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We often talk of those who destroy at least one universe, and those who can yet destroy a planet. But what of the middle ground? What of the middle grounds? What of the starbusters? So here's a list of those who can destroy a star or solar system not just from anime & manga, but from all over. Just for fun and in no real order...

  • Hellstar Remina (Hellstar Remina) - Eats stars by flying into them. It may even be so that it sucks multiple stars towards itself like a blackhole.
  • Silver Surfer (Marvel) - Herald of Galactus. Infact all of Galactus's Heralds can starbust.
  • Nono (Diebuster!) - Busted a blackhole by kicking it. Her Buster Beam in her colossal form is 12,000 stronger than her standerd buster beam (which can easily destroy a planet).
  • Asura (Asura's Wrath) - In his Destructor form, he can not only destroy colossal stars, but multi-star bust smaller stars (no doubt he is capable of even more).
  • Melkor/Morgoth (Tolkien) - Destroyed the Sun, (or was it the equivilent of the Sun?) before the 1st age. Is prophesied to destroy the Sun and the Moon in the last battle.
  • Drax the Destroyer (Marvel) - Another Herald of Galactus.
  • Buu (Dragon Ball Z) - Insane pink monster that likes eating and breaking things.
  • Ideon (Space Runaway Ideon) - Can make blackholes at a whim and other ridiculous powers (if destroyed than it takes down the universe with it)...
  • Ungolliant (Tolkien) - Exceeded Melkor in power (partially by draining him of his), which makes her around the same strength as Melkor.
  • Sun Eater (DC) - Go on, ask it why it's called that.
  • Sun Crusher (Star Wars) - A weapon that... you can guess the rest.
  • Unicron (Transformers) - As well as eating planets, he likes eating stars too. Because f**k stars & planets. Can be capable of much greater than star level too...
  • Green Lantern (DC) - Their rings allow for them to travel through blackholes, create objects far bigger than planets and have solar system level durability.
  • Hao (Shaman King) - In the Great Spirit, he creates supernova and blackholes at leasure. Possibly much greater than star level.
  • Cell (Dragon Ball Z) - Stated that he had enough power to destroy the solar system at hie height (this is debatable, and has been debated much).
  • Discord (My Little Pony) - Moves the Sun & moon out of orbit to be annoying.
  • Gladiator (Marvel) - Another Herald of Galactus.
  • Gabriel (A Certain Magical Index) - One of the Archangels who can manipulate the movement of planets. Speaking of Archangels...
  • The Seraph (Bastard!!) - Another type Archangel from another series. The greatest of the Seraph can destroy galaxies.
  • Solaris/Tyrant Sun (DC) - A living star. It's place on the list is obvious.
  • Gravitational Horizon Event (Diebuster!) - The final Space Monster, which is powered by a blackhole.
  • Aiwass (A Certain Magical Index) - Chief deity in Toaru. Likely to gain a power boost sometime in the future.
  • Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann/Cathedral Terra Lazengunn (Gurren Lagann) - Shown to be able to destroy at least a small star.
  • Primus (Transformers) - Messes around with blackholes & stars but in a belevolent way. like Unicron, can be far greater than star level.
  • Tactimon (Digimon) - Can destroy stars with his sword unsheathed.
  • Atomsk (FLCL) - Capable of stealing solar systems with his mind.
  • God Empeor Of Mankind (Warhammer 40k) - Has shown power to dwarf a supernovas and FTL, even in a weakened state.
  • Bellcross (Heroic Age) - Can release energy equal to a supernova.
  • Zero 2/Dark Matter (Kirby) - Takes over all the planets in the solar system.
  • Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon) - Can destroy an entire Solar System.
  • Arale (Dr. Slump) - Cracked every planet in the solar system and the Sun with her toonforce.
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