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Yay, I miss the scouts!,
2 days, 3 hours ago
Well being that master Roshi eventually destroys the moon During a tournament I guess poor monster carrot gets obliterated, Lol Also I prefer Dragon Ball because it fully embraced it's silliness,
1 week, 1 day ago
Wow your so lucky..., watching Dragon Ball fresh for the first time Such memories!, You should keep this up cause there's plenty more from this Pre DBZ series that you've probably never expected,
1 week, 4 days ago
I'm pretty sure Toriyama had no clue how these would get In manga pop culture, Toriyama himself said that he never intended For the manga to go on for so long, but it's huge popularity took Him by surprise,
2 weeks, 1 day ago
I love Japan,
3 weeks ago
No seriously, what's in that basement!!??,
3 weeks, 2 days ago
Wow, this show gets more and more tragic as it gose Along, it's amazing how this series takes a character like Alka who at the start seemed like just your average bland Dominatrix with no emotions whatso ever, only to later Reveal that revenge is like a disease and Alka has infected Many people, and now she has become conscious of this For too late, hunted and tortured by her ...
3 weeks, 2 days ago
I loved this movie!, it was absolutely brilliant!, It even managed to capture the appeal of great Sci fi anime, with sly dark humor interlaced with drama That is still palatable, further more did anyone see that big Ass sword, the blonde chick carries!, I definelty hope we get more anime or manga Adaptions of this kind, if this and last years Mecha/Kaiju Homage "Pacific Rim" are any thing to ...
4 weeks ago
This episode blew me away, it's great to see a story like this We're being a badass who has never flinched over a kill before Will still sooner or later suffer the karma, Ofcourse Alka can not Simply settle down into a peaceful life, she has too much blood on her Hands, her past actions are coming back to haunt her, so it's no Surprise that the proprietress wants revenge ...
4 weeks ago
Tom is this your first time watching Dragon Ball?, if so I'm jealous, Also while I wouldn't call that conection profound, it's still a fun fact Worth bringing up, in fact Toriyama also said that much of early Dragon Ball was greatly influenced by the Kung fu Jackie chan comedy "The Drunken Master", there's even an episode were master Roshi Disguises him self as a martial artist under the alias ...
4 weeks, 1 day ago
I love how Jotaro and grandpa Jo Jo are teaming up for this arc And forming there own possy to hunt down Dio, And now with this far flung trip to Eygpt I can only Imagine what happens when these two Jostars' catch Up with this age old menace,
1 month ago
I know right, this episode had some major feels, Poor fox boy he was so adorable, why!?..., But really this show has been great, Alka is definitely not With out emotion, and I love how this show supplies you With a very sincere Zen philosophy better than most other Anime I've seen, the secret seems to be in its simplicity, No BS, just straight up Zen,
1 month ago This is the last Time I search for women on E!, I gotta use my Poke face, Well in Squirtle's defense this something Gamera could never do,
1 month ago
This episode was very creative, I really like the stands, Yeah they did seem to sorta come out of nowhere, but Given the anything goes material here it doesn't really Bug me all that much, I mean why not come up with new Powers to fit the new story arc, I'm also totally psyched That Dio is back, after that pillar men business I was afraid He didn't survive, after ...
1 month ago
one word "classic", I personally always thought Dragon Ball Was actually better than DBZ, it was a simple fun adventure story Were all of Toriyam's off beat humor and one of a kind Art style really got to shine, Also my guess as to why DBZ did better here than its Predasseor was probably because Dragon Ball was thought Too childish, were as DBZ had all the action and was ...
1 month ago
Come to think of it, dose anyone else think the Stands were a big influence on the Persona series, I mean Jotaro even puts a gun to his head at one point,
1 month ago
Yeah Jotaro is one mean brat Lol, I love how he just curses his mother out Yet she treats him like gold any way, Even grandpa Jo Jo doesn't get any respect, Talk about dysfunctional Lol, even the comedy In this show gets better and better, love how Grandpa Jo Jo smashed a camera to bring up an image Of Dio, I don't know how many other Jo Jo's we'll ...
1 month ago
Lol, told ya, this episode had my jaw on the floor, This show is far more intelligent than it appears to be On the surface, chalk it up to good writing, It proves that you can have a stoic lead like Alka And still have our attention,
1 month ago
I do concur, however having never watched Naruto I'll have to Go on the faith of your description, Personally I think that kind of gradual world building and Tonal shift is sorta brilliant, of course I would also say that it's often more interesting To discover that a show wasn't planed that way from start, If you ask me that kind of create as you go approach to Storytelling is ...
1 month ago
This show is most definitely the best anime currently Airing right now, it's not hard to imagine how the manga Became so iconic, it's consistently silly and suspenseful, Hell, By the end of that battle with Kars I was so invested in Jo Jo's struggle, that when he finally did Face palm him into the final frontier, I pumped my fist, Jumped out of my seat, and screamed WAY TO ...
1 month ago
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