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Just for some fun, I'll try and find an anime character from each country in the World (without using Hetalia, and one character per series). Try and guess what work they're from.

From Afganistan there is Souske Sagura, who doesn't know common sence.

From America there is Joey,who does things like Spiderman.

From Antartica there is Irion, a big white whale.

From Austria there is Jan, who is a friend of Atsuhiro.

From Australia there is John Brown, who likes to hunt ghosts.

From Brazil there is Michiko Malandro, one of the few South Americans in anime.

From Canada there is Meene Montgomery, a female outlaw.

From China there is Mao, who'll make you nice and compact.

From Egypt there is Yugi, who has a card that's trapped.

From England there is Jonathan Joestar, the first of the most fabulous.

From France there is Catherine, a chosen child from Paris.

From Germany there is John, a monster if there ever was one.

From Greece there is Laocorn Gaudeamus, who searches for the Armour of Mars.

From Holland there is Alfred Jodocus Kwak, who is a duck.

From Hong Kong there is Elaine, mute & violent.

From Ireland there is Leigharch, who went mad on drugs.

From Italy there is Henrietta, who holds a violent past.

From Japan there is Kanada, because we may as well have a classic for this one.

Form Korea there is Kim Kyung Hwa, who is Korean.

From Luxemburg there is Heero Yuy, hero of the Wing.

From Mexico there is Peyote Diaz, a shaman with a guitar.

From Russia there is Simon Brezhnev, who runs a sushi shop in Ikebukuro.

From Scottland there is Alexander Anderson, who hates vampires and praises the Lord.

From South Africa there is Matilda, a witch afraid of heights.

From the Vatican there is Abel Nightroad, who fights for the Vatican despite being a vampire.

From Wales there is Anya Cocolova, who was sent to London as a fortune teller.

And that's all I can think off. Was your country mentioned Could find anything for Spain, New Zealand, most of Africa & most of South America.

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