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Anime Series and characters I admire.
1. Misato Katsuragi

A strong woman that's had a really rough life. Caring, kind, owns an emporer penguin, likes sex, and can hold her own in a drinking contest. <3

2. Kohzou Fuyutsuki

NERV second in command. Not a dick, unlike Gendo. :)

3. Motoko Kusanagi

98% synthetic, 100% badass cop. I love it.

4. Madoka Ayukawa

A one woman wrecking crew with a heart of gold... even if it's capricious.

5. Jet Black
6. Spike Spiegel
7. Ein

Cute lil' corgi. :)

8. Raye Hino
9. Rebecca Miyamoto
10. Lina Inverse

For a kid, she's pretty awesome. Excellent sorceress, except on a few days of the month... much to Gourry's dismay and confusion.

11. Dirty Pair

I love both the original and Flash varieties.

12. May Hopkins

She'll always be Minnie Mae to me... and she keeps grenades in her bra.

13. Mesousa

Super cute, but always super depressed.

14. Genma Saotome

Will and has sold his son's hand in marriage for okonomiyaki. Also, founder of "Anything-Goes" style of martial arts.

15. Shampoo

"Moose, why you such stupid duck?"

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