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RPG » Quoting your Character

"People don't need muscles to win a fight."

"I'll kick your a** for fun."

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RPG » Nikki Joe's Bio

@Falken: Alternate, this is Fire Star. : )

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RPG » Nikki Joe's Bio

@Levance: @Falken:Diana is a boy here too.

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RPG » Nikki Joe's Bio

@Levance: Overall strength, I'm talking about sheer power here.

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RPG » Nikki Joe's Bio

@Falken: LOL, thanks.

@kashif1: It would appear so.

@Levance: Yes, it is Sakura based. And no, not really more powerful, each has there own strengths. Though Blaze will only give her the stronger cards once she masters the weaker ones.

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RPG » Nikki Joe's Bio

Name: Nikki Joe

Aliases: Nik, Shrimp, Master of the Ra Cards, Master, Master

Gender: Female

Age: 11

Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual

Height: 4’10

Hair Color: Light Brown

Eye Color: Green

Association: N/A

Alignment: Good


Nikki Joe was born in a small town in rural Japan, where she was taken care of by both her mother and father. She grew up in a middle-class family, who did everything possible to make sure Nikki had what she needed and more. She had a typical childhood, filled with a lot of love and happiness. It wasn’t until her eleventh birthday that things began to change. While she was sleeping that night, something very strange happened, she was visited by a giant lion-type creature that had wings and mysterious armor and clothes. He told her that he will be her Guardian as she is destined to take over the reign of a set of magical cards that could manifest themselves into creatures and even give her certain abilities as well. He also said that she had another Guardian that was across the world in America that would be arriving soon to finally meet her. She asked him why he wasn’t there with her now as he was, and the majestic beast simply said, “Because.” He went on to tell her that these cards were crafted at Stonehenge thousands of years ago by a tribe of sacred Pagans. These Pagans also created himself and the other Guardian to protect the cards and the user of them. Finally, he introduced himself as Blaze, and said the other Guardians name was Diana, but he too was male. He finally said that he would transform into a more friendly version of himself, and in a flash of light he turned into what seemed to be a small child’s toy. In any case, Nikki thought this was all a dream, so she grabbed the creature and held it close to her as she fell back to sleep.

The next morning, she awoke to the sun bursting through her window, with it’s bright light it began to warm her face to a near uncomfortable temperature. That warmth soon awoke her as she stretched her arms out wide and heard a gentle thud on the ground beside her bed. As she peered over to see what had caused the noise, she nearly banged her head into the wall to see the same creature from her dream, or what she had thought to be a dream, rubbing his head and moaning. “Ouch,” he said,” just throw me out of the window why don’t you..” She began to cry hysterically, and he flew up to her with his little wings on either side of his body. “Why are you crying?” He asked her gently. “ I ont wut ‘is” was all she could manage at that moment. About a minute later, after attempting to pull herself together, she said more clearly “I don’t want this.” It’s okay to be scared now, but once you realize all the power you are responsible for, you will come around.” “Power?” Nikki mumbled, wiping her tears away. “Of course, the power is separated into a deck of cards, each with it’s own power respectfully. Some, are more powerful than others, while some are more versatile than others. Myself and Diana are here to help you train to use these cards so you can be prepared to fight evil across the world, and we will remain until we feel you are ready to go out on your own.” As soon as he said this, there was a light knock on the window. When Nikki’s head snapped over to look at the window, she thought she had laid her eyes on an angel. He was tall, had the palest face, beautiful long white hair, was clothed in all white robes with light blue accents. “The other Guardian is here, welcome, Diana.”


Coming Soon

Current Ra Cards

The Jump

Type: Offensive Defensive Supplementary

Destructive Capabilities: None

Description: This card physically manifests itself as a dark pink toy shaped like rabbit of some form. It is very small, the size of an actual rabbit. Usually, the user of this card uses it to be able to jump great distances. Rarely do they ever manifest the actual card into the rabbit creature, as it is usually not needed. This card gives the user the ability to jump very high and very far, it has been noted that one of the furthest reaches the user has gone is a little over one-thousand feet, though it is not certain whether The Jump even has a limit.

The Dash

Type: Offensive Defensive Supplementary

Destructive Capabilities: None

Description: The Dash card physically manifests itself in the shape of a long fox with longer than normal ears. It is usually physically manifested to keep one or two enemies occupied if there is a group or more than a few. Otherwise, it is simply called on to give the user it’s power to dash at very fast speeds. It is uncertain exactly what speeds The Dash is capable of, we do know however that it is fast enough to keep up with a car at any speed. The downside to this incredible speed is that The Dash only has the power to do this in short periods, and longer than a few seconds and the user will be worn out, though The Dash may be used several times, just with a period of a few seconds between each burst.

The Wood

Type: Offensive Defensive Supplementary

Destructive Capabilities: Small Town

Description: The Wood card is a very gentle spirit, and is also a very powerful card in its own right. The Wood card can be used to bind the opponent through thick vines or tree branches, and it can also be as destructive with large trees and branches to easily move cars and large boulders. The physical manifestation of this card is a small, fairy type woman with vines covering her body and a long flowing light green dress. Her skin and long hair are all a very dark green, similar to the evergreen. She is but a foot tall, yet can create trees and forests as large as small towns and cities.


Star Wand
Star Wand

Star Wand: The Star Wand gives Nikki many capabilities. First, she is able to absorb the powers of the Ra Cards after getting used to them to the point where her Guardians feel it would be safe for her to use them. She can also use this to cast minor spells.


Nikki has two guardians with her at all times, Blaze, the great Sun Guardian and Diana, the gentle Moon Guardian. There purpose is simple, to protect the Ra Cards and the user this case being Nikki.


Avatar: Large lion with no mane and large white wings

Hair Color: Burnt Orange

Power Source: Sun

Destruction Capabilities: City +

Abilities: Flame Blast: A large blast of red and orange flames that is very concentrated in order to have the best attack product. The width of the blast is about the size of a bowling ball and has enough force to easily go right through with a mountain with complete ease. This is Blaze’s most commonly used offensive attack.

Shield: This shield is red in color and is activated by Blaze flapping his wings out and holding them there. This shield is very durable, easily tanking blasts with atomic-level destructing. There is no known limit to the amount of heat the shield can take, making it ideal for anyone with heat based attacks.

Sensing: Blaze is able to sense danger to the Ra Cards, Nikki, or to himself or Diana. While these senses usually don’t give him specifics about the danger, they are vague enough to give him a general idea of when to be alert and on his toes.

Flight: Blaze can also fly at speeds near fifty miles an hour, while he isn’t a very agile flyer, he makes up for it with his sensing and powerful offensive abilities. He uses the large white wings on his back for his flying.


Avatar: Tall Fairy-like creature with white robes

Hair Color: White

Power Source: Moon

Abilities: Crystal Shards: This appears in either hand of Diana as a blue sphere of energy with a diamond shard inside. When he throws this crystal, it instantly multiplies into hundreds of shards that have been known to pierce right through brick buildings. There speed is unknown, though the attacker must have high grade speed in order to catch the crystals, as they cannot be seen by the human eye. This is Diana’s main offensive attack.

Shield: Like Blaze, Diana’s shield is capable of tanking atomic-level attacks. The speciality of his shield is being able to stand cold and cold-based attacks to no known limits, giving him a huge advantage against any cool attack.

Sensing: Diana has some sensing powers, though they are weaker than Blaze’s sensing. Usually, he can’t or won’t know much before Blaze has already known it, and Blaze gets a better look at it while Diana gets a very vague idea of it.

Flight: Diana is a very agile flyer, even more so than Blaze. He is very fast in the air, reaching speeds of one-hundred miles plus on a casual basis.

More to Come...

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