Kraden (Level 11)

Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright that God may love thee. Speak the truth always, even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. That is your oath.
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Born in the United States, but raised in Hiroshima, Japan. Current age is 22 years old and was the son of a body builder and a actress, after they died of a car accedent when he was only 10, he devoted his life to living as his parents did. 8 years later he got a job playing the Base for a Rock Group that has since dispanded, he carries around his Base everywhere he goes for within it conseals his weapon of choice, a very old Samurai sword in which his father used to help train his body and mind to there peak limits. After a Alley way robbery gone wrong, Kraden had to use the blade to defend himself and discovered a family secret that would change his life forever. Kraden was approched by a friend of his father's who he considered an Uncle and was brought into a secret society, devoted to helping the weak and defenseless. Kraden over the next 3 years has since learned a wide variety of skills.

  1. Electrical absorbstion (can absorb electricty from any conduit)
  2. Electrical maniputation ( able to electricity shoot from his hands into many forms.)
  3. Bolt Shot - Shoots a energy bolt from his hands with a varity of strength.
  4. Grenade - Can create a consintrated ball of electricty that detonates on impact.
  5. Rocket - Shoots a Grenade long distances with even more devestating damage.
  6. Kenetic Shield - Creates a shield that repels most weaker attacks, can also be used to float a few feet off the ground to travel short distances.
  7. Electric Tether - Able to Propel himself to distant objects through means of an electric chain.

Able to use his powers at will but requires massive ammounts of power to wield, thus making him tire quickly unless an unlimited supply of energy is near by. But as he uses his powers his ability to wield them increases, and of course his major weakness is water, but only when using his powers does it effect him.

Kraden Stats
Date Joined: March 27, 2012
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Points: 40 Points
Ranked: Ranked #1096 of 43,134
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