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Sometimes I seriously hate being the only tech person in my house. How do my parents ruin a computer that has just been wiped clean.
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 Lately I have been getting a lot of cool stuff. Mostly from my friend as presents, he is living in Japan for a year teaching english (Really greatful that he got me these things). Just thought I might share some of the cool things I've gotten with everyone. Pictures for most will be located at the bottom of the blog post.
Katamari Forever Soundtrack - This is the coolest videogame soundtrack in recent memory. This one was a present from my friend who is living in Japan. Easily the best soundtrack in the Katamari series. I also love the cover and CD art!  
Super Street Fighter 4 Art Book - Another present from my friend. There is a lot of cool concept art in this book, and a lot of those new costume Capcom and Ono art teasing are in this book. Really interesting to see some of the designs characters could have been. Some are really crazy too. 
Arcade Mania - ANOTHER present from my friend. It is a really good book that tells the history of arcade gaming in Japan. Goes through everything from fighting games to sticker booths. Apparently there is a girl who is so good at UFO Catchers, the companies that make them hired her to make instructional videos to make your UFO catching game skills improve... Japan is crazy.  It is wise to not that the book is written by Brian Ashcraft, the Senior Contributing Editor over at Kotaku.
Panasonic RF-60 Stereo Headset - I picked this up at a garage sale my college was having today and for 10 bucks it is the greatest purchase I made in a while. It's an old headset, I'm assuming from time in the 1970s based on the way the girl on the front cover looks. It has a built in FM receiver so I can listen to the radio on the go. I'm surprised these things still work and the sound quality is actually pretty good. Has plugs for Stereo Out and two big ass antennas for picking up the radio signal. I'm sure I am going to get some looks with these things on in public but they just look so cool!
Other Random Anime Tidbits - Just some random stuff like Pokemon Black & White racers, One Piece postcards (Which I might never use), and some anime coasters. Cool novelty stuff.
 Those are the cool things I've been getting recently. Envious aren't you! AREN'T YOU!  
The pictures are up on my giantbomb profile. Too lazy to upload them again lol.
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I just have some random youtube videos to test anyones sanity. I've watched each one about twice so have fun. Most are actually anime related accept for the last one and the reward video.
  • Desu Death Combo -
  • Fist of the North Star Annoyance -
  • DOZO!!!! -
  • Mudkip! -
  • This one is just sad... -
As a reward, a funny video.
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 I am currently in the middle of taking a little break from One Piece for watch the Today In Class 5-2 OVA. This anime is way too perverted to be centered around 5th graders but just feels so right. (Which I think makes me a pedophile.... I don't know.)

The whole anime revolves around Ryota Sato who is a 5th grade student in class 5-2 who just happens to get himself into weird sexual situations with his class mates.... who need I remind you are IN THE 5TH GRADE! One of the best jokes in the first episode is that Ryota and another girl get trapped in the equipment locker while getting pylons for class. When Ryota purposely scares the girl he was with she flips out more than expected and starting holding on to Ryota, but she’s holding onto his pants. When the teacher hears the screaming from the locker he opens the door to find Ryota's pants a little bit down and Ryota trying to hold him up and the girl bent over in a very... provocative  position. When the door opens though she turns her head ot face the teacher with watery eyes and a horrified look on her face.
This is only the tip of the iceburg when it comes to this show. This show has made me laugh so hard and I'm just watching the 4 episode OVA. People seriously need to watch this if they are into pervy humour. (And come on, who isn't)

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Well, this is my first real blog post on AnimeVice since I started here. Hopefully its good. A while ago my girlfriend wanted me to read her favourite manga series. As you can guess by the title it is Kodocha: Sana's Stage. Literally 5 minutes ago I finished the final volume and I am just left speechless about how good it is.
When I first got into Kodocha is was automatically sceptical since it was a Shojo(Since I'm a guy and all guys like are fights and boobs), but that didn't matter because I was hooked after the first volume. Miho Obana has this special talent for taking stories that are full of joy and happiness and flipping it to a serious side without it feeling rushed or just pushed in. Kodocha: Sana's Stage had me laughing, crying, and worried for all the characters involved.  She was able to make me really care about a character which is hard for me to feel in any sort of medium. Most of the time I just think "It's just <Insert media type here> so its not real", or "I don't really care".
Kodocha: Sana's Stage is about a girl named Sana. She is an actress but also a full time student in her middle school. The book goes on to tell the story of her and her friends while intertwining a confusing love story on top of her already hectic schedule. You will follow Sana through all her happy and sad times (Some of those sad times get SAAAAADDDDD). There’s not really much I can say without spoiling some majorly moving stuff, but this manga is so good.
This post probably didn't make a lot of sense and I'm most likely coming off the emotional high of finishing the manga. But like all short series I want there to be more because I loved it so much. I think I just wanted to fan gasm about the series since I think it was so awesome. I think that if you can find it (The series is kind of old now, I I had to borrow volumes 4 and 7 since I can't find them anywhere) I would recommend that you read it. It has become one of my favorite (Top spots still held by Yotsuba&! and Azumanga) series and I think almost any who reads it will enjoy it too. 

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