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In a nutshell this is basically a list of some of my favorite anime characters. Whether it's sheer undying respect for a complex character(Light) or a love for those little idiosyncrasies that we all have(Death the Kid) or even still a kickass character concept(a certain rapping ninja) these are the guys I pissed away hours watching. 
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1. Light Yagami

Kira, the God of a new world. Only he could take upon the responsibility of being the shinigami to usher it in.. Death note is without a doubt a dark and brilliantly twisted anime but without a central character like Light it wouldn't be what it is. I think I identify with Light more then the average person(which may or may not be a bad thing depending on perspective) and that's why I adore him so much. He's a complex sociopath, twisted visionary and prodigal genius all mashed into one. Light 1

2. Nagato

I understand Nagato's philosophy about pain. One must first know pain to know peace. Fundamentally, what Pain represents is beautifully tragic. He co-constructed the Akatsuki with the sole purpose of starting a new world. He's the tragic antagonist that you have to feel some sympathy for in some way. He's hands down my favorite Naruto character.

3. Killer Bee

He's a rapping, dark skinned ninja who transforms into an eight tailed ox-octopus demon. Not to mention he kicked the Taka's ass. Plain awesome, 'nuff said.

4. Sid Barett

Maybe it's the fact he's a zombie and talks in past tense all the time that I keep coming back for. Then again I do think his weapon is pretty sexy too.

5. Franken Stein
6. Naraku
7. Death The Kid

His idiosyncrasies make Kid Death for me. I've never seen someone so OCD over symmetry in my life. He's such an endearing character, I feel bad for the fella haha.

8. Heero Yuy
9. Duo Maxwell
10. Master Asia
11. Roger Smith
12. Mamoru Chiba
13. Spike Spiegel
14. Edward
15. Lupin III
16. Shinobu Sensui
17. Elder Toguro
18. Karasu
19. Naota Nandaba
20. Haruko Haruhara
21. Mamimi Samejima

I had a crush on her for the longest time. Even though she had no formal education, basically lived under a bridge and was a possible pyromaniac.

22. Rokusho
23. Aoshi Shinomori
24. Saito Hajime
25. Seta Soujiro

Soujiro you laughing bastard.

26. Makoto Shishio
27. Lil' Slugger
28. Motoko Kusanagi
29. The Laughing Man
30. King Bradley
31. Scar
32. Barry the Chopper
33. Edward Elric
34. Canti
35. Orochimaru
36. Rock Lee
37. Afro Samurai
38. Ninja Ninja
39. Ryuk
40. Hiei
41. Alucard
42. Hidan
43. Teddy Bomber

Poor Teddy Bomber. It's bad enough that his message as expounded upon in Conrad's Secret Agent goes widely unsaid during his screen time. But the fact that the obvious reference to Ted Kazynski the Unabomber gets looked over. I mean his name is Teddy(Ted) Bomber(Unabomber) who blows up monuments in the same fashion and purpose as Kazynski did. Brilliant character.

44. Kimimaro
45. Toshiro Hitsugaya
46. Vegeta
47. Majin Buu
48. Piccolo
49. Quatre Raberba Winner
50. Ryoko

My first anime love. Sigh.

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