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Childhood is filled with many broken promises; one kid says that he wants to be a spaceman, or the other would say that he wants to fly. My broken promise as a kid was never getting a SEGA Genesis
My first Sonic experience was with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 on my uncle's SEGA Genesis at my Grandparents' house, so many years ago. I really loved what I was seeing and playing, the blue blur running as fast as possible and trying to react to every platform, enemies that comes my path. When Sonic the Hedgehog 3 was released, I beg my parents to buy me a SEGA Genesis just so I can play Sonic the Hedgehog 3. I already owned a SNES and my parents didn't want to buy a SEGA Genesis due to that, but there's nothing wrong with owning both a SNES and Genesis, right? I beg and beg, my parents finally said they'll think about it. I got excited, mainly due to the fact they didn't say no, but as time flew by, I never got a SEGA Genesis.
 Fun fact: The rap lyrics that is being said in this stage are the same rap lyrics in the "Stimulation" song in Capcom Vs. SNK 2.
 Fun fact: The rap lyrics that is being said in this stage are the same rap lyrics in the "Stimulation" song in Capcom Vs. SNK 2.
Years later, in the Summer of 2000, my brother got a Dreamcast with several games - one of those was Sonic Adventure. First playing a 3-D Sonic game was brimming with excitement, immersing the Sonic experience into the 3-D world was memorizing. Running fast as you can be make you feel like you're on the top of your game, but all of it can come crashing down when you miss up and things can be tough when you're trying to get back on the rails. Sonic Adventure's levels is chock fulled with variety - it had snowboarding, pinball, and bobsledding. Playing a 3-D Sonic game can be hard and takes some time to master them. I'm not going to shy away from the fact that Sonic Adventure defiantly has problems, stuff like the camera bogs things down, and makes the controls seem awkward at times (The Sky Deck level was broken). But I've been playing Sonic Adventure long enough to put up or avoid some of the problems of the game. I still play Sonic Adventure to this day on my Dreamcast for nostalgic value, and I actually bought the GameCube version years later. I found that game for ten bucks and of course, I made the purchase. That version was worse than the Dreamcast version, the collision detection was off; at times I ended up falling to my death by running through a long platform. The Dreamcast version had problems, so why didn't SEGA fix any of them? Instead, more problems were added. 
Moving on from the original Sonic Adventure, came Sonic Adventure 2. Much was improve over the first like a better story and more well design Sonic style levels, then after that, came Sonic HeroesSonic Heroes was something I wasn't expecting, I mean what I wanted was Sonic Adventure 3, but what was given was a team based Sonic game. Not as good as Sonic Adventure 2 but it was okay overall. After those games, came some pretty disappointing games like Sonic 06. No body liked this game, even Sonic fans who still enjoy playing Sonic Adventure didn't like Sonic 06. Introducing a human love interest for Sonic was one of the most disturbing things ever. 
 If this game was called Mario Unleashed, it'd probably get a better reception.
 If this game was called Mario Unleashed, it'd probably get a better reception.
As for the critical reception for Sonic Adventure 1 & 2, all changed. Critics were now saying that there was never a good 3-D Sonic game, despite the good reviews like 8.0 or 9.0 for the original games, and some were saying that SEGA should keep him in 2-D. Anybody whose goes and says "Keep it in 2-D" is overly nostalgic, ignorant fan of the 3-D games. After the disappointment of Sonic 06, SEGA improves a lot with Sonic Unleashed (I actually liked the Werehog, the concept may seem stupid but it provided some fun and wished that was the Knuckles levels in Sonic Adventure 1 & 2). The PS3 and 360 version were panned by critics, but the Wii and PS2 version was much better than expected. . . . . . . . . . .Buuuuut nobody cares, haters only put most of there focus on the PS3 and 360 version and acted like the Wii and PS2 game doesn't exist, just so people can hate Sonic some more.
  I just get the feeling that people hate Sonic because it Sonic. One aspect to that was the music of Sonic Unleashed, the music was fantastic and well compose in Sonic Unleashed but critics wrote it off as forgettable; there's a lot to what critics said about Sonic Unleashed is something I don't agree, it's almost like they played a completely different game. And the other I think is that hating on things is fun to do, hell some people probably never played the 3-D Sonic games but go into a thread about Sonic just so they can talk shit.  I also heard that Sonic 06 was better than Sonic Unleashed. *Sign*. . . . . . . . .I don't care what people say, but that is bullshit. 

 Poor Sonic, what ever ray of hope you get, people will ignore it just so they can attack you some more.
 Poor Sonic, what ever ray of hope you get, people will ignore it just so they can attack you some more.
Sonic Unleashed was not amazing but a good game, as a matter of fact, Kevin Van Ord from Gamespot actually said that Sonic Unleashed for the PS2 and Wii was a good game. As for everybody else, like I said, they don't care.  There's also the upcoming 2-D Sonic, before the trailer was released, there was a thread about what people expect to be in the next game. Despite the fact that the last 2-D Sonic games, Sonic Rush and Sonic Rush Adventure, were well received, people don't give a shit about those games just so they can, like I said, hate on Sonic some more.  
You know, I do notice a similar situation with other gaming franchises, Castlevania and Metroid. I have seen fans of Castlevania criticize the 3-D Castlvania games, they too also say in the end "Keep it 2-D." I believe that Castlvania can work in 3-D but the only ones whom don't want to believe it is the overly nostalgic fans themselves. With the new 3-D Castlevania game coming up, I don't seem to notice anybody attacking that game. Maybe because Kojima Production is creating this? The fact that they're developing it is the bulletproof vest from the shit storm that is the overly nostalgic fans. As for Metroid, I have seen people wanting Nintendo to just abandon their 3-D efforts with Metroid and just make 2-D games. And when people criticize Metroid Prime 2 & 3, their criticism is just too nit-picking, but they're not like that with 2-D Metroid, only on 3-D. Now I'm not saying that 2-D should end and only focus on 3-D, I want companies like Nintendo, SEGA, and Konami to keeping making both 2-D and 3-D games. 3-D defiantly makes for an interesting take on the 2-D formula, and that's why companies shouldn't stop and improve upon its predecessor.
Back on Sonic, I come to the conclusion that people will keep hating Sonic no matter what. No matter how much SEGA will improve, people will keep hating Sonic because it's Sonic. And I feel extremely bad for Sonic because of that.
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If there was one thing I remembered best about Toonami, it was its promos. Instead of being just regular T.V ads telling what time their shows were airing, they would go further than that. They had deep well written dialogue,  well acted narrations, superb composed music, and skillfully crafted use of footage of all the show they were airing at that time. Some of them had meaningful sentimental morals and also explains recurring themes that goes on within the animated shows; Toonami defiantly revolutionize the T.V promos. There was nothing like it for its time and as a result, it gave Toonami its well deserve cult following. 
There are tons of great Toonami promos i love so much but I'm going to talk about five of my favorites. 



Now I will admit, I wasn't watching Toonami back in 97 - 98 (The Moltar era) mainly because I didn't have Cartoon Network until 99. But I did manage to catch this promo years later on YouTube, and I was deeply impress. Even before Tom took over, Toonami was still creating memorable promos. These promos showed early signs of evolution into perfection until it climax when the Tom era began. 
This promo explain a recurring theme that goes on with every single action series, heroes, victims and villains. Moltar starts wondering what will it be like if we didn't have heroes, and also explains what it takes to be a hero. Moltar points out several criteria about being a hero, nobility, purity, fearlessness, and uses footage of the shows their were airing to capitalize on those three criteria. 

Advance Robotics


One thing that we see in anime is this, robots. Advance Robotics tells another recurring theme, and also explains how these robots will evolve and soon becoming the successors of planet Earth from all of humanity. This promo was narrated by Peter Cullen, aka Optimus Prime, oh the irony. . . .The thing I love about this promo was the overall tone, it was cold and dark. The music was fantastic as usual, it had this robotic beep that loops over and over again which complements the theme.

Outlaw Star


Narrated by Peter Cullen, and doing a fantastic job as usual, exploits the entire plot of Outlaw Star and the most brilliant way possible. He infers every element that makes Outlaw Star what it is. This promo got me so commented to watch Outlaw Star and it was one of the first "space westerns" I ever watched, before Cowboy Bebop and Trigun. Some people had said Outlaw Star was the anime for Toonami that had a "serious" story-line, but I disagreed.   

Tenchi Muyo


After Dragon Ball Z, the three Tenchi Muyo series, Tenchi Muyo OVA, Tenchi Universe, Tenchi in Tokyo, were the second anime series I got into. This promo tells the story of a regular teenage boy name Tenchi whose world gets turned upside-down, were encounters sexy alien woman, one with a royal background and the other is a deadly bounty hunter. I remember first seeing the promo when it made its debut, at first I wasn't interested, but until one day I decided to catch a episode and I was instantly hooked. As I looked back on this promo, it's nothing but pure blast of nostalgia. 



My favorite of them all. Narrated Beau Billingslea, the voice of Jet Black from Cowboy Bebop, this promo explains a moral about kids wondering what they want to be when they grow up. Beau explains what it takes and what will occur when achieving your dream, and uses footage from the anime shows that Toonami was airing at the time to show the characters from those series as examples of the moral that Toonami is trying to teach. If there's any T.V promo that made a huge impact on me it was this promo right here. Usually when T.V tries to teach a moral to kids, they would kid it down and it would become cheesy, lame, dumb and just makes you want to do the opposite of what it's trying to teach you. But not Toonami, Toonami presented their morals like an adult. With well written dialogue and excellent musical score makes kids fully understand the message that Toonami is reaching out.  
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The beat'em up genre was a genre that very popular in the late 80s and early 90s. With games like TMNT: Turtles in Time, Street of Rage 2, Final Fight and many others defiantly made the genre worth while. Now a days the genre doesn't compete with today's market of gaming. Even though beat'em ups were all about going through one area to another and mashing the attack button, but the scenery,  the characters, the music and hearing the sound of the punches & kicks making contact with the enemies you're fighting just makes the beat'em up genre one hell of a guilty pleasure for those whom love it. 
Beat'em ups that people remembered as classic were all in 2-D. When beat'em ups reached the 3-D world, they didn't get much acclaim as the 2-D games. . . . .And I fully understand why. But there were some 3-D beat'em ups that reach some level of success such as: God Hand, The Warriors, and MadWorld. It's not go to say that the others weren't games that I didn't grown any appreciation for, there were some that I enjoy the hell out of. Here are three games I'm going to talk about that some of you may not known of.

Zombie Revenge

Zombie Revenge was originally an arcade that was release by Sega, then release on the Dreamcast later on. It's a spin-off of The House of the Dead series and it shows. This game has the same level of hilariously bad voice and crazy zombie enemies that you'll find in any House of the Dead game; Zombie Revenge is fulled with regular zombies, gun welding zombies, zombie monkeys, plant monsters, and cyber-zombies, that's right, cyber-zombies. I would say this was the first game,before Dead Rising, that allowed you beat the crap out of zombies with a bunch of melee weapons or firearms. You know that drill that stabs a zombie and spins them 360 degrees while arms and legs are flying off them up in the air? Well Zombie Revenge has a similar weapon like that.
   Before Dead Rising, this game was the game that allow you to beat the crap out zombies with your bare fist.
 Before Dead Rising, this game was the game that allow you to beat the crap out zombies with your bare fist.
The gameplay works like this, you fight zombies, then you move to the other area. . .is that all there is? NO! The game tries its best by adding some uniqueness to differentiate from other beat'em ups. When zombies hit you, you immediately get poison, and be remedy by obtaining antidote that's drop by the zombies; if not, your health will slowly decrease over time. This game is also hard, even on the easiest difficultly and the maximum lives set up to it's max, I still couldn't get up to the final boss. I got up to level six which was the mansion that you go through in the original House of the Dead game. 
There is a problem with this game, the controls were frustrating in this game. First off, you could either fight or shoot the enemies, but the game doesn't feature a lock-on button for neither action; it's most frustrating with shooting. The lock-on will occur automatically but trying to lock-on will cause you to let out your angry side, you will be shooting or punching the air in hopes of the lock-on to happening. If that's not enough to piss you off, the game has a run feature, but the way you perform it is you have to move your character then hit the block button (the block button doesn't work well in this game) then your character run, but your character will stop running all sudden and proceed to continue to move by walking again; that doesn't help at all during boss fights. 
But when you get a handle of the controls of the game, Zombie Revenge can be some fun for those who are crazy into beat'em ups. If you ever wondered what House of the Dead would be like in a different gameplay format, Zombie Revenge will fill full your curiosity. 

Dynamite Cop!

Here's another Sega arcade game to Dreamcast beat'em up.  Dynamite Cop! was originally gonna be a Die Hard game but some stuff about Sega failing to obtain the rights to the Die Hard video game series, and cause Sega to make an original IP that became what it is. Dynamite Cop! on the Dreamcast was a sequel to another arcade game that also made its way to the Sega Saturn as Dynamite Deka, in Japan Dynamite Cop! is known as Dynamite Deka 2.
This game was just insane with the amount of weapons you could use. You get the standard weapons you see in any other beat'em up like pipes or melee weapons like those. But this game goes a step further with stuff like regular hairspray or hairspray that can spray out fire, a pepper shaker, the ability to throw hot-dog buns, cake, a pot of gold coins, and the ability to pick stuff like an arcade cabinet and toss it at your enemies. 
Also, this game actually had QTE sequence, the game proclaim them as "visual scenes." Nothing dramatic really happens most of the time if you fail, there are some beat'em up sections that can be avoid if successful.  
The plot of this game is straight out of Die Hard, a gang of pirates/terrorist high-jack a cruise ship with the President's creepy looking daughter on broad. But once you see the enemies you fight, this game won't feel like a Die Hard movie. The enemies are just as insane as the weapons you use, some enemies you fight are turtles shells wearing guys, or others that are dress up like crabs for some reason. You also fight guys dress up like day of the dead skeletons who are also wearing viking gear and also have the ability to split in two when you knock them down. Some enemies also say things like "Poor baby." Here's the thing, why does this game have terrorist that can split into two? Or terrorist who are dress up like sea creatures? Whose idea was this?
   "Poor baby." What terrorist says that?
 "Poor baby." What terrorist says that?
The background that's explain in the booklet for all the characters is just weird. The final boss of the game, Wolf Hongo (AWESOME NAME), was a former hippie turn international terrorist. . . .Okay. One of the playable characters of the game, Eddie Brown, is a reggae listening kick boxer who was a former NFL player that was banned for drop kicking a referee, then turned into a Navy SEAL. Or the other playable, Bruno Delinger, has a monkey sidekick name Banana. 
Dynamite Cop! is a fun beat'em up, the game is short but there's a lot of crazy action to experience. The game does have other modes like Vs. and survivor mode, and a unlockable 1980s arcade game Tranquilizer Gun  - a game were you shoot wild animals and drag them out into a vehicle you roll up in. I don't know what that has to do with Dynamite Cop! but okay.
After the Dreamcast era, Sega did make more 3-D beat'em ups. Some were terrible sequels to classic beat'em ups like Alter Beast and Golden Axe, there was also one game call Spike Out Battle Street but of course, that game also wasn't well received. 

The Bouncer

Ah The Bouncer, the game that so special to me that I based my user name off one of the main characters. This was the one of the first PlayStation 2 games I've played, along with games like Tekken Tag Tournament and Midnight Club. There was a lot of potential and anticipation for this game before its release. The game was being develop by Dream Factory who was best known for the Tobal series, the character designs was handle by Tetsuya Nomura whom was best known for his design for Final Fantasy VII, and the music was done by Noriko Matsueda and Takahito Eguchi
Graphically, for a nine-year-old game, The Bouncer still looks amazing; who would of known that it would still be one of the best looking games on the system. The animations is still top notch and the environments still look astonishing.  
The story of the game was the standard story-line of the old classic beat'em ups of the past. Someone gets kidnap, and it's up to the main heroes to go out and fight a bunch of bad guys to save the kidnap person. But for The Bouncer, it goes deeper than that. The story is engaging and the characters were well like and made the story more immersible. 

   Volt Krueger, Square's answer to Capcom's Mike Hagger.
 Volt Krueger, Square's answer to Capcom's Mike Hagger.
The thing that was best known for me was the characters of the game. The design and personalty was some thing that stood out for me. There was Sion Barzahd, the dude who looks like Sora from Kingdom Hearts, Kou Leifoh, the undercover spy voiced by Steve Blum of Cowboy Bebop fame, and Volt Krueger the most badass hero since Metro City mayor, Mike Haggar. A little bit of trivia about Volt Krueger, the guy whom does the voice actually did the voice of the Native American shamen from Cowboy Bebop, you know the guy who Spike visit to know the information for the bounty he's trying to catch in the first episode? Another thing that was best known was the themes for all the characters. My favorite theme would have to be Volt Krueger's theme, out of all the characters I wanted to play as, I wanted to play the game as him just so I could listen to his theme.  

Volt Krueger was my favorite character in the game. I love him for the same reason why I love Mike Hagger. The thing that made Mike Hagger awesome was he was a professional wrestler turn politician. That backstory was made even more famous when real life pro wrestler Jesse Ventura lives the Mike Haggar backstory. Now here's the story for Volt, supposedly he was a body guard for a corporate figure then betrayed and killed, then sent to hell, survived, and came back with devil horns. . . . .I think that's how the story goes, but that sounds awesome.
Now as for the gameplay, as every other aspect about The Bouncer was great, do you think the same can be said about it's gameplay?. . . . .Nope. That's where The Bouncer fell flat on its face. The game utilizes the same gameplay style as the Tobal games, three version of attack is presentation - high, medium, and low. The problem with the gameplay was that it was bit slow and there wasn't enough enemies to fight, and the game was short. As someone who just mention how much fun I had with games like Zombie Revenge and Dynamite Cop! The gameplay of The Bouncer was something I still had fun with overall. The game just didn't offer three characters to play with, there was a Vs. mode that had several characters to mess around with. Some of the characters did play differently from each other. So the game did had some replay value after you complete the game. 
   When you see rent-a-cops running around, you know you're in trouble.
  When you see rent-a-cops running around, you know you're in trouble.
The whole development story was this, Dream Factory showed off the game with destructible environment and I heard that it was gonna have weapons in the game. Supposedly The Bouncer was going to be more of a beat'em up game than this "interactive movie" that Square wanted Dream Factory to develop.
Despite its disappointing gameplay, people who played this game have said they wanted to see a sequel to this game. Every other aspect of The Bouncer was well done. Obviously, the one aspect that a sequel has to improve on is its gameplay. I don't know, how many other people out there want to see a sequel to this game? If there's a lot support for a Kid Icarus sequel, then there must be a handful of people who want to see the return of The Bouncer. I defiantly do what to see it return, just so I can see the return of Volt Krueger. 
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 Damn this game was hard. The second I jump into the game, I see a Vs. screen telling me I'm going up against some dude named "Target," and that's the name use for every boss in the game. At first I think that I was gonna go  through a platform style level before I meet up with the boss of the level but no, I was immediately thrown into the boss fight. The attacks in the game is you throw these short range projectiles, you can pick power-ups to increase the range.I saw the boss and did what I was assign to do, and that was to fight him, but then I was attack by a bunch of rockets that kept coming at me from all directions. 
Fighting the boss can be frustrating when your attacks is at its weakest. It's difficult to try to attack the enemies up close, because sometimes the enemy will charge at. When you finally got the boss where you want him, other enemies will come out no where so you got to jump out of the way of the direction where the enemy is heading. You be constantly jumping around to avoid damage, but you have a time limit to beat the level before the time runs out. 
 I feel the same way, "Ken."
 I feel the same way, "Ken."
The way you progress through this game is just. . . . .random. The first two levels is you're thrown into the boss fight without no actual level to go through, but then all of a sudden you're thrown into another level,  at first you assume you're gonna fight a boss because that how it was in the last two levels, but that's not how it goes. You go through a platform level then you fight the boss at the end. Why would that be? And why didn't the last levels have a platform level to go through? Then the levels after, it's just a boss fight level again. Some levels are just pointless, I was thrown into this one level that look I was going through a time portal but there was nothing there. I was in the level for like a second then the portal that advances you to the next level pops up. What the hell was that all about?
As for the ties to Street Fighter, all I can say that the character you play is not "Ken." I mean projectiles you throw look like boomerangs and the power-ups have little boomerangs on them; also, one of the other power-ups is the ability to do the somersault move. And the story, the character is a retired Street Fighter who goes and fights aliens. As crazy as it may sounds, but don't you think that's something a futuristic Guile will do? 
I didn't beat this game. I got up to the last level but I gave up because I couldn't beat the third boss of the level. It's not a terrible game, the game has some charm to it. Even though the game is difficult, there something about it that makes you want to keep trying. 
Another thing I like to add, seeing how Street Fighter EX isn't a part of the Street Fighter universe, but that's not stopping people from demanding those characters to be in Street Fighter IV. But you know what? Fuck them, fuck characters like Skullomania! Capcom should bring back Target into Street Fighter IV!

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 I almost cried when I first saw this episode.
 I almost cried when I first saw this episode.
I did not like this series. I saw it when it first debut on Toonami, I was kinda of excited. As I look back on the Dragon Ball Z series, I would say that the Android/Cell Saga was the highlight of the series. The Majin Buu Saga was fun, but not as great as the previous, one disappointing factor is that character Gohan was no longer the most powerful fighter in the universe. Gohan's "mysterious" powers was touted throughout the entire series leading up to the Android/Cell Saga, and what we find out is that it was one big cop-out. But after all that, I was still curious about the GT series.
Before GT made its debut, I heard a lot of things about the GT series; some of them were flat out lies. But one thing that made excited about the GT series was a fighting game call Dragon Ball GT: The Final Bout, for the PSone. It was in 1998 when I first played the game, it was also the Dragon Ball fighting game I've ever played. I liked it back then, mainly because I was young and excited that I was playing a fighting game based on Dragon Ball, but I'm assuming that game isn't great now, and it probably never was. So anyways, I saw all of the characters that were in the GT series. I saw Gohan all grown up for the first time, but the one thing that I was impress by was the the design of Super Saiyan Goku 4.  The design of the character beats the shit out of the previous Goku design such as the Super Saiyan and third iteration. Part of his design consisted of fur, at first I thought it was some sort of a jacket, and he also got his tale back. I eventually saw Vegeta's design in Super Saiyan 4 form, and I was just as impressed. 
 These design look great, but it's a damn shame the WAY they become.
 These design look great, but it's a damn shame the WAY they become.
I started thinking about how would they become Super Saiyan 4. When Goku and Vegeta became Super Saiyans, the plot that was created for them was well done. Goku see the death, that takes place in the Freeza Saga, of his best friend Krillen, which triggers the his Super Saiyan effect. He also says this bad-ass (Kinda of corny) line when Freeza ask him about what Goku's nature was and he reply by saying, "Alley of good, nightmare to you!"  The way Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan is he goes through a near death experience from a rain shower of meteorites in space. Like the heart of a samurai, Vegeta knew that if he fails at a task and dishonors himself , then he has no reason to live. But he finally transcend into the next level. 
So the way they become Super Saiyan 4 would be just as awesome, right?. . . . . .no, it wasn't. When I finally got to see how Goku becomes Super Saiyan 4, first he goes ape-shit by transforming into a giant ape. Then he sees Pan, his granddaughter, and picks her up, Videl starts crying and one of her tears drops on Goku's hand and he becomes Super Saiyan 4; what kind of bullshit is that???  The whole tear thing has been done in other films or animes, like that stupid-ass Pokemon the First Movie; Ash gets turn into stone and the Pokemons cry and their tears bring him back to life, and even that was stupid back then. And the way Vegeta turns into Super Saiyan 4 was even worse, Bulma creates a big ray-gun and shoots it at him so he can become Super Saiyan 4. Talk about fucking lazy, I mean a fucking ray-gun? Yeah fuck the near death experience that he had when he became Super Saiyan in the Android/Cell Saga, the "ray-gun" story-line will defiantly top that.
The overall GT series was just full of disappointment. Most of it was just fan service (You know that episode were all the old enemies from Dragon Ball's past come back from the dead?), and lame/lazy plot development. I heard there was a MMO in the works and the story of that game supposedly ignores the events of the GT series (Good move).  After that disappointing mess of a anime series, Funamation debut Dragon Ball GT: The Lost Episode. . . . . .What??? I never saw that series and what I found out was that Funamation never had trouble getting the rights to these "Lost Episodes" so it was one big con to screw people out of their money when they bought the original series on DVD. Again, I never saw the Lost Episodes and I probably never will.
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