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It's not really a convention but an art tour, but thats kind of similar, soI hope no one minds if I post this here. In 2013, in April and May, there will be an Evangelion Art Exhibbition Tour in Australia (and for what I know just Australia, sorry to say) in co-operation with Madman, the main anime publishing company here (followed by Siren). It will visit the Gold Coast, Sydney and finally Melbourne. It will be displayed at the Gold Coast City Gallery from Wednesday the 17 of April to Sunday the 5th of May; in Sydney at the Japan Foundation Art Gallery from Friday the 10th of May to Saturday the 18th of May, and some unconfirmed date and location for Melbourne (thankfully Madman stated that they'll launch the website soon). So 18 days in the Gold Coast, 8 days in Sydney and Melbourne remains to be seen. The sources also state that Evangelion 3.33: You Can (Not) Advance will be released in Australia sometime in 2013, possibly to coincide with the tours. That means it'll probably be released in America and Europe at a similar time. The sources talk alot of the Rebuild series, but I'm not sure if they're going to feature the original Neon Genesis Evangelion or End of Evangelion. It will show original concept art, production art, character drawings, Evangelion books, statues and even taperstries. The tour is said to give a “unique and extensive insight into how the famed Evangelion animated films were created."

Well, I'm highly looking forward to this, despite my conflicting thoughts on the series after watching End of Evangelion. I'll most likely be going. I'm glad that Khara/Gainax are bringing their works here to Australia rather than more popular nations of America or England or France. Perhaps Australia has an important role in the next movie? A lot to be discovered about the series and EVA 3.33. Maybe Hideko Anno himself will drop by and...what would happen if he came? I don't know...Anyway if you live in Australia and you like Evangelion, you should problaby check this out. I'm sure it'll be great fun, educational and judging by the previous installments of the series, mindbending too. Should at least be better than End of Evangelion...

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Final Fantasy is often praised as being King of the RPG's but I don't think so. It may be popular, but how much has it added to RPGs? Not much, I say actually. Phantasy Star and Mother came out at a similar time to the original Final Fantasy and are way more original and inervative than it. Final Fantasy VII is often refered to as having a new setting and darker plot than previous RPGs, yet Phantasy Star II had a science fiction setting and a dark plot long before Final Fantasy VII. And yet it's forgotten. Final Fantasy VII is praised for having the first 3D in the Final Fantasy series. Tha'st what makes it so revolutionary. It's not the first 3D game released, not even the first 3D RPG. Yet that is always the reason why it is so revolutionary.

Even to today it is still considered the greatest RPG series ever? Why? Just about every Final Fantasy is the samee, at least since the release of VII (evil organisation, moody with a large sword hero who says everything is all his/her fault a lot, then smiles at the end, a villain who wants to be a God and is fought during the final boss as some kind of oddly winged angel, ridiculously oversexualised teenage girls who "hold the team together")? In terms of gameplay it's getting worse and worse, almost not a game at all. And this is meant to add to the genre?

In 2003, Morrowind gave us a freeroaming world were you can go as you please (Oblivion and Skyrim have given more freeroaming, as well as Dragons Dogma). Then games like Fable, Mass Effect and The Witcher allow every last descision that you make to impact upon the story. Dark Souls and Borderlands gave unique gameplay as well as questioning "what is an RPG?" at the same time. On the handhelds, FIre Emblem has brought more light to turn based strategy, and Etrian Odyssey shows a new take on old gameplay to give us something fresh and challenging. That's not even starting of MMORPGs (I don't play MMORPGs, so I can't really talk for them, I hear Guild Wars 2 is quite stunning though) and looters. But screw all that crap when you have Final Fantasy with it's beautiful graphics and amazing storylines. Final Fantasy, however, has no customisation, no choices, no originality. In fact, to describe it as ridiculously cliched would be an understatedment (I understand many stories have cliches, but in the case of Final Fantasy it is just ridiculous). While other games have given us something new and have tried to inovate, Final Fantasy have given us the same stories with less fun while being even more wrapped up in it's own cliches. That's right, it's not fun. The music is also not as good as it's made out to be, escpesially One Wing Angel and XIII's soundtrack is just awful.

What's worse is that people still view it as the best, and we have had so many Final Fantasy clones and spikey haired loser whining that it's all their fault and all that rubbish.

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Often in discussions involving Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann (abreviated to), people state that it isn't galaxy sized but planet sized; going on about the comparison sizes; not just here but in many places. Needless to say, I find this annoying and infuriating. The reasons they state this so are:

1. Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann (a mecha the size of the Moon) jumped out of TTGL's mouth, showing a clear comparison in size.

2. The Grandzambomia's (the Anti-Spirals mecha) hand was about to grab the Earth.

3. The Anti-Spirals homeworld is seen on top of the Grandzabomias head.

4. They were in the Anti-Spiral universe, where size is distorted.

Firstly, I must point out that the first two points contradict each other. One states that TTGL is the size of the Earth, the other the Earth is the size of its hand. Despite this, these two arguements are used together to state that TTGL is Earth-sized. Infact, they would often state that TTGL is both Earth sized and bigger than the Earth in the same thread. On a closer inspection of the scene in which Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann is compared to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, green spiral energy comes from TTGL's mouth as it opens its mouth wider before Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann emerges from the green light. It is not, as the doubters would put it, a clear conparison of Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann coming straight out of its mouth. Infact, when Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann emerges from the spiral energy, TTGL can't even be seen. Such can be seen here (skip to about 4 min 40 seconds in to see this).

Next, the Grandzabomias hand in comparison to Earth. To reply to this, I'm not going to go on about science or physics, but story telling.

The reason that the Grandzabomia's hand was shown next to the Earth was to show that it was going to grab the Earth, not because it's hand is the same size of the Earth. The Grandzabomias hand would have blocked out the entire screen in comparison to the Earth. The Earth was just made bigger so that the viewer could see it, rather than it being an invisible speck which had to be view by zooming aaaaall the way in and the Grandzabomia's hand blocking out the entire screen. As for the Anti-Spiral homeworld, if not it's size for the reasons mentioned earlier in the parragraph is another simple reason; because it looks cool. The Anti-Spiral homeworld, the planet which they had been looking half the series is a part of the design of the Anti-Spirals final and ultimate form to prove their determination to subdue any Spiral Level life form that poses a threat to the Universe. One arguement stated that it is impossible for a rock based planet to be millions of light years across. Maybe this is so; all of the rock based planets we know are smaller than the smallest gas planet. But does this apply to Gurren Lagann? Let me repeat to you one of the key themes in Gurren Lagann:

Kick logic out and do the Impossible.

Yet whenever this is mentioned, the response is that it is still impossible and that these physics still apply to the world of Gurren Lagann (despite the fact that they said many times in the show that physics meant nothing, before proceeding to break it). From the earliest stages of the show, before any aspects of space are involved (aside from the mysterious prolouge), the impossible is kicked to the curb. But as said before, physics always applies to the world of Gurren Lagann. In the first episode, Kamina and Simon ride a vortex of pigs several hundred meters into the air, then somehow survive when they are knocked off by the village chieftan. When the Spiral King is defeated, Spiral King Lord Genome is able to talk with both his lungs gone. During the battle with the Anti-Spiral warships, pace, which consists of absolutely nothing, is condensed into liquid form like that in a deep sea trench, and proceeds to crush Super Galaxy Dai-Gurren. Not to mention many instances of ridiculous falls being survived scrachless, Lagann being able to regenerate Gurren's broken parts from absolutely nothing, colossal metal robots getting thrown about like ragdolls, sometimes by mechas no bigger than themselves. There are so many other moments in this show these left unmentioned. However, when it comes to the final episode, all this changes and the laws of physics suddenly apply. Then again, perhaps Lord Genome had invisible lungs just after he was defeated by Simon. No offence to hardcore anime fans, but animes are a form of cartoon, and in cartoons, the laws of physics mean nothing. Here is a classic example of some cartoon physics...

See how Bugs Bunny and Marvin the Marsian are able to survive in exposed space with no space gear? Notice there is gravity? See how Marvin plans to destroy the Earth with a firework, and later on survives a direct point-blank explosion from a planet destroying firework? Actually your wrong. The whole thing takes place on Earth with no venturing into outer space because cartoon physics don't apply to cartoons. The laws of physics have been shown to apply in other animes, such as Gundam, but not in Gurren Lagann (or almost anything by Gainax for that matter).

Speaking of the comparison of Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann to Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, I do remember there was a size comparison of the two. In the second last episode when they escape the Multiversal Labyrinth, it shows Gurren Lagann going into Arc Gurren Lagann, which goes into Super Galaxy Gurren Lagaan before zooming out to show the Anti-Spiral prison world (which is at least bigger than the Moon). From there it zooms out to show the star system, then nearby star systems untill it finally shows the galaxy, from which Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann emerges. Curiously, those who seem to have something against galaxy sized robots seem to forget all about this part. There's no green Spiral energy blocking your vision either.

It's also of importance to note the backgrounds. It's a common argument to hear that the galaxies grabbed and thrown in the final aren't real galaxies as they are created by the Anti-Spirals in the Anti-Spiral dimension, and are therefore not much bigger than planets themselves. Yet before the final showdown, Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann is seen battling the Anti-Spiral warships, and in the background are stars. The battle against the Anti-Spiral warships and the amarda of giant stone hands & feet, it is important to say, is all within the Anti-Spiral dimension. Shortly after TTGL emerges, the Anti-Spiral create the Granzeboma, stating that no-one had ever come this far and that they would defeat them in the same form that brought them so much comfort. As shown in the previous three episodes, the Anti-Spiral had encountered Spiral Races with planet-sized warships and gunmen trying to fight back, only to be crushed by the Anti-Spiral. Which means at least one other Spiral race escaped liquid space and defeated the Anti-Spiral warships only to be locked into the Multiversal Labyrinth. The size that the doubters usually have for TTGL is 5 X 10 (probably means five times across by ten up, incase you are wondering) the size of Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, and thus the Moon. However, the Anti-Spiral Warships are clearly a lot, LOT bigger than 5 X 10 that of Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann. If TTGL really is 5 X 10 that of Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann, than it would still be smaller than the Anti-Spiral Warships. Yet according to the Anti-Spiral, no one had made it as far as Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann...The size of Gurren Lagann compared with the Anti-Spiral warships can clearly be seen here, particually at the end (notice also the stars and planets in the background).

On top of all of that, there is one simple fact; Gainax themselves have confirmed that it is galaxy sized. Firstly, they released the Gurren LAgann official handbook, which states that the official height of Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann is 10 million light years tall. As a guess, I would say that this is it:

I'm not entirely sure what it says or if it's even the right thing, so if anyone can read Japanese that would probably help a lot. Next comes an answer from an interview with Gainax about Gurren Lagannfrom a fan.

Could TTGL exist in normal space?

TTGL could exist in normal space as it creates the Super Spiral Space within itself.

Planet sized gunmen, such as Cathedral Terra Drednaught Lazengunn (later renamed Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann), are able to maintain their forms in ordinary space. If TTGL was really planet sized, would it need Super Spiral Space to exist in normal space, as other planet-sized warships and gunmen exist in normal space without the aid of Super Spiral Power? The Anti-Spiral also managed to defeat not only Lord Genome and Cathedral Lazengunn, but countless other Spiral Races from across the Universe at the same time. Now, just sit and imagine yourself as an anime creator. What would you do for a final battle?

A) Have galaxy-sized robots fight each other.

B) Make it look like they are galaxy-sized but are really just slightly bigger than planet-sized robots fighting in a smaller-than-it-looks-universe for no apparent reason.

Note also that many fans were hugely disapointed with Gainax for the ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion, recieving lots of hatemail and even recieving death threats. Would this same company choose to trick their loyal fans again, on purpose, for no good reason? Let me finish off by saying this; who is it that states that Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann isn't actually galaxy-sized? Is it the creators? The reviewers? The fans? Or even Wikipedia? It's actually none of the previously mentioned, but from people who are not fans of the show, and go on forums and websites to have arguments about who can beat who (I doubt they've even watched the show, just gone on Youtube to see if they can make things up about it being smaller than it looks for some petty reason). Well, this concludes my rant; next time something makes me angry I might just rant again. Or I can say something positive. Like "Believe in the me that believes in you!"

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