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So I started watching stuff on my 'to watch' list and since I wasn't feeling the ones I started watching (couldn't get them to stream) I started watching Level E since I'd been seeing the ads for it around the net. I'm pretty amazed at how this isn't one of the ones I'd usually watch. Not that I don't like comedy or aliens, but just that at the combination of the two seemed to go really well together. This seems to be a series I can come back to for a little pick me up when other series get too serious or I just want something to laugh at.
That being said, after I took a break from Level E I decided to dust off some of the older anime on my to watch list and decided to give Lady Death a gander. Boy was I so wrong. I hate to say but I had to stop watching after going 15 mins into the anime. I'm all for old school animation but just the dialogue was tough to sit there and listen to without cringing. It just seemed so predictable and cliche that it was just painful to watch. I may go back and finish this movie but now that I know what I'm in for it might be a little bit bearable. ^.^;
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