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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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Of the three big shonens of the moment I started with Naruto, back in 2002, watching them by youtube, it was funny (And I even watched the fillers 'couse I didnt knew they were so in that moment) but I only read the Shippuden part in the manga, 'couse I grew bored of the cuantity of drama that was poured in, and the author choice to give more action to Sasuke... Even more than the action that Naruto gets (Make calculations and Sasuke was in more combats and longer ones than Naruto in Shippuden) We could call it  Sasuke and not Naruto anymore....  
When I was at the middle of Naruto I watched Bleach, I was pysched out, cool swords fights, good jokes and a shitload of bad-ass moments, but why bother, when they reached the Arracar saga all the charisma that the story had was thrown away and replaced with mindless fights and a bucket full of flashbacks. Ichigo was more bad-ass than Naruto, but while the story advanced he grew more emo, reaching dangerous Sasuke levels (Always ranting about his inner hollow and that crap)  While the secondary characters were stranded to watch the fights or having minor combats that demonstrate that one villian is powerful. Yes Chad I'm talking to you.  
Now I'm reading both of the manga only to know of it ends...  
One Piece, from start to the the present, remains with a similar structure, new island-problem-solution, but all the things that made it big are still here, Luffy is still a witless idiot and a brutal fighter, Zoro is still the wanna be serious in this crew of clowns and Nami is still the greedy bitch we all love. The character grow stronger and more powerful, but the essence behind any of them remains the same, and Oda-sensei bothers in showing all the battle of every member in full detail, not only focusing in the protagonist (or the most popular character like in Naruto). And even more, In the world of One Piece there is always a bigger fish than the leading characters, that's what makes it so beutiful, you watched battles when you dont know the result, Luffy vs Lucci was a close one, with Aokiji you never expect Luffy to lose so easily. The beauty of it is unpredictablity, you will never know how a story arc will end (right now I'm chewing steel while waiting each chapter) 
That's my opinion, anybody can have his choice according to this three giants of the japanese market.... 
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