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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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Battles » Kenichi Shirahama vs Natsu Tanimoto

@takashichea: They started up as enemies and then turned into sort of friends and you know that in anime being a villain who befriends the hero makes you become less powerful than the Hero on the long run..... I like to call it the Vegeta Syndrome

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Battles » Silva, Killua, Zeno and Illumi Zoldyck vs the Hulk

@Alpha_Watcher_3000: Just a question, do you hate the Zoldycks? Did they killed somebody you cared about? Because you sent them to a suicide mission

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RPG » Lucky Seven [RP]

@Fehafare: @Justalittlegirl:

-Don’t go yammering around old man, I’m going to help even if you don’t want it… I got my orders you know? - A young man in full samurai gear followed behind an older man dressed in traditional Japanese clothing who rudely replied. –Son, you should stay in school instead of following me around in missions, your mother would go insane if she knew you’re working part-time for the Bureau… And she would kill me. - The young Samurai in red armor snapped his tongue rudely at that. –Tsk, shut it, I need the money, you spend most of your salary in the pachinko parlors these days, and how much did you lose in Osaka last month? You’re late in 3 months of alimony and the three little devils back home are eating quite a lot…-

The old man sighed. –Is not my fault that your mother decided to adopt three Oni orphans to rise them, yes is the academic in the family, so ask her for brilliant ideas to feed them, somebody dedicates his life to keeping monsters away from his family and end ups divorced and with monsters living in his house…damnit. - The young man sighed as well, both very similar. –Stop whining dad, who the hell you think gave me the idea to join the Bureau, mom wanted the space so as I said, just shut the hell…BIPBIPBIPBIP…- A device on the young man pocket started blipping catching his attention. –There is a robbery in progress, time to run old man; we need to get there ASAP.- With that said he started running towards the bank, seemingly ready for action.

His father behind him started to follow with some effort. –Wait up *HUFF*I’m not as young as you boy *HUFF* wasn’t our job to observe the others *HUFF* Organizations? *HUFF* you seem ready for a fight, don’t be rash, we could talk it out with them *HUFF*- His son looked at him and smiled, a fearless smile fit for a warrior. –I’m going to observe old man, but I like to observe in small quantities, like a detached limb or a head…- His father, lagging behind, sighed once again, maybe a pattern in their rocky relation, and whispered. –I don’t know where the hell he got that attitude….- and strained himself to reach his son.

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Battles » Claire Stanfield (Baccano!) v.s. Guts (Berserk)

Guts destroys him.... It's proven that even against enemies with superior mobility he still destroys them, like against Serpico.

With the Armor is plainly overkill

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RPG » A Night at the Castle RP

@Vapovile: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

Pitch Black Battle (Part 2): Eco de las Tormentas

Crow didn’t know what you, in such darkness shooting may be an extremely bad idea, as he could hit somebody. He moved towards the nearest cover, a stone pillar and leaned against it as he formulated a plan. But his mind was blank; he couldn’t even start thinking about a strategy, as if the shadows that surrounded him already started to creep inside his head, filling him with despair. As he tried to grasp whatever idea he could, something different echoed on his mind, something he didn’t listened for a long time.

-Darkness is not the enemy, fear is the enemy.-

Those words took the Gunslinger back to his youth; back he was under the tutelage of his grandfather Buho. He faintly remembered the event, but with each passing moment the memory got clearer, as if the shadows jump-started it. The Lighting Gunslinger was taken by his grandfather, at that point leader of the Gunslingers of Rayo Rosado, to a group of caves far away from the village. In the past, he had fought a dangerous foe called Nukpana.

Buho wanted to train Crow in perfect darkness, so he could be able to perceive his surroundings through Natural Energy instead of relaying just on his senses. At this point the young Gunslinger wasn’t able to summon the Lighting, so he had to rely in raw Natural Energy to do so. Buho left Crow alone in the cave, for a week, without any light, so he could get accustomed to it.

The would be Gunslinger was barely a Teen during this and truthfully the greatest enemy he had to fight was the primordial fear of darkness everybody has, not matter how big or strong, every human feats the unknown. Crow spent a really bad week, barely able to find food of water, while trying to get as accustomed as possible to the silent darkness around him. But slowly whatever held his mind in place started to unravel out of solitude, fear and hunger.

As the 7 days passed, Buho returned back into the cave and his voice echoed inside the dark halls, filled with stalactite and stalagmite. –Boy, are you still alive, if you do, just snap your fingers.- Crow almost talked, in fact, he was about to when he heard his grandfather, but upon hearing the order he stopped himself, mustering every ounce of discipline he could and just snapped his fingers

-Perfect, I’m going to throw plates in the air, shoot them as best as you can. Snap the fingers when you are ready. - Crow started crawling in the darkness searching for the gun Buho left with him. With painstaking slowness he charged the gun, with his fingers shivering from the cold. It took some time but he managed to do it and he snapped his fingers. His grandfather, who waited patiently until then, proceeds to explain the exercise.

-I’ll start throwing the plates, one for each bullet in your gun; don’t try to follow them with your eyes or your ears. You need to feel them move. - Crow snapped his fingers again and Buho prepared the first. –First one. - The plate was sent flying Frisbee like towards a corner of the cave, right to Crow position. The young Gunslinger strained his eyes trying to follow it in the darkness and shot. The bullet hit hard rock, not even close to the plate.

- Don’t use your eyes boy, focus. - Buho launched the second plate to the left of his grandson. This time around Crow tried to ignore his eyes, so he closed them, but he could hear it whistling through the air, so he followed his first instinct and shot. The whistling, distorted by the echoes wasn’t an accurate way to follow the plate, so this time around he missed once again. –Don’t use your ears as well, you need to fight against the basic instincts of a gunslinger for this Trick, or you won’t be able to pull it off Boy, shut down those senses, you need to see without seeing, you need to hear without hearing.-

Crow started breathing heavily, the sudden stress after a week of creeping tranquility was getting to him, and his hands were shaking failing to snap his fingers. He made an effort to calm down and managed to snap them. The plate flied and he failed the shot. This was repeated with the next two plates, until only the last chance remained. Crow couldn’t focus, he feared being left another week here, he feared not living up his grandfather expectations, he feared failing and he feared the darkness itself, clawing it’s way to his heart as he prepared the last shot. As calmly as he could he snapped his fingers asking for the last plate.

Buho launched it as he said. –Darkness is not the enemy, fear is the enemy-

Crow remembered that and the shaking on his hands stopped, he knew what to do, he knew exactly what to do, just like that time, but this time it would be even better. The Lighting Cowboy charged up and released a wave of harmless electric current around him, like a multidirectional wave. As his specialization in Natural Energy was lighting he could perceive it everywhere, but this time around he needed that field of Static to kick start that perception.

The blue sparkles travelled around him reaching everybody in the room, he felt Gen, Callis and George in the back, Karen and her money strings, Luna moving inside, Arsenal being pushed back and Haruko sneaking around. Jericho was a couple of meters beside him praying. He noticed everybody but one, he couldn’t perceive Cavaler, but it wasn’t just that, as he noticed something, just in front of Arsenal’s location a spot was completely blank, not like a stone pillar, but as if the sparkles vanished.

This technique is called “Eco de las Tormentas” (Echo of the Storms) allowing a momentary picture of a place, like a low range sonar. –Don’t sense it, feel it. - That was what Crow whispered as he shot quicksilver, aiming for a trick shot ricocheting the bullet. We will see what happened to that bullet in moments….


Jericho Strife knew he wouldn’t be able to fight as he was right now, so as he always did in times of turmoil he went on his knees and prayed faithfully hoping to get divine inspiration to help on forcing the enemy into reaching their expiration date. He started chanting in the darkness with his hammer head on the ground and a bible on his hand.

Deo in caelis,

Christi, quae est super terram,

Sanctus tum uniendo,

In periculis: Gere curam mei,

Da mihi virtutem suscipere infirmos,

Fortitudo insontes,

Animi ad mortem,

Et auxilium indigentibus.

Cum leo rugit,

Dissipabo mali et succendatur, et facite ea


With that proclaimed a faint light surged from him illuminating a circle around him with warm golden light. He stood there chanting and making the circle of light bigger by a cm each moment.


George and Callis ran forward, barely able to notice anybody in the dark. Both were decided to fight, the young werewolf with his claws ready and the Beast Knight with his swords unsheathed. But as they advanced the more experience Knight noticed an incoming object and pushed George down. –Watch out Mes Hastewell.- Was Callis shout as he tackled the Werewolf. Both landed on the cold stone ground and George asked –What the hell was that?-

The Beast Knight, a bit surprised himself barely managed to speak after being so close to death. –I think it was, how do they call them? I think it was a bullet. - In disbelief the Werewolf said. –A Bullet? But it bounced three times on a pillar after almost hitting us, who the hell shot that?- For a moment Callis remembered a similar feat, but he realized that couldn’t be, he never saw a bullet back on his world, why did he remember seeing something like this before?

As Callis pondered that, George noticed Luna’s scent coming towards them and shouted. –Luna, be careful, there is a Ricocheting Bullet nearby-


Cavaler stepped in to finish the job, his first attack wasn’t as strong as it had to drink the light of the fires before affecting Arsenal. The Last Vampire Knight possessed the dreadful ability to consume light in all its forms, even as stored energy. That’s why he could cause those strange black burns, truthfully those “burns” were necrosis of the cells being drained of energy and killed by the “darkness” that really was a blast that consume light and “created” darkness, as he said, “Darkness is just the absence of Light. –I will end your life here, prepare to die and make peace to whatever false God you serve”- The Vampire Knight raised his blade, prepared to give the final strike but as his was about to lower his blade to finish the job the bullet shot by Crow managed to graze him on the nose, making the Knight to lose balance and hit besides Arsenal. The sound of clashing metal against rock echoing in the whole room, a perfect signal to start a counter attack.

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Battles » Guts vs Miyamoto Musashi and Thorfinn

@takashichea: @jio_freecs1: Guts is a bloody monster, even without the armor, he swings his massive blade with speed that rivals an expert moving a Rapier. Not even with Thorkell they can stop him.

With the Armor Guts will tear them apart limb by limb and proceed to skullfuck them with his sword

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Battles » Guts vs Miyamoto Musashi and Thorfinn

@takashichea: I promote it every time I get into a Manga discussion.

"Vinland Saga will make you grow hair in you chest...and a beard"

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Battles » Guts vs Miyamoto Musashi and Thorfinn

Guts is broken as fuck,

In round 1 he destroys the enemies

In round 2:

he wins 9/10.

Musashi has the 1/10

Thorfinn is outclassed by two freaking monsters

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RPG » Osaka Ablaze RP

@Justalittlegirl: @Vapovile: @Fehafare: @SamJaz: @Lobos_Del_Rayo:

K-4 big blue eyes sparkled with innocent amazement as he saw Elise create fireworks from her hand. –Yes! Like that, but very, very big, up in the sky! - Absolutely forgetting about his current activity the clone went towards Elise and hugged her. –Can you do it again Neesan? Can you? - He was jumping around here very excited by the possibility of seeing more Fireworks, as he never could watch many in the lab, the only times he could was when the Doctor was “charging” him on the rooftop, tied to a bed with a lightning rod attached to it. And even then he didn’t see a lot.


Raisa, with her accustomed almost whispered voice and grim disposition explained quickly to Dan the situation. –The Boxer was captured, his sister asked us to retrieve him, she got captured, and the red skinned brat got damaged trying to stop whoever got her. We need to find her, rescue her and to find out exactly where they are keeping the Boxer.- Her thick Russian accent could difficult understanding her, but she went directly to the point, curiously never referring to Gen by name. The Russian Prodigy then turned to Crow. –You said you can track it, shall we start moving? I don’t know how much time my classmates back in the school will be able to refrain certain elements of our class from revealing our disappearance.-


-Xi’ai, can you get another layer of thread over Tetsu, I’m worried he ain’t moving, he shouldn’t be knocked down for so long, and he seems like a sturdy guy. - Kojiro was pinning down Wallaby who was still trying to get out of this bind. The Chinese Seamstress sighed and entered the room, using her advanced knowledge in the usage of string as a weapon to spin another layer of thread around the unconscious Karate Practitioner, Tetsu Yamanaka. –Here, now he is inside a cocoon of metallic fibers, I doubt he will get out… I just hope they don’t take a lot of time, I don’t want to be caught red-handed.- Kojiro sat over the struggling Wallaby and rudely snapped his tongue. –Tsk, you need to chill out girl, or you’ll wrinkle your pretty face. I have everything under control.- He elbow dropped the Australian Student back to sleep as Xi’ai rolled her eyes and left the broom covert to keep guard.


Darkness. Complete and utter darkness. Yuriko Kazegawa could barely open her eyes after the beating he received from the sadistic FMY nicknamed Kurogane by his boss. She could barely perceive anything except for swelling masses of pain all over her body, bruises and wounds covering her after being on the wrong end of Kurogane’s metallic plated fists. But as she struggled not to fall back onto unconsciousness she started regaining her senses, hearing noises that seemed far away. There was a fight nearby; she could hear the contenders, one struggling to avoid the attacks of the other, which rumbled the room each time he failed. With enormous effort she tried to open her swollen eyes managing to see a bit of the room.

Rin, still cuffed, was desperately avoiding Kurogane’s sluggish attempts to punch her head in. Even beaten and scared her body moved with enough grace to avoid the mighty and surprisingly fast, yet easily predictable punches. The Massive Brute stopped his assault and looked at her. –You can certainly move missy, but sooner or later you will get tired and I’ll have my chance. - He tapped his chest with his enormous fist, clashing metal against metal. –Heard that? I don’t get tired missy, I’m almost completely metal, so you ain’t beating me, I don’t see you carrying any weapons so you have no chance, be a good girl and let me fuck you up.- He finished by launching another punch that Rin managed to avoid. –I won’t give up; I know that if I was on his situation my brother wouldn’t give up.-

-How sweet, you can tell him that when you meet him in hell. - This time around the punch scratched the youngest Shishioh sibling, launching her against the wall just besides Yuriko, who could only watch as her friend got punched. Rin was barely able to stand leaning against the wall with whatever strength she could muster. Besides her the broken remains of the chair lied in the corner, instinctively she glanced at them as they were the only chance at a weapon, but that instinct almost killed her as Kurogane charged forward towards her. Rin reacted a second too late, lifting her arms trying to protect herself, shutting her eyes in fear. Yet the hit never arrived as she got some help.

Rin opened her eyes to see Yuriko, who managed to break free one of her arms from the chains on the wall and used her thumb to pierce the sole healthy eye of Kurogane, who stepped back in pain as he cursed nonstop with his booming voice. –Don’t just stay there; finish this fucker… just like I taught you…- Yuriko fainted after imparting this words and Rin nodded grabbing one of the chair legs in the floor and charged it with Ki, just as her friend showed to her before this mission. Rin waited for her chance, prepared to attack and when she saw her window of opportunity she lunged forward with the broken leg as her only weapon. She aimed at Kurogane’s mouth as he opened to scream, piercing the Ki reinforced wood into the cyborg’s palate and releasing the Ki like a blast.

Maybe she was scared, or her survival instincts kicked in, but she wasn’t able to control the output of the Ki, creating a massive detonation that blasted the FMY 3 inside out, exploding into a improvised frag grenade in the closed room, making it tremble and filling the falls with metallic shards. Rin shielded herself with Ki as much as she could and jumped in-between the explosion and the still retrained Yuriko, minimizing the blast for her. She then proceeded to faint in tears, as this was the first time she killed somebody. Yuriko started to break the other chains and help her friend up.


Moments before DGT greeted Aoki Minato back to the control room with bad news – FMY 7 and 8 are offline, they were destroyed by our targets. Pretty surprising. - Aoki glared at him. –Surprising!? This is a disaster; do ya know how much I spent on those friggin’ bastards? I not made out of money ya know? - The young Hacker laughed at the sudden surge of Kansai accent of his boss. –Calm down boss, I already sent 6, 5 and 4 to deal with them, so I don’t think they will survive for too long. - The God of Gambling sighed. –Damnit, I will have to ask that crazy scientist for more soldiers after this, I don’t like dealing with him, he is a crazy dou- BOOOM!!!! The echoes of an explosion made the room tremble. –WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?- Aoki shouted as he regained his balance. DGT checked his wrist mounted screen and trying to be as diplomatic as he could he said. –Well, I have more bad news for you, Kurogane just was rendered inoperative. - A vein popped in the Lord of the Osaka Criminal Underworld forehead. –Kurogane is dead? - DGT calmly nodded. –Yes- Aoki exhaled deeply trying to calm himself. –So Ms. Shishioh and Ms. Kazegawa are loose on our base and you sent all the available FMY troops to deal with the others… I think we should warn the soldiers that both could be dangerous… DGT-san, sound the alarm.-


The Infamous Doctor Kago was utterly baffled, as surprisingly he wasn’t dead yet. K-1 or Masako Hihashi, as he presented himself had been, for the lack of a better term, kind to the old man, sitting him on a chair and cleaning up the remains of Joshu from the lab. The Genetics Expert was sitting in silence as the horribly disfigured K-1 he had on his lab as a study subject donned a broom and a makeshift bandana made of a piece of parchment and started cleaning. Utterly baffled, unable to say a single word, fearing that something could set off the monster in front of him. The silence was broken by Masako. –So Doc, I got a good read from your boy Joshu memories, and I know your deal, mostly… Care to talk a bit about your current activities? I can’t seem to maintain your assistant memories fresh in my mind, so could you elaborate?-

For a moment Kago was confused, as from what he gathered about K-1 life previous to being incased in Benkeinium, the living metal found during WWII by the Japanese government, was that he was a serial killer and had some sort of telekinetic prowess, nothing indicated him being polite or considerate, but suddenly he understood why this was happening. Masako wasn’t even looking at him after he finished eating Joshu, he barely had any interest in the Doctor, as if he was below him. Masako didn’t care about him because he didn’t considered him neither a threat or proper food, there was something alien on his detached attitude. –I’m working on making soldiers with enhanced abilities I thought that studying you would grant me a new perspective into that field, all things considered you are an exemplar specimen.-

-Thanks Doc, anything else I could do for an esteemed fellow butcher?- Kago tried to reply but he was cut by Masako continuing. -Don’t deny it, I have Joshu’s thoughts, I know you take great pleasure on cutting people up, dead or alive.- He dropped the broom and took of the bandana as he moved towards the Doctor. –The only difference between you and me…- His right hand turned into massive metallic blade. –Is that I’m better equipped for it. - A solitary drop of sweat ran down the Doctor’s face as he could smell the blood residue on the blade. –Ehm, I do have something for you to do if you…- Masako retracted the blade and looked directly at him, or almost through him, as somebody watching a fly on the wall. –What do you need esteemed elder? - Kago swallowed and replied. –I made a bio-weapon, a clone of an elemental user, he has gone out of control and I don’t think he is going to react, could you please kill him? And complete his mission, capturing a red-headed woman that currently is besides him. -

The sole mention of the word kill had a strange effect on Masako, the metallic plates grotesquely grafted onto his body suddenly started to move as if they were boiling water, but instead of round bubbles, horrible spikes started to move up and down. His eyes shined with a sinister light they widen up, his pulse accelerated and his breathing as well. –Esteemed Doctor, it would be my pleasure. - He turned around contorting his body again as he moved towards the exit. Kago tried to speak. –The exit is- But he was cut by K-1. –I know.- He pointed a plate on his back, once again forming Joshu’s face. –I still got his memories Doc, I know the way out, you just resume your work here, I’ll come back to ask you for something in exchange of my help here…- He continued walking and his voice changed from that politeness to a metallic sound so sinister and dark even Kago’s skin went pale. –Until then Doctor…until then.-

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Off-Topic » Build a Team to Fight the Supernatural

Instead of plain old power I prefer a team that would be laughably mismatched when it comes to strenght, but with a good balance of personalities and skils.

  • Integra Hellsing (Hellsing) Leader
  • Kamen Rider Kiva (Kamen Rider Franchise) Tank
  • Hermione Granger (Harry Potter) Smart One
  • Ethan Chandler (Penny Dreadful) Ranged/Tank
  • The Yakuza with the Butterfly Knife (Versus) Wild Card/Token Evil Teammate
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Battles » Kefka Palazzo vs Madara Uchiha

Kefka stomps, and then he proceeds to dance over Madara's body until it turns to dust

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Off-Topic » Choose Your Own Body Guards

If they are going to be alongside me all day I will go for likeability and general misc skills rather than plain old power

1. Tendou Souji (Kamen Rider Kabuto)

2. Lupin III

3. Miu (HSDK)

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The Nine Arts Dragon is a bit out of his weight class here.

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Battles » Old School vs New Blood

@nishi99: "Golgo snipes" One of the best ways to say they die in less than 0.4 seconds XD

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Battles » Onepunch Man Vs The Incredible Hulk

@ALMIGHTY: You could be right, but there is no taking seriously the "Trascending WB hulk" bit if you have a Saitama Avatar XD

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Battles » Old School vs New Blood

@akronawol17: Really? I thought it would be a bit more balanced

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Battles » Old School vs New Blood

We have two teams of 5 composed by Classic Anime Human characters fighting against a group of 5 new (relatively in comparison to the others) Anime Human characters in 5 Different Encounters. Both teams are composed by humans without superhuman powers, if they have they dont have them for this, they are limited to their human skills. Neither equipment that cannot be found in reality (Like Mech Suits or advanced weaponery)

Old School Team.
New Blood Team


1. Old School Team needs to steal a Diamond from Skyscrapper Penthouse, New Blood Defends

2. Same, inversed roles

3. Old School Team needs to protect a hostage while moving in a deeply populated city for 10 km

4. Same, inversed roles

5. Free For All Bloodlusted Brawl

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RPG » Marika Arachne- The Spider Seamstress

@Justalittlegirl: She is a Seamstress Character in Inazuma, her forte is using Razor Floss

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RPG » Marika Arachne- The Spider Seamstress

@Justalittlegirl: More Seamstress, I may need to make the bio for Xi'ai

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