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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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Battles » Nightcrawler vs Shirai Kuroko

@CosmicKnight75: I still consider Kurt has the edge thanks to better training, more experience and superhuman agility and reflexes.

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Battles » Nightcrawler vs Shirai Kuroko

@CosmicKnight75: But you need to consider momentum and skill when it comes to fighting. Nightcrawler (Like Nightwing) enhances martial arts through acrobatics. I'm sure Kuroko can take some punishment, but Nightcrawler can dish out a lot of pain

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Battles » Nightcrawler vs Shirai Kuroko

Kuroko may have an slight edge when it comes to teleporting, but Kurt has a lot of other advantages on his side, like enhanced agility, way more experience and way more training. Not to mention his stealth capabilities, a tail strong enough to stand on and fence with and infrared vision

I think I will say 6/10 in favor of Nightcrawler, superhuman agility and reflexes + Stealth can get him the edge he needs to defeat Kuroko, the only reason this isnt a 7/10 0r 8/10 is that Kuroko's teleport is way more versatile than Kurt's

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Battles » Anime swordsmen free-for-all

I dont know about round 1 or 2, but round 3 is won by Zoro

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

Once again, Technically yes

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Bounty » Pirate bounties of anime protagonists and their crew!

@Chef_Banchou: I'm not going to do individual rewards or it will take a shitload of time.... (You should do a Pirate Reward Game, like giving a reward to the character above and posting a character name for the next user to post)

Bachou Pirates (I'm guessing around Yonkou reward for Kongou himself)

Exorcist Pirates (Supernova level)

Konoha Pirates (In-between Supernova and Yonkou (Kinda like the straw-hats)

Karakura Pirates (Same as the Konoha Pirates)

Bishoku-ya Pirates (Yonkou Level)

Djinn Pirates (Supernova Level)

Sin Pirates (I'm not update for their current power levels)


White Wing Pirates (Negi Springfield + Ala Alba (Yonkou))

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

Well you can start making questions

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Off-Topic » Twenty Questions, Anime/ Manga-Style

So, will anybody do a new one?

If not can I do one?

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RPG » New Vice Awards

@waybig1010101: Samjaz

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RPG » The Cave (RP)

“And now, I said, let me show in a figure how far our nature is enlightened or unenlightened: --Behold! human beings living in a underground den, which has a mouth open towards the light and reaching all along the den; here they have been from their childhood, and have their legs and necks chained so that they cannot move, and can only see before them, being prevented by the chains from turning round their heads. Above and behind them a fire is blazing at a distance, and between the fire and the prisoners there is a raised way; and you will see, if you look, a low wall built along the way, like the screen which marionette players have in front of them, over which they show the puppets.” Extract of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Sakurajima Island, Japan, 2 weeks ago

Over a smooth volcanic boulder, Reiji Fukuma is sitting in deep meditation. The stillness of the air around him, as not even a drop of wind is blowing, is eerie. For almost a full week he has been coming to this isolated sector of the island he owns to ponder about something so dangerous and risky he never thought about until now. He never wanted to do it again, but the circumstances were about to force him.

Months have passed after the events in Orasul Sange, where his current pupil, Gen Shishioh, was sent by him to rescue a young girl. It was a trap; someone or something managed to overwrite Reiji’s memories and created the false request from a false individual. The Old Master managed to, at least, discover the falsehood of the memory through deep meditation, but couldn’t remember the truth.

This trap managed to wound his pupil to such a degree that even months after the events he was still convalescent, barely able to live under the constant pain he suffered from the wounds. Reiji tried everything, but these wounds were beyond his ability to cure and even his contacts couldn’t do anything. There was only a remaining possibility to cure Gen, but he didn’t want to think about it as the cons were way larger than the pros, even if it worked.

Yet, not knowing what else to do and knowing he was responsible for his student’s fate, he decided to do it. The “ritual” he wanted to perform…. Was not a ritual at all, as mysticism wasn’t involved. As humanity usually tagged things they cannot comprehend as magical, Reiji did the same with this “Trans-Dimensional Circuit” As one of his comrades of the old days called it. He knew the theory behind it, but he didn’t fully grasp it

But for this “Ritual” he would need people to help him. Reaching out to his contacts in the BHA, JHWAB and Inazuma he sent an add requesting helpers for some handiwork on his island. He would pay them in metallic and through training, knowing that his reputation as a Martial Arts Master would bring enough people or at least good enough people for the task. He added Gen’s name under his, so if any friend of his student want to give a hand they could assist. Reiji considered that Gen really needed to make friends, as he himself learnt back in the old days to do.

He went back to his house, one room being occupied by Gen and every conceivable piece of medical equipment to help the young Spirit Boxer. Reiji lifted a tatami panel revealing a safe; he pressed the combination in the panel and opened it. A small wooden box without any decorations was resting inside the safe. The Old Master opened it revealing the fabric covered interior and six “Medals” inside of it. All of them had the same size, 5 cm of diameter and had different metallic colors and kanji on each. All of them where:


北軍 (HOKUGUN) 毒 (DOKU) 神 (KAMI)

He knew he would have to use them, even if he didn’t want. He knew he was being selfish, putting the whole world at risk to save one single person, but he knew that his friends from the good old days would have done the same for him…

Coast Opposite to Sakurajima Island, Japan, Present

-No! NO! NOOO!- The screams reverberated in the whole tent with a disgusting high pitched voice.

Mamoru Iyana was screaming as he clutched to his cell phone with all his might. A regular person would have at least cracked the screen, but Agent Iyana was not only a disgusting individual but he also was weak, especially after his last meeting with Reiji Fukuma, that left him a bit wobbly on the legs. The JHWAB “Agent” was a joke, he got what he thought was a cushy government position thanks to his father’s influence and had a rough awakening about the Hidden World.

He always considered himself to be better than others, as his family was more important and honorable than the others. Discovering that he was but a speck of dust in a much larger world, a world he didn’t understand and scared him shattered his pride and turned it into fear and horror. Truthfully Iyana represented the worst of humanity, greedy, self-important, prideful, coward and creepy. And now, thanks to Karma, he was receiving news he didn’t like and most assuredly would bring great pain to him

-I won’t do it, I just can’t! He is a monster who deserves to be locked in that island!! You told me he is a prisoner and that he shouldn’t receive people!- He kept shouting at his interlocutor, who keep talking in the same quiet tone

-Agent Iyana, please understand, the higher ups are allowing this…better said they are agreeing to Fukuma-dono’s change of conditions about his self imposed exile.- The voice kept the same tone. –I think you already met Fukuma-dono, do you think we are keeping him prisoner? He is making us the favor of not moving so we can keep a closer watch on him, if he ever wanted he could leave the country and in fact he did it twice in the last six months….under your watch.-

Iyana tried to articulate another angry rant but he started mumbling. Reiji Fukuma left the island twice? HOW!? WHEN!? Those questions filled the disgusting little man head as he tried to talk.

-Speechless? Well that will teach you to understand it, Fukuma-dono isnt a prisoner, he is a VIP, so you will leave whoever goes towards the island unimpeded as Fukuma-dono requested.- The man in the phone left a brief pause to let Iyana confirm receiving the orders, but as he got no response he added. –Understood?-

-Yes…sir…- *BZZT* The communication was cut from the other side after hearing Iyana’s capitulation. The Agent threw the phone to the corner of the tent filled with rage and frustration. After his defeat months ago he wanted revenge against Fukuma for treating him like dirt. He was an Iyana! A member of an important family! He was better! Those things were in his head as he started plotting his next move.

With his hand he crumpled the paper his superiors sent to him. The ad that Fukuma had posted in the BHA, JHWAB and Inazuma’s Internships boards:

“To all martial artists and mercenaries, I, Reiji Fukuma, am offering a week long internship in Sakurajima Island, as I require your help for certain tasks I’m about to embark on. Alongside me is my pupil Gen Shishioh, but certain circumstances stop him from helping, thus I made this request. You will be paid in cash depending on your collaboration and you will receive training directly from me. Please come to Sakurajima Island at the dawn of August 25.”

The date is August 24, and the time is midnight. Soon many interested parties will come to Sakurajima, but unknown to them the disgusting JHWAB agent Mamoru Iyana will try to stop them.

Side-story: Chill of the Night

Tokyo, Japan, 1973

The chilling wind of the night crosses the streets with a sinister whistling. My instincts tell me this place is dangerous, but where isn’t on these days… It’s as if Tokyo went to hell. Evil creatures coming out from the thin air hunting humans with superlative talents and skills for some devilish purpose, my name is Reiji Fukuma, I’m 22 years old. For 2 years I have fought against these creatures….the Gainen… alongside my comrades. We have fought valiantly and we keep fighting, defeating each of the hideous monsters that keep appearing…. But I don’t know if we will ever win…

That are my thoughts while I hunt another one… I wish we knew how to stop them, as there aren’t many of my comrades left to keep on fighting…

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

@Fehafare: @Justalittlegirl:

Surprisingly Norio did have more food on his stomach, so he puked his guts out as the Spearman exploded making the walls, floor and Shin seem like they were the insides of a microwave after overheating “Beef Stroganoff”. He raised his eyes just as the Huntsman and Ever were about to…get jiggy as he cleaned a line of bile from his chin. Thankfully his son interfered between them before that happened.

-Hello there, thanks for the assistance!- Shin walked right beside them, almost in-between , with a big smile as he was completely covered in guts.

-My name is Bushitora Shin. - He turned his head aiming at his father. –And that’s my old man Bushitora Norio.-

-We are agents of the JHWAB sent here to do some investigations about the currents events here.- He smiled again. –But I couldn’t handle being just an observer and had to pounce to action.-

He extended his blood covered hand (strangely already drying) to them. –So Mister… and Miss…- He made a pause after each word, an invitation for them to do some introductions. –Thank you for your help.-

Back in the doorway Norio fought to stay standing, still a little wobbly after so much throwing up.

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RPG » The Cave OOC

@waybig1010101: I dont have any problems with Jose playing, I really wanted you to use it on a more centric thread, but if you want to enter I see no problems with it. If he comes from the BHAJ he will be coming alongside another of my characters.

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RPG » The Cave OOC

@waybig1010101: This thread will get a bit too Gen centric perhaps and I dont want you starting your new character career out of the spotlight.

When I do a Day to Remember you are invited to enter, but here I think it will do you less good

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RPG » The Cave OOC

@Justalittlegirl: Dan's okay

@waybig1010101: You should introduce Jose in another thread, something more centric to himself. And Leora wouldnt be able to heal Gen

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RPG » The Cave OOC


After the events in Orasul Sange, Gen ended up in a deep Coma, cursed by Cavaler’s blade. The young Boxer is slowly dying; anybody else under the same curse would have died a while ago, but Gen’s stubbornness helped him to stay alive. Yet, time is running out and Reiji Fukuma, his Martial Arts instructor will use the last resort he has. Using a ritual he will summon something or somebody that will heal Gen.

The problem is that he can’t do it alone, and after posting an internet ad looking for help through his contacts in the BHAJ and Inazuma he is waiting for the people that will help him to save his student. Yet this might not be the only problem they will face as the Ritual can bring more than what they need and it can get extremely dangerous.

To add more trouble the JHWAB don’t want people getting to Sakurajima and they will get in the way of the ritual if the can, especially if they realize

Who will reply to the ad? Who will hear the call to save Gen?


· Street Level

· Training/Story Thread

· Have a good Hook to enter.

· Posting order is classic. It can change depending on the branches of the story.

Players & Characters

Kuma/ Gen, ? and ?

Lobos/ Crow

JLG/ Dan

Waybig/ Jose

Vapovile / Sid

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz: @Vapovile:

Sakurajima Island, Japan.

-Damn it! How the heck somebody fooled me? - Reiji stomped the ground making the whole island shake.

The massive Martial Arts Master moved to his home and started checking the papers around the rough desk he fashioned from wood he chopped with his hands. Finally he found the map he showed Gen to guide him towards Orasul Sange.

-Here it is, I never visited this damn place, but why I can remember it? We never went there with the team back in the good old days, there wasn’t anything near to a Bat Gainen. - He slammed his rugged fist against the desk, cracking it with frustration.

-I must have leaded him to a trap, but who set it and why? - He started pacing on the room as he pondered what to do.

He wouldn’t be able to move fast enough with regular means to reach Romania in a short time, especially with the JHWAB dogs barking around him. A more extreme measure must be taken if he wanted to help his pupil as he had a bad feeling about the situation.


Kyoto, Japan

A door of light materialized in a Japanese style temple courtyard. From it, stepping softly over the fallen petals of a cherry tree came out Sakka looking around with interest, her eyes finally focusing on the two figures sitting inside the main shrine.

-Nice place for a meeting, do you want me to give my briefing o’ Daimyo of mine? - She talked jokingly as she realized the location she was brought thanks to her <Hook Door>

One of the two figures stood up and moved out of the shadows. Kuro-san, the Forgotten Emperor, walked out of the shrine. His elegant shoes rudely tapping against the soft wood floors, clearly a show of his utter lack of respect for the holiness of the temple, yet not a chosen action but a simple general apathy about things like this.

-I don’t need you to, I already know. - His reply was dry and short. The other silhouette inside the temple grinned in the shadows.

At first Sakka thought the other individual was the “Herald” that his current employer insisted to call Netsu-kun, but he seemed different, bigger frame, short spiky hair and even under the shadows she could notice the “Herald” thanks to the faint luminescence he created. This man was the opposite the light around him was sucked into a void. Even somebody as unbalanced as her noticed that the man inside wasn’t one to be messed with. So she kept messing with Kuro-san trying to dry man to show any kind of emotion.

-So Kuro-chan, do I get that shiny medal of yours know? You promised me. I even got the cursed sword on one of them, that’s extra points isn’t it? - Sakka tried a different approach, making a cute face at the silent Kuro-san.

-You know the deal Jakuuma-san, you will do this two more times and then you will get the Gainen Medal in my possession. That’s it. - He quickly replied cutting her attempt.

Sakka was working in exchange of getting Kuro-san’s Medal of Memory, as with that she could give her creations a real past, altering them into the memories of others. With the Medal, she could be God.

-Awh….Well then, I must leave to prepare for the next time Kuro-chan…Se you around.- Once again she opened a <Hook Door> That would take her to the next location to prepare against whoever Kuro-san sent towards her.

Once she left Kuro-san turned around and faced the man inside the temple. –Sorry for the interruption, are you ready to go Fukushu Ikari-san?-

The man inside the temple stood up, he was marginally shorter than Kuro-san but his frame was bit bigger. He stepped out to the light, dressed in a stylish black suit with the bowtie undone and the upper buttons of the shirt opened. He seemed to be about to enter middle age, but seemed to be in good shape.

-I’m ready, I never voted the bastard so I don’t have any issues with doing it. - He walked past by Kuro-san while tapping the Crimelord on the shoulder. –You are going to start a war aren’t you? Not even in the old days you were so… daring- He asked with a sinister smile.

-I’m not starting a war, I’m preventing one, with time you will see it. - He turned around facing the smile of Fukushi with his emotionless face. – After the deed is done bring me the head and go to the south, your next assignment is there.-

Fukushi started walking away while waving his hand goodbye. Between his fingers a Medal just like the one Kuro-san carried. But the Kanji in this one was (憎む) –I’ve got it Ts-

Before he could finish that sentence Kuro-san cleared his throat interrupting him. Fukushi rolled his eyes. –Yes, sorry, I don’t do nicknames, so I’m not calling you Kuro-san, but if you insist I’ll make the exception.-

And with that he left the Temple of Honno-ji in Kyoto, leaving Kuro-san alone in the place where Oda Nobunaga was defeated.


Orasul Sange

The Castle melting away wasn’t the only thing slowly losing cohesion. With the <Writer> gone the <Setting> started to fail as well, turning the floor in the same viscous substance, which could easily suck anybody who had too much weight.

Most of the Heroes managed to leave but Callis, tired from the fights and carrying Gen, who surprisingly weighted much more than the others lagged behind, his legs getting swamped into the quicksand-like substance and pulling him downwards alongside Gen.

Meanwhile outside the melting castle, George was finally getting out of a fighting mood and back to his regular self. When Luna asked "So, be honest. How was it?" The Young Werewolf started explaining with expansive details his feelings about this forced field trip.

-Are you insane?- He shouted at her while waving his arms. –This was dangerous, stupid and reckless, I have responsibilities Luna, I work as a liason between my friends back in Shinwa-mura and the people in London!- He seemed quite angry and continued his rant

-Do you ever think before jumping? You drugged and dragged me here! I had to fight for my life, I never wanted to fight for my life, but back when I was in Ryugu-jo I had no choice!- Now he wasn’t just simply pissed as his fur started to rise, his eyes to widen and his claws started growing a bit.

George seemed to be about of jumping at Luna’s neck to bite it open, but he suddenly stopped and said. –Wait, where are the Knight guy and the Loudmouthed guy? Didn’t they leave with us?- He sniffed the air and screamed in alarm. –They are still insid-

But he was cutted by a calm voice saying. –No, they aren’t.- Reiji Fukuma was standing near them, a 7 feet tall man with white hair and beard and impressive physique. Callis, covered up to the waist with the horrible substance of the Melting Castle was shocked, while Gen looked ten times worse, his whole body was midnight black and had too many wounds to count.

But even weirder was that besides them a strange “thing” was floating 1 feet from the ground. It seemed as if thin air was glass and a massive punch shattered it, revealing a swirling vortex of color, like a portal.

-Anybody needs a ride back to Japan? I can take you there, I need to take my disciple back to full health and I don’t have much time.- He smiled at them. –Anybody in?-

This will continue in….”The Cave”


Gen, critically wounded after the events in Orasul Sange is still in critical condition after a couple of months. Reiji, with his options running out, decides to use a mystical cave on his island with the hopes of helping his student recuperation. But he will need help to prepare the rituals and he will need a hand, yet he will pay in training…. Stay Tuned for The Cave…..

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Off-Topic » The Doctor Who Club

The 11th Doctor will need a lot of water after this burn

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RPG » Johnathan Chandler- The Heartthrob Hunter

@Justalittlegirl: Seems like a fun character, I want to see what interaction he can bring to the table

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RPG » Theme Song Game

Sorry to say it again....Taylor....so much Taylor...

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