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Hello people! What’s up, I’m your host, the fabulous Kuma_From_Argentina….DAZZLING THE STAGE *Posse like a character from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure* Well then, let’s start this EPIC! News Blog up. Today we have the Inside RPG about the Villains, those bastards that make our lives a living hell. This News Blog won’t have a Player Spotlight as we didn’t have enough time to prepare it and if this comes out later than when it should is because of the current glitches in the forum. That will also explain why there aren’t any links, as I can open nor copy correctly said links thanks to the glitch forum.

So, let’s go to the current topics, we didn’t have any new ones this week, but the ones already open had a decent amount of activity.

Iron Ghost finished with a bang. The titular characters, Crown (Played by Fehafare) and Hagane (Played by Samjaz) lost their tanks miles before arriving to the enemy city. They moved on foot, sneaked Solid Snake style into it, managed to create a false emergency and gathered all the enemy government in one place and blew it up. Surely walking away from the blast with tinted glasses while heavy rocks sounded in the background, and now they are an item, yep nothing to spark up the romance as tank warfare.

Inazuma Gakuen continues the misadventures of the students in this elite Martial Arts School as their Painball (Yes, no T) bout turned from Deathmatch to Survival as one of the teachers introduced an older student, Velvela Gedide, known by other students as the Super Soldier, or the Deadly Star, a female weapons master armed to the teeth, instructed to hunt down the students of Class M. Like Ross Archer (Played by Fehafare) Sarutobi (Played by Ownagepants) or any of the 5 characters handled by Samjaz. Soon Class L will start, with room for 16 players more, you ever wanted to create your own martial artist? This is your chance.

Day Seized places Warden (Played by justalittlegirl) and Haruko (Played by Vapovile) in the hands of the resident crazy-ass Time Traveller Jardsam (Played by Samjaz). They travel to the 1700’s and end up in the golden age of piracy, causing ruckus in Nassau and challenging Edward Thatch to a Velociraptor race (Yes, I know that I just wrote that and no, I’m not high, this happened in the RP Forum.)

Capital of the Underworld takes us to visit a hidden underground city that holds the best Japan’s underworld can give. Player Ownagepants first thread, with criminal gangs, street shout outs and many, many yakuza. Kuro-san (Played by Kuro-san) is visiting a former business partner here, hiring Slayer (Played by Samjaz) as a bodyguard. Meanwhile Crow Cementerio (Played by Lobos_del_Rayo) is snooping around in search of bounties.

Holy Grail Rebellion started the Servants vs Servants duels. Nowhere in the world will you see Abe Lincoln facing Guan Yu from Romance in the Three Kingdoms locked in mortal combat. If you excuse the expression, shit is getting real.

A Night at the Castle has a heterogeneous group of heroes, with varied reasons, attack a village filled with Vampires. They just took out the guards, now the deadly Scarlet Knights of the Order of Walpurgis are ready to ambush them. Knightly Vampires Vs a Timid Beastman, a young Werewolf, two Sultry Succubus, a seamstress/mercenary, a “legendary Hero”, a badmouthed Japanese delinquent and a bounty hunting gunslinger…..yes… this is FREAKING AWESOME!

INSIDE RPG: Villains

The Viceverse had it good share of villains in previous iterations, like Newdeath, Sonata, Kurohige, Nerx and many others, but today we will focus on the current forces of evil in the forum. We have a crazy reality manipulator, a very disturbed Time Traveler, an emotionless man with the ability to wipe memories and two groups of baddies.


A perennial loser with powers greater than anybody can imagine. No matter how good his plan is sooner or later it will fail in the most spectacular way possible, yet this curse could have broke a man, Taylor just went nuts and decided to exploit his own weakness, starting to plan around his loses so even the worse failure could have catastrophic events on others. He is deranged, creepy and sinister, yet he always smiles…..what makes him even creepier


A deranged Time Traveler and office worker, that serves as a foil to others villains as much as he serves as an opponent for Heroes. Yet currently the biggest enemy he fights is boredom, as centuries of everlasting power tend to be tedious after a while. He keeps other cosmic powers in check, while traveling through the cosmos looking for amusement, he created a whole family of super humans, his own lineage and most of them want to kill him. Once a Hero, now a fallen one…


He was a big villain before, but he vanished from the face of Earth, but he didn’t left alone, he took the memories of others about him using a powerful relic he now wields, making others remembering something impossible. He is slowly starting a strategy that will end up in some kind of mysterious End Game. Apart from the relic he holds, known as the Gainen Medal of Memory, he lacks any other powers, being a regular human with immense resources. Yet his most dreadful trait is his lack of emotions and moral compass, he won’t doubt to trample over anyone to get what he wants, to resurrect his dead lover.

The Numbers

The muscle of Kuro-san’s operations, divided into two groups, the Team like Cardinals, which are more centered in ranged combat and the wild one monster army the Beasts, each one with powers beyond humanity. They are a force to be reckoned with.

The Gentlemen

A mysterious group of sharply clothed men that are color coded for convenience and have superpowers. You want more? Ok. They are a large organization with many underlings and influences all over the world, currently revealed are Mr. Black and Mr. Red, both encountered by our resident informal band of heroes (Known as FCL From the Ceiling with Love, there is a funny history about the name, that I will surely tell next time) They are the responsible party for the Death of Clare, Aleister’s (Played by Fehafare) Fiancée.


That’s all for today, remember that if you have any questions you can ask them here or in the RPG Q/A thread in the off-topic forum. Next time I will spotlight myself or Sonata, if we manage to finish the Spotlight in time, as you know the mods are occupied so we can’t demand a lot. Next time in INSIDE RPG, we will give a quick look to Hellscraper, the largest thread in this reboot and surely one of the most requested things for me to explain after being mentioned quite a lot of times.

This is Kuma signing off!


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