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The Kazuki Nakashima, the writer of of Kil La Kill, released some information on the creaton of Kil La Kill (translated by someone on the Escapist, not Yahtzee Crosshaw)...

Writer Kazuki Nakashima wrote some stuff about Kill la Kill for his Asahi Shinbun column:

-When coming up with the concept, they were very careful to not fall in the "Curse of Gurren-Lagann"; Kill la Kill has a different sort of atmosphere.

-In the most basic terms, Nakashima describes it as a show about the conflict between two super-powered high-school girls.

-(Kamen Rider)Fourze was also a show set in a high-school, but it's completely different from Kill la Kill; Nakashima feels they helped each other define their mutual identities. (In the TBS Radio, he quickly explained these ddifference: Fourze was a happy, cheerful story styled after an American high-school; Kill la Kill is a violent and more dramatic and somber story styled after the Meiji Era.)

-Nakashima doesn't want to sound cocky, but he said he had a lot of fun writing it.

-Despite not being originally inteded, the "amount of heat" is higher than that in Gurren-Lagann.

-Nakashima has done most of the writing himself; the show is more Nakashima-like and Imaishi-like than TTGL.

-The screenplay is already in the end-game; Nakashima is about to start writing the final episode.

-He hopes the fighting spirit of Trigger, who separated from Gainax to form their own company, will be reflected in KLK.

Having a higher amount of heat could mean a lot of things, but heat could also mean tension given off in battle. And for those unaware, Gurren Lagann was literally the size of a galaxy at the end, and therefore pretty powerful. For now it's only speculation, we'll have to wait until October to find out. But on an information sheet for the main character, the word galaxy is seen.

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