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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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Off-Topic » Build a Team to Fight the Supernatural

Instead of plain old power I prefer a team that would be laughably mismatched when it comes to strenght, but with a good balance of personalities and skils.

  • Integra Hellsing (Hellsing) Leader
  • Kamen Rider Kiva (Kamen Rider Franchise) Tank
  • Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) Smart One
  • Ethan Chandler (Penny Dreadful) Ranged/Tank
  • The Yakuza with the Butterfly Knife (Versus) Wild Card/Token Evil Teammate
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Battles » Kefka Palazzo vs Madara Uchiha

Kefka stomps, and then he proceeds to dance over Madara's body until it turns to dust

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Off-Topic » Choose Your Own Body Guards

If they are going to be alongside me all day I will go for likeability and general misc skills rather than plain old power

1. Tendou Souji (Kamen Rider Kabuto)

2. Lupin III

3. Miu (HSDK)

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The Nine Arts Dragon is a bit out of his weight class here.

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Just Anime » Old School vs New Blood

@nishi99: "Golgo snipes" One of the best ways to say they die in less than 0.4 seconds XD

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Battles » Onepunch Man Vs The Incredible Hulk

@ALMIGHTY: You could be right, but there is no taking seriously the "Trascending WB hulk" bit if you have a Saitama Avatar XD

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Just Anime » Old School vs New Blood

@akronawol17: Really? I thought it would be a bit more balanced

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Just Anime » Old School vs New Blood

We have two teams of 5 composed by Classic Anime Human characters fighting against a group of 5 new (relatively in comparison to the others) Anime Human characters in 5 Different Encounters. Both teams are composed by humans without superhuman powers, if they have they dont have them for this, they are limited to their human skills. Neither equipment that cannot be found in reality (Like Mech Suits or advanced weaponery)

Old School Team.
New Blood Team


1. Old School Team needs to steal a Diamond from Skyscrapper Penthouse, New Blood Defends

2. Same, inversed roles

3. Old School Team needs to protect a hostage while moving in a deeply populated city for 10 km

4. Same, inversed roles

5. Free For All Bloodlusted Brawl

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RPG » Marika Arachne- The Spider Seamstress

@Justalittlegirl: She is a Seamstress Character in Inazuma, her forte is using Razor Floss

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RPG » Marika Arachne- The Spider Seamstress

@Justalittlegirl: More Seamstress, I may need to make the bio for Xi'ai

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RPG » Lucky Seven [OOC]

The JHAWB will send an Investigator alongside a bodyguard hired from the Yatagarsu Brand. (AKA Callis)

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Battles » Hisoka vs Gambit


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Battles » Zebra Vs. Godzilla

Zebra is voiced by Kenji Matsuda, he wins just by that on my book XD

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Battles » Hisoka vs Gambit

Hisoka destroys Remy. Gambit can charge stuff throw it and make it explode, apart from that he is peak human at best.

The Pedo Clown of Doom is faster, stronger, more durable and a fuckload more versatile than Gambit with the Bungee Gum.

The only way Gambit wins this is if he was a 10 year old version of himself (God knows what Hisoka would do to him then) or if he was on his Maximum Potential phase when he fought New Son

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RPG » Kayla Arantes (Character Bio) W.I.P

@BlueAliceOasis: Well now that you mention it, I was thinking after reading the personality bit that your character is kind of bipolar, as she can go to extremes all the time, bouncing from one to the other end of the spectrum. My advice is that you pick one personality not several he can change to adapt to the situation, part of the joy of rolepaying is learning how to deal with situations as your character would instead of leaving the personality as broad as you did allowing to adpat to any situation. For example my character Gen is easily angered, tends to insult a lot and has low (almost null) impulse control, so playing him on situations that require opposite traits to him becomes not only a challenge but an enjoyment as is fun finding out how the character would react.

Your character personality is way to adaptative to any circumstances, stopping her from really having an emotional difficulty to face a situation.

She can be gentle or dark

She can be very sensitive and instinct driven or can formulate a plan on the spot, showcasing surprising coolness on any situation

She is really smart but she doesnt seems to be

She can be polite or a total drunk and potentially a sex offender.

Do you see what I mean? Try to build a personality from a single trait and traits around it, all linked to the personality instead of having a multiple choice psyche.

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RPG » Kayla Arantes (Character Bio) W.I.P

@BlueAliceOasis: Apart from the joke before I do share Samjaz curiosity about the condition of Demi-god the character had, could you expand upon that? And her general background

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RPG » (LOCATION) Inazuma Gakuen: The School of Warriors

@Vapovile: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

-Mercenary work, body guarding and other similar activities, you know the usual family fun stuff. - Andy sarcasm was clear to grasp. As the chef worked with swift and skilled movements he shared his opinion about Sid’s question. –Crow? I think the same as you man, who the hell gets the name of a bird? Couldn’t he get a real name? Maybe his parents hated him or even worse, they were dirty hippies- But Andy knew who was Crow Cementerio was, a world renowned bounty hunter, last remaining member of a clan that in more than one occasion had run-ins with the Bonham Family. As he finished talking Massimilano turned around with 3 dishes, he placed each one in front of the students. –Here you go amici, I hope you enjoy it.-

Keiji’s dish:

Nekketsu Yuzuke in Miso Soup

Onigiri-like spheres of oven-dried rice filled with duck and vegetables, served in the middle of a miso soup with mild spicy soy sauce with Wasabi and Mustard. Whoever consumes this will feel heat of heart and mind, more than enough to fire them up for their next day so in fact that their skin will be hot at touch, without any ill effect for the eater.

Sid’s dish:

Cosciotto di agnello with patata dolce fritta

Leg of lamb with fried sweet potatoes, with the lamp skin crispy and golden covered in honey mustard sauce. The sweet potatoes have been stir fried on the juices and grease of the lamb for extra flavor. Whoever eats this will feel relaxed for a couple of days, in fact so relaxed that their joints will be more flexible than normal, allowing movements not possible under normal circumstances.

Andy’s Dish:

Pesce e Carota fritta

Good ol’ Fish and Chips with an Italian sprinkle, having garlic and parsley added to the fish and everything being friend in olive oil for an extra aromatic meal. Both the fish and the chips are covered in molten mozzarella cheese. The chips are of fried Carrot instead of potato. Whoever consumes this will get enhanced eyesight for a couple of days.


-Yo, Archer-kun, let’s hit the town, my Oni stomach needs some food.- Toramaru had woken up and was already stretching his sore muscles. The Half Oni Teen scratched his neck in the place where Velvela go him. –At least we helped stop that crazy Senpai, let’s celebrate, I’m buying I have a ton of money from my aniki to buy food, they know I eat a lot.-


Jean and Batilda kept watching the magazine with giggles until Izumi swiftly hit both of them with an elegant fan she carried in her bag. Both grabbed their head in pain and the wise Japanese teen grabbed the magazine and gave it back to Alicia. –Her you go Weston-san, shall we proceed to the café? I could use a cup of good tea and a parfait, at least to prepare for the next day, as surely it will be less simple than the first. - With that said she led the way with Jean and Batilda following her. –Where did you get the magazine? I want last month issue that comes with the Gaston interview and his poster…mmmh- Batilda said to Alicia as she moved towards town.


-Is quite simple, one student misbehaved and our fair Ms. Jaeger here gave him and introductory class to poisons.- Kenmei laughed a bit at the situation and even Garo managed to strike a faint smile. –The student tried to counter-attack but he didn’t count with Ms. Jaeger ally attacking him.- The Metal Arm Teacher inquired with curiosity. –Her ally? Who was it? – looking at both the Class L teachers trying to guess who helped. With a wide smile Kurosawa-sensei replied. –Gravity- Garo and Kenmei started laughing their ass off.

As this happened Kotetsu arrived to the pub and walked towards them just as the laughs ended. –Seems you’re having fun without me, like always. - He seemed a bit pissed off, but he quickly changed his tune when he saw Alexis and Artemis. –Hello again Ms Alexis I hope your first day ended fine, and who is she, the new instructor in Class L?- He moved towards Artemis and kneeled down. –My name is Kotetsu Kurogane, teacher of ranged weapons to Class M and I’m at your service whatever you need during the first weeks adapting here, Ms…?- He finished his old school flirty introduction with a invitation for Artemis to introduce herself.

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RPG » Kayla Arantes (Character Bio) W.I.P

@SamJaz: I suppose she or he means Half God and Half human XD

@BlueAliceOasis: I like the powerset, is good to see Neural manipulation. Nice start. I like the personality a bit bipolar for my tastes but quite good

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Fehafare: @Lobos_Del_Rayo: @SamJaz: @Vapovile: @Justalittlegirl:

Crow rubbed his head after the punch and glanced at Haruko making a mental not about avoiding calling her that again. –This little shoot-out? We all got called by Gen’s sister, he was captured and seemingly they will kill him in a couple of hours if we don’t rescue him.- The Lighting Cowboy looked around the battlefield and noticed Toramaru. –I’m going to check on him, be right back…- As he moved he heard the Oni’s words and upon reaching the position he asked. -Who took them? - Crow was the first to arrive at Raisa’s side and asked the young Oni about the kidnapper, but Toramaru had already fainted. The Last Gunslinger raised his hand when Alvin asked, while he stated tracking the Ki. It was similar to following the trail of Natural Energy he was more akin to use, in fact it was almost as tracking anybody who used Natural Energy with inclinations for fire, surely because of Toramaru’s genetic heritage having a link with a similar energy. –I think we should follow the trail, I can track it without any troubles, but we should also keep an open eye for any ambush.- He glanced at the whole group with trusting eyes and finished with. - Agreed? Ms. Shishioh is the one who knows the location of and she was the one who asked to help. - Crow sighed. –And I don’t want to know what that crazy boxer will do to us if we rescue him and let his sister die. - Raisa nodded and checked her gear first, and then, with surprising ease for her size, she moved Toramaru against a wall in the alley so he could heal more comfortably.


Rin was rudely woken up by a sudden slap to her face. She got slapped so hard that her cheek got wounded. –Wake up princess, our boss wants to talk to you.- A hulking figure was standing in front of her. He was too big to be a simple man, his body obscuring the lamplight behind him, dressed in a sharp suit, like the man who attacked her and the others in the alley, but instead of the face of an old man, this individual had a metallic face, plates of an unknown alloy instead of skin composed his head, lenses instead of eyes. He was strangely human looking except that half of his head and one of his eyes were covered by heavier black plating. Rin was scared, but she kept her cool, trying to swallow that fear, knowing deep inside her that showing it would make her a more enjoyable target for this brute; she wouldn’t give him the pleasure.

The giant metallic man walked around the chair she was chained to and with his immense ogre-like hands grabbed her from her head and forced to turn towards one of the side walls. Yuriko was chained and strapped to it. For the looks of it they gave her quite the beating. –Do you see that ojou-chan? You’re going to end like her if you don’t answer my boss, so get ready to talk when he gets here. - He released her head and remained behind her. Rin could hear the sound of cogs and fluid tubes coming from him, as if he was a car. The rumbling noise was unnerving, collaborating to make the only captor she saw so far even less human that what he looked. Seconds crawled by in silence, except for the aforementioned engine-like sounds, until steps echoed in the hallways outside the room.

The door opened revealing Aoki Minato, Osaka’s God of Gambling. Yuriko, barely awake after the beating she received opened her eyes in surprise. With faint voice she said –You…You motherfucker….you are behind this? - Aoki looked at her with a mix of pity and snark. –Miss Kazegawa, right? Is a shame this had to go like this, I hope that knowing you will be missed from my arena, Kurogane, knock her out. - The massive henchman moved towards Yuriko making the room tremble with every step –Yeah boss, right on it.- He winded up his arm and clocked her in the chin with a massive haymaker, way faster than one could think such a large and heavy individual could be. Aoki sat on a chair in front of Rin, with the spotlight hitting his back, turning his body into a silhouette from the youngest Shishioh sibling point of view.

-So, Shishioh-san, let’s talk business here…- Aoki leaned forward enough for Rin to see his eyes, that clearly reflected he wasn’t a good guy and he wasn’t somebody you mess with. –I’m really sorry for your and my loss, your brother did bring crowds to my establishment but your parents are paying a small fortune to me to allow his operation to go undisturbed. - The God of Gambling rudely snapped his tongue as he changed topic. –But let’s get right into business, as you know you are being held captive, a bit obvious but I need to establish that, and I also will mention than the chances of you being rescued or tracked are slimmer than the chances of your unlikely entourage rescuing your brother. So I have an offer for you. – Rin tried to keep her stoic façade but the taunting of Aoki was getting to her what if her plan was just naïve hope of getting rescuing her brother. –What is your offer Mr…? - She asked trying to keep her voice from wavering as she also asked her interlocutor for his name.

-Minato, Aoki Minato, but my name is not of any importance, what is important is my offer.- He stood up and leaned against the wall in front of Rin, know he was fully visible as the light was hitting his front. –I’m currently in a business venture with your objective tonight, Dr. Kago, as he will supply me with several soldiers as the one who captured you if I do some security and collecting work for him.- Aoki took a Smartphone from his jacket inner pocket and swiped the screen a couple of times. –So it happens that the team you assembled is what my partner, Dr. Kago, called, and I quote, a “Genetic Jackpot” so he asked me, the moment he found out about who you were planning to assault him with, that we capture them and sent them to him. - The Criminal Lord of Osaka made a gesture with his head and his henchman, Kurogane, lifted Rin from the lapels of her clothing, with chair and all and pinned her against the wall behind her. –The offer is simple, you help us capture them, lie to them and all that stuff and you and Ms. Kazegawa here can leave without more damage.-

Kurogane pinned her so violently that she started bleeding inside her mouth. Her eyes defiantly rejected Aoki’s offer and to demonstrate she spitted blood on his face. –So that’s how it’s going to be Shishioh-san, then it’s going to be a very long night for you, as my boy here really likes to play.- To make that statement even creepier, Kurogane’s smile widened as he threw her with chair and all against a corner, just besides Yuriko. The FMY 3 walked towards her with his hand denting the wall, leaving lines behind his metallic fingers. Aoki left the room with a snarky smile. –Have fun Shishioh-san, or at least try to, I know my boy will, and don’t worry about your friends, they will be test subjects soon enough. - And with that the God of Gambling closed the door, leaving the terrified Rin at the mercy of his brutal henchman.


-C’mon, c’mon, we have a long way to go before reaching my home… I think…- K-4 stopped for a moment, he seemed a bit confused about something, but instead of ignoring it he told them the reason of his doubts. -I don’t know, every time I think of home I imagine two very, very different places. - His innocent face turned pensive as he looked to the sky. –One is Kago-Ojiisan lab, with all those glass tubes and machines everywhere. There are some very, very spooky things inside the lab, but the other…mmmmh…- The Clone cutely scratched his head as he wondered. –I can see a place with a lot of sand and very funny twisted plants, I can see a river and some green, starry skies and mountains far away… I can remember smells, some sweet and some sour…- He looked at them.- Do you know what I’m talking about? One smell seemed like the drink that creepy, creepy Joshuu drinks in the morning… The other like those big fire things they launched days ago….hana..hanabi? (Fireworks) I heard some people called them that. - He looked at them waiting for answers as he kept back stepping towards the Lab general direction.


-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!- A chilling scream snapped Dr. Kago from his work as he was trying to reinitiate K-4 Programming. Joshuu screamed 1 level down the stairs, the holding pens for the projects. That could only mean one thing, and that was confirmed when the Wicked Scientist heard the sound of uneven steps on the stairs. –Joshuu, are you there? - But a sinister voice, too strange to be human replied. –Joshuu is not here, when I last saw him he was a bit dispersed….Heh…heha…hehahehiheheahhe….dispersed…- The steps got nearer and nearer and finally a very thing individual appeared in the doorway. He was too thin, as if he was starving; his eyes were crazed and bloodshot. His hair was a greasy mess covered in blood and guts, surely Joshuu being the donor or that. But most noticeable patches of metal covered his body fusing grotesquely with the skin around them. –What’s up doc?- He spoke with a new voice, Joshuu’s voice, yet he didn’t move his mouth.

Kago looked with a mix of fear and amazement how the metallic patch on his chest swelled up and took the shape of Joshuu’s face, the voice came from there with a distinctive metallic chime behind it. –Doctor, I’m cold and scared, I don’t know where I am… I don’t kn.- but he was cut as the metal turned into a smooth surface again. The thing that killed Joshuu, codename K-1 moved with difficulty, as if his muscles were stiff after a very long time sleeping. Each movement seem like a short lived convulsion, making his bones pop, but instead of just doing that, the sound seemed more like two metals colliding with each other, like knifes being sharpened against each other. –Doctor Kago….Doctor…Kago….I need you to answer one question….I may let you live if so….- Kago swallowed saliva his body went tense, feeling the impending doom that was coming, maybe practicing to be rigor mortis, and heard K-1’s question. –How do you like your steak? I like mine, raw, bloody and intelligent, but what about you?-

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