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So I've recently discovered Bleach. I've been watching as much as I can to catch up. (Currently on season 9). 
In what I've seen so far (which I have loved - fillers and all!) I gotta say that I'm loving the character of Ikkaku Madarame. And it is all because the guy seems to just tackle life head on. It's always a case of looking for the next challenge, always positive of winner, or - at the very least - of giving 110% in EVERYTHING he does as part of his role. 
Like with his bankai - he hides it. He doesn't want anyone to know about and he'll only pull it out as an absolute last resort. His focus on the fair fight and commitment to proving/pushing yourself are great things to watch. 
Okay, so he's a violent guy. The red stuff around the eyes does nothing for him. And his sense of humour is a little lacking. But I still really enjoy this guy's outlook on life. So many  times I've been watching an episode with him and have just been smiling with each scene he's in. (Especially episodes 118 and 133).
And while Ikkaku-san generally acts like he doesn't care that much about those around him he does show a more considerate side to him in episode 133 where he joins a kendo team and helps them win. 
So all I'm doing here is ranting about this character. And I'll probably do it again about other characters. But I think Ikkaku Madarame is a great way to get started. 
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