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Final Fantasy is often praised as being King of the RPG's but I don't think so. It may be popular, but how much has it added to RPGs? Not much, I say actually. Phantasy Star and Mother came out at a similar time to the original Final Fantasy and are way more original and inervative than it. Final Fantasy VII is often refered to as having a new setting and darker plot than previous RPGs, yet Phantasy Star II had a science fiction setting and a dark plot long before Final Fantasy VII. And yet it's forgotten. Final Fantasy VII is praised for having the first 3D in the Final Fantasy series. Tha'st what makes it so revolutionary. It's not the first 3D game released, not even the first 3D RPG. Yet that is always the reason why it is so revolutionary.

Even to today it is still considered the greatest RPG series ever? Why? Just about every Final Fantasy is the samee, at least since the release of VII (evil organisation, moody with a large sword hero who says everything is all his/her fault a lot, then smiles at the end, a villain who wants to be a God and is fought during the final boss as some kind of oddly winged angel, ridiculously oversexualised teenage girls who "hold the team together")? In terms of gameplay it's getting worse and worse, almost not a game at all. And this is meant to add to the genre?

In 2003, Morrowind gave us a freeroaming world were you can go as you please (Oblivion and Skyrim have given more freeroaming, as well as Dragons Dogma). Then games like Fable, Mass Effect and The Witcher allow every last descision that you make to impact upon the story. Dark Souls and Borderlands gave unique gameplay as well as questioning "what is an RPG?" at the same time. On the handhelds, FIre Emblem has brought more light to turn based strategy, and Etrian Odyssey shows a new take on old gameplay to give us something fresh and challenging. That's not even starting of MMORPGs (I don't play MMORPGs, so I can't really talk for them, I hear Guild Wars 2 is quite stunning though) and looters. But screw all that crap when you have Final Fantasy with it's beautiful graphics and amazing storylines. Final Fantasy, however, has no customisation, no choices, no originality. In fact, to describe it as ridiculously cliched would be an understatedment (I understand many stories have cliches, but in the case of Final Fantasy it is just ridiculous). While other games have given us something new and have tried to inovate, Final Fantasy have given us the same stories with less fun while being even more wrapped up in it's own cliches. That's right, it's not fun. The music is also not as good as it's made out to be, escpesially One Wing Angel and XIII's soundtrack is just awful.

What's worse is that people still view it as the best, and we have had so many Final Fantasy clones and spikey haired loser whining that it's all their fault and all that rubbish.

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