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I finished these pretty quickly but I have yet to see anyone actually talk about them aside from that one old article that announced them in the first place.
I'll add the titles and add my own go at the plot and explanation of what I think that video's are about. The video's will most likely be removed at one time or another since it on Youtube you know. And if they do you can easily find them are your own again lol

The Sense Of Wonder.  

The first video is my favourite and creepy enough it also kind of falls in with the season. Its a sad romance story and simply beautifully executed. 

My xxx is Best in the Universe

Second up is a rap video (STAY!!) This is Gurren Lagann and for some reason I don't hate the rap just like I did with the original music video's Row Row Fight the Power!!!
This is pretty simple.
Long explanation that you probably already figured out: 
Short but obvious note that you didn't think up before I showed you:

Kittan Zero

I'm not even going to spoiler tag this one, Its about Kittan so it has to be awesome right? And of course it is! It could even be canon if the haircuts of certain characters weren't so different from what they originally had in the series. The best way to take this is about how Kittan tells the Dai-Gurren crew how he originally got his Gunman whilst being drunk of his ass. lol Get ready for an epic showdown of manliness even from the sisters! :D

Kiyal's Magical Time 3 Minutes Before.

In this PV Kiyal is a much younger girl who's going to high school and is friends with Darry. O and they are both Magical Girls! It really cutesy and adorable and I <3 Kiyal but this isn't really the song for me lol

Gunman Symphony

The 4th instalment is about when the Gunmen where first constructed around the time Genome was just a child. This shows the capabilities and the diversity of what the gunmen could have been if not for the Anti-Spirals. Luckily the Dai-Gurren crew made it all possible again :) IMO this is a little bit boring but hey if you like the Tech specs this is the video for you! :)
Also: 02:25 This soooo reminds me of Gundam! :D

Dai-Gurren Good Bye

I love this video! It does solve many continuity problems and it does it so beautifully :D

Big Building

Sadly this hasn't much more plot then the original series. Its still cool heroes beat villain up to a pulp! BUT from what I see here this is supposed to play out in either Victorian England or Victorian France. It turns from a Medabot-like battle to what I can basically describe as an modern art battle. This is the one that confuses most people, but non the less I did find something familiar in the video in the form of Ogon Bat and Doctor Nazo other then that this video is just Gainax being weirdly creative.

Bonus video: Yoko: Pieces of Sweet S.T.A.R.S

Because it so cute and yet not to cute!! And its mostly ignored by fans of the show. Its basically about Yoko going to Moe-verse during a time of peace! :D
I think that's all the video's I can put out without falling asleep from exhaustion. Enjoy them guys!! :)
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