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Complete new to this site, but...Here goes!

So I'm hoping to go to Anime Revolution that's located in my "homecity", Vancouver B.C. Anybody heard of it yet? :D

:o I barely cosplay...last time I went as Konata Izumi (in her lazy home tank and shorts xD), but at a mini start up convention.

Without having to use a wig this time :3 I was wondering which one I should try cosplaying as this year??? Here are my top ideas:

Death the kid from Soul Eater (as a Girl Version xD)

Yuni Uni or Lal Mirch from Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Maya Matsumoto from Wagnaria!

Aoi Kunieda from Beelzebub

Koyuki Takamine from Happiness! (Her cool-looking witch outfit)

Kanae 'Moko' Kotonami from Skip Beat (the jumpsuit, sunglasses, and bandana xD)

Kuze Kiriha from Fortune Arterial

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