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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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2014 Q4

Apart from the mobile version there will be a Steam version with more features.

Thank you very much.

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RPG » New Vice Awards



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RPG » New Vice Awards

@Justalittlegirl: Excellent Job.

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Battles » Maakubouchi Ippo VS Ryu

Ryu wins by a landslide.

I think a much more equalized match for Ippo would be Ekichi Onizuka. XD (I would pay to see that fight)

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RPG » So Long And Thanks For All The Steak - RP

@SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @Vapovile: @Fehafare:

-I offer the same benefit for any Imperial Citizen in Japan, if you wish to remain in this world you will do it under the rules of it. But you won’t be disturbed or pressured to reveal technological information.- Roshi voice was conciliatory after formerly saying they should leave. –Of course there is a limit to the number of Imperials that could remain and their lodgings should be on an isolated locale if they want to remain using their technology on the open. There are multiple islands and artificial fortress in the sea that could serve for that purpose if they wish to keep their ways intact without contacting with the Japanese populace.-

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RPG » The Future Game

@waybig1010101: Just for fun

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Vapovile: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Callis stretched after the fight and sheathed his blades with a single fluid motion. Gen spitted on the ground and popped his knuckles. George scratched his neck a bit uncomfortable after the fight. Armura’s body, like the rest of his comrades, started turning into black goo that sipped through the wrecked courtyard directly into the ground. As the Mighty Vampire Knight died the magical energy surrounding the castle started falling apart, like glass, shattering into bits of bluish crystal that vanished mid fall. A pulse could be felt from inside the castle, a presence of concentrated malice and power, which with each consecutive beat started to lift gusts of obsidian winds around the fortress. Cutting our heroes from the rest of the world, it seemed dangerous just by seeing it, but Gen was too curious for his own good.

The Spirit Boxer inquired on a brash manner before touching the wind. –What the fuck is this thing? - He plunged his right hand into the swirling vortex of darkness. For a second it seemed nothing was happening, but Gen’s face contorted into a mask of pain as he pulled his hand out in a rush. His skin was peeled off exposing in several places his muscle. The stains of darkness slowly vanished as the Spirit Boxer roared in pain. –AAAAAAAAAAAH!!!! THE FUCK IS THIS SHIT!?- He was grabbing his arm nearby his elbow as the residue of whatever was in the cloud died down. The Black Mist turned even thicker, now a curtain of darkness that covered all around the castle and over it. Everything went dark as it blocked the moon and star light. The former Delinquent arm started shining, as he summoned his Fighting Spirit to heal his arm, and created a dim light source around him.

Callis looked around with a mix of admiration and terror on his eyes. This was, without doubt, one of the most impressive things he witnessed in this world. –Any of you Messas or Messes know what’s this? I am completely and utterly baffled by this strange dome. - The Beast Knight was too shocked to be embarrassed and not even the proximity of two scantily clad women could alter that. While Callis didn’t seem to have especial problems about this, George was pretty much scared out of his wits. The Young Werewolf greatest fear was to return back to Ryugu-jo and this dome blocking out the stars and the moon he learned to love was a mute reminder of the time he spent of that underground hell and the privation he and his family had to suffer there. The Werewolf fell on his behind trembling in fear while he tried to speak, only to let out faint mutterings. His fear was clear.


Cavaler, the leader and last remaining member of the Scarlet Knights was sitting down in the middle of the Castle Main Hall. As the minutes passed he felt the deaths of each of his comrades, all of them protecting the King and their homeland. His blade piercing the floor in front of him as tears coursed his pale cheeks. As Armura’s life was extinguished, he stood up and raised his hand up high while he picked up his sword with the other. Over him a small black sphere, not bigger than the tip of his finger appeared, the room went dark as the sphere grew bigger and expanded like a wave in all directions. The torches that were touched suddenly went off, as if the bubble of black energy sucked the fire from existence. This process was repeated several times and created the vortex of energy that blocked the heroes’ exits.

-It’s time, my brothers and sister will get their revenge by my hand. My gift Sfârșitul will take of that. - He swatted his sword, cutting the air and testing its balance and sharpness. His voice transported through the black wind resounded in the whole complex, sure to reach every intruder.


The Black Sun rises in Midnight

Those who disturb Orasul Sange

Will test the edge of my blade in a Fight.


I challenge ye Unruly Mongrels

As my duty is to protect this realm

I swore that under Thousand Black Bibles.


With that formal challenge deployed he waited for them to come, ready to wage the last battle for the honor of his King and Kind.

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka


Yuriko smiled when she saw her opponent blocking two of her three strikes. “This could get interesting, the runt has guts” She thought as Eun regained her balance and changed her posture to protect the place she hit. The Mistress of Fists popped her knuckles and her neck. –You ain’t bad yourself, so this could get fun.- Yuriko scanned her opponent and reasoned that Lilly would play it on the defensive side of tactics, surely stalling until the pain on her side stopped. The only good approach here was to do something unexpected, so Yuriko decided to mimic her opponent first move, not a logical step in a fight.

-Here I go.- The Fist Heiress launched herself towards her opponent with a running start, but a meter before range she suddenly stopped and charged with her shoulder, the beginning on one of her defense shattering techniques. –San Kageki no Raimei (三極端雷/Triple Extreme Thunderclap)- The shoulder bump served to lift the opponent defense up, or force them into an unbalanced position by avoiding it. The next move was an elbow strike to the gut using the same arm of the shoulder bump. Finally if connected the opponent would most assuredly bend in pain giving Yuriko a perfect target for a brutal backhand, all with the same arm.

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YAY! The game I helped to develop got a gameplay trailer!

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RPG » Underground Fighting in Osaka


Yuriko eyes quickly adapted to Lilly’s change of pace, allowing the Fist Mistress to see the incoming attack and react accordingly. Such a direct and frontal attack surely required firmness of posture and muscle so the best way to avoid getting struck was to redirect the incoming energy. As her opponent’s attack came towards her, Yuriko opened both arms and quickly closed them over the incoming fist. Both her arms were parallel to each other, but reversed, one with the palm facing forwards and the other backwards. Upon reaching the attack she spun both arms to diffuse the force and redirect it to the side, basically a throw using her own forearms as twin grinders to expel Eun outwards. –Futago Senpu Tate!!! (双子旋風盾/Double Whirlwind Shield)-

-Nice, but now is my turn to play kohai!! - Sure her defensive technique would work; Yuriko went to the offensive launching a quick combo of three swift strikes, all of them on hit with the index and middle fingers of her hands half extended. She aimed for her opponent shoulder, armpit and hip, each blow intended to hit a nerve cluster to diminish the opponent mobility and strength. –Tora-tsume no Danzetsu-!! (虎の爪断絶 /Tiger Claw Break)-

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryūdo Kurokami


Then, and forgive my language, give me a damned answer.

By your descriptions I gather your character is able to lift more than 200.000 Tons, way more than anybody else in the forum.

And your character also has a skill you dont finish to explain

"User can create, shape and manipulate destructive energy, capable of destroying anything without leaving a single trace of existence.

  • aura battle: fighting using the energies aura by making hands, energy beams, energy balls.

Can only unleash bursts of energy strong enough to bust a city block."

That sounds Op. Destroying anything without leaving a trace. Destory a city block in a sudden burst of energy that ERRADICATES any matter in the are of effect.


I'm not doing this out of spite or anything negative, I'm trying to help you, because nobody is going to allow you in their threads if you have such broken character

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryūdo Kurokami


16 Cars, each weighting an average of 43 tons that gives us 688 Tons.

This 688 Tons moves at an average of 300 Km/h

So to calculate the momentum of the train we multiply the weight by the speed = 206400 Tons.

That means your character needs at least to be in the 250000 ton range to absorb the impact (part comes through durability and I think your character would get squashed or torn apart by his strength) And stop the train.

The average character here is from 1 to 10 tons.

Your character would have at least 206400 tons of lifting strenght... and you dont see the issue?

And the Destructive energy thing still sounds OP as fuck, could you elaborate on the "limitations"

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryūdo Kurokami

@LHWKnight: I was asking for you to explain like that.

Thanks for the explanation.

That ability is absurdily OP

You still havent answered my concerns about strenght

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryūdo Kurokami

Added your PM here

@LHWKnight said:

@Kuma_From_Argentina: also when you compare you get the picture of what is happening. just because you can compare something visually, does not mean you can compare it to the core.

Okay first on the whole bus vs train. lifting the bus was when he was fourteen, and now he is 18.

um... okey than mach 5 will do then.

Destruction allow for me to obliterate physical material from existence. an example but still difference include disintegrating or erasing a barrier or pocket dimension.

And before you ask, no i did not copy and gilgamesh destroying Riders domain or reality marble is not the only person who can do this.

This is planetary destruction by erasing a portion of it from existence. and no my character is not that powerful two where he could just do that. even though it looks close, it is still thousands of miles away

Ryuudo's destruction limitations

One they have to be in contact range of my energy, and not over millions of miles away. also it have to be touched by my energy.

he can only destroy domains or barriers that is city block size and this is only two times a week because of the amount of power needed.

So your character is capable of lifting or pressing 214500 tons? You still say he can stop a bullet train.

I think I'm not getting you. I'm starting to doubt you can read english. Describe your powers without using comparisons or examples, if you cant do it and keep showing me videos and saying "Is kinda like this, but totally different" you arent explaining anything

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryūdo Kurokami


Ryūdo's strength is well beyond a normal human ever since he was a kid and way before his power awakened. He could lift a bus by the time he was 14 and and could most likely lift a train and stop a bullet train.

You need more than 214500 Tons to stop the average Bullet train....

and 10X the speed of sound is a bit much, most of the character move at mach 1 or 2 (except for speed based exceptions like Hal)

You arent explaining the Destructive Energy at all. Please post here your repplies and not through PM, maybe I'm the one that is not getting it. And please refrain from using comparisons if you cant explain what an ability does on your own words is a clear sign you took it from somewhere else. Dont give those characters as examples because any reader with two brain cells will make the comparison as well, if you believe that they are different then explain it, dont make a comparion if, and I quote your PM,

"I only said those characters as an example, my strength and conditions are still different."

If your character strength and conditions are different then why do you need to compare them?

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryūdo Kurokami

@LHWKnight: There are mixed up categories

You arent giving a number to his strength

The fighting style segment is a bunch of concept with no underlaying theme.

You are still using other characters as examples. Use numbers not characters, as character stats have enormous fluctuations depending on who is writting them

Not to mention your character overall stats making him more powerful than most of the other characters

Lifting a train engine means your characters lifts 120-200 Tons, lifting the whole trains ranks you from 3000 to 12000 tons

Stopping an average train going at the average train speed (144 Km/h) your character would need strength to stop 1160000 Tons, so he would need even more to stop the train and the momentum of said moving object.

The Durability is more or less good a city block is more or less on par of most characters.

All the Destructive Energy stuff is confusing. It seems like you copied it from somewhere as it seems out of context

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RPG » (Character Bio) Ryūdo Kurokami


Supernatural Flexibility: Well beyond human standards, maybe on the level of a cat demons

Supernatural Reflexes: Well beyond human standards, can react to any situation right before it happens

Semi-immortality: will never age of aging.

1. What is a Cat Demon? Try to give a physical limit not a comparison, especially with comic books characters as their skills are quite variable.

2. He can react to any situation? How fast is he?

3. Never age of aging

4. How strong he is, how much can he lift? A bus is more or less 10 Tons how much is "way more"?

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RPG » Theme Song Game

GTA V!.....ehm.....no..... I can totally see Crow cruising with his Harley.

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