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Hello boys and girls this is Uncle Kuma bringing the news of the RPG Forum right at your favorite Forum. Let’s begin, shall we?

First of all let me welcome you to this new edition of the News Blog and update you in the threads we are currently following, but before that let me remind you of our Welcome Blog, for anybody who feels interested in RPGing in Animevice and let me assure you that the community will help you develop your character and find interesting stories to play. We also held the February Anime Vice RPG awards, with Justalittlegirl, today's spotlighted character hosting it with his cast of characters.

With that out of the way let’s go directly to the…

In The Big Hunt, Eve Harper, the leader of The Wild Hunt, Alexander Stevenson, a Wire Wielding mercenary, Falken Degiraz, an infamous cyborg soldier of fortune and Garo Takayama, a master hunter of supernatural creatures were hired by the Chinese government to kill a large congregation of mystical creatures that are putting a whole province at risk. Still there might be more to this job that what they know. Read about their adventures filled with carnage and hunting (we already got a cease and desist letter from PETA) and find out.

The Vice before Christmas is prove that we don’t always need to have epic battles or tense moments in the forum to have engaging threads. A Party in the home of Haruko Miyata brings the whole Viceverse together in one large celebration that is just finishing around this date. Yes, we party hard enough for X-mas that it lasts until March. Multitude of character interactions sprinkle this thread with a lot of comedy and heartfelt moments

In Unforgiving Trees Chase's mentor charges Chase to put an end to the corruption in a local forest, where the spirits turn evil and start to kill thousands of villagers, inside the boarders of Madagascar. Chase goes to the Wild Hunt HQ and gains the aid of Eve Harper, leader ofThe Wild Hunt Organization. Aria, leader of HWIC, hears rumors that she had a hand in the mess in Madagascar, and goes there to investigate. Together, the characters work to put an end to the corruption.

One of the breakout stars from last year, Justalittlegirl or JLG (Who is a guy) is one of the most active players in the forum today, with a cast of interesting and charismatic characters he works hard and collaborates in many developments or stories in the Forum.

§ When did you start to play in the RP section?

I made my first bio here 1 year and 3 months ago. I started playing shortly afterwards.

§ What are your favorite types of characters to play?

My favorite character type to write is fundamentally different than a normal human. Warden, Huntsman, and Eve are alien. Wendigo Wilson is a cannibal spirit locked in a human body. Dan and Ariana are human, but Dan's autistic and both have strange upbringings. Being autistic myself, these sorts of oddballs appeal to me. I have a few threads I'm very fond of

§ Which was your favorite thread and why?

Melon was just pure fun, and where Huntsman became what he is today. Osaka did the same for Dan and has been very good with action and character interaction, a rare combo.

§ From your own cast of characters. Which is your favorite?

This is very hard, because it changes all the time depending on how much is happening in whatever RP they're in.

§ From your fellow players which is your favorite character?

Overall, three stand out, and I'll give those details in a second. This is also a hard one. Standing out are Vapovile's Alex and Sarah and Sam's Altair. The first have fantastically fun interaction. The later is always interesting to see around

Cast of Characters

Huntsman- A shapeshifting monster, Huntsman was created by Warden to destroy preemptively those who put Ariana at risk. His enjoyment of killing is apparent in the many murders he's left behind, the bodies devoured, leaving only blood. His murderous nature and low intellect keep his continual romantic aspirations with members of either gender from ever succeeding. Despite this, he has won a few friends in fellow shapeshifter Eve and the amoral Chase. After nearly dying in battle, he absorbed the Demon God the Swallower of Worlds and too his horror, found his mind remained active within himself. Their relationship is antagonistic and often harmful to both, but they have an unshakable connection.

Eve- Eve is the same species as Huntsman, but unlike him has the power to integrate metal parts into herself. With this power, she is internally armored and mechanical. She is cunning and cheerfully cold, but not entirely without merit. As the leader of the Wild Hunt, money is important but not everything- she doesn't call herself the Moral Mercenary for nothing. This and her loyalty to her employees keeps her lust for power in check. She considers Ariana her sister and hangs onto a coat Warden gave her out of sentimentality, much different than Huntsman's wish to kill the two.

Dan Drake- A street punk from China, Dan retains the constant itch for battle of a delinquent but little else. Socially inept, Dan is the unwilling bearer of a fraction of a Demon God, which occasionally puts him at risk of going into the avatar state, an emotionally deadened form only concerned with survival and reproduction. Otherwise, Dan is prone to immense skill in combat and immense failure elsewhere. However, his social shortcomings haven't kept him from making a few friends in the HW community, including Haruko the seamstress, Crow the Gunslinger, and Dottie the Eleventh


Well that’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed the blog and you also enjoy our RP threads either as a player or reader. Also remember to ask any questions you may have about the world or characters in the comments!

This is Kuma signing off! Until the next time people!


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About the Author

Mario "Kuma" Mentasti (Kuma_From_Argentina) is a Videogame and Comicbook writer from Argentina. He is 23 years old and resides in Buenos Aires. He is member of the Animevice RPG Hall of Fame and is one of the Veteran Players of the Forum, with 4 years of experience behind him.

Follow him for his reviews: Kuma's Corner (Mostly in spanish)

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What we do here is create characters and stories, and have a lot of fun while doing it. Here we like to write and develop as writers, helping each other along and making friends along the way.

What do you need to participate? You need internet access, decent grammar and a good imagination!

So, what do you need to know before you join in?

Tips for making a Character


In the Animevice RPG Forum, we aspire to create original content inspired by anime. This doesn't mean OCs of established series, but creating new characters that are merely inspired by the style of writing anime and manga have.

Imagine your character as the protagonist of his own series and then fit that series into the joint world we call the Viceverse. Each player can make an impact on the world with their characters and the interactions the characters have.


Something important to consider is that making a character also includes his or her personality. This means you should try to make a character that isn't yourself with powers, but a completely different person than yourself.

This not only allows more kinds of personalities, but also allows the players to avoid over investing on their characters fates as if they were parts of them. Over investing can be dangerous.


Finding a look is easy, you can either design your character around it or design a character with general traits common enough. You could use pages like Zerochan.net to find an image using tags. Like Swordsman, or Knight, or Spy… etc. You can also check anime character databases online to find somebody through tags.

Always consider looking for an image while or before you do the bio, as sometimes you never seem to find a proper one for your idea after you have done it. Another consideration is trying to make characters look different from others, as having 100 skinny teenagers with black or white hair tends to make things confusing.

Note: If you take the appearance of a famous character, your own might be subjected to typecasting as the same character rather than an original one.


A common pitfall many fall into when making a character is thinking that “If my character is weak then he isn't interesting” and that’s, if you can excuse my french, a load of bull****. Being less or more powerful isn't a proper measurement of a character’s worth.

I’m not saying you must make a weak character either. But there must be a balance, as too powerful characters break the game and characters that are too weak tend to frustrate the player and most of the time they end up rebounding into overpowered characters.

When you make a character (more about this in the Character Creation Guide) you must always consider your character’s story and personality and how it relates to his or her powers. If he is too powerful, almost any conflict you place in his way shouldn't be too hard to overcome and that’s a big no-no.

Try to be inventive with your character powers, like for example a Martial Artist that can throw balls of Ki and move faster than sound is elemental, think outside the box, like for example a young magician only proficient in utility magic he uses for combat, like making the ground slippery or altering the density of objects to plant traps.

Having an overpowered or hax character only makes other players distrust you as they don’t know what your character can pull off. The same goes for explaining the powers, you always must explain how your character powers work and what their limits are.



An OOC (Out Of Character) Thread is the “lobby” of Online Game. Here whomever made it presents the basic idea of the thread and some information about it, as well as any limitations for the characters, like only Street Level Characters.

In these threads, you can sign up to participate in the Story RPG’s or get to know more about the thread its related to. The creator of the Thread also decides how the turns should be ordered (Learn more about this in the Turns section)


There are three types of RPs. Story threads tell a story and tend to include many characters, Battle threads are usually 1v1 fights that can be in or out of canon, finally there are Fluff threads that are mostly filler, perfect for character interaction and development, usually with more of a slice-of-life vibe.

All these threads can be divided into two categories (Most of the time these categories are clearly stated on the title)

Open: Are threads in which anybody who fulfills the requirements can enter, they tend to be Story or Fluff threads and are the majority of threads most of the time. All will have OOC threads in which the newcomers can learn about the story and other related stuff.

Closed: Are threads in which a limited amount of players interact, these are usually Battles or Story heavy threads. Most of the time the players tend to organize these through private messages.

Your turn

In each thread, your character is allowed to have a single turn per cycle (Cycle being 1 turn for each player) Most of the turns usually share a restricted time, meaning they happen in a limited amount of time, relative to the other players.

In battles turns tend to be shorter, describing each character’s actions and reactions to other characters, while out of combat turns may last longer. It’s always a question of reading other posts and trying to match the in-game length.

The order of the turns is usually decided by the creator of the thread. The most common way is a Fixed Posting Order, in which every player has a fixed position and when the cycle reaches the last then the first one in the order re-starts the cycle

Other variants are free-posting, in which the order is subordinated to character interactions, if two characters are only interacting between each other the players can post faster, while the others have to wait for the reactions of the character to whom they are interacting.

Always check the OOC threads to see how the Creator of the Thread is handling turns.

Thread Etiquette

Usually in Story threads the Creator has an idea about how the plot should play out, most of the time they give the other players an idea about it in the OOC. If you enter a thread you surely will have your own story with your characters, yet you have to respect the overarching story, trying to get out of it without a good reason or trying outright to break it is bad.

Yet there are limits to that. If you feel that the Game Creator is forcing the story onto your character, forcing you to take roads you feel your character wouldn't take or do stuff it wouldn't do then the Game Creator could be railroading the thread, where just like a Rail Shooter, you are forced to follow a linear path. Feel free to call out the Creator in the OOC or leave the thread.

Most of the Open threads are made so anybody can enter, even if they are halfway done. But you should always consult the Thread creator first before entering a thread that is already moving.

Creating Threads

You can create your own threads, first make an OOC with the concept and ideas, trying to recruit people to play it, read other OOCs to get the idea of how to present the story. When you get the desired amount of players in you should start it with the RP thread.

Always remember to state if the thread is Open or Closed in the title, and always remember to place the requirements or limitations for the thread in the OOC to avoid problems later if a character does something that breaks the game.

You should read previous threads (easily accessible through the Vice Canon Thread) to get some inspiration, ideas and structure to make your own. There are many excellent threads you can read to get the feel of how you should make one.


Fighting in the forum is quite easy, as it’s purely narrative, no dice, no point systems or any other numerical mechanics. You state what your character does, like throwing a punch and the other player must, using your bio and description as reference, make his character react according to his own powers and skills.

Combat in the forum, specially against other players characters is a matter of cooperation and respect. If your enemy launches an attack your character can’t possibly avoid then you must take the damage. This is called Selling. Selling is extremely important, as that’s a way to showcase your character struggling, a pivotal part of RPGing.

When you post an attack you never write about it connecting, you never say “My character punches yours and breaks his ribs” That’s called autohitting and is one of the main things you should never do. On the other side of the equation there is God Moding, when you ignore damage you should take without giving a proper explanation. Once again, you should never do this.

Another common mistake are retroactive actions. You aren't allowed to do stuff like “No, you can’t hit me because when you weren't looking two hours ago I made a trap in this exact location” without any foreshadowing. You also can't change what your character did before to better suit you in a new action.

What’s the Canon?

Since January 2013 the Animevice RPG Forum has a Canon, meaning that it has a coherent and cohesive universe and most of the stories happen in the same universe, through a chronological progression of events.

Characters, locations, events and organizations are the building block of this world in which almost anything can happen, magic users, ki users, advanced technology, interdimensional and time travellers.

When we started this iteration of the Viceverse (as we colloquially refer to the universe) the active players designed the world to allow almost any type of origin as well as to limit the power or the possible collateral damage Story or Battle threads could do to the World.

We more or less designed the Universe with the intent of maintaining a Status Quo so there could be many threads and many opportunities for new players to join without having radical changes on the world and the story that could confuse new and old players alike.

The events that enter the canon are the ones approved by the majority of players and are included in the canon thread. This doesn't mean you can only do canon threads, sometimes threads might not be part of the canon but they are still playable in the forum.

The canon also includes any relationships between character, being couples, friends, rivals or enemies. Always remember to reference this kind of stuff when playing, it gives even more cohesion to the world when characters quote past events.

Finally another part of the canon are Organizations, large, player controlled groups of characters which tend to have a clear goal or mission in the world. These groups are sometimes all composed by characters controlled by one player, but other times many players have characters in the same organizations.

Organizations tend to serve as balancing forces in the world, limiting world shattering events or abrupt disaster that could cause major damage. Stability in the in-game universe allows for more threads to be played.

Obviously there are limitations for the Organizations, as you can’t go prancing around interfering with other threads or events without permission of the Game Creator, but the Game Creator should respect the area of influence of the Organization as well and ask the Organization leader for permission or collaboration if he plans to do something big on the area of influence.


Here you will find a list with useful links with information about characters, bio creation, threads, locations, organizations and more…

Character Creation Guide

Vice Verse Canon (Threads)

World of the Vice (Locations)

Character Index

Dreaming Kombat (Fights off canon)

Vice Monthly Awards

Guide to Originality

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Welcome once again to KTC, today we will talk a little bit more about Garo and we will cover the first two seasons and the related media to them. Let me go a bit personal about it, I love Garo, is a freaking awesome series and world (even if the quality of the seasons is uneven) the overall quality of the show is amazing.

Let’s talk about the world of the show, shall we? Makai Kishi Garo is set on modern time (3/5 seasons) in which humanity is unknowingly protected by the Makai Knights, warriors who train from their youngest years to wield swords of Soul Metal and summon enchanted suits of armor usually inherited through family.

Their weapons are the only ones that can hurt the Horrors, creatures that live on their dimensional until humanity depravity, sins and general bad vibes summon them. They enter through objects or individuals flooded with evil or negative emotions. The Makai Knight kill them (usually destroying whatever they posses) and send them back to their world.

This means that the Makai Knights never kill the Horrors, they just dispelled them from our world, thus their war is never ending. The Makai Knights don’t fight alone, as crafting weapons and creating devices to combat the Horror exist the Makai Priest Order, who to all intent and purposes are more or less magic kung fu monks, capable of destroying low level horrors without the armors.

All the Armors have a title that is inherited by whoever is using it. Garo is the Golden Knight, other Armors like Zero, the Silver Fang or other examples. There also are nameless Knights, whose armors lack any title and tend to face smaller threats than the Titled Knights. There are only male Knights as every known armor was created in ancestral times and are only outfitted for men, yet there are many female Makai Priest that can kick inhuman amounts of ass.

The Knights also carry trinkets (usually sentient) called Madogu. This pieces of enchanted jewelry can detect Horrors and the energy they exude (Jaki) and also retain the information of previous Horrors encountered by the users of the Armor and can pinpoint their weakness. The Makai Knights carry other tools, but that’s a topic for another day.

From all the Knights the most respected one is Garo, the Golden Knight, legendary ass-kicker and owner of the most awesome suit in Toku History. Our story begins with the first Garo we meet, Kouga Saezima, the heir of the Garo armor and title from his father Taiga.

Makai Kishi Garo: Chapter of the Black Wolf (2005-2006) <First Season 25 Episodes>

Kouga Saezima is Garo, the Makai Knight who hunts horrors in what’s called the Eastern District (They really don’t give a lot of info about what a district is) During his work he encounters Kaoru Mitsuki, an aspiring (code word for starving) artist who is about to get eaten by an horror who took the form of the owner of an art gallery.

During the fight Kaoru ignores Kouga’s orders to run away and gets splattered with the blood of the Horror. The Law of the Knights is clear, she must die as the blood would turn her into a beacon for other Horrors and after 100 days if she even managed to survive the curse of the blood would kill her with excruciating pain.

Kouga decides not to kill her, his Madogu Zaruba (Voiced by Hironobu Kageyama of Jam Project fame) ask him if he plans to use her as bait, to which Kouga complies, yet he doesn’t seem thrilled about it. Kouga’s and Kaoru’s story starts here as connections from the past, horrors and greater evils resurface and place them both in danger.

The Chapter of the Black Wolf is a great starting point for the franchise, slowly yet steadily expanding the universe and the characters while showcasing high quality fights. The effects are dated, but they still show great creativity in the fights and the Horrors designs are top notch. Truly is an excellent series, except for a single detail.

If you watched some Toku before this the contrast of Kouga and other protagonist can be great, as Kouga has less Charisma than a piece of wet cardboard. Thankfully there are many secondary characters that pull the series and once you get to know Kouga’s back-story you will get to understand why he is so stoic and stern.

The second opening (The first one is instrumental and choir, as every other live action series of Garo that always has two openings) for this series is one of my all time favorite songs from one of my all time favorite bands Jam Project.

Garo Special: The Demon Beast of the Midnight Sun (2006) <Two parts TV special>

A two parts TV special that is set after the events of the first series. Kouga is sent to guard the Northern District and there he meets with a young Makai Priestess who delivers a message to Kouga from an old friend of his.

He travels to a sacred shrine to help the young Priestess Rin and teams up with Zero, a Makai Knight who appeared in the first series and with Dan, the White Night Knight, the one patrolling the sacred shrine and forest to fight off a family of horrors sealed long time ago.

Is a good movie that further explores the world of Garo and ties some storylines from the first season.


Garo Red Requiem (2010) <Movie>

Red Requiem is a movie that serves as a bridge between seasons 1 and 2 adding new characters, concepts and plot points that will reappear in the second season. The plot involves Kouga, during his Northern District assignment collaborating with a group of Makai Priests fighting a powerful Horror that resides in mirrors.


Kiba Side Story (2011) <Single Special>

Is a short special that expands the events of the First season finale, talking more about one of the villains. Good character building, can’t say more or it will get spoiler-ish.


Makai Senki Garo: Makai Flash Knight (2011) <Second Season 25 Episodes>

Kouga returns to his home turf but during a routine Horror extermination he is struck by a mysterious cloaked figure. He receives a curse that will sap his life every time he dons the armor. During the series we will meet new Knights and new Priests while slowly there is a rift formed between both sides.

The chasm between both orders Knights and Priests is the driving storyline of the season as more events unfold that cause the rifts to grew larger. Many returning cast members take side in what could turn into a fully fledged civil war and the new cast members do the same. Not to mention the very important fact that KENJI MATSUDA plays a Makai Knight

The budget is higher, the fights are even crazier and the effects are awesome. Everybody gives an excellent performance with some really awesome episodes that include amazing fights. To me this is one of my two favorite seasons, I would recommend it more often, but you really need to watch the first season and the related movie and specials to fully enjoy this one.

Garo: The Demon Dragon Blue Tears (2013) <Movie>

Kouga embarks on an epic quest into the Makai World, the land from where the Horrors and other magical beings come, to fulfill an oath he made on the Second Season. This is the last time we see Kouga in action and holy shit he kicks unholy amounts of ass during the film. It could be considered the ending to the first two seasons.

Well this it for today, next week I might skip it as I’ll assist to the Global Game Jam. I hope you enjoyed this overview of Makai Kishi Garo, stay tuned for part 3



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Welcome ladies and gentlemen to a new edition of KTC! After giving an introductory look to Kamen Rider, especially the Heisei Era series I’ll take a break from the Masked Motorists series and tackle another toku series, in this case the Majestic, Terrifying and frankly all around Awesome Makai Kishi Garo.

The first TV series of Garo started in 2005 coming from the mind of Toku director and character design veteran Keita Amemiya. He worked in a multitude of series, having more than 20 years of experience prior to developing Garo. His objective with this series was to create a Toku series for mature viewers, as most series are aimed to younger audiences.

And Garo is exactly that, a Toku series that has better effects, better fights, with a horror movie atmosphere, a more mature and well thought story… and boobs, yep, Garo has enough nudity and blood to be called the HBO Tokusatsu series. The whole series focuses on horror and action, with urban fantasy elements added to the mix with great effect.

The series haves a lot to offer not only in the story department. As I mentioned earlier it has better special effects than the Kamen Rider counterparts at the same moment of time (yet considering the first series is from 2005 the CGI is a bit dated) The music is also a strong point with a magnificent score and openings sung by Jam Project (that I’ll go over when I talk about the seasons)

But the category in which Garo owns the rest of the Toku series is the fighting. The choreography in Garo is miles over any other series with amazing “unmorphed” fights with the actors and actress themselves pulling the incredible stunts and doing the wirework, while the fights with suits come in two flavors, short ones with some minor use of CGi and longer ones that turn into a CGI fiesta with amazing creativity.

Garo had a rocky beginning, as the first series wasn’t extremely popular and only through the sheer effort of his creator making movies and specials to flesh out the universe he got the approval for a second season… and then a third… and a fourth and an anime and more movies. The moral of the story is if you’re passionate about your work never give up on it.

Well this is it for today, only serving as an introduction. I’ll cover Two series + related media in the next blog and then cover the two remaining seasons and the anime (with their related media) in the next to that one.

Kuma Out!

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The last Kamen Rider blog! Or at least the last of the Heisei blogs and the last Rider blog for a while, as I’ll start covering other series in the next one. But let’s close this with a bang, let me tell you a story.

This is my weird ass geek theory (Don’t look at me like that, every geek has one). Kamen Rider is to Japan as Doctor Who is for Great Britain.

That sounds weird isn’t it? Let me elaborate

Both series are really long (DW 51 years, KR 44 years) both series have a protagonist that shares a “title” (Doctor and Kamen Rider) Both series can shift their tone with each season and new protagonist but their gimmicks stay (Tardis, Screwdriver, Rider Kick, Motorcycle) They tend to have a female co-protagonist (most of the time) Their most emblematic protagonist wears a Scarf (Ichigou and 4)

But this doesn’t stop yet. Both series were in the year 1989 and tried without luck to do a revival in the 90’s. Both series started once again in the 2000’s with some changes as things that happened in the old show didn’t happen in the new one. The new seasons were a bit more gimmick as the time passed (Multi-form Riders, Sonic Screwdriver Abuse)

You can argue that the Doctor is the same character in a different package while the Riders aren’t, but most of the Riders share so many common traits on their methodology that what really separates them is their personality, just like the incarnations of the Doctor.

They are currently on divisive era (Neo-Heisei and Moffat’s run respectively). Both series do Crossovers between different protagonists (Except that the Rider Crossover’s are systematic while the Doctor’s are sporadic.)

Well enough of my crazy ideas, let’s dig into the last 3 Heisei series (up until now)

Kamen Rider Wizard (2012-2013)

I haven’t seen much of Wizard, just the first 5 episodes and I dropped it. It wasn’t for me. But I’ll do my best giving a quick heads up.

Haruto Soma is a young man that survived a dark magic ritual. The ritual used “Gates” humans with magical potential to bring Phantoms, creatures that feed on despair. A Wizard dressed in white gives him a belt and magic rings to fight the Phantoms.

He is Kamen Rider Wizard, beacon of hope. As much as Fourze drills the power of friendship into the viewers head Wizard does the same with hope. The Phantoms are summoned through “Gates” That lost their hope.

Wizard is also known for the memetic Henshin sound-bit “Shabadubi Touch to Henshin” that Haruto uses to transform. I like Wizard design, is pretty well defined as a mystical Rider.

Kamen Rider Gaim (2013-2014)

Once upon a time there was a man who fought against the established status quo. Blood rained on the grounds he strided, flooding the world in crimson. No… I’m not talking about the Rider of the series, but of the writer.

The Urobutcher Cometh! Gen Urobuchi of Madoka and Fate/Zero fame wrote Gaim and holy shit it is noticeable. Gaim is the darkest Neo-Heisei series and one of the darkest Kamen Rider series, contrasting a lot with the colorful exterior look it has and the theme.

Kamen Rider Gaim protagonist is Kouta Kazuraba a young slacker/former Street Crew Dancer (roll with it) He lives in Zawame City, ruled from the shadows by the Yggdrassil Corporation (Think Omnicorp from Robocop but more Japanese and with less cyborgs)

Kouta stumbles upon a girl escaping from a monster and she grants him a belt and a Lockseed (an object used by the street gangs to summon small holographic monsters to wage pokemon like battles)

He turns into the Armored Rider Gaim (All the Riders in the series have a double theme, a type of warrior, in Gaim’s case Samurai and a fruit, in Gaim’s case Orange) He fights off the monster and he sets off events that will start getting more and more complex.

I don’t want to spoil but Gaim is one monster of a series. Like Kiva is in the Heavy Weight class of narrative in the franchise.

Kamen Rider Drive (2014-Ongoing)

The current series of the franchise, Kamen Rider Drive is focused on Shinnosuke Tomari a young police detective that was transferred to the Special Crimes Unit (a joke in the police department) after losing his partner in catasthrophic event known as Slowdown (where human perception of time is suddenly stretched making everything seem to be moving at slo-mo)

In this Unit he is themed up with Kiriko Shijima a female officer that recruits him to wield the Drive Driver (roll with it) to fight the Roimudes, the real perpetrators of the Slowdown. The Driver talks, seemingly having an A.I. that guides Shinnosuke. This series has a police procedural style with cases that involve the Roimudes being solved in each episode as the underlying storyline unfolds.

Well that’s all for today, next time I’ll tackle one of my favorites toku Franchises “Garo

Yes, Garo is fucking Badass
Yes, Garo is fucking Badass

Kuma out!

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