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Feel like I need to do some apologizing.
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I'll fill this out later.
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Meant to make this when I was leaving >_>
Well as the title says I'm going M.I.A. for awhile, not saying why.
So to the Teku members, Acer is second leader, if he doesn't show up, Cly's become the temporary leader, and if he isn't here CPG is.
Be back in a couple of weeks or so.
Contact me via comicvine account(same name, yet no underscore) or my msn.
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Take the One Piece: Which Pirate Are You?

Your Results:

Robin Nico 100%
You are like Indiana Jones, but sexier. Your ability to make your body parts “bloom” from everywhere is useful, but for a smart lady you don’t know how to use your power correctly. Work on it and you will become the most powerful pirate to wear a cowboy hat.
Not only do you probably download fansubs, movie screaners, pirate PC games, and have a R4, but you are also a cat burglar. If that wasn't enough, you can control the weather. Stay away from me.
Rob Lucci
The James Bond of the One Piece world, except you can change into a Leopard and your girlfriend is a pigeon. Despite this I'd still rather be you than 007, Rob.
Remember Tashigi? Probably not. You are very forgettable, and have a problem loosing your glasses. Though you are good with a sword, not great, just good. You are a normal girl, get used to it
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Forgot to make this blog a long time ago >.>....... but I do have my laptop now :D, It's a macbook, and it's awesome. Just have to get all my programs from my dead one to my new one XD
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Ya, I'm still waiting to get my new laptop, hope it comes today or tomorrow, but at least I'm still able to get on.
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