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RPG » Callis Nomene Tale (Reboot Bio)

Callis Nomene's Tale

Born into a family of wealth in prestige in the Kingdom of Via, Callis seemed to be lucky, yet there was something related to his birth that turned what people could call a blessing (being born in a Nobility Family in a feudal-like Kingdom) into a curse. His mother was a member of the family, the daughter of the patriarch, his father was a Saevus. The Saevus were a beastly race created hundreds of years before Callis’s time. The Viani (His mother’s people) were masters of the arcane arts and when they needed brute force and durability on their workers they used ancient alchemical secrets to mix a group of individuals with animals, granting them enhanced physical stats.

The Viani enslaved the Saevus for years until a violent rebellion guided by the Ursus Gens, the biggest and strongest among the beast-like slaves, managed to assure freedom for them. From that point onwards the Kingdom of Via and the Empire of Belua, home of the Saevus had been in odds against each other. Callis’s Father was a diplomat of the Saevus Felis Gens (A parallel to felines).


Unnamed Bio

Name: Callis Nomene

A.K.A: Regulus Aurora Ensis, The Beast Knight

Age: 50 (seems 20-30)

Race: Maestus (Feral)

Occupation: Former Royal Guard of Via Kingdom Former Eques Orbis, Former Adventurer, Former Mercenary.

Height: 1,75 mts

Weight: 80 kg

Faction: Hero

Theme Songs:

Callis Theme Song


Discrimined as a child for his mixed inheritance and his lack of magical abilities, anybody could go mad of rage, but Callis didnt, only taking any punishment with stoicism and ignoring the bullying. A loyal an extremely humble man, even with the acomplishment he reached in his military career, that could possible corrupt any other man. His hybrid origin granted the best of both races, as he is cunning as a Vian, and good-hearted and noble as a Saevus. He also gained the fierceness of the Beastmen of the north and the primal instincts of them.

Callis is a battle hardend veteran, a resourceful warrior and a seasoned soldier. He carries a martial style of life, living with the minimum amount of material goods, almost ascetic, even if he is of noble birth he willingly decided to self discipline himself by removing most of the comodities that came with his title. This ended in making him somewhat gruff and so direct in can be almost considered rude, but deep inside he is a caring man that wants the best for everybody, and the only reason he haves to fight is knowing that is the only way he can affect the world for good.

Skills & Traits

Half Saevus (Maestus) Physiology:

Born from the mixture of Vian Blood and Saevus Blood, Callis haves skills that are unique, his natural physical attributes aren’t as great as a Saevus, but his devotion to training make him hone his inhuman agility and speed to new levels. He is 5 times stronger than a regular human being, able to lift or press a maximum of 2 tons, easily being able of ripping a human apart with his barehands. But his strength isn’t his greatest attribute, as the young Maestus agility and speed are his greatest assets.

As he descends from the Felis Gens, the Clan of Saevus with similarities to the Felines of the Human world, Callis is capable of almost impossible feats of agility way beyond a human athlete, like doing a triple frontflip from an idle position, or even greater feats, his joints are extremely flexible and durable so he can do almost anything he proposes, even his ribcage is somewhat elastic allowing him to sway around attacks or compress his chest before a jump and use the natural elasticity of his bones added to his enhanced muscular tissue for amazing feats of jumping.

His speed is way over any human, capable of moving fast enough to not being seeing by the naked eye, running at top speed without any obstacles he could reach sub-sound speeds. His skin his much more resistant to impact and damage than a human, more akin to armor than anything else. He is capable of taking bullets of small calibers, yet they pierce his skin. His stamina is also amazing as he can keep going through days without eating or resting.

His senses are enhanced, mostly his sense of smell and his sense of taste, but all his other senses are way over human limits, and this can work against him since powerful sensorial inputs can stun him. His Saevus heritage also gives him sharp teeth and claws, yet he considers this natural weapons inappropriate for a Knight, even if he can shred steel with them, he will only use them in the direst of situations if he is unnarmed.

Unnarmed Combat:

Callis is a Master Class Unnarmed Fighter, thanks to years of battle and his natural skills his style can be described as a highly aggressive and acrobatic version of Capoeira, able to kick from almost any position using his hands mostly as support or to block. His natural instincts and senses, added to his years of experience allow him to predict others movements and his inhuman speed and agility to react to them, making him a really slippery enemy capable of dodging attacks that could be considered impossible to avoid by human standards.

A well placed kick from Callis is more than enough to punch holes through 11’’ of Iron, as he not only uses his own strength but also centrifugal force out of rapidly spinning before attacking, all his attacks and movements are curved and fluid, he doesn’t need to go from Defense to Offense, his fighting style incorporate both concepts

Archaic Weapon Master:

If the weapon existed in the Human World Feudal age, then Callis should be not only proficient to it, but also close to master it in all its forms. The Beast Knight devotion for training was legendary among his fellow knights as even through being humiliated and despised for his mixed blood he managed to pass all the tests imposed to him and learnt about the secrets of every weapon.

Yet his area of mastery and expertise is without doubts the use of twin swords. In Centris during his generation he wasn’t taken in consideration upon the mixed blood, but Callis is the Best Swordsman of Centris able to blend in all the teachings of all the weapons and his own natural talents into an unbeatable style of astonishing swiftness and precision, in contrast of his unarmed prowess, also wrongfully ignored, Callis Gemini Style is direct and full of lounges and linear movements, it contains some curved movements and attacks but his philosophy upon it’s creation is “In battle you don’t march straight forward, you march straight against the enemy” and with that he crystallized hundreds of years of Morbis Strategies and Tactics into a single phrase.

Still Callis prefers a single blade to avoid killing people as the Gemini Style is made exactly for that, ending any fight as swiftly as possible without stopping for a second. With one sword Callis can measure his strikes and haves a free hand to disarm or knock out his opponent without causing too much bodily harm. Not to mention his concentration upon using the Gemini Style forces him to block any reason at let instinct take over.

Magical Skills:

Callis mixed blood didn’t came with all perks as his Saevus Heritages greatly diminished the natural affinity for magic the Viani have. His magical skills only amount to basic spellcasting, like Magic Detection, Magical Translation and Blessings, that serve as Buffs. His Runic Spell casting is quite good but he lacks materials in the Human World

Leadership and Strategy:

Callis served as a City Guard, Bounty Hunter, Knight and Soldier in several groups and is more than enough capable to plan ahead and thing tactically to defeat a foe. His leadership skills are severly dimished if he has to lead women.

Lute Playing:

The only non combat related ability of Callis, he learned to play to please the princess of Via when he worked for the guards, as the girl, spoiled by his parents, wanted to have music at the same time she was guarded, thus all the guardsmen had to learn to play an instrument. Callis didnt complained in public, but didnt liked the idea of wasting time in something so trivial. Even so he was taught to play, and strangely he discovered that it calmed him, and helped him to focus. Maybe the music really calms the beast?


  • Twin Short Blades: Perfectly balanced suited for the Gemini Style
  • Magical Cloak: Magically Reinforced Fabric can even block bullets
  • Knight Armor: Only Legs and Bracers, Callis prefers to avoid damage rather than blocking it.
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RPG » Creer's Bio

I said that because the character I plan to do is extemely depowered in comparison to any other character I made before, is even weaker than Original Batsu, he isnt neither a Ki or a Magic user....
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Battles » Cancer Death mask vs Virgo Shaka

Shaka with his eyes closed (Did you get it?)
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RPG » Creer's Bio

@Newdeath:  Only multi-island buster?..... well is better than multiversal busting....
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RPG » Creer's Bio

wasnt the idea to power down the character for the reboot? I'm waiting for the new rules to make mine...
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RPG » Universal Armageddon: OOC



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RPG » Universal Armageddon RPG

In a blaze of shining light, the Ruina Pleias was activated, and seven comets of divine flame were thrown towards Blindside, in a spiralling motion.  As the fire was moving, homing towards the Vampyre, Aestus repplied I'm Aestus Aquilus, Knight of the Phoenix, and this place will be your tomb monster! Prepare to feel my wrath! and as the energy pulses moved near. The Aurus Pugnus knew this needed to be blocked, and in a quick summon, he activated the Regium Ignis Ardor Scuti Turbinis, and a sphere made of spinning rings of fire covered him, deflecting the energy pulses, and protecting him from the worst effects of the streams of red energy, that even blocked in part damaged Aestus face and chest. The now white winged monster was being targeted by Homing comets of divine fire, so the young Knight decided to summon his armor as he realized that he wasnt going to be able to fight off Blindside if he stayed without it.    
Eternus Ignis
Astrum Furor
Audio Meas Vocatus
Condono Meum Tuus Ales
Sublimo In Caelum!

As the Ardens Phoenix he was riding was dispelled, the Regium Ignis Armatura Navi Caelum Phoenix was summoned, covering his body in a bright golden armor, that emitted the same power than the Pleias, a light bright enough to pierce throught any wicked heart, and bring peace and comfort to the noble people suffering in the city. Now shining like a beacon of Light Aestus was ready to fight Blindside, and as the Ruina Pleias kept following Blindside, but still didnt impacted, as they waited the young Knight orders, a sonic boom was heard. The Phoenix Knight charged towards Blindside, his eyes were two diamonds reflecting the light of sun, his whole body was covered on golden flames as he roared with strenght, Armatura Potentia Aurum Phoenix Fragor!!!!! and Lunged towards the blond Vampyre, as the seven Ruina Pleias attacked from different angles.

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RPG » Universal Armageddon: OOC

@Blindside:  Posted, I'm going to make Aestus burn Erik until he sparkles like never before XD
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RPG » Universal Armageddon RPG

With wings of golden flames placed in his back and releasing a heavenly glow, Aestus, the Phoenix knight, took off. The situation was dire, and he knew it. The blackned sky was a omen of the ensuing chaos, that was shaking the very Earth with it's prescence. The Magus warrior was scared, but he was determinated to protect the world, knowing that if the Earth was to fall his homeland would fall with it. Even as an exiled he carried warm memories of Terra Magus, and even if he didnt liked the council he knew there was lots of people that even without knowing were counting on him to protect them, and not only his country but all the people of the world, that was still recovering from the horrible cataclism refered as the Sunrise. With a reason to fight he moved towards the nearest city, as his Flamma Penna reached top speed opening a hole in each cloud he passed throught, as a trail of fire was left behind him. As he reached the city, some footsoldiers were causing mayhem, and with a quick use of the Talea Securis Curvamen, and spinning and homming version of his Flame Axe spell, he took care of them in a single stroke, that splitted them in half and seared the wounds in the same instant.

After the quick skirmish he descend to the ground and started to help the people caught in the battle the best that he could, using his meager knowledge of healing magic. While he helped the people a transmission got his attention, as a sinister looking man, with sharp fangs and bloody wings, taunting the heroes to come and fight him. Aestus knew he wasnt a hero, at least he didnt considered himself one, he knew he was a good person, and the least he could would be to go and stop this madman rampage before it was too late. Aestus cured some more people and took off once again, this time riding over his Phoenix Ardens. He knew that this man wasnt the direct responasable for this mess, but it was the most direct threat in the moment and he couldnt stand idle and watch how innocents were slaughter only to have some sort of strategic advantage over the real threat. He travelled as fast as he could hoping to reach this fanged beast before he commited more crimes against the people of the city.

The Phoenix reached the limits of the city, and his magical enhanced senses let him detect Blindside with ease. He knew that this man was supernatural in nature, and it also seemed that he was enhanced with technology, making him only a bigger sinner on Aestus book. The young magus never came to a real agreement about the technology, even knowing the humans needed it to survive he still felt that it was wrong and that was slowly destroying the Earth. But he didnt had time for any inner reflection about the humans and their machines, he needed to focus on the task at hand. Aestus inhaled deeply and prepared for a spell, and as he had time to do so, he would user the full incantation, so the spell would be at maximum power.
  Arcanus Ignis
  Damnum Ac Renascor
  Mersus In Flagare
  Sedeo In Aureus Solium
  Natare In Atra Oceanusum
  Liber Tuus Divina Ira
  Consumo Mea Inimicus!

Regium Ignis Ruina Pleias! Shouted the Aurus Pugnus in firm voice, as the Magical circle formed around the city with bright golden flames. The circle would also work as a barrier stopping the opponent from leaving, but the main utility of it was the summoning of seven deadly beams of hyper-concentrated magical fire, that would sear throught Steel as soft butter. You, the one of the scarlet wings, said Aestus speaking to Blindside, I'm here to stand up to your challenge and to warn you before starting, if you surrender know I will not harm you, but keep with this and the full fury of my mystical powers will be upon thee! The Young knight was scared, but he needed to remain strong, his instincts told him that the least weakness sign he showed to this mosnter and he would be devoured. At least he thought that the magical circle of golden fire, a Divine and positive energy, would at least make the unholy opponent feel some discomfort, as this flames had that effect on the wicked of heart.

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RPG » Rate The Rp Character Above You

@Superevil225:  You are talking about Aestus or Hades? I'm kind of confused...
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RPG » Rate The Rp Character Above You

7.5/10 in adaptation of a "real" Fictional character
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RPG » Rate The Rp Character Above You

100/10 in creepiness

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RPG » Universal Armageddon: OOC

After reading this, if we go full reboot, maybe I will enter with my full roster of Characters Batsu, Aestus, Masako and Folken (Yep that was mine too), but if doesnt goes full reboot I will not participate.
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RPG » Taking A Break/Leaving/New Thread

Maybe with time I will calm myself and pullmyself toghter to make another character, but for the time being I will not play RP in the forum, I'm just feed up of the negative aspects of this particular forum....
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RPG » Taking A Break/Leaving/New Thread

I'll leave the RPG section of the forum, I grow bored of always watching the "allmighty" characters toy with other characters, I'm tired of players that only are annoying the others and nobody gives a shit about it, and I'm dead fucking tired of making thread that I have to abandon becouse somebody had to leave or didnt liked of the thread went and retired....

Sorry if anybody takes this personal, there are some really good players in the forum, with great characters with strenght and flaws and great personality, while other players have piles of powers with a name and less personality and coherency that an Image 90's comic....

There are several players I could mark the unholy ammount of mistakes and the times lot of other players marked them and they ignored the advice thinking that they were better than the others, but I wont make this personal.....

So goodbye, and I hope the good players (I'm not counting myself with them because I have the decency to admit I suck as a player and most of my character are pretty uninspired, not like several other palyers, that coiuld be better than me if they at least would acknowledge their flaws) can play without worries....

PS: I'm going to get personal in only one case....

Haseo you are the worst RPG player I ever met in my life, and possibly one of the stupidiest human beings in the world, We know that the Ayana account shares your IP, and at least I'm pretty sure that you didnt got married, you are only an attention seeking whore that isnt able to put the smallest effort in your posts, becouse you really believe you ara one of the forum big guns, you are a sad pitiful guy that needs to play a powerful character to fill the void of your real life. You flee like a girl each time your character got pummelled by another character since you knew you are a piece of shit in the form of a man when it comes to roleplaying. You shouldnt even have Kazi, if you werent such a pussy in the RP threads ND or Sonata woiuld have destroyed Kazi while yawning.

Each time you speaked of Ayana I laughed my ass off at your posts, or when you whined about the art you got stolen in Deviantart (art you stole and your twisted mind distorted the facts)

In plain terms you are the real life version of Cartman of Southpark, you need to make up things to get the people attention and you ignore the negatives facts about you, so please make everyone a favour and stop playing in this forums, you are the biggest stain of sheer stupidity in the Vice, even more than the trolls in the Battle forum.....

I could keep this all day and start talking about others, like for example:

 Battleheiz (A.K.A Haseo's bootlicker and currently owner of the record of having the biggest number of powers and the lowest RP threads apparitions)

Cfatalis (A.K.A I play with god and if you dont like it you can lick my character boots...)

Kashif (A.K.A "my peak human character can dodge speed of sound attacks", or also known as I shiot on the other players character bio instead of reading it)

There are good players like Superevil and Mekix, or Blindside in his good times. The new ones seem also pretty good, so I'm sorry if you feel offended about any part of my rant..... it isnt directed towards you....

But the main problem doesnt comes from lack of skill, but from the opposite, ND, Sonata and Keith (In smaller scale) have uber powerful or influential characters, (and really well played) and they are the pillars of the Vice-verse, but each time they vanish for a week or so, the Verse ends in a state of Void, since they are for lots of characters bosses or rivals, or enemies.....

My advice (even if I dont take any part in it) is too reboot the Vice-verse and form a directive group of players to make the mythology and the world, while accepting the ideas of other players and creating a standar universe. You could also desing limtis for character creation to avoid the "I'm a Fatalis hear my Roar and cower" syndrome, so the fights are balances. I'm not saying that everyone have the same tier, but give a base upper limit that can increase by Roleplaying......

I also advice too create a formal main cast of players/characters, that can affect the background world with more precision than others, and give the positions in the cast to whoever request it and qualifies for it....

This would take at least 2-3 months of intense work, but in the end it could pay-off to stop the slow but inexorable advance against a Continuity crash. Restart everything, if you like keep the same characters, but try to make the battlefield not only even but known to everybody.....

I will remain this week connected some times to get the replies, but afterward I willo nly use the Animevice site as a good place to get Anime information.....

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Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,184 posts) See mini bio Level 14
Post by Kuma_From_Argentina (7,184 posts) See mini bio Level 14

Battles » Ichigo Kurosaki vs Casshern

I would give my money to Casshern, if he enters battlemode he will destroy Shikai Ichigo without doubt, and Ichigo doubts more than a 45 years old woman in a mall when it comes to swimsuits....

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Battles » Baccano! Vs Black Lagoon

Bacanno team wins, Claire can dodge bullets, Ladd is an overall badass, Graham is clearly superhumanly strong and Chane can deflect bullets with a knife.

Black Lagoon team may have a slight advantage on longer ranges, but if it's comes to close combat, or middle range Baccano! team haves the upper hand...
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RPG » Chemical Warfare Ooc

This is getting epic, is like Sunrise-lite
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