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"The only life worth living is the life of battle"
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Kenpachi has a wild and aggressive appearance, just like his personality and fighting style. He stands at an incredible six foot eight, and is of a large and muscular build. Kenpachi has his hair in a series of spikes and wears an eye patch over his right eye. Kenpachi wears the traditional captain’s outfit, but with a more ragged look to it, with tears and cuts all around the attire. His haori has no sleeves only covering his shoulders, and he wears it open revealing the upper part of his body and the scars on it. His torso is wrapped in bandages. Kenpachi also has a scar down his left eye and many others around his body, after being in many battles.


Kenpachi lives for only one thing, and that is to fight and to have fun doing it. He does not care who his opponent is, stronger than him or weaker all he cares about is fighting as many opponents as possible and proving his strength. Kenpachi does not care about death or being injured as he sees these things as the price to pay to having a great and fun fight. He loves to fight, and will fight all opponents, but he will not fight people he sees as a comrade or a friend, such as those in his division but will fight them if they request it and will treat them like he treats any other in a fight. If Kenpachi finds someone who he believes has strength greater than his own, he will do anything to fight that person. Kenpachi is a strong believer that having fun is more important than work, and cannot understand those who fight as a job. He is wild aggressive and ruthless, but despite this he is also kind to his comrades and has a strong sense of honour and justice, going so far as to weakening himself or having an opponent healed so they can fight on even footing even if that person is actually stronger than him. Also Kenpachi is much more intelligent and wiser than he appears to be.


Elite combat specialist

Kenpachi is one of the most elite combatants out there, even before he began proper official training, Kenpachi was already a master fighter, having lived in one of the most dangerous places to exist, Kenpachi was forced to survive only one way, and that was to fight and kill to survive, to become the strongest and that’s what he became. Since he was a child he fought, and became stronger each and everyday. Kenpachi wields his blade with one hand, and can switch from slash to cut easily and change his style slightly in order to be more effective. His strength and skill is great enough he can take down even the strongest of enemies with ease. Kenpachi has mastered many styles but prefers his own one handed self taught technique. Kenpachi is also a master hand to hand fighter and incredible with throwing weapons. Kenpachi is also a very tactical fighter.

Vast spiritual energy

Kenpachi has spirit power that is out of this world, and the amount he has is considered at the top of the pack. Even when wearing his energy consuming patch, the amount of energy he gives off is strong enough, to make most enemies enter a state of paralysis fear, and confusion over the amount of spirit energy he possesses. Kenpachi has what is known as killing intent energy, this means that people will actually feel this killing intent as in there mind it will feel as though they are being attacked. His spirit energy is golden and he has such amazing control over it, that he can produce shockwaves and add it to his attacks to make them more powerful. Upon taking his patch off his spirit power increases so much that he can’t hide it and it leaks off him, and this amount can crush most with its force.

Enhanced strength

Due to his large size, immense spirit power and control over it, and not to mention his years of constant fighting, Kenpachi has an amazing amount of physical strength. He is strong enough to throw around opponents much larger than himself, and defeat even the most powerful of enemies just by using one hand to wield his blade, and can block attacks effortlessly. He can stop attacks with one hand no matter the opponent’s strength, and can even chop building in half with his sword. He can exert so much force he can run through concrete walls and deal devastating blows. He can even knock his opponents through buildings and block even the most powerful of cero with his bare hands.

Enhanced speed

Despite having little understanding in the art of flash steps, and having no real training, Kenpachi is still incredibly fast, and much faster than his size would make him appear to be. Although he relies on his skills and strength, Kenpachi still utilizes speed in battle. The reason for his great speed despite his lack of flash steps is his leg strength which helps him move at high speeds. He can move so fast only the strongest of enemies can see him and he has reaction spped to match, helping him block quick attacks.

Enhanced endurance

Kenpachi possesses physical endurance and stamina, far greater than any other. He can control his spirit power and condense it so it acts as a shield around his body, that makes his skin as hard as steel and is capable of blocking most attacks. Even when he does get cut, he can ignore even the most devastating of injuries no matter how bad and how many times he has been attacked; in fact he loves pain and sees it as him fighting a strong opponent and having fun, and will smile. He can fight for hours on end without tiring and his injuries heal much faster than most.


This is a mode that Kenpachi takes, when facing the elite opponents, which are so strong he, knows he cannot defeat them unless he uses this mode. This mode is known as Mushin and upon entering it, Kenpachi will change, as he enters a mental state were he feels no pain, anger, ego or fear in battle, and his wild loving crazed fighting personality will become relaxed and calm, meaning Kenpachi hates this mode as it goes against everything h stands for, only entering it as a last resort. Kenpachi does not fight through thought but through instinct, making him a much better fighter, capable of defeating the greatest of fighters. This mode makes Kenpachi think of nothing, blocking out all unnecessary information that will get in his way. This mode makes Kenpachi flawless in battle, and instead of holding his sword with one hand he holds it with two, increasing his strength and physical blows. This style unleashes his true power.



Kenpachi does not know the name of his Zanpakuto, and because of his immense spirit power it is always in its released state but he cannot use any of his special Shikai abilities r even use bankai. The sword's appearance is a reflection of Kenpachi's own practice of weakening himself to fight: it is a seemingly worn-down and dull blade with a guard that extends inward from its centre. The blade is much longer than that of a standard Zanpakuto. Despite its appearance, it is easily capable of cutting through most objects.

Eye patch

Kenpachi wears an energy consuming eye patch, that has three mouths that consume a large bulk of his power, so he can fight longer with weaker enemies and have fun doing so. Even with this patch on he can fight captain level opponents with ease. Once he takes it off his spirit power increases so much that its devastating to be in its presence.   

Kenpachi Stats
Date Joined: Jan. 24, 2009
Gender: Male
Alignment: Good
Points: 0 Points
Ranked: Ranked #45702 of 46,627
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