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I finally decided to get myself into Resident Evil 5, a game that I am surprise at the fact that I've been shunning it for quite some time. I notice both the praise Resident Evil 5 got from critics, but also notice a couple of somewhat backlash from hardcore fans.

The whole introduction of Resident Evil for me all started with Resident Evil 2 on the PlayStation. I enjoyed the time I had with it, or watching my brother or his friend playing it, I was completely engage by the scary atmosphere and its compelling plot. Then later on I went and rented the original Resident Evil at a BlockBuster video store, the game had me in awed by the live-action cut scenes; it was not amazing, but it was weird to see that kind of content in the first game after playing the second. My playthrough's of the other main Resident Evils (Excluding Resident Evil Zero) followed suite.
 Resident Evil 2
 Resident Evil 2
Then came Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube, a great departure from its predecessors. First jumping into it I was growing a deep liking for the game's well constructed nature. Going into the woods with the foggy white skies and quite sounds seem reminiscence of a Silent Hill game, then the theme goes from forest areas fighting villagers to castle buildings fighting creepy monks. By the third act of the game I was thrown into a island filled with military assailants which kind of threw off the scary vibe of the game.

Looking back at the entire game, it had some problems that strayed it away from a regular Resident Evil game. First and foremost, Resident Evil is a action-adventure game, exploration and puzzle solving was the key essence of the series. Resident Evil 4 was barely that game, it was linear, more empathize on action, and lack of puzzles.  
 Resident Evil 4
 Resident Evil 4
During the development of Resident Evil 5, I was skeptical about where Capcom was taking the game. It seem like that Capcom got the wrong idea about aspects of Resident Evil 4's success, and as a result, you have what Resident Evil 5 is, a poor man's version of a third person shooter. I hoping that Resident Evil 5 would be more action-adventure game this time around, plenty of puzzle solving and exploring the envorment to progress the game. Instead, it follows the same trappings of Resident Evil 4 - linear progression and more emphasise on shooting.

But the most annoying element of Resident Evil 5 is the Co-Op. The character Sheva didn't ruin the game, it was just the fact that I had to play the game with a second character at all times, regardless of which character it is. The A.I does what I needed it to do, but in some situations, the A.I fails and I end up getting the game over.

Resident Evil 5 also had a cover mechanic, an element that is a natural evolution for third person shooters. Is Resident Evil trying to be a third person shooter? With the Co-Op and the cover mechanic, it put Resident Evil in a awkward spot. The controls of Resident Evil 4 is a great introduction for the series; switching genre on the other hand is not. 

Also, when did the series become the Matrix? In the action of the cut scenes, there was a lot of over the top acrobatic style action. As I think back, Resident Evil: Code Veronica showed early glimpses of what the action would be like in the cut scenes; like Clare Redfield running threw a hallway while dodging hails of gun fire or Steve jumping out of a window blasting one of the monsters and then kicking it as its final blow. At the time, it was a interest break from all the horror that goes on, but now there's too much of the over the topness in the cut scenes of Resident Evil 5; so much that it just feels spoiled.

Overall I enjoyed what Resident Evil 5 had to offer; the amount of content it has is a lot more than previous games. Graphically it's one of the better looking games of this generation, and supports some amazing animations, even though some of them were clearly recycled from Resident Evil 4. It was also nice to see the return of the Lickers, an enemy from Resident Evil 2. The surprising thing about that was the Lickers have the exact same death animation that they had in Resident Evil 2.

 Resident Evil 5
 Resident Evil 5
After this game, Capcom talks about another reboot for the series in half a decade or so. What I do want for the next game is a action-adventure game again. If they can't make it scary, well at least it has one essence that makes Resident Evil, Resident Evil.
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