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I don't like Dragon Ball Z Kai; there I said it. Some of you may disagree with me and say you like Dragon Ball Z Kai, but hey, don't care. I wasn't against the idea of Kai, a version of Dragon Ball Z that's edited in a way that takes care of the major problem of the series, which is the pacing. But I never would of thought that aspects of the series such as the dialogue would be completely change, which affects the personalities of some of the characters. Some of the voice actors weren't brought back and the ones that replaced them are just plain terrible. The voices of the original series was injected into our memories, it also became a standard of how the characters sounded. They weren't too good, they weren't too bad, they just sounded right. For us to have to hear Gohan's new voice when he ascend to the next level in the Cell Saga is just unacceptable. 
Toei Animations should of went into this with the awareness of the popularity of the American dub. The soundtrack of the US version was fantastic, it updated Dragon Ball Z for the time that it made its Western debut. The Japanese version sounded dated, but that's what's come to be expected for a series that's like what, twenty-years-old back then. Not hearing the original themes that I heard when first experiencing Dragon Ball Z defiantly takes away the experience. I don't know if this was in the original Japanese version, but the the new dub has this corny-ass opera song that plays when a dramatic scene occurs. There's also the lack of "Rock the Dragon." Dragon Ball Z is one thing, insane macho action. "Rock the Dragon" capitalizes that. The new theme, "Dragon Soul," seems like something targeted directly to kids, and not something that sounded older. 
The thing that surprise me the most, is that the Garlic Jr. Saga was removed. I knew that some scenes from the original would be cut in order to speed up the pacing, but I never would of thought that an entire Saga would be removed. I don't care what anybody says, but that was unnecessary. 
Dragon Ball Z Kai just seems like the opposite of FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood. Brotherhood added a lot more fiction to a retelling of FullMetal Alchemist, while Kai just strips down and dramatically alters a series in a bad way.   
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