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Not related to all of the above! Its a "hobby" video not related to any sort of product we're covering. Will link it to you bro @jamancheta
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Puff is more known as Daizzy by most of the interwebs. His interests are scattered around home entertainment, technology, gadgets, computers, video games, travel, photography, social dynamics, moral discussions, and the occasional jumping-off-random-high-places hobby. (Disclaimer: Jumping has not occurred yet… we believe.)

He lives in the heart of the Philippine islands to deliver the latest news in Filipino resourcefulness and how to survive without a WiFi hotspot, or other technological inconveniences.

You can visit his tech blog at:

Or connect to his other networks:

Most of his pictures are uploaded to:

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Date Joined: Dec. 4, 2008
Gender: Male
Alignment: Evil
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