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Role Playing Game, at least in a Forum version, is a game in which you use your imagination and a character sheet to tell and play your part in stories, either devised by you or by another player. It comes from the Pen and Paper RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons. In the forum we played on a joint Universe we call Viceverse, that is basically like our world but adding every trope, stereotype or genre that the players use for their characters. Its Anime Styled, so the characters are more akin to Anime Heroes or Villains than Western Super Hero, but there are exceptions. We play through text, no dice, no points, just pure narrative, there is a tight set of rules to avoid any injust advantage for any player.

Main Blog

Welcome to the first edition of Animevice RPG Weekly News! I’m Kuma_from_Argentina, I have been an RP player here for 3 years and member of the 2 Class of the Hall of Fame. These blogs will serve to showcase the talents of our resident writers and invite more to join up as players. Let’s start today with a kick rundown of the World of the Vice or Viceverse, the shared universe by all the players to fight, live and have adventures on.

The Current Viceverse is the Third one, after two different reboots. Most of the characters are what you could call street-level, or at least started that way and through a year of threads, fights and character development some got stronger. One of the main concepts in this incarnation is the Hidden World, what is the Hidden World? Is a term to classify all super or inhuman events and individuals in the world, like Yokai, Demons, Angels, Aliens, Martial Artist with Ki, Mages, etc.

There are some groups handled by players that serve as the cushion between the Human World and the Hidden World, like FABLE operating in USA, MI13 operates in UK and the JHWAB based on Japan. There are also organizations like the BHA that serve as another focus points for player that want to serve as bounty hunters. We also have a Magic School and a Martial Arts School to cater to every taste. Yet these organizations are optional and you can have your own wandering warrior, mage, gunslinger, etc, running around and causing mayhem. You can also create your own groups with their own specific goal and theme.

We have a small yet tight community of players that are constantly connected and improving the overall experience of the forums, as I write this we are working on a new achievement system for the threads. We have several threads open filled with awesome writers and awesome characters, and surely more to come. All you need to know is that with every passing month our canon grows stronger and more organized, allowing new players to get into the action quite easily, we indexed all the threads that are part of the canon here, and we are organizing all the information of current events here.

Just swing by to check out the threads and stay if you ever wanted to write your own anime styled character, with amazing powers and even more amazing stories to tell. From this week onwards, every Sunday I’ll post a new edition of this blog, with all the news and all the info you need to do, we will include character and writer features so you can know the characters of the world and those who handle them. Any doubts you can PM me or ask your question in the comments below!

Check our oficial rules and the useful threads for new players here.

Some of the Current Threads in the RPG Section

A Certain Girl Named Clare: A follow up to a previous thread, exploring the mental state of one of the character that just lost his fiancé

Capital of the Underworld: A fabled criminal city built under Japan, dominated by 4 Crime Bosses.

Inazuma Gakuen: A school for Martial Artists where the strong come to become stronger.

Bunkbeds: One of the characters is looking for new roommates in a London Flat, hilarity ensues.

Taken: The adopted daughter of a character has been kidnapped, now he and one of his pals is going to get her back.

Oh Son Where Art Thou? : One of our characters ends up with a bounty over his head, posted by his parents, and many bounty hunters, passing fighters and others want to take it.

Holy Grail Rebellion: Non-Canon Thread set on an alternative version of the Nasuverse. It showcases a conflict of Servants inside the Throne of Heroes.

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