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In the image, Gen Shishioh, Aleister Crown, Samjaz Shinoda and Mechanicus
In the image, Gen Shishioh, Aleister Crown, Samjaz Shinoda and Mechanicus

Guess what! A week has passed and is time for another thrilling (yeah, right) Animevice RPG Weekly News Blog! I’m your host Kuma_from_Argentina (A.K.A. Master of Disaster, the party animal from the other Down under and other stupid, meaningless and possibly invented titles) so, today we have a great Blog, we have an article about the active organization in the Viceverse, the same news about threads happening right now and the Player Spotlight of Chronowolf. Let’s get to it!

Forum News

This week has two new additions to the open threads and we have many open threads already in motion with a relatively good rhythm. Let’s check the new ones and then let’s review the ones already open, shall we?

Day Seized is a power trip to comedy helmed by Samjaz’s character Jardsam (You can learn about him in the 01/03/2014 Blog) Where he comes to Earth to force…let’s say invite, invite sounds less rapey, others to seize the day. Yes basically he is a cosmic Robin Williams in The Dead Poet Society, only that even crazier….like batshit insane crazy…..sorry, then he is exactly like Robin Williams, but now.

Welcome to Cyberpunk is an introduction thread by Fehafare, presenting the origin story of his new character Ciel. This thread has the particularity of being a closed thread, meaning that the players involved already had a fixed cast and didn’t want it to be altered; this serves the purpose of controlling the story more closely and being able to arrange certain aspects of the narrative beforehand.

Current active threads include, the epic Holy Grail Rebellion, currently in a fierce, earth shattering and sky splitting battle between an authoritarian Kingdom and a Coalition of Heroes. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about and are too lazy to check the link, Holy Grail Rebellion is a Nasuverse (Fate series) based thread, in which each involved player controls small groups of Servants inside the Throne of Heroes, fighting for supremacy over the other Heroic Spirits.

We also have Inazuma Gakuen, a School based thread for Martial Art/Weapon based characters to train and become even more badass. Currently the students of the titular Class M are in a training exercise that turned the whole campus into a paintball match, yes like Community, but instead of balls of paint the shoot with live, yet non lethal ammo, pretty neat, right? Some of the less accurate members decided that throwing their weapon could be easier, and it was right.

And finally, we also have Iron Ghost, if you are into military styled stories and you get some free time read it, it will surely be good. Is a Tank Squad RP…..FREAKING AWESOME CONCEPT!

We also have several other active threads, like Identity Theft (Western Styled story soon to turn into a shoot-out), A Night at the Castle (A very varied group of heroes fighting against a Vampire Village in Romania, don’t you love Clichés?) and a couple more.

Inside the RPG: Organizations in the Viceverse

Recently many players started Organizations in the RPG forum, these groups could be considered a large cast of characters rolled into one single entity, as the player controls all of them and establish their role in the world. Some organizations allow player to introduce characters into them and play them under the Organization authority but with their own free will. The three largest organizations are linked to the Hidden World concept. What is the Hidden World? Is a term to classify all super or inhuman events and individuals in the world, like Yokai, Demons, Angels, Aliens, Martial Artist with Ki, Mages, etc. This creatures and beings tend to stay hidden and most of the time with the help of these organizations.

In America, created by the player Sonata is FABLE, that handles this threats with military precision and efficiency. In the United Kingdom the MI13, created by the player Samjaz, deals with supernatural threats to the British people and counts with a large group of highly experienced officers and specialists. Last but not least is the Japanese Hidden World Affairs Bureau (JHWAB for short), created by myself, which operates in Japan, but instead of trying to fully conceal the presence of inhuman creatures they are slowly aiming to integration of both communities. All these organization share similar basic ideals but they differ in their application and their goals. It grants variety to the World. There also exists the Bounty Hunters Association, that takes care of the criminal scum from all Earth if the price is right, they posses branches in almost every corner of the world and sometimes they end up having some friction with the Hidden World Protection agencies.

In the RPG forum we care for education, so there are many educative groups. In Japan we have the Inazuma Gakuen, centered over Martial Arts, Strategy and Weapons Mastery. In France the Grandes Ecoles l'Espoir is a place where young magicians and magical creatures can learn new skills. The Red Lion Academy is the biggest university in the world, almost a small city that holds classes in almost any subject you can imagine.

We also have two player controlled countries, or not exactly countries, but quite close. The Exalted Empire is a powerful alien nation that fell to Earth and established a colony in Kansas; they are slowly extending their influence thanks to their incredibly powerful soldiers and their advanced technology. In Japan we have a small village, Shinwa-Mura, independent from the government, populated by Myth Soldiers. The MS are genetic clones of mythological creatures mixed with humans, to stabilize the genetic material, they were created during the WWII and up until now they were trapped in the underwater complex where they were born, known as Ryugu-jo.

Well, that’s more than enough for today about this, check the links to know more about these groups and check the World of the Vice thread to know their locations and areas of influence. Next Time we will have a Villains Editions of Inside the RPG.


When did you start to play in the RP section?

I started RPing in 2013, in February I believe, because Fehafare asked me to. When I only just started, only Feha and SamJaz were active in the RP section. And that's a good thing because I sucked more then I do now.

What are your favorite types of characters to play?

Characters who are the exact opposite of me in real life, characters who are not afraid to speak their mind, even if doing so would result in them getting punched in the face (three times, in less then a minute).

Which was your favorite thread and why?

Hellscraper, no doubt about it. It was the first RP I ever joined and it is what motivated me to make a character after Feha's begging failed. Plus, it was just so much fun.

From your own cast of characters. Which is your favorite?

Arthur, because he fits the "exact opposite of me" requirement the most, although not perfectly.

From your fellow players which is your favorite character?

Eh, Tough question... I think that the title of my favorite character goes to Luna. It's just so much fun reading how she "tortures" others, especially George. Poor George.

Arthur Cromwell

My first ever character. I made Arthur with a single purpose, to join Hellscraper, and he quickly became my favorite. My train of thought when making Arthur went something like this: "Hm, what would be a good power? Ooh, I like ice powers, let's give him ice magic. Though I don't want a squishy mage... I know, I'll have him know martial arts! And make him a good swordsman! Perfect. Though he's missing something... Oh, right. Let's make him good with computers just to give him a nice hobby/occupation. And let's make him twenty something but make him look 15 because reasons, yeah, that's it." So, as you can see, Arthur was a bunch of ideas jumbled into a single character. And I'll be the first to admit, he's not a great character. He's not even that good of a character. But he's my character and I'll stick with him and try to improve him as I go, maybe even make his solid one day.

Currently, I have several plans for Arthur. I am not sure if I'm gonna go through with any of them however. We'll see how things progress

Well this is all for today, this is Kuma signing off

NEXT TIME IN AVRPGNW (Large acronym I know): We shed some light over the villains in the forum and celebrating that, we have a big one, the Player Spotlight of Sonata! We will get inside the mind of the RP Mod!

The images in the title card are made by Rokuro

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Role Playing Game, at least in a Forum version, is a game in which you use your imagination and a character sheet to tell and play your part in stories, either devised by you or by another player. It comes from the Pen and Paper RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. In the forum we played on a joint Universe we call Viceverse, that is basically like our world but adding every trope, stereotype or genre that the players use for their characters. Its Anime Styled, so the characters are more akin to Anime Heroes or Villains than Western Super Hero, but there are exceptions. We play through text, no dice, no points, just pure narrative, there is a tight set of rules to avoid any injust advantage for any player.

Main Blog

Welcome to the first edition of Animevice RPG Weekly News! I’m Kuma_from_Argentina, I have been an RP player here for 3 years and member of the 2 Class of the Hall of Fame. These blogs will serve to showcase the talents of our resident writers and invite more to join up as players. Let’s start today with a kick rundown of the World of the Vice or Viceverse, the shared universe by all the players to fight, live and have adventures on.

The Current Viceverse is the Third one, after two different reboots. Most of the characters are what you could call street-level, or at least started that way and through a year of threads, fights and character development some got stronger. One of the main concepts in this incarnation is the Hidden World, what is the Hidden World? Is a term to classify all super or inhuman events and individuals in the world, like Yokai, Demons, Angels, Aliens, Martial Artist with Ki, Mages, etc.

There are some groups handled by players that serve as the cushion between the Human World and the Hidden World, like FABLE operating in USA, MI13 operates in UK and the JHWAB based on Japan. There are also organizations like the BHA that serve as another focus points for player that want to serve as bounty hunters. We also have a Magic School and a Martial Arts School to cater to every taste. Yet these organizations are optional and you can have your own wandering warrior, mage, gunslinger, etc, running around and causing mayhem. You can also create your own groups with their own specific goal and theme.

We have a small yet tight community of players that are constantly connected and improving the overall experience of the forums, as I write this we are working on a new achievement system for the threads. We have several threads open filled with awesome writers and awesome characters, and surely more to come. All you need to know is that with every passing month our canon grows stronger and more organized, allowing new players to get into the action quite easily, we indexed all the threads that are part of the canon here, and we are organizing all the information of current events here.

Just swing by to check out the threads and stay if you ever wanted to write your own anime styled character, with amazing powers and even more amazing stories to tell. From this week onwards, every Sunday I’ll post a new edition of this blog, with all the news and all the info you need to do, we will include character and writer features so you can know the characters of the world and those who handle them. Any doubts you can PM me or ask your question in the comments below!

Check our oficial rules and the useful threads for new players here.

Some of the Current Threads in the RPG Section

A Certain Girl Named Clare: A follow up to a previous thread, exploring the mental state of one of the character that just lost his fiancé

Capital of the Underworld: A fabled criminal city built under Japan, dominated by 4 Crime Bosses.

Inazuma Gakuen: A school for Martial Artists where the strong come to become stronger.

Bunkbeds: One of the characters is looking for new roommates in a London Flat, hilarity ensues.

Taken: The adopted daughter of a character has been kidnapped, now he and one of his pals is going to get her back.

Oh Son Where Art Thou? : One of our characters ends up with a bounty over his head, posted by his parents, and many bounty hunters, passing fighters and others want to take it.

Holy Grail Rebellion: Non-Canon Thread set on an alternative version of the Nasuverse. It showcases a conflict of Servants inside the Throne of Heroes.

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Check this videos  http://thatguywiththeglasses.com/videolinks/linkara/hopr 
any 20 year old guy is goign to shed a tear of nostalgy 
But the best moment ever is here 9:30 
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Since I've got work every single manga I readed were awesome! 
Rave Master 
20th century boys 
Check them out
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 Miyamoto Musashi
Gender: Male
Class: Saber
  • Strength: C
  • Endurance: D
  • Agility: A
  • Magic: C
  • Luck: A+
  • Noble Phantasm: B


Musashi was a master of the sword at young age, but as he grow old he transformed into a master of multiple fields, saying that if you can Master the sword, you can amster anything, he is a experiencied warrior, with great advices and serious ass-kicking abilities, he haves hints of perverted all man, but he usually covers them. He always haves sake to drink and wise words to say, he doesnt like the Berserker and Caster Types, becouse the first are people that dont appreciate the art in combat and the seconds becouse he hates the people that stays behind and dont fight hand to hand 
Short Bio:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miyamoto_Musashi
Skills/Abilities: Master Swordsman, Artist, Strategist and Warrior

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: D
Despite being of the Saber class, Musashi has weak resistance to magic. Although due to Munisai no Jitte he has some passive resistance to magic. Simple magic attacks can't hurt Musashi, although great magics and rituals have normal effect. 

Musashi is an expert rider but since he lived in an age without any Phantasmal Beasts around he cannot ride on magical creatures. On the other hand his skill extends to not just horses but to even bikes,cars and airplanes.


Mind's Eye(True): C 
The "combat logic", the ability to properly calculate and make accurate decisions in the middle of battle. Mushashi can consider all possible outcomes in the heat of danger. 
Knowledge of the Foremost Harmony: A 
As the master of the sword Musashi has the aura of serenity in battle. His movements and attacks are nearly impossible to read.  
Protection against arrows: C 
 Musashi can parry projectiles as long as he keeps focused on his attacker. It can not block continuous volleys for long or attacks with wide range of area.
Charisma: C 
Musashi has an obvious presence of command. This level of skill is enough to lead a whole army in battle.
Photographic Memory: C 
Musashi can learn new disciplines from just reading books and overall attain new skills in many times faster than average. 

Noble Phantasms:

Munisai no Jitte: B
Musashi's father Jitte, inherited by him, he uses it paired with a Katana. The sacred inscriptions make the weapons indestructible and allow Musashi to parry magic attacks.      
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