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Characters in the title card: Haruko, Jardsam, Arthur and Aleister
Characters in the title card: Haruko, Jardsam, Arthur and Aleister

Guess what? The Anime Vice RPG News is back for another week, yes I’m still not tired of doing this (surprisingly) and not even the flu that is currently kicking my ass, and making me spend an amount of tissues equal to for square miles of rainforest can stop me from doing this! I’m Kuma From Argentina and this is the RPG News Blog! (I'm doing a bit early because I cant do it in the usual hours I do it.)

We had a very interesting week, with advances in several thread and a couple of new ones, let’s check those first before they lose that scent of fresh new threads, shall we?

But before that remember that you can as any question in the Q/A thread, as well directly to me or any other RP player previously spotlighted in this Blog through a PM, with that out of the way, we can go to the thread review!

Thread Review

Opening this week

In “Mind the Gap”, the tragic tale of Aleister Crown (Played by Fehafare) the master of locks and doors, Samjaz (Played by Samjaz….duh XD) opens Crown’s mind following the instructions given to him by a cryptic individual. Everybody in the room gets sucked into the mindscape of Crown, and they must explore the mental world of the famous thief.

In “A Place to Call Home” Callis Nomene (Played by Kuma_From_Argentina) is in search of a place in this world, that isn’t his own. Thanks to his heroic behavior and fighting prowess he will be invited to join the BHA (Bounty Hunters Association, check the Organizations Article here) Japanese branch, Yatagarasu.

Currently Hot Threads

An Unexpected Train Ride started picking up steam last week, but this week it got into top gear, with the introduction of the villains the heroes and passengers will need to stop from hijacking the Sound Breaker Train. A massive group of heroes will face undead abominations with immense odds against them. Good Family Fun!

Inazuma Gakuen is reaching the end of the introduction arc, as the Students of Class M join forces against a student of advanced level and skill. As they prepare a massive shoot-out, Class L is starting to take shape with the addition of two students and some NPC, check them out in the intro page.

The Monthly Awards were hosted by today's Spotlighted Player, Lobos_Del_Rayo, thanks to everybody for voting and to Lobos for such good work hosting the awards!

Player Spotlight: Lobos_Del_Rayo

Nobody makes post as long and as detailed as Lobos_Del_Rayo, one of the players with the best quality in writing and one of the most emblematic characters in the RPG forum alongside Samjaz, Aleister Crown and Arthur Crownwell. I'm talking of none other than Crow Cementerio. Let's check the Q/A

When did you start to play in the RP section?

I started writing on the AV about 3 years ago, before coming here I wrote on fanpop.com in a bleach RP. I tried to stay as much as I can but life often got in the way making me go on hiatus and I tried writing on ComicVine as well. However no matter how far I went I always came back here.

What are your favorite types of characters to play?

I love westerns and that entire genre so my favorite type of characters are ones that reflect that have those characters traits in them, most of the characters I create have some form of westerns in them. I also enjoy writing as characters who really have a devil may care personality instead of the normal hero. However I have been trying to expand my character types out more and more.

Which was your favorite thread and why?

My favorite thread is Crow Must Die, while it was unfinished, it was supposed to be about my main character Crow Cementerio dealing with an endless assault created by the villainous Kuro-san. There were so many cool things including the debut of the Original Numbers (Western Fairy, Northern Devil, Easter Wolf, and Southern Dragon). It was the thread that Kuma and I really connected on and it was the seeds that would later grow in the novel we are now working on.

From your own cast of characters. Which is your favorite?

From my cast of characters my favorite is and will always will be Crow Cementerio, he is a creation that has been in the work since before I could remember. Over the years I edit, change, adapt, and updated him taking in my own personality and quirks mixing them with the influences around me. It was that long ago when the idea of the Gunslinger that now sheriffs the Vice came to be. Now with Kuma help we are taking him building a world and cast of characters from both of our minds.

From your fellow players which is your favorite character?

From the other writers I really can’t say I have a favorite but I always love any character that Kuma creates, every one of them is unique and covers a wide range of tropes, types, and more. My personal favorite from his is Gen Shishioh, Gen’s dialogue is hilarious and filled with enough curses to make a sailor blush.

Cast of Characters

The Rail-Gun Crow
The Rail-Gun Crow

Crow Cementerio

Crow Cementerio is the Last of the Gunslingers, a group of heroes who were prominent during the past but have slowly faded in time, the remaining Gunslingers were all attacked and killed along with Crow's home town. The Rail-gun has lost all his family, friends, and heroes now with his revolver Quicksilver and the powers of the Storm Eagle deity, Huya Icanma, he has become a Bounty Hunter in his search for answers and justice.

Heavenly Healer Nurse Kusuri
Heavenly Healer Nurse Kusuri

Kusuri Inoue

A relatively new character that I recently created she is making her debut in Unexpected Train Ride but I got some big plans for her, Kasuri is a nurse in training and secretly a super powered Magical Girl with the abilities of healing she fights against the forces of evil and heals those are hurt and wounded. While the manga fan may not seem like a threat she is only just begun to awaken her powers and holds the potential to be one of the most powerful heroes evil has ever seen.

That's all Folks! I didnt do an article because of the Flu, but I promise one for the next Blog. We will have a surprise spotlight (This is when I didnt decide on one yet XD) And the article about objects and powers in the Viceverse.

This is Kuma signing off!


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