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I`m still waiting for two of the best non Japanese Sentai adaptations. I now have little hope of ever seeing the both of them any time soon. :(  
Jūshi Sentai France Five Episode 5 Fin. 
Before the Power Rangers crap started for France they had 3 dubbed Sentai adaptations called the Bioman trilogie which consisted out of Bioman (of course), Maskman, and Liveman, (don`t ask me why they didn`t do Changeman or Flashman i`m still guessing that myself). Anyway just as you`d expect from a Sentai adaptation it was vastly popular and many French people still have fond nostalgic memories of their favourite old series. So in 2000 the low budget team of Buki X-1 Productions(Now X4 or X5 what ever) decided to make an equally low budget and independent series called Juushi Sentai France Five which is largely based on the Bioman Trilogie, 
A Little Story By Wikipedia:  
Glou Man Chou, ruler of the empire Lexos, desires to conquer planet Earth. However, the Eiffel Tower generates a barrier around the planet that keeps him from sending his armies en masse. Glou Man Chou sends his warriors and monsters to Earth in order to destroy the tower and enable a full scale invasion, but they are opposed by the France Five.  In the fourth episode the shield is disabled and Lexos's army is shown prepared to invade the planet. 
There are six Rangers all based on things that make France great.
Antoine Deschaumes/Red Fromage (Cheese)
Thierry Durand/Black Beaujolais  (Whine)
Albert Dumas/Blue Accordéon (Accordion)
Jean Pétri/Yellow Baguette (Bread Stick)
Catherine Fontaine/Pink à la Mode (Fashion)
Aramis Leclair/Silver Mousquetaire  ( Musketeer)  (obviously based on X1 Mask them both being a 6th ranger and part of an original team and all)
Most of them fight in the French boxing style of Savant but Pink also uses Ballet. The mecha aren't made in Power Ranger levels you`d be used too. Its not a five piece mecha but an two piece mecha and the vehicles obviously look like they stole them from a child`s art project. The transformation is stop motion and the finishing result is a guy in a cardboard armour. Silver`s personal mecha is a giant metal chicken which ain`t that weird Holland has its lion, America has its Eagle and France has its chicken nothing wrong with that little bit of originality IMO :)
My feel for this series
The first ep may have looked awful but i loved it all the same despite the awkwardly looking suits. The reason i liked it so much is mainly because of the decent storyline and the fact that it actually feels like i`m looking at an Showa Sentai series. After that 3 new more appealing episodes came out with some setbacks and cheese... lots of cheese... Until the fourth episode in 2004 which still has me sitting on the edge of my seat because it ended in a damn ~cliffhanger!!~(try to add an French accent to that :P). Which would eventually end in the last and finale episode of which the trailer suggests that its absolutely gonna ROCK!!!!. The only problem is that Buki X-1 (or rather X-4 by now)  is having problems with their cast since the most of them are busy with their own tv shows. So now i`ve waited 5 FRIGGIN years and counting!!!! Still wanna know why? just check the episode 5 trailer out.
Its damn awesome! and that pisses me off!! I don`t wanna wait anymore V_V (I also wanna add that Antoine / Red Fromage is more awesome then Jason, Rocky and Tommy put together despite his power being Cheese simply because he reminds more of an actual old school Sentai leader :P)

Jūshi Sentai France Five is being subbed by sgtkiraproductions since the 3 of the 4 downloads on the original site where never subbed and the downloads are currently inactive.

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