! At long last!- He looked at the sky and joyously roared expressing his happiness. Norio first watched his son battle cry, then he leaned to look inside the bank and in quite the comical move he kissed the pavement fainting after seeing the carnage inside.

Yet Shin didn’t cared about that, he only had eyes for the potential enemy inside. –Hello friend, I must thank you for this opportunity you give me. - The young Bushitora unsheathed his blade that burst aflame with roaring intensity. –Now I can fulfill one of my wishes to fight on a battleground resembling one of the good ol’ days of the Sengoku.- Shin had idolized the Sengoku period since he had memory, he knew all the battles and generals well enough to teach classes at university level. Part of this obsession of his was learning the ways of combat from that era, thankfully joining the JHAWB allowed him to learn under Eien no Ha, who fought during that period and remembered it.

With a slasher smile as wide as the oceans and sharp as the finest blade he charged forward towards the man in the pile of corpses, roaring with battle fervor as he prepared a perfectly executed orthodox diagonal cut to slash the suspect in half. Shin was the kind of guy who slashed people first, set their remains on fire and finally remembered he had to question them.

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Battles » Kenichi Shirahama vs Natsu Tanimoto

@takashichea: They started up as enemies and then turned into sort of friends and you know that in anime being a villain who befriends the hero makes you become less powerful than the Hero on the long run..... I like to call it the Vegeta Syndrome

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Battles » Silva, Killua, Zeno and Illumi Zoldyck vs the Hulk

@Alpha_Watcher_3000: Just a question, do you hate the Zoldycks? Did they killed somebody you cared about? Because you sent them to a suicide mission

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