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Anime North tomorrow so excited.
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   So recently I stopped in at Chapters to buy the last volume of Record of a Fallen Vampire and when I was looking through the rest of the fiction section and spotted some other stuff.


Now I haven't read through much of Future Diary yet but based on the Unscripted John did in March I decided to pick up the first two volumes* and it is pretty cool so far. As for the bottom item, I saw it standing out on the sci-fi section and remembered how much fun I had watching the cheesy B-movie film adapation late one night last year with some friends. 
I was suprised at how much text was in the original novel though since when I watched Battle Royale I pictured something around maybe 300 pages or so. Now it's not really visible here but the novel is just slightly over 600 pages. What is really cool though is that about 20 of those pages are two interviews the first being with the director of the film on the night before it's Japanese release and the second an interview with the author Koushun Takami conducted by VIZ. (Who published this release of the book last year)
 Oh and I stopped by HMV to pick up some new CDs. (and a couple old ones that I lost or just never bought) So if anyone is into music. Personally out of the six Crash Karma's (a super group made from musicians from some of the best Canadian alt-rock bands from the 90s to mid 2000s) recent debut album is my favourite.


*I've developed this pattern where if the first two volumes of a manga (or any graphic novel series really) or short novel series (less than 200 pages) that I'm interested in are out I'll buy both of them since usually by than they get the some of the more filler bits out of the way that are mainly there to just introduce the characters.

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