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Watching Gokaiger and realizing that Marvelous is a walking Harlock Reference
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Since I've got work every single manga I readed were awesome! 
Rave Master 
20th century boys 
Check them out
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 Miyamoto Musashi
Gender: Male
Class: Saber
  • Strength: C
  • Endurance: D
  • Agility: A
  • Magic: C
  • Luck: A+
  • Noble Phantasm: B


Musashi was a master of the sword at young age, but as he grow old he transformed into a master of multiple fields, saying that if you can Master the sword, you can amster anything, he is a experiencied warrior, with great advices and serious ass-kicking abilities, he haves hints of perverted all man, but he usually covers them. He always haves sake to drink and wise words to say, he doesnt like the Berserker and Caster Types, becouse the first are people that dont appreciate the art in combat and the seconds becouse he hates the people that stays behind and dont fight hand to hand 
Short Bio:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miyamoto_Musashi
Skills/Abilities: Master Swordsman, Artist, Strategist and Warrior

Class Skills:

Magic Resistance: D
Despite being of the Saber class, Musashi has weak resistance to magic. Although due to Munisai no Jitte he has some passive resistance to magic. Simple magic attacks can't hurt Musashi, although great magics and rituals have normal effect. 

Musashi is an expert rider but since he lived in an age without any Phantasmal Beasts around he cannot ride on magical creatures. On the other hand his skill extends to not just horses but to even bikes,cars and airplanes.


Mind's Eye(True): C 
The "combat logic", the ability to properly calculate and make accurate decisions in the middle of battle. Mushashi can consider all possible outcomes in the heat of danger. 
Knowledge of the Foremost Harmony: A 
As the master of the sword Musashi has the aura of serenity in battle. His movements and attacks are nearly impossible to read.  
Protection against arrows: C 
 Musashi can parry projectiles as long as he keeps focused on his attacker. It can not block continuous volleys for long or attacks with wide range of area.
Charisma: C 
Musashi has an obvious presence of command. This level of skill is enough to lead a whole army in battle.
Photographic Memory: C 
Musashi can learn new disciplines from just reading books and overall attain new skills in many times faster than average. 

Noble Phantasms:

Munisai no Jitte: B
Musashi's father Jitte, inherited by him, he uses it paired with a Katana. The sacred inscriptions make the weapons indestructible and allow Musashi to parry magic attacks.      
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Name:  Batsu Kumashi
Age: 20
Appearance Age:  He looks a little bit older, battle do that to men
Faction: Hero
Group Affiliation: None
Original Name: Unknown
Known Aliases: Gustblade
Avatar Appearance: Mix Ryoma Nagare and Gatsu from Berserk and you are pretty near.
Origin of Power: Ki+Training    
Signature Moves: Torasen; Hiei Ryuusen; Tenkensen
Grid points:  
  • Ag: 4
  • Du: 5-6
  • EP: 4
  • FS: 5
  • In: 3
  • MS: 7
  • Sp: 3
  • St: 5-6
  • Sr: 5-9
Mini Bio: A Wandering mercenary trying to find his place in the world, cursed and blessed with inhuman strenght, Master of the Shigure Sen style of swordsmanship, A man of unbreakable will and faith in his beliefs... 
Bio Link: 
      Batsu and his Sword Kyotansen
      Batsu and his Sword Kyotansen



Name: Batsu Kumashi 
Hair: Dark brown
Eyes: Golden  
Age: 20
Alignment: Good   
Height: 6' 5'' 
Weight: 195 lbs 
Occupations: Bodyguard / Travelling Sword Student


 Orphan at young age, Batsu was raised in a secluded Dojo (see img 1) he was trained in the way of the sword, as the others orphans and disciples that lived there. He wasnt the best, or the worse, his only field of specialty was the brute force, even in his young age he could do featsof strenght that were even more awesome that the ones his sensei made.  
 Even so, he wasnt the best in techniques or speed, so his overwhelming strenght was much mis-used or not focused enough when he attacked. Even more he always tried to control it, but he always went from restraining too much, to using his full strenght, that destroyed a lot of training shinai. 
 If he wasnt the most advanced of the class he was the one who represented the ideal swordsman, a honarable and gentle warrior who fighted not only for winning or power, he fighted for the sake of learning and improving his skills, so he could not only control his strenght but to enforce in the worlds his ideals of honor and loyalty with his sword.

     Img 1: Batsu's Monastery
     Img 1: Batsu's Monastery
When he reached his late teenager years, he started to feel more and more uncomfortable in the monastery, his strengt was so inmense and he lacked so much control that he was scared of hurting someone. He decided to travel throught the realms that were near his monastery to search for a cure. 
 He travelled for two years,  and worked as a bodyguard and served as mercenary in some battles of the feudal lords of his country, but he didnt finded a way to control his curse (he thought of it as a curse), but when  he was about to quit his journey he found a old man called Gohei, he was a blacksmith, and his whole life he searched for someone capable of wielding a sword he made, he called it Kyotasen (Giant Edge). 
 At first Batsu laughed at the name of the sword (it wasnt so big) and the ridiculous way the old man was carrying it, the sword was resting alone in a cart pulled by two horses, and the hold man walked along the cart carrying his tools in a backpack. But when Batsu tried to lift the sword up, he felt something he didnt expected to feel, the sword was heavy, he was shocked, since he was a kid anything he tried to lift seemed light as feather, he even had accidentally swinged a shinai so hard that slipped from his hands a flied over 1 km. 
 He lifted Kyotasen with one hand but with a lot of effort, and Gohei was even more shocked than him, hundred of warriors tried to lift the sword, but the only that could do it (and with one hand) was Batsu. Suddenly he begun to cry, seeing his wish fullfilled, finally finding someone that could lift his best work. 
 The sword was heavy, but Batsu lifted it, he knew that this sword was meant for him, so he wanted to know more about it. He asked Gohei, who was crying in joy of seeing his dream come true, Gohei washed his face and started talking about the Sword. -When I was younger I worked as weaponsmith of a powerful warlord. He always wanted me to create a sword that was only meant for him, a unique sword he said. My attempts were futile, each of my creations were rejected without even testing and he throwed them to the fire-.He cleared his throat and continued.  
- One night all the people in his camp saw a star fall of from heavens and crash near. We rushed towards it, only to find a giant lump of charred metal resting in the crater, the Warlord was amazed, and he told me to create a sword with the core of that Star. My helpers brought the lump of metal to my workshop, they thought it was too light to use it for a sword, but I was compelled by my honor to fullfill the wishes of my lord-. He stood up and moved towards Batsu while he drawed with his finger a circle around the lower half of the blade, showing the shield of a Feudal Lord. 
 He sitted again and continued, - Like my helpers said the metal of the star was too light, so I mixed it with Iron, then it started to be easier to work on it. I Finally finished the blade, I was in such a hurry that I finished of uniting the sword and the handle even before it cooled. The sword was finished, and I was instructed to not even sharpen it, becouse my Lord wanted to do it himself-. 
- The Warlord was a strong man, but surpisingly he couldnt lift the sword. He tried with both of his hands, but he couldnt. So he taked this a insult, and exiled me until I found someone capable of lifting the blade-. 
After the story, they went to his all hometown and Batsu showed the proof of Gohei task being completed, they splitted ways, and now Batsu roams throught the land with his newfound sword to follow his principles and protect the innocent.   
He now enjoys fighting and not worried anymore about controlling his strenght he re-started his training by lifting gigantic boulders or swinging tree to enhance not only his strenght, but his control of it 
Batsu is  very loyal if you are his friend and if you need help he will run to help you, but if you backstab him, he wont ever forgive you.  

Dont mess with his food, he gets very pissed...
Powers and Skills

 Inmense Super Strenght ( 25/Unknown tons range)  

  His super Strenght changes according to if he is wearing the Chouin Yoroi or not.

Enhanced Durability 

 He can take a serious beating and continue fighting, he can  take some bullets and keep fighting. Damn, he keeps fighting no matter what. He can take on slahes and bullets as they were sticks and peebles...

Swordmanship (Advanced but not master level of Dai Tora Ryu)  

 A sword style based on fast upwards cuts, always having a low stance, like a crounching tiger. His signature a Attack is Torasen, a powerful slash that magnified by Batsu gigantic strenght creates a powerful gust of wind that sends the enemy to the air. 

Will Power 

 He will get up no matter what, if he haves the belief that he is doing the right thing he will get up even if you cut his legs... 
Once he sets his mind in something he will fight until death and even beyond for that...  

 Slasher Smile

 Not truly a power or a ability, take it as an indicator that Batsu is not only enjoying the fight, but he also is going all-out on your ass...




 The sword forged by Gohei, it weights 5 tons, and Batsu is the only one that could wield it, the sword isnt sharp, but just the weight of it falling from one meter could give serious injuries to a normal human, Batsu only uses it in special ocassions, while most of the time he uses his Katana "Nanashi" 

 Chouin Yori

 Gained after serving in one war between two lords,  is a versatile and middle weight armor, protects his vital spots but doesnt hinders his movement. After Meeting with Gohei he covered it by a extra plating made of the same alloy of his sword to increase its weight. 
 Now the armor restrains his upper muscles to maintain his strenght stable in 25 tons, if he takes his armor his strenght increase dramatically




He wont hit you on the ground, or in the back, or attack people disarmed while he is armed, he wont attack women or childrens and he usually will help out that type of persons even if their aligment is evil (excepts he see them doing something incredibly evil in front of him) He wont escape a fight he entered, even if not doing it means defeat. He wont refuse a challenge for a duel.


Batsu suffers from a serious case of phobia, he wil start to tremble and feel bad when he is locked in a extremely small space.         
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At the beggining of my way to become the Freakish Otaku I am now, I started watching series more battle/shonen oriented, that means I watched a lot of series that were almost the same (different background, same old story) but somewhere in the road I lost my way, I watched something that didnt entered my usual focus of interest in anime. 
  I watched my first non Shonen series, Ouran Host Club (Yes is kinda gay, but is awesome) and from that time on my view widened a lot in respect with my older self, two years before I wouldnt even watch K-on, and now I watched it and enjoyed it, is this a sign of maturity or that I'm getting sucked even deeper in a swirling spiral of Otaku madness.... 
 If the magazine that gave Ouran Host Club such a good review didnt existed I would not have watched any Ghibli movie (and how they make me cry like a sissy) or animes like Haruhi or others, and that single article in a local magazine (called Lazer, now defunct) gave the want of knowing more about anime and gave me the chance of reading and watching several animes.... 
 KANPAI FOR LAZER! (is such a downer they closed it)
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I readed the last chapter of Hajime No Ippo, and it left me with a terrible urge of hitting the author in the face until he finish drawing this fight..... 
My guts simply cannot withstand it anymore, I wann go a beat the crap out of him..... Even if I need to swim to Japan.... 
Any of you guys had that feeling when a chapter finished  before he action would resolve (like in this one Ippo was about to use the Dempsey Roll (his signature movement) that he didnt used since he decided to seal it like 150 chapter ago.... 
I really need Rivotril
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