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gundam seed  -finished  gundam destiny-finishedgundam 00 -finishedgundam 08th team -finishedGgundam -finishedgundam zeta -finishedgundam 0079-finished gundam 0080 -finished gundam zz -finished gundam wing-finishedVgundam -watching ichigo100%-finished popoton-finished girls bravo-finished green green-finished 07 ghost-finished mushishi- finishedAi girl-finished  Jigoku_Shoujo_Mitsuganae -finish  Speed grapher-going to check it out kissxsis-watching yuyuhakasho-finished   High School Of The Dead-watching Akikan-finished and  ova finished Dragonballz/dragonball/gt-finished evengalion-finished Code Geass-finished  Deathnote-finished fma-watching tenchi muyo-will rewatch been years:O  Darker than ...

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Loading... Online Now Name- rei koushi  age- 20 likes- killing in diffrent ways hates- people who talks to him  crys laught and smiles near him  Childhood Childhood of rei koushi as a boy I always wanted to go on an adventure around the ...

created by kira112
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