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Jet Grind Radio, or Jet Set Radio, was release on June 29, 2000 in Japan and later that year for the U.S & Europe. Why did I choose this game as one of the best games of the decade? Well it's influential like GTA III and Halo, and it was consider by many to be one of the best games of the Dreamcast; and there was also nothing like for it's time. 
Jet Grind Radio was the first game to have the cel-shading graphic style. Fear Effect was technically the first, but when people look back on how the cel-shading first got its start, they view Jet Grind Radio to be the first - it was the game that establish it. After Jet Grind Radio, a bunch of games have utilize the art-style throughout the decade; it's the same art-style that people associate the handle Zelda games with now.
The entire package of Jet Grind Radio itself was defiantly something like no other. The gameplay of Jet Grind Radio, though original and fun, wasn't something that could make the game stand out on its own. But every aspects of this game was one in the same - art-style, music, story, characters, and gameplay. When you jump into the game, you are greeted with a incredible atmosphere with a great soundtrack to complement the experience. Even though I played through this game several times, and also played the superior gameplay of the second game, Jet Set Radio Future, I still find my way back into the original.  
My Top Five Favorite songs of the game:
Jet Grind Radio was the center piece of my gaming life for the last ten years. This game started an era that game developers just had to follow to make their games seem interesting to the public. Jet Grind Radio was the cause of it, and it deserve to be known as one of the best games of the last decade of gaming. Hopefully when the new decade starts in 2010, we will see a new GOOD, and when I emphasize on the word good, I mean that Sega is developing it and there's a good chance they can fuck that up, Jet Grind Radio game. 
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Video reviews of shitty games have always been my cup tea; hell, I posted a thread about it. Ever since the Gamespot days of the GiantBomb staff, Mr. Davis, Vinny, Brad, and Jeff, of watching classic video reviews of shitty games such as the Tetris Worlds review, or Dragon Ball Z Ultimate Battle 22 review, just purged my soul, and brought happiness to my video game, anime, porn loving life. Anybody who goes and tells you that a shitty game (or video game movies) brings no good is completely wrong. The one good aspect it brings is a video of a pissed off person, or a person who's going through levels of deteriorating sanity - enter Mr. Davis in the TANG videos. 
 How many TANG shows will drive Mr. Davis to this point?
 How many TANG shows will drive Mr. Davis to this point?
I first heard of AVGN about a year ago when I saw his video about the power glove, but I never really had any interest in check out his other videos. Until now, I got board one day and went to YouTube and decided to watch his videos. I became hook with the joy of watching the hate that he brings to the god awful games that he's playing. I must have spent hours just watching the videos he made over the past five years. 
Ever since I've grown fond of the video reviews of shit. I began to associate them with several different styles that a person brings to a video review of a shitty game or video game movie. Like Mr. Davis for example, what he brings is signs of soul crushing, descending madness while he present a well thought out, intellectual form of words, his opinion. While others go through crazy scenarios like the 24: The Game review from Alex Navarro when he was parodying scenes from the 24 show while showing off his misery. And now there's the AVGN, I enjoyed the aggression and crazy scenarios (similar to Alex Navarro) he delivered in his videos. After seeing him playing through a bunch of Sega CD games, I notice another video from him about the Sega 32x, and from then on, I couldn't stop watching his videos. 
 AVGN dressing up Nostalgia Critic.
 AVGN dressing up Nostalgia Critic.
The way he forms his opinions is with a extraordinary amount of aggression. His words just also describe him as a disgusting foul mouth. He actually gets creative with the horrible activities that he says he'll do instead of play the shitty game he's reviewing, or comparisons of handling one aspect of the game console; for example, trying to stick a cartridge into a ColecoVison is like "sticking your dick into a cheerio."  That disgusting intellect is just pure fascination. 
So now I'm addicted to watching more AVGN videos. Watching them lifts me up with desirable joy. With this, and the TANG episodes, my internet life now has meaning. *Sign* That was fun. =)
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 So Mega Man 10 was announced and I got to say, I'm disappointed with the fact it's a 8-bit game again. I mean, the 8-bit graphics was nothing but a novelty in the last game and it also never did anything new to the formula. I rather have Capcom not make another Mega Man game if it was a 8-bit game again.
I remember wanting to see a new Mega Man X game but I always said this, "Please for the love of God don't make it a retro game."   After seeing Mega Man 10, looks like the next Mega Man X game will possibly be a disappointing game. 
This is what Resident Evil 6 will look like.
This is what Resident Evil 6 will look like.
What's next? Is Capcom going to take a step back with other games in their library? Is the next Resident Evil game gonna go back to the original play-style with PSone graphic? Or what about Street Fighter, is Capcom going to resurrect the CPS II hardware to make Street Fighter V? Though Street Fighter IV is a step back from the previous games (gameplay wise) and as a result, it's a good overall but I didn't like it as much as the previous.
This just proves to me that nostalgia is a devious thing.
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 It's December, which means the Christmas season is here. 
I fucking love Christmas, decorating my house, putting up the Christmas tree, and freezing my ass off in the cold winter; nothing but a good time. Hopefully, this Christmas will be just as good or better than last years Christmas. 
Also, here's a little something for all you Christmas lovers. =)  
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 I was beginning to notice this lately on how a lot of old Capcom games are being sold online. Every time when I'm looking to purchase an classic Capcom game for the PlayStation of Dreamcast, it's usually going for such a high price. And the bullshit thing is that the copy that I'm looking for is a used copy that doesn't contain the entire package. I would look for a brand new one, but the price for that is four times the price than the used one. 
I look for a copy for Project Justice and that game (the used copy that only contains the disc) is going for over eighty dollars, or Power Stone 2 would go for sixty. Though the thing about those games are that there were limited amount of copies made for that game because it was made for a console that had a short life span - the Dreamcast. But other games that had a lot copies manufactured like Mega Man Legends 2 are still going for a high price. I ask about Mega Man Legends 2 on Capcom Unity and someone told me that the game sold well enough that it made Sony's Greatest Hits; so there is no reason for that game to be sold for a high price.   
I would guess that Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 cause people to consider old Capcom games to be "rare." Everyone was aware of the fact that Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 was hard to find and the prices for it was going high, after that, people went after other Capcom games and decided to sell them for a ridiculous prices as well.
It sucks ass that the game that I really want to go back is considered rare. Mega Man legends 2 was such a blur to me when I first played through that game long ago. I did purchase the original game recently and it's just as fun and charming as I remembered it, but I didn't quite get that with the second game. I think it's due to the fact that it came at a awkward time in my life. But I want to make up for that by giving that game a second go even after so many years have passed. But I can't because you have a bunch of online assholes selling a game for unreasonable prices. Even if a copy of the game was being sold at a much lower price, that copy will be gone in a day or two.
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