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My Ranch Team
Being a Harvest Moon fanboy i always wanted a Pokemon Team that suited a HM theme. but i never gotta chance to do that because by the time i got all the Pokemon together i was already to powerful and to far in the game to actually train them without getting bored. so i`m making this list of my Ranch Pokemon Team :)

Note: i`m gonna add what moves they could have in both games and Anime ^^
1. Mareep

This was a easy guess since i <3 Mareep so much that`s its on top of my favourite list. So its a typical choice obviously i would use the first 100 hours to get a shiny pink Mareep and it would always be in the first place on my team following me like Pikachu does with Ash ^^ Game Attacks: Thunder. Power Gem. Signal Beam. Iron Tail. And i would Never let it evolve EVER i like Mareep to much :3

2. Miltank

Miltank another typical Ranch Pokemon because its a cow..... Umm.. yes the reasons i like this pokemon is because of that and because its also Whitney`s favourite Pokemon and Whitney is my favourite Johto Gym Leader SUPRISE! lol :P Game Attacks: Milk Drink. Surf. Zen Head butt. Rollout. Not much i can say more about this Pokemon i just like it :)

3. Rapidash

Rapidash not Ponyta because i don`t want a Pony i WANT HORSE!! This Pokemon is just awesome its has nice attack its fast and well just AWESOME!! of course my Rapidash would be a Black shiny Rapidash and when i want i would ride on its back for speedy travelling :) Game Attacks: Flare Blitz. Mega Horn. Bounce. Quick Attack.

4. Spoink

This little piggy is another staple addition to the Ranch Team it. It would be a Shiny and never evolve :) Game Attack: Psychic. Grass Knot. Power Gem. Confusion Ray.

5. Combee

Ah yes how could i forget a Bee! This Pokemon would be a male and thus would never evolve, It would be a Shiny just because ^^ Game Attack: Omnious Wind. Swift. Gust. Bug Bite.

6. Pidgeot

Yes i cheated by choosing a Pigeon rather then a chicken or duck so sue me, i like Pidgeot ^^ Game Attacks: Air Slash. Fly Wing Attack. Quick Attack.

Guyveron Feb. 21, 2011 at 6:43 p.m.
No Tauros? O_o
Kelleth moderator on Feb. 22, 2011 at 9:30 a.m.
@Guyver:  Tauros is a Bison/Bull. Every Pok√©mon in this list has some use on a farm. Miltank gives milk, Rapidash is used to ride on. And all Tauros could do in a real farm is to mate with females and be slaughtered. And I actually got Spoink for that so thank you lol :)
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