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It's been quite a while since I last saw Dragon Ball Z on air. It was a couple of years ago (Like 2007 and maybe 2008?) that I last viewed Dragon Ball Z on Toonami. The series was on the Cell Saga and I knew that I had to watch it. I have lot of fond memories experiencing what would be consider the highlight of the Dragon Ball Z series; I wanted to relive it again, but the show was taken off the air in the middle of saga =(. 
The 20th anniversary comes up and Funimation commemorates the occasion by remastering the series in the form of Dragon Ball Z Kai - a version that has been quicken in terms of pacing, redrawn frames of animations to look good for HD, and a brand new dub.  The first place I expected for this new version of Dragon Ball Z to air on television was Cartoon Network. Obviously a lot of you people know that there's tons of history with Cartoon Network and Dragon Ball Z, or pretty much the Dragon Ball universe period, but then I find out that Nicktoons will be airing the series instead. I was surprise by the announcement and drew some skepticism within me, I mean Nicktoons, Nickelodeon was about targeting a younger audience, while Cartoon Network has done pretty good for themselves appealing to a wider crowd. I just had a feeling that Nickelodeon was going to heavily censor the show for those young kids, yes I know Cartoon Network has done some censoring, but I thought it wasn't that bad when compare to the uncut version.
No Dragon Ball Z Kai on Cartoon Network was a huge disappointment. I figure that a show that was the biggest thing for Cartoon Network from the late 90s to the early 2000s would be something that Cartoon Network could be worth fighting for. Now I'm not sure if Cartoon Network was actually considering getting the broadcasting rights for Dragon Ball Z Kai, though some people have accused the new president of Cartoon Network of not wanting anything to do with anime. 
Now, the show finally made its debut on Nicktoons. So far, it seems okay; I'm not seeing any noticeable censors (With the exception of some blood), I honesty thought me watching Dragon Ball Z Kai on Nicktoons would a similar experience to watching the Disney Channel XD version of The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air - where as lines of dialogue where cut out. I do have some problems though, the new voice actor for Gohan sucks, the intro music, "Dragon Soul," pales in comparison to "Rock the Dragon" - "Dragon Soul" was cheering and had a kid friendly tone to it, while "Rock the Dragon" had a dark, edgy theme, and also made you feel like a bad-ass.  
There's also a new narrator, he's not bad but again, I prefer the original narrator. The original sounded more dramatic and kept you immerse in the tone. I also saw the new promos for the show. *Sigh* I couldn't help but go onto YouTube and view some of the old classic Toonami promos. 
So what my opinion of Dragon Ball Z Kai? Fine. . . The series is only on the Sayain Saga and I saw six episodes so far. I will keep watching, and of course, I am anticipating the Android/Cell Saga once again; time to relive the good old times.      

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