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Best of 2010
My top 10 anime of the year 2010 in order. 
1. Durarara!!

An interesting and original story with interesting and original characters with an interesting and original plot. Durarara!! is the story of multiple characters who live in Ikebukuro and how their stories end up intertwining in to a mess that will end up chaning the city forever. It was undoubtedly one of the best anime this year if not only because of a certain headless biker being one of the best characters this year alone. In a very close battle, it takes my first place by a hair.

2. Hanamaru Kindergarten

Call me a moeblob fan, I guess I have no way of denying it. I found Hanamaru Kindergarten's atmosphere, style and humor to be charming as hell. The story of a kid named Anzu who falls in love with her teacher, who used to have a crush on her mother but who currently has a crush on the teacher next door; hijinks ensue. One of the more enjoyable slice of lifes out there and to top it off its chock full oh HNNGGGGGGG moments. Odd to admit, but it takes second place.

3. Princess Jellyfish

Maybe I'm making an assumption since it's not actually done airing yet, the rest of the series could suddenly turn to shit and I'd end up hating it but for now Princess Jellyfish is a charming story, with funny characters in a semi-slice of life/drama series about a girl who loves Jellyfish and tries to deal with social anxiety while being a NEET Otaku on a day to day basis, who has to break the mold when meeting a rich cross-dressing boy and has to save her condo from getting knocked down. Yeah... sounds odd, but it's a joy to watch and the main character, Tsukimi, has made some kind of new Jellyfish Otaku moe that I can't get enough of. THIRD.

4. Amagami SS

Based on the PS2 dating sim, Amagami SS is about a boy who finally finds himself able to fall in love again after being let down one day. The series covers multiple routes/girls, which allows any viewer to enjoy it by choosing a girl they like and watching how their relationship progresses. A usually sweet romance/comedy that has a VERY nice looking art style with a wide cast of female characters, Amagami manages to cover a lot of bases and should make most romance junkies happy someway or another which is why it nabbed fourth place.

5. K-On!!

Sequel to the incredibly popular series K-ON!, K-On!! (THE TWO EXCLAMATION POINTS MEAN ITS SEASON 2) continues the "story" of a group of female students who are members of the High schools Light Music Club (Keion) and covers how they become friends, how they learn to play better, shows they do and your normal slice of life stuff as well. K-ON manages to pull viewers in with it's very easy going attitude, good music and an honestly funny sense of humor. K-ON is a popular popular series that deserves most of it's praise, so much so that I'll gladly had my number 5 spot to it.

6. Wagnaria!!

Spoilers; I like Slice of Life anime. Working!! (god what is with all these exclamation points) is about the workers of the Wagnaria Family Restaurant, mainly focusing on Takanashi, whom loves small cute things and Inami, who has severe androphobia and punches any man who gets too close to her instinctively, much to her distraught. Takanashi tries to help her get over her phobia bit by bit while everyone else in the restaurant also has their own problems and quirks. Making me laugh more than a few times, a cute art style, taking the slice of life style to a new scene and more gets Working in at number 6.

7. Arakawa Under The Bridge x Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge (second season) is two things, good is the first, weird is the second. The story of the young man who refuses to be in anyones debt, being saved by a girl who lives under a bridge who insists she is an alien from Venus. Asking what she wants in return for saving his life she answers only with "Maybe you could... love me" and thus Arakawa beings. The young man beins living under the bridge with his alien girlfriend and the rest of the bridge dwellers, an ex-military man dressed as a nun, a man dressed in a kappa suit, a rock star in a star mask...etc. It's insane, it's crazy, it's almost unintelligible but it's also funny, charming and just plain interesting to see what the crazy cast will do next. Taking something as simple as a game of baseball and turning it in to a run in with a group of Amazons who protect a fridge full of ice-cream bars. It takes Seventh.

8. The World God Only Knows

Katsuragi Keima is really good at dating sims, like... REALLY good... like the best. So it's not a mystery why the Demons want his help in capturing lost souls, which can only be done by making girls who have been infected with them fall in love. Keima sets out with his new demon partner Elsie to capture all the souls, using his skills at dating sims in real life on real girls. An interesting story to say the least and yet another anime that has multiple girls being swooned in one go. TWGOK manages to be a romance anime while also not being a romance anime, more like a comedy that is based around the idea of romance. A sucker for romance in any shape or form, I liked it, the girls were good for the most part, the style is appealing and it differs itself from other similar anime enough to stand out on its own. My eights, take them.

9. Angel Beats!

When Angel Beats was announced I expected a lot from it and when it came it, was indeed pretty good, but nothing like what I came to expect from Key. Main character wakes up, gets told that he died and is in Purgatory, ends up fighting against an "Angel" because they don't want to give in to afterlife or reincarnation, other stuff happens along the way. It was interesting, it looks great visually and it sure had me crying a couple of times, but overall the plot left me wanting more and it felt kinda half assed and even a bit rushed. It'll take ninth place but I feel a tad let down since I'm used to everything Key being involved in being pretty much perfect.

10. Squid Girl

Last but not lease, Squid Girl. The story of a girl who is part squid coming out of the sea in order to "take over humanity for being mean to the oceans" but ends up living alongside humanity and working at a quaint restaurant on the beach while trying to convince herself and everyone around her that she is indeed something to be feared and that her justice will be handed out... someday. Ika-chan gets in a bunch of funny situations from being confused with an Alien by NASA scientists, playing a volleyball game to win a 3D TV, dealing with her stalker...etc. It's nothing great, nothing to write home about, but for 24 minutes at a time it's just fun to watch and deserves spot 10 on my list.

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