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It all began on Comic Vine...

My name is Carissa. I live in Colorado, which if you don't know, is located in the United States. I am currently an active user on the Vine and am finally spending some of my attention on Anime Vice, even though I have had this account for a couple of months now. I love to write and draw, although I am cursed with creative block quite often. When the blocks strike, I kind of drop off the face of the planet from time to time, so there is a brief fore-warning.

I am frequently on the Fan-Fiction area of C.V and I will hopefully have the same joyous experiences over here!

Also, I am not an expert on any anime series and I do not claim to be, if I write something or say something or even ask a semi-dumb question, please do not tear off my head! I will try my best to be a worthy addition to A.V and please feel free to write me or give me feedback.

Oh and I love getting feedback on my writing, but I do beg that if you're going to do so to not be harsh or mean in any fashion. Alright, thanks for stopping by and hopefully we'll have many good conversations to come!

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