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A lot of you have no doubt seen Pacific Rim (which I remind, is absolutely nothing like Evangelion). I did. Pacific Rim by Guillermo Del Toro was made as a tribute to classic animes such as Gigantor and Mazinger Z as well as classic monster movies like Godzilla. It has already gained praise from various important Japanese people, such as Hideo Kojima (creator of Metal Gear Solid). The artist of Metal Gear Solid and the artist of Blood+ also made posters for the Japanese release. It's yet to screen in Japan, but judging by how much the Japanese love their giant robots, I'd say it'll be a hit. No doubt the chances of an anime (or manga) adaption will increase. It also broke records in China, like the Kaiju breaking the Sydney wall.

Anyway that's my thoughts for you. Would you like to see an anime or manga of Pacific Rim? I'd say it's a good idea.

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