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Anime North tomorrow so excited.
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Off-Topic » Dating an Otaku.

Ah ha ha ha. An intimate relationship is much much more complex than just having some common interest in one particular thing and being physically attracted to them. (I assume you are implying this) Personally I've found it depends heavily on the way their personality is. If it doesn't fit with yours than it doesn't matter how many similar interest you have with each other it just won't work. Also having tried something like what you said and got in a relationship (although I wouldn't call it that) with a girl that was a pretty big otaku (myself I'm somewhere on the heavier side of moderate) and it was cool for a bit before I found out she was an ice queen. By that I mean she was really frigid and distant so whenever I tried to find a deeper connection I was just met by wall after wall. Needless to say it didn't work out seeing as our personalities were just to different since myself I'm pretty open, extroverted and hopelessly curious so when someone is the exact opposite in every regard it's just not going to work. I'm still friends with her somewhat but that's mainly because I became pretty good friends with them. 
So I suppose what I'm saying is that having an intimate relationship that is just dependant on on interest is foolish and very likely to fail and that really it shouldn't be a big deal if both you and your partner don't share that interest because it's alright not to have the same interest and surely you have more than just one thing that defines who you are and more than one interest. Either way I think the most important thing in a relationship is to have a personality that compliments your and by this I mean, you don't want to find a clone because chances are you'd get sick of yourself but someone who will help you grow as a person and while not always agreeing with you being able to understand you. Exactly what that is, is hard to describe but once you find it you'll know. 
Also I don't think one should try to force a relationship on themselves. It should be because you genuinely appreciate being with them along with wanting to learn about that person and help them through life, not just because you want some person to just have somebody.

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Off-Topic » Rate the Anime above you.

76 bananas out of chicken.  
*Meaning I have not seen it.  

Shura no Toki
Shura no Toki


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Off-Topic » What Are Most Of The People Here On The Forums?!

5th generation Canadian maybe 6th, I can't remember at the moment.

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General Discussion » What Cons do YOU Want US to Attend?

@John_Martone said:

" @Konanda: I've never been to Canada before, sounds like fun. Also, for whatever reason I read "Anime North" as "Anime Dale North"  Oh man, the chances of being able to go to japan for some of the big ones would be... amazing. "

It's kind of like this.   And now you know why they are so refreshing.    
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General Discussion » What Cons do YOU Want US to Attend?

If you could make it out to Anime North that could be interesting, although I have the feeling Gia would just tour around the Renaissance looking at all the Yaoi North stuff heading to the Doubletree in the evening to Cafe Nocturne. (a crossplay cafe with girls dressed as butlers) :p Seriously though it would be interesting to see a journalistic take on the event since as far as I know most of the media there is either small fansites, YTV* and maybe a small blurb in the local mass media. I think there are some interesting panels and other events there that are somewhat unique to that con. I mean since I doubt there would be much in the way of news besides maybe at the Funimation panel. Oh and hopefully there will be some more interesting guests from Japan now that they aren't all worried about travelling due to H1N1. Plus the convention itself is fairly close to the Pearson Internation Airport so it wouldn't be hard to get lost. 
As for a panel that could be cool but if Animevice is planning to do that I'd be quick in putting an application in, since they're starting to plan out the schedule now I believe.
Plus Toronto is the location of the Canadian branch of the Japan Foundation meaning Animevice could also take the oportunity to do some reporting there, I don't know if they would have any events or anything that weekend but there is always the library they mantain. I don't know how difficult it would be for trying to have press coverage there though. Oh and in nearby Markham (Anime North is actually closer to Missisauga where the Japan Foundation is toward downtown Toronto) there is the Pacific Mall, which is suposedly the largest indoor Asian mall in North America, (BTW it's more Chinese focused) which could make for a cool video of just touring around it. (although might want to watch out with some parts since some of the stores have been getting cracked down on for selling pirated games, DVDs and music and would probably get on edge if they saw people with a camera around) Also in Toronto is the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre, which is complete with an art gallery that again could make a cool video of just looking at some of the stuff there. Although I'll note from what I understand the JCCC is more focused on Japanese Canadian culture and history and such. So I suppose that may be somewhat more niche in terms of crossover intrest in Japanese culture that might not have to with anime, manga or other aspects of more contemporary pop culture.  
The only thing I guess is that it would be quite a trip from Sausalito, California to Toronto, Ontario and Fanime a similarly sized convention in the much closer San Jose is on the same weekend I believe. 
Um sorry if I got a bit wordy there.
*although probably not anymore if the way they're treating how they handle showing anime is any indication

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Pokémon » who's your favorite gym leader!?

Clair she's the only Dragon type user and even though it was lame in the original Gold and Silver that she only used 3 Dragonairs and a Kingrdra, they totally made her really badass in the Heart Gold/Soul Silver. Plus she has one of the coolest badges and Blackthorn is an awesome name for a town. Oh and she has blue hair and blue hair is hot.  

Also capes make a character 20 times more badass.
Also capes make a character 20 times more badass.

What I really want though is to battle a Dark type gym user in the next itteration that Nintendo/Game Freaks releases.

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General Discussion » Would You Do Voice Acting For A. . .

If I was given the opportunity sure, although if it had some actual story that was really shitty I would ask if we can ad-lib it for kicks, since I assume most people watching the stuff aren't in it for the plot and character development. I think that would be really fun to do.  
"Oh man, I failed to find the clip from bible black I was looking for... but just pretend you heard it, and that it was hilariously bad.  I would totally VA hentai. As theatre major with student loans I regularly weighed if prostitution was a viable option, so yeah, I don't think I'd have a moral problem with it. Also, I'd drop my octave down and play the deep voiced dude who has an eleven foot long apparatus "

Oh man you'd have to be like this guy. The ladies can't handle his girth so he ends up raping a somewhat androgynous young man, while yelling goosh goosh.
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