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I used the story maker in the game smackdown vs raw 2010 to make my very own all female shonen wrestling anime. You might not think it but SvR 2010 is actually very accommodating to this type of thing. I made a cast 30 very anime looking characters and have spend over 40 hours crafting season one's story.  It has arcs, bad guys and everything a shonen anime has. I spend 40 hours with it but it still does not actually have a title sadly. I'll fill everyone in on the story characters in my next blog. I'm writing this blog to set up the next one really, I guess. Oh you might get a kick out of this but the main girl's name is  Horo "The Hardcore Icon."
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Giantbomb is starting a new endurance run on Monday.
So I suppose I don't need you to do the soul breeding endurance run anymore.
Your off the hook now.
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Just one more month until Record of Agarest War comes out. If you don't know or remember Record of Agarest War is that anime soul breeding game.
John has mention three different times that he want to do an endurance run like thing for that game. I really really hope that comes true. 
So anyways just one more month till unbelievable video greatness or complete disappointment for me at least.
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1. His name there is no better name in the world than Master Asia.
2. The man can fight gundams without a gundam unarmed.
3. I think he is the best  sensai character in any anime, he is way better than master roshi.  
4. He is even more manly than kamina.
5 His character story is deep.
6. Later in the show he becomes Super Master Asia.
7. He is the strongest character in dynasty warriors gundam 1&2.
8.He uses a sash as a weapon that cuts through gundams.
9. He had the title of king of hearts.
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