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Please, please, pretty please do more of Dragon ball!, Also GT was a travesty,
1 day, 2 hours ago
What a pity....
2 days, 4 hours ago
Richie Branson giving anime huge respect as always,
3 days, 5 hours ago
So Urobuchi is the Nolan of anime, that actually makes perfect sense.
3 days, 17 hours ago
I actually loved Tree of Might, yes it made little sense in the canon, But to be honest even the main Dragon Ball plot was pretty loose when it Came to any kind of consistency, I mean how many times did they blow up The moon?, So I guess for me if anything I sometimes found the movies more fun than The main series, think about it all action, no ...
6 days, 8 hours ago
Lol, Wait a minute, dose you this mean you guys are secretly brothers!?, I still think Kill La Kill was a pretty good time for the most part, It's no Jo Jo, but then again what is?, It was sloppy in parts and the plot was hardly thought out, But it had style and charisma in spades, more importantly it's unlike any thing I've seen before,
1 week ago
For me at least the appeal lies in a combination of nostalgia And a Glorious line between camp and awesome, Godzilla is to giant monsters, what James Bond is to Spy heroes, An Iconic tradition, and much like Bond, he can be serious in one movie (Sky Fall) Or totally goofy in another (Moon Raker) hey, maybe in Godzilla 3 they can send him to London to take on Bond!, ...
1 week, 1 day ago
Great to have you back Sam!, lost my Crunchy roll App, and Could not keep up with any Anime for awhile, so now it's good to be back!, And just in time, the old duo has assembleded!,
1 week, 1 day ago
Lol, actually his tail grows back like three times before it becomes permanent,
1 week, 4 days ago
Funny thing is, even in its later years Dragonball Was always pretty silly, even when it became all "epic" the zany factor never really went away, and indeed, why should it, :)
3 weeks, 1 day ago
Wow.... What a great concept for a horror movie, Never the less your description sure has me intrigued,
4 weeks ago
Kino88 commented on No_name_here's article Is DRAGON BALL Dated?.
Ah yes... Pilaf's castle so classic, I wonder however if the big transformation coming Up next episode will be a surprise to you,
4 weeks ago
Yay, I miss the scouts!,
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Well being that master Roshi eventually destroys the moon During a tournament I guess poor monster carrot gets obliterated, Lol Also I prefer Dragon Ball because it fully embraced it's silliness,
1 month, 2 weeks ago
Wow your so lucky..., watching Dragon Ball fresh for the first time Such memories!, You should keep this up cause there's plenty more from this Pre DBZ series that you've probably never expected,
1 month, 3 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure Toriyama had no clue how these would get In manga pop culture, Toriyama himself said that he never intended For the manga to go on for so long, but it's huge popularity took Him by surprise,
1 month, 4 weeks ago
I love Japan,
2 months ago
No seriously, what's in that basement!!??,
2 months ago
Wow, this show gets more and more tragic as it gose Along, it's amazing how this series takes a character like Alka who at the start seemed like just your average bland Dominatrix with no emotions whatso ever, only to later Reveal that revenge is like a disease and Alka has infected Many people, and now she has become conscious of this For too late, hunted and tortured by her ...
2 months ago
I loved this movie!, it was absolutely brilliant!, It even managed to capture the appeal of great Sci fi anime, with sly dark humor interlaced with drama That is still palatable, further more did anyone see that big Ass sword, the blonde chick carries!, I definelty hope we get more anime or manga Adaptions of this kind, if this and last years Mecha/Kaiju Homage "Pacific Rim" are any thing to ...
2 months, 1 week ago
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Batman is Anime, and Zelda's an RPG. These are a few of the most dumbest (sic) things.
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Always instant ban for Add Bots! No mercy to be found here! And We'll make fun of you while we're at it!
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It seems the Twiter link on profiles isn't working. The same Tweet I made weeks ago is still on here.
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