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I feel like the hunchback of notre dame >.> >.<
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Opening post done, edit later for any misspells. Pm me for any questions

Also the accounts I'm using is this one and my Niko Bellic one, don't feel like using Kimiko in this one.
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RPG » Quest For Riches RPG

Past, 1497 A.D.
"Come and get me!!" Yelled a young lad. He fly through the air, with ease, being chased by a small dragon. The day was beautiful, the sun shining brightly. The two continued to fly in the air until the dragon caught up with him and tagged him. The young lad fell from the sky and landed on the ground on the ground back first laughing hard. The dragon landed on his chest and licked him causing him to laugh even more. "You're great Yoa." He raised his hand and petted him. "Young Master Kesslar, you are needed at the Master Court." A royal guard had appeared. Kesslar's dragon jumped off of him as he got up, then perched itself on his head." Umm, okay." Kesslar followed the guard to the guard to the Master Court. Inside the Court was the King and Kesslar's Master. Kesslar lowered his head and bowed, "Greetings King and Master, why do you call me?"

The king looked at boy, "I'm entrusting you to protect a powerful weapon your Master Richard, had inquired on one of his journeys." Richard lifted his cloak and brought out a wooden box. "Are you up for the task my student?" The boy looked at his master and shook his head "yes". "Yes, master." His master opened the box revealing some spherical ball was inside of it. " You are to protect this, The Coticha." He closed the box, and handed it to Kesslar. Kesslar toke it and looked at the King and his Master. "Why and whom am I protecting it from?"he asked. The King walked over to Kesslar and put his hand on his shoulder, "You are protecting it from Mergtina, that evil sorceress, that is all I can tell you." The King walked away and returned to his chambers leaving Kesslar and Richard. "Be strong my pupil, Mergtina will stop at nothing to get this weapon." His master said as he waved his hand and left. "I will, Yoa and I will protect it till the day we die!!" Yoa shoke his head in excitement as he heard what Kesslar said.

Kesslar left the court, and went o his house on the hill, studying the Coticha wondering what it could do. Unknown to him he wouldn't know how long he would live and fight to protect the Coticha.

Present, 2009 A.D.
An old man journeyed up a hill to small shack. The sun was setting on the nice cool day. Once he made it up to his shack and opened the door he was greeted by a medium sized dragon, "Hello Yoa." He petted it as he walked in, and sat down on a chair next to a burning fire, placing his cane on the ground. He looked at the fire, the flames reflecting off of his pale gray eyes. Yoa came to his feet and laid there looking at his master. The old man looked at his dragon then at the ceiling looking at the ancient sketchings, "I'm getting to old to guard this thing, ha." He laughed to himself. He raised his hand, a yellow aura appeared around it as he chanted words. The sketchings on the ceiling began to glow yellow, and hidden sketchings around the shack began to do the same. Once he finished the chant the shack began to change into a medieval castle of some sort. "Something to remind us of home, Yao right?" The dragon waged its tail. The old man got up from his chair, grabbing his staff. "Some on time to check on the Cothicha."

In a bright flash, the old man and his dragon were teleported to a room filled with gold coins, gems, treasures, etc. He and his dragon walked through the mess off gold coins, listening to the pieces of metal clinging together. "And to believe I've collected this much in a thousand years." The man thought to himself. The walked o the end off the room, the man pressed a brick which revealed a secret room and he went in. There was a desk in he room and on it a wooden box. The man walked in the room and opened he box, a spherical metal ball was inside. "Good... it is still here." He closed the box, then heard a couple of loud bangs. He wondered what the noise could be, but he notice his dragon become larger as i encircled itself around him before a large explosion happened. He and his dragon were thrown back, as debris flew into the room. The old man felt a sharp pain in his side and saw that a knife had went through his body. As he slowly removed the knife he heard a female voice yell, "Find and bring the Cothica to me!! And if you find that old man Kesslar do the same.." The old man's eyes fell upon the Corhica as it rolled out of the box, he grabbed it quickly and got up. His dragon got up also and stood at his side growling.

As the smoke cleared an army of soldiers could be seen as they tore the castle down looked for the Cothica. "There it is and grab Kesslar also!!" One soldier yelled as he pointed a the old man. Kesslar raised his hand holding the Cothica activating it. It glowed a bright white as it spun, sending out a flash of light. All the soldiers running towards Kesslar and Yao stopped and started seeing things that weren't there causing them to commit suicide, or they turned on there fellow allies like they were enemies. Kesslar's dragon sinced something as it snorted and moved it's tail in front of it's master blocking and energy spear. In the middle of the air was a young woman in a blood red cloak, her hand giving of a red aura. Her veins could be seen on her skin as black blood ran through them, a sign of a evil sorceress. "Hive up Kesslar you out maned!!" she yelled. "Never Mergtina! I'll never let this weapon fall into your hands!!." Kesslar yelled back. He began to chant a teleportation spell. "Fine then, I'll pry it from your cold dead hands.." She raised her hand , making and energy spear throwing it at Kesslar. As Kesslar finished his chant the spear hit him on his right shoulder. It caused him much pain, but did not stop the telepotaion spell. Kesslar, his dragon, the treasure, and the Cothica disappeared in a flash. Mergtina yelled in anger as she saw him get away with "her" weapon.

Kesslar teleported himself, Yao, and he treasure to one of his secret homes. It hidden on a island above of a lake reaching into the heavens. In the sky were more than one island so no one knew which on he was in. In a flash of light, Kesslar and his dragon appeared. Kesslar collapsed to the floor dropping he Cothica as it deactivated. The energy blast that hit him was no normal one it had poison and he could fell it course though his veins. His dragon change back to its normal size and fetched one of Kesslar's potions. Kesslar drank it and felt some of the poison go away, but not all. He knew he had only a couple of weeks to live and needed to find a new keeper of the Cothica. "Someone new must keep it and use it for good." he said to himself. He picked himself up and walked over to a desk. He used his magic to create a letter to send to people worthy engough of using the Cothica. The letter said:

"To all who receive this message you have a chance of gaining great riches, power... and stopping a great force of evil. Accept this and you'll be teleported close to somewhere I am, and given your first clue in order to find me. You will only have one life time in order to receive such a hing like this and I do one life time, for if nobody finds me and the power I hold it will slip into the hands of great evil, and the world you know of will cease to exist."
             -Signed The Magician Kesslar

The letter disappeared as it was sent to many lands, and dimensions. Kesslar hoped someone would find him soon before Mergtina. "The first clue to those who accept, "On an island were the stepping stones reach the heavens.." he said to himself.
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I own over 300 hundred accounts with av, cv, gb websites combined :O
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RPG » Quest For Riches OCC

Um, depends on who fights for it :P

I'll write a post later today xD
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Casts a spell earasing the graffitti, making everywhere in the Espada base graffiti proof, and kicking Sonata out of the thread :P
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RPG » Quest For Riches OCC

A thousand year old wizard, Kesslar, stay in a hidden castle, guarding many riches he has picked up over time, and a quite powerful weapon. He is to guard it from a powerful sorcerer, Mergtina who wants to use the weapon to take over the world and many others. Unknown to the wizard the sorcerer had found him and attacked the castle with his army. The wizard fought of the soldiers as long as he could, but they were to much for him, causing him to be badly wounded. Before the Mergtina could lay his hands on the treasures and weapons, Kesslar casted a spell teleporting him and the treasures away to a mystic land.

Kesslar being badly wounded knew he could no longer protect the treasures from Mergina, sent out messages to various lands and dimesions offering a quest to anybody who could find him and take the weapon and treasures. Kesslar hoped if somebody found him, they would be good and use the weapon for peace and not destruction.

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