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Battles » Naruto Vs Batman and robin plus world army (all earth countries)

I wanted to create this for a while but I never really got the time to.

any who I wanted to pit Batman and Robin as well as the world (ones written by Grant Morrison) against Naruto

The main reason I wanted to have this thread as because of the many threads I read where batman is OP if he gets prep time. . . well why not pit him against a powerful enemy and see how well this actually goes for him.

For some reason current Naruto has come into Batman's world and finds himself stripped of his nine tails ability and chakra, Batman decides to warn the world of this "threat" and after 2 years of intricate planning they declare an a out war on Naruto (Laugh at my dirt story telling abilities LMAO)

Batman, world and Robin restrictions:


-No morals

-Only 2 years of prep time

Naruto Restrictions:

- No morals

- No nine tales chakra

Who wins and with what amount of difficulty don't forget with no Ninetail Naruto should be able to fuse with Fukasaku and Shima

"my first thread please be kind :D"

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