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Hello, welcome to this first edition of Kuma’s Toku Corner, a blog in which I while tell you why I love Toku shows and why you should watch them.


I started watching Toku at the end of last year, mostly impulse by a friend who always told me Toku shows were really good. I never thought that until thanks to Netflix I watched, under said friend recommendation, Power Rangers RPM.

After a positive experience (adding that I watch History of Power Rangers by Linkara) I jumped to a show a Toku fans group of Latin America in Facebook (Café Sentai) recommended to me as a good starting point. That show was Kamen Rider Fourze.

Apart from the corny factor Fourze had I saw potential and upon discovering Fourze was one of the lightest series it got my interest. From that point onward I saw 13 of the Currently 15 finished Heisei Riders series*

I’ll make a short description of the first 3 Heisei Rider series in this blog and I’ll talk about the rest in other editions.

(Heisei Rider: The Kamen Riders series that started after the rebirth of the series in the year 2000, in contrast the Classic Era Riders are referred to as Showa Riders <70’s to 90’s>)

Kamen Rider Kuuga (2000-2001)

Yusuke Godai is a cook/vagabond/adventurer who stumbles upon an ancient relic of a forgotten civilization usually referred as a “Belt” he will use to transform into Kuuga, an armored warrior created by said civilization to battle the sinister Grongi a mysterious race of creatures with their own language and a hierarchy that can only be changed by competing in human hunting games.

Kamen Rider Kuuga is a deconstruction of the Genre. The villains aren’t plotting scientist or sinister organizations, they are a group of super powered humanoids that ritually hunt and kill humans. You may guess after that line that this show is heavy in violence. In fact in a single episode you may see more blood than in the combined episodes of every power ranger season.

Kuuga is at its heart, a supernatural police procedural show that happens to have a Kamen Rider. In a clear subversion from the genre, policemen in Kuuga are neither ineffectual nor inexistent. They prepare for the Grongi, develop technology to fight them, discover their patters and give support to Kuuga. To me this is one of the strongest and better written series; it has the Kuma seal of approval.

Kamen Rider Agito (2001-2002)

A “sequel” to Kuuga (Can be considered Stand-Alone or not) Agito is about a amnesiac Cook/”Butler”/Farmer called Shouichi Tsugami who, after being found barely alive in a beach is living on the house of the family who found him. Meanwhile the police are dumbfounded on the apparition of mysterious creatures who threaten the populace. To fight them a Hero Cop, Makoto Hikawa, is given by the police an advanced suit of armor called G3 (Who may or may not be based upon Kuuga, depending on how you take the series)

G3 isn’t up to the task and as he is getting his ass handed to him the mysterious Agito (Who is Shouichi) arrives and saves his ass. This series keeps some of Kuuga’s modus operandi, with the police but adds a new layer with the inclusion of individuals who have or will have ESP powers and are the targets of the new monsters, usually called Lords or Unknowns. Now Agito, G3 and a third Rider, the organic, nightmare fuel inducer Gills must join up and forget their difference to fight this threat.

Agito, if not as good as Kuuga, is a pretty solid series compared to the “Bad” series of the show. It’s not good, but it isn’t bad either. It has great designs; the fights are better handled than Kuuga (most of the time) and the cast of characters is pretty likeable. It has a lot of twist and turns and it has almost the same level of violence that Kuuga had, but it derails from being a police story into the realms of hard sci-fi the more you move forward in the story. If you liked Kuuga you could watch Agito, squint your eyes a bit and it can be enjoyable. It has a very dark tone in some scenes and some good mysteries to learn. (Also has a very fucking cool movie that I recommend)

Kamen Rider Ryuki (2002-2003)

Some may know this series, at least its designs as it was used to make Kamen Rider: Dragon Knights. Our protagonist this time is Shinji Kido, a young cadet in a digital newspaper. If the name of the protagonist evokes images of certain character who is a sniveling, self-loathing and insecure little piece of ****, then you came to the right neighborhood my friend. I have a personal grudge with this protagonist. He is the sole horrible element in a really good mix. He discovers the existence of a world inside the mirrors (Please contain your Jojo’s Abridged references for the comments below) and that inside said world people of our world don the Kamen Rider title and battle to death.

We have 13 Riders that want to kill each other to gain ultimate power. If this sounds familiar you are right, is Highlander with Kamen Riders, only that in this case decapitation is optional and blowing up people with more Dakka is a valid option. We have a very varied cast of characters with different approaches to this “Rider War” some want to win it for their own sake, some want to save others and some are for the lulz…. We have Lawyers, Policemen, Street Seers, Criminal Psychopaths and Scientist duking it out inside the mirrors.

This show is good, but has the mistake of having a piece of **** as the protagonist. This guy makes Shinji Ikari look asserting. Yes….is that bad. Still is a good series, has decent effects, cool designs and a lot of mysteries like the identity of whoever created the Rider Belts and Decks (Yes they have Power Cards, once again Yugioh Abridged references go to the comments) It can get mind-screwy some times as it can get quite complex with all the mirrors and multiple time-lines.


Well this is it for today, please keep checking the Off-topic forum for the next iteration of this blog, we will cover Faiz (The so bad is good that is in every franchise) Blade (I didn’t complete it, but I can tell you the depressing basics) and Hibiki (And underrated series thanks to bad producing)

Kuma out!

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Hello people! Kuma here, bringing to you the new hottest news of the RPG forum. First and foremost I want to celebrate the selection of a new RPG Mod, all hail Vapovile! Well then, let’s jump to the less important stuff, shall we?

With the new mod we started several projects to enhance and improve the RPG forum, for easier access to new players and more efficient for veteran players. We already created a new an updated Character Index page, already anchored to the forum by Vapovile.

The projects that will follow are:

· Revising the Rules

· Making a Character Creation Guide with input from veteran players

· Removing old or useless anchored threads

· Improving and constantly updating the anchored threads useful to the forum.

As always, before we start, I remind you all that you can ask any questions in the Q/A thread or you can send me a PM. Anybody can play, fanfic writers can, anime fans can, people that originally had 0 writing experience can. Look at me, I’m not even doing it in my native language and I can kick a moderate amount of ass.

In thread news we have some good ones:

A Night at the Castle, a long running thread, is about to end after a thrilling conclusion in which most of the characters participating fought a light manipulating Vampire and then proceeded to uncover the secret of Orasul Sange, the mysterious village in which they fought against bloodsucking bastards. As the creator of said thread I want to thanks all who participated and helped to make it so good.

Lucky Seven, from the mind of user Fehafare, is picking up steam, with a joint force of characters fighting in different locations all across London against nefarious bank robbers who seem to have some hidden motive for their actions, all of them expert warriors facing against the player’s characters in a deadly struggle. Keep an eye on this thread as one of the characters involved almost stole the September Vice RPG Awards.

We celebrated the Vice RPG Awards hosted by user Lobos_del_Rayo, as always a ceremony filled with jokes, references and player/character interaction. The big winner was Vapovile, who’s writing talent and recent ascension to mod status sky-rocketed his popularity on the RPG Community.

Users Fehafare and Samjaz continue their string of rapid fire posts in the King’s Grammar School Storyline. The complex and ever expanding plot they are weaving with dozens of characters interacting on a fancy British high-school is almost as amazing as the quantity of post this style of playing is counting up.


Finally I want to spotlight a feature created by Lobos_del_Rayo, the Author Notes. I could explain it myself, but I’m sleepy and Lobos already has a very good explanation, so enjoy

“I taken it upon myself to start a series of small blogs in the Vice RPG section that deals with certain RPG related topics. I will write them whenever I have a chance or when a certain topic that peaks my interest comes up. I'm calling the series Author's Notes. Below will be a list of the ones I currently written with links to them:"

Theme of the Vice (7/11/2014)

The Balance of Power Levels (7/12/2014)

Lobos and Crow's Growth (7/27/2014)

Close Knit Creativity (9/28/2014)

Well this is everything for today, I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the RPG Forum and I hope even more that you come and visit sometime, as a player or a reader.

I’ll try to start the player spotlights next week, but I don’t promise anything, you know how real life gets in the way of having fun some times.

This is Kuma signing off! Until the next time people!


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The time has come….the day is here…ANIMEVICE!!!!!! (*Drumroll*) RPG NEWS BLOG!!!! YEAH! I’m really pumped, thrilled and excited to do this every week! For a couple of weeks until we refresh a bit the player/character cast with new blood we will skip the Players Spotlight, but today we have the status update on this week hottest threads and we will have more INSIDE RPG, either requested by you or when I have some time, as I’m currently busy with work and I wont be able to do it tomorrow either.

As always, before we start, I remind you all that you can ask any questions in the Q/A thread or you can send me a PM. Anybody can play, fanfic writers can, anime fans can, people that originally had 0 writing experience can. Look at me, I’m not even doing it in my native language and I can kick a moderate amount of ass. With everything said, let’s jump to the hot new threads.

Thread Spotlight

New Threads

Heart of the Sword: Chambara, the Spirit of Swordsmanship summons every swordsman in the Viceverse to a battle royale in the abandoned Hashima Island to gauge the skill of the Blade Masters of this era. Several swordsmen of the Viceverse already signed in, so what are you waiting for to join this battle?

First Days: The King’s Grammar School academic year starts. Created by Samjaz, this is a regular school that sooner or later will start to contact with the Hidden World…or maybe not, we shall see.

Hot Threads

Inazuma Gakuen recently introduced a new set of characters, Class L, that include characters handled by Vapovile, Ninja2170, Lobos_del_Rayo and Fehafare sharing the class with several NPC with different styles, personalities and goals.

Capital of the Underworld, the first thread created by user Ownagapants, take us to an hidden underground city were the most prominent members of the Japanese Criminal World negotiate and tug-of-war the territories hidden from the eyes of the authorities.

An Unexpected Train Ride, first thread by Vapovile, when a train is filled with undead criminals that want to destroy all the people inside a bunch of heterogeneous heroes that share only some minor connections or barely know each other will fight them.

We also have a new player that returned from retirement. Maximus, that entered the newverse with a character named Seiko

That’s all for today, I know it isn’t much, but is a good chunk of information resumed so anybody can read it and I call it a win.

This is Kuma signing off!


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Characters in the title card: Haruko, Jardsam, Arthur and Aleister
Characters in the title card: Haruko, Jardsam, Arthur and Aleister

Guess what? The Anime Vice RPG News is back for another week, yes I’m still not tired of doing this (surprisingly) and not even the flu that is currently kicking my ass, and making me spend an amount of tissues equal to for square miles of rainforest can stop me from doing this! I’m Kuma From Argentina and this is the RPG News Blog! (I'm doing a bit early because I cant do it in the usual hours I do it.)

We had a very interesting week, with advances in several thread and a couple of new ones, let’s check those first before they lose that scent of fresh new threads, shall we?

But before that remember that you can as any question in the Q/A thread, as well directly to me or any other RP player previously spotlighted in this Blog through a PM, with that out of the way, we can go to the thread review!

Thread Review

Opening this week

In “Mind the Gap”, the tragic tale of Aleister Crown (Played by Fehafare) the master of locks and doors, Samjaz (Played by Samjaz….duh XD) opens Crown’s mind following the instructions given to him by a cryptic individual. Everybody in the room gets sucked into the mindscape of Crown, and they must explore the mental world of the famous thief.

In “A Place to Call Home” Callis Nomene (Played by Kuma_From_Argentina) is in search of a place in this world, that isn’t his own. Thanks to his heroic behavior and fighting prowess he will be invited to join the BHA (Bounty Hunters Association, check the Organizations Article here) Japanese branch, Yatagarasu.

Currently Hot Threads

An Unexpected Train Ride started picking up steam last week, but this week it got into top gear, with the introduction of the villains the heroes and passengers will need to stop from hijacking the Sound Breaker Train. A massive group of heroes will face undead abominations with immense odds against them. Good Family Fun!

Inazuma Gakuen is reaching the end of the introduction arc, as the Students of Class M join forces against a student of advanced level and skill. As they prepare a massive shoot-out, Class L is starting to take shape with the addition of two students and some NPC, check them out in the intro page.

The Monthly Awards were hosted by today's Spotlighted Player, Lobos_Del_Rayo, thanks to everybody for voting and to Lobos for such good work hosting the awards!

Player Spotlight: Lobos_Del_Rayo

Nobody makes post as long and as detailed as Lobos_Del_Rayo, one of the players with the best quality in writing and one of the most emblematic characters in the RPG forum alongside Samjaz, Aleister Crown and Arthur Crownwell. I'm talking of none other than Crow Cementerio. Let's check the Q/A

When did you start to play in the RP section?

I started writing on the AV about 3 years ago, before coming here I wrote on fanpop.com in a bleach RP. I tried to stay as much as I can but life often got in the way making me go on hiatus and I tried writing on ComicVine as well. However no matter how far I went I always came back here.

What are your favorite types of characters to play?

I love westerns and that entire genre so my favorite type of characters are ones that reflect that have those characters traits in them, most of the characters I create have some form of westerns in them. I also enjoy writing as characters who really have a devil may care personality instead of the normal hero. However I have been trying to expand my character types out more and more.

Which was your favorite thread and why?

My favorite thread is Crow Must Die, while it was unfinished, it was supposed to be about my main character Crow Cementerio dealing with an endless assault created by the villainous Kuro-san. There were so many cool things including the debut of the Original Numbers (Western Fairy, Northern Devil, Easter Wolf, and Southern Dragon). It was the thread that Kuma and I really connected on and it was the seeds that would later grow in the novel we are now working on.

From your own cast of characters. Which is your favorite?

From my cast of characters my favorite is and will always will be Crow Cementerio, he is a creation that has been in the work since before I could remember. Over the years I edit, change, adapt, and updated him taking in my own personality and quirks mixing them with the influences around me. It was that long ago when the idea of the Gunslinger that now sheriffs the Vice came to be. Now with Kuma help we are taking him building a world and cast of characters from both of our minds.

From your fellow players which is your favorite character?

From the other writers I really can’t say I have a favorite but I always love any character that Kuma creates, every one of them is unique and covers a wide range of tropes, types, and more. My personal favorite from his is Gen Shishioh, Gen’s dialogue is hilarious and filled with enough curses to make a sailor blush.

Cast of Characters

The Rail-Gun Crow
The Rail-Gun Crow

Crow Cementerio

Crow Cementerio is the Last of the Gunslingers, a group of heroes who were prominent during the past but have slowly faded in time, the remaining Gunslingers were all attacked and killed along with Crow's home town. The Rail-gun has lost all his family, friends, and heroes now with his revolver Quicksilver and the powers of the Storm Eagle deity, Huya Icanma, he has become a Bounty Hunter in his search for answers and justice.

Heavenly Healer Nurse Kusuri
Heavenly Healer Nurse Kusuri

Kusuri Inoue

A relatively new character that I recently created she is making her debut in Unexpected Train Ride but I got some big plans for her, Kasuri is a nurse in training and secretly a super powered Magical Girl with the abilities of healing she fights against the forces of evil and heals those are hurt and wounded. While the manga fan may not seem like a threat she is only just begun to awaken her powers and holds the potential to be one of the most powerful heroes evil has ever seen.

That's all Folks! I didnt do an article because of the Flu, but I promise one for the next Blog. We will have a surprise spotlight (This is when I didnt decide on one yet XD) And the article about objects and powers in the Viceverse.

This is Kuma signing off!


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Yo people! This is Kuma_From_Argentina bringing you another ANIME…VICE…..WEEKLY!!!!!! *Drumroll* News Blog. Yes, I know it was anti-climatic, but I wanted to make it different, sue me. We had a kick-ass week; I’m going to update you in everything you need to know about the RPG Forum so if you want to come in you will be already on the loop and if you are already in you will be able to keep track of our continuity.

Today is an extra long special! We will talk about the hottest threads, Samjaz will tell us about the Hellscraper Thread we have been talking about and I got to do my own personal spotlight, sooner or later this time would come, I knew, you knew, so let’s make it snappy, shall we?

Threads of Interest

An Unexpected Train Ride, created by Vapovile, started picking up steam this week (sorry, but that was a pun worth doing) with a enormous cast of characters casually invited to raid the Sound Breaker train but unknown to them something sinister is happening inside. Is an awesome mayhem of characters, some are old and know each other, some are new and will surely bring enjoyment to the table. Trust me when I tell you this one is going to get epic.

Inazuma Gakuen is open to receive new students; in fact some are already entering their short bios to be uploaded into the intro thread, check it out and see the wide array of martial arts and personalities we have in store. As Class L is forming, Class M, the current active group is facing and an older student bent on hunting them like pigs. Things are getting exciting and quite interesting, even if you don’t play take a look is a nice read.

Day Seized is a carnival of fun that continues with the High Seas adventures of a demented time travelling office worker and his crew of unsuspecting victims. Jardsam recruited people for a once in life travel and they ended up in a race against Blackbeard….in Velociraptors…. Yes, I just said this and no, I’m not being forced to do so.

Inside RPG

I’ll leave you with Samjaz detailed description of Hellscraper

Hellscraper was an epic of an RP, in the traditional sense of the term. It was huge. It took over ten months to complete, with multiple posts daily from several players, namely myself (SamJaz), Fehafare, and Chronowolf. Each of us used multiple characters throughout the RP, and it operated on a simple ideology:

1) Anyone can join in at any time

2) If you don’t post you get left behind

And until the closing chapters of the RP, that is how we operated. Players were able to join in whenever, everyone was able to build to the plot, and we all had a good time.

Yes, but What IS the Hellscraper?

The Hellscraper was a 77 floor underground tower (Or a cower, if you prefer), and each floor was rented out by a different organization. Some were criminal, some were legitimate businesses, and some were just places for hidden world organizations to do their work. It was all run by the enigmatic Vincent Vincentsson, and operated by his six children, who each had an apartment every eleventh floor.

So, each floor served as a level, and each player contributed levels as and when they had ideas. When it was your floor, you were the DM of the level, controlling the events, enemies and NPC’s involved. Here’s the floor plan, so you can get an idea of the scale involved:

Chapter 1: Abandon All Hope All Ye Who Enter Here... (1-10)

· Floor 1 is cowboy cosplayers.

· Floor 2 is scrapheap death battle.

· Floor 3 is goblin volcano.

· Floor 4 is the Rave of A Hundred Ninjas

· Floor 5 is Otto's race track

· Floor 6 is hunting robot knights.

· Floor 7 is Fairy tailors.

· Floor 8 is pirates.

· Floor 9 is Water maze

· Floor 10 is a solar monster.

· Floor 11 is One of Mister Vincentsson's daughters, Loveline.

Chapter 2: The Vincentsson Family (10-19)

· Floor 12 is Touhou themed mansion

· Floor 13 is Dragon Bullfighting

· Floor 14 is an A-ha themed sketch world.

· Floor 15 is a French restaurant run by ninjas who serve you without being seen. Objective is to see them.

· Floor 16 is a garbage dump. Objective is to find what you desire most at that specific moment.

· Floor 17 is Doppelgänger Mirrors

· Floor 18 is a baseball stadium. Walk up to the plate, take your swing, and run around the diamond.

· Floor 19 is salt flats with a massive monster within.

· Floor 20 is the sphinx’s palace, where we must answer its riddle.

· Floor 21 is a room filled with TV's where ninja's jump from screen to screen and attack sneakily.

· Floor 22 is where Mary Vincentsson does her dance practice.

Chapter 3: From the Ceiling with love (20-26)

· Floor 23 is a large room with a logic machine within.

· Floor 24 is a maid cafe. An obscenely wealthy maid cafe. Challenge is to give an order they won't obey. No superhuman feats or paradoxes allowed.

· Floor 25 is a forest lake where we fight airborne mech

· Floor 26 is a teleportation lab. Choose any person throughout the entire plant, warp them into the Hellscraper, and convince them to join your cause.

· Floor 27 is a library with everything in it, run by an orangutan. Goes through to floor 30

· Floor 28 is a library with everything in it, run by an orangutan. Goes through to floor 30

· Floor 29 is a library with everything in it, run by an orangutan. Goes through to floor 30

· Floor 30 is a library with everything in it, run by an orangutan. You need to ask it to bring you a book that the Library does not have.

· Floor 31 is where they are building the arena for the next annual Hellscraper Hunger Games.

· Floor 32 is the palace of luxury.

· Floor 33 is where Cale Vincentsson holds his parties.

Chapter 4: Wicked (26-33)

· Floor 34 is an Irish bar fight.

· Floor 35 is under construction, intended to be a robot ninja factory.

· Floor 36 is a casino where they use people as chips. Challenge is to break the bank.

· Floor 37 is where they keep the chips.

· Floor 38 is A Black and Purple house where the users of the Vice reside. Find your own author. It's also the half-way point of the Viceverse! Hooray!

Floor 38.5 is the half-way mark.

· Floor 39 is candy land.

· Floor 40 is a scary tunnel.

· In grim dark of the 41st floor there is only war.

· Floor 42 is the war machine, where the gears of war spin indefinitely.

· Floor 43 is the Mutters Spiral Academy of Law

· Floor 44 is where Alice Vincentsson does her work.

Chapter 5: Cerberus (34-54)

· Floor 45 contains a bar where they serve every discontinued soft drink in existence. Challenge is to find the drink they serve that is still on the market in that same packaging and recipe.

· Floor 46 is a massive forge.

· Floor 47 is Santa's workshop. He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's gonna find out who's naughty and nice.

· Floor 48 is a massive desert.

· Floor 49 is the Death Pirate's Galleon

· Floor 50 is the black opera.

· Floor 51 is where they keep the aliens

· Floor 52 is a jungle where everyone, upon entry, turns into an animal version of themselves.

· Floor 53 is the library of hate.

· Floor 54 is a small island housing sakura trees where one can meditate.

· Floor 55 is where Lucy Vincentsson is kept. She will tear you apart.

Chapter 6: In the Family (54-63)

· Floor 56 is the mages academy.

· Floor 57 is the headbutt tavern

· Floor 58 is the food court.

· Floor 59 is a laboratory where they work on creating plants with links to other universes.

· Floor 60 is a filing room with a copy of every single legal document ever written, complete with financial transactions of everyone who ever lived. Challenge is to find your own records and prove that you aren't guilty of fraud.


· Floor 62 is the Hall of Dragons

· Floor 63 is The Great Gig in the sky. Battle of the bands against the greatest musicians of all time Vs Us.

· Floor 64 is an ordinary office where the stock market is kept.

Chapter 7: Into the Darkness (63-85)

· Floor 65 is the viewing room. (The point of no return)

· Floor 66 is home to Demien Vincentsson. He will beat you to a bloody pulp.

· Floor 67 is a little place with 99 red balloons

· Floor 68 is The Testing Facility.

· Floor 69 is the Forum of Fears.

· Floor 70 is something we did not want to face

· Floor 71 is the Desert of Swords.

· Floor 72 is is the Palace of -/={DATA ERROR}=\-±/ Forest of /][/±\=- Sol /}[s-\ Luna

· Floor 73 is the Lost Galaxy

· Floor 74 demands that you show it your power or it shall not obey.

· Floor 75 is the great descent

· Floor 76 is the chapel at the root

· Floor 77 is Mr Vincentsson.


This was the team running back up the entire tower as it collapsed around them in an attempt to escape, as well as an unpleasant surprise awaiting them on the street.

So, now you know what it is. What happened?

Chapter 1: Abandon All Hope All Ye Who Enter Here.

Our story begins with SamJaz, a wandering hero who placed an online ad to invite people to join his party in assaulting this tower. An acquaintance, an international thief known as the Phantom, was the first to join him, and they entered the first floor, a frontier city where old men dressed as cowboys and hunted homeless people dressed as Indians. This set the tone for what was to come, and the sick minds of the individuals down below.

The pair were soon found others joining their team: An ice mage named Arthur, a teenage boxer named Gen, and a Ninja named Yei. The group clashed at first, with differing ideals and intentions, but they started to pull together. The floors were interesting, there was a ninja rave, a pirate cave, a robotic racetrack, a fashion university run by fairies, and our team fought its first boss, a giant sun monster in a ruined city. The group lost Yei, but was joined by Matt Anderson, a young romantic with the power to transform into Powerful Monsters.

Chapter 2: The Vincentsson Family.

Floor eleven had the team meet Loveline, a little girl of great power and the daughter of the enigmatic Mister Vincentsson, someone who SamJaz had a personal vendetta against. The following floor was populated with Killer Lolis, one of which killed SamJaz, causing him to transform into several of his personas and devour one of the lolis and turn her into a persona for SamJaz to summon. As he recovered, the team were joined by Yukari, a teenage girl with the power to summon legendary heroes from the past, Hitomi, a student of the fashion academy from earlier in the tower charged with the task of keeping our heroes clean and fashionable, and a portalling mercenary named Alvin.

The journey took a dark turn, however, with the introduction of Demien Vincentsson, a powerful being that completely destroyed the team. SamJaz held him back to allow the rest of the team to go on without him, but that battle ended with SamJaz’s death again. He was able to preserve his life with his keyblade and crawl his way back to the elevator, travelling to the surface to receive medical treatment.

The team made it under Phantom’s and Gen’s temporary leadership, both of whom rose to the occasion greatly. During the boss battle on the 22 floor, SamJaz recovered and returned to the team and they were able to defeat Mary Vincentsson together, before taking the team name From the Ceiling with Love, or FCL*.

Chapter 3: From the Ceiling with Love

Of the various challenges our team faced on these floors, the worst were mental and emotional trials. There was a large library spanning multiple floors, where SamJaz and Yukari fought desperately against a strange creature named Buckbuck. They were briefly joined by the gunslinger Crow. However, both Gen and Crow were lost from the team before facing Cale Vincentsson, who fell to the team’s combined attacks.

Chapter 4: Wicked

There were many changes to the team here, and the very core of the adventure changed for the team. A rival team appeared and was attacking the tower separately, and SamJaz won several million slaves in a casino, before destroying the cloning facility producing the excess. Alvin left the team to relocate the cloned slaves on another world, leaving his sister Hagane to fight alongside the team in his stead.

The biggest shock, however, came as Demien Vincentsson kidnapped the Phantom’s girlfriend, revealed to be one of a few women being sought out by Mr. Vincentsson for some unknown reason. With the added incentive to save her, FCL redoubled their efforts to reach the bottom of the Hellscraper.

The loss of Gen hit the team hard during this time, especially as Yukari also left the team during this time for personal reasons. However, the team was now half way through their descent of the tower, and with one more Vincentsson child out of the way, the team continued their descent.

Chapter 5: Cerberus

The tone of the team’s quest was growing darker by the second, and even the chance to meet Santa Claus did little to brighten the team’s prospects. On the fiftieth floor the team was ambushed by all of the Vincentsson children they had met so far, including Demien, but the team had grown far stronger than they were just a few days ago when they entered, and they come off victorious.

The team then faced a being with the same powers and appearance as Phantom. A conversation with the grim reaper revealed that the man the team had killed was, in fact, the same Phantom that stood alongside them, but taken from a few months prior. It then came to light that Vincentsson was, in fact, SamJaz’s father, but many of his ‘children’ were in fact kidnapped and trained to defend the tower and serve as sacrifices for Vincentsson’s sick game, alongside the Phantom’s girlfriend.

With additional forces joining the team, they continued their descent, before meeting Samjaz’s biological sister, who had supposedly died at a young age. She was now an entity of rage and destruction, and battled the team of the fifty-fifth floor.

The violence was quelled by SamJaz entering his sister’s heart and altering her memories, and her emotional bonds, effectively reprogramming her to be completely in love with Matthew Anderson as a temporary method of containing her until he could properly repair the damage his father had done to her. Now a member of the team, Kelly descended the tower with FCL.

Chapter 6: In the family

In the final floors before reaching the point of no return, Hagane and several other members of the team departed, leaving SamJaz, Phantom, Arthur, Matt, Kelly, Hitomi and Hagane’s sister Coleen to face the ultimate depths of the Hellscraper.

However, Phantom revealed his true identity as famous actor, Aleister Crown, to the rest of the team, having built those bonds of trust with his newfound friends, and was happy to have fought alongside them, and for them to assist him so freely in rescuing his beloved Clare.

Chapter 7: Into Darkness.

Floor Sixty-five was a small cinema, where the team witnessed the slaughter of every single person on every single floor above their heads. Every friend, every rival, every begrudging enemy they had encountered was slaughtered, their remains torched, and the path above destroyed.

Hitomi took this the worst, having watched every person from her university die before her eyes; she made her final commitment to the team and dedicated herself to the death of Vincentsson.

Upon the next floor, it was revealed that Demien Vincentsson had been dead for weeks, and the man they had faced all this time was an impostor, a monster by the name of Taylor. In the ensuing battle, the chains binding Kelly’s heart to Matt’s were broken, as was every emotional defense in SamJaz’s mind. SamJaz was effectively crippled from that battle, and relied on a cane afterwards as he rebuilt his strength. Kelly returned to her cold, distant self, but remained a part of FCL because of their common goal.

The team met a technopath named Lincent as they descended, but were separated by Vincentsson and faced multiple challenges before reuniting. On floor seventy-four, however, it was revealed that the SamJaz that rejoined their team was Vincentsson in disguise, and as his true identity as Jardsam was revealed, the final battle for the past, present, and future commenced, panning the spaces of four final floors in the Hellscraper.

Chapter 8: RUN

Jardsam escaped, but his plan was thwarted. With the tower collapsing around them, however, FCL had to take the seven captured ‘Princesses’ and escape with their lives.

Upon returning to the surface, it was discovered that FCL were not the only survivors, and Taylor stood against the team once more, this time holding Aleister’s adopted daughter as hostage. He was defeated, and the team retreated to Aleister’s mansion to rest and recover from their ordeal, before going their separate ways…

And THAT’s the abridged version of Hellscraper. There’s a lot more going on than what was written above, and you really need to read it yourselves to see these characters change and develop, grow as people and gain power and experiences, to understand why the veterans of the Hellscraper are some of the most fierce characters currently in the Vice. Give it a read if you’re up to it, at 86 pages it’s the longest RP the vice has completed to this day, about the length of a short book, so set aside a couple of hours if you want to tackle it in one sitting. If not, that’s fine. At least you’ve got this handy guide as to What the Hell Happened in the Hellscraper.


Thanks to Samjaz for this uber detailed explanation, now I’m going to give you some flash facts about it, at least from my POV as I was involved with my character Gen.

· The name From the Ceiling with Love is a reference to Rurouni Kenshin, in the last arc the group of villains is thinking about a name and one of them, hidden inside the ceiling, proposes this name. Is quite fitting in Hellscraper where the group moved constantly down. It stuck and some characters still meet after Hellscraper. If you want to see more FCL adventures check Phantom’s Tomb Raid.

· Gen Shishioh didn’t vanish from the tower, he got stuck under some rubble and decided to sleep until they found him. They don’t, he woke up at the end of the thread and left insulting about nobody being there to give him a hand. He meet Samjaz and the FCL gang again in “A Certain Girl Called Clare”

· Sometimes the Floor theme was utterly ignored by FCL as the bickered among them a lot. Gen and Aleister got into quite the heated arguments.


Player Spotlight Kuma_From_Argentina

I’m too humble to make a kick-ass introduction about myself, so I’ll go right into the Q/A

When did you start to play in the RP section?

I started RPing in 2010, originally I was an user in Comicvine, I tried RPGing there but the community was too closed up in itself, I got to Animevice and I was well received and I stayed through the ups and downs, I had some periods of inactivity, but I try to keep playing.

What are your favorite types of characters to play?

I started playing with an archetypical Swordsman/Mercenary character with some Samurai undertones but I branched out, I’ve played naïve child-like characters, Criminal Masterminds, Noble Knight Types, Blood Knights, Hot-Blooded characters, Cannibalistic Psychos and Pragmatic Bastards. From all those I like the Hot-Blooded the most.

Which was your favorite thread and why?

This one is tricky, I would say that my favorite thread is the pre-reboot Blades & Bullets, the meeting between my character Callis Nomene and Lobos_Del_Rayo’s Crow Cementerio. From that point onward we befriended each other and we are currently working on a novel.

From your own cast of characters. Which is your favorite?

Hands down my favorite character is Callis Nomene a Half-man Half-beast Knight that came from another world. He is a skilled swordsman, a gentle soul but has a serious phobia of women, even to the point of fainting in their proximity. His antics with spicy food are also the stuff of legend as his enhanced senses stop him from tasting anything but white bread and water without a tongue burn

From your fellow players which is your favorite character?

I have many favorites, I couldn’t decide on just one. But if I had it would be Sabine Frose created by Superevil225


Cast of Characters

Gen Shishioh

My current main character is Gen Shishioh, a Hot-blooded Spirit Boxer that fights through the rankings of the Spirit Boxing Federation to be the best. His powers are similar to Ki, but are more focused in turning his determination and killing intent into energy to enhance his physical attributes. He is brash, bad mouthed and tends to get in everyone bad side upon meeting them. He isn’t a powerhouse but he isn’t a pushover either. He is currently involved in a large storyline much bigger than he can comprehend.

Callis Nomene

A Knight from another world that after breaking a magical relic ended up in the Viceverse, he currently looks for a way back to his own world, but with poor luck. He is kind, gentle, and well mannered and will always help somebody in need. His skills with the swords are aided by his inhuman physique, allowing him to perform amazing feats of strength, speed and agility. He has basic magical training and can use simple spells, nothing flashy or combat useful. He is famous for his phobia of women, thanks to events that happened in his past and is mostly incapable of talking to a woman without stuttering.


A Criminal Mastermind that once had the whole Japanese Criminal Underworld under his boot. Something happened and he used his impressive resources to get certain powerful object that allowed him to erase his own existence from the memories of everybody in the world. Now he roams the Earth with a new agenda trying to gather what he needs for his plan. He lacks any emotion or doubt, incapable of processing the grief and pain of other or his. He is a souless monster that wouldn’t think it twice to blow up a city if that helped his agenda.


I have many characters, but I already made a long blog, so some other day I’ll continue. Next time we will have a short INSIDE RPG segment about the objects in power in the Viceverse, so get ready to be awed. We also have Lobos_Del_Rayo Spotlight, meet the player that tries to break a Guiness record of length with each post!

This is Kuma signing off!


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